Nickson Mtine (Nick Pro) was born and raised in Lusaka. He discovered he could rap in 2004. while in Secondary School, Nick and his friend were in a group called Black Paint.However he started taking music seriously in 2005 and decided he was going to do music because he realized that he was good at it than anything else in his life and so upto this day Nick is still doing his thing with passion(Hip Hop music that is)

KAPA187: A lot of people can rap at school competitions and talent shows , what was it that made you think  you could really make it big in the music industry.

NICK PRO:Well yes that’s very true, but what made me think I could make it big is my versatility, uniqueness & originality.

KAPA187:  Describe your music style in 4 words.

NICK PRO:Unique, entertaining, creative & educative.

KAPA187: Is there a main theme to your music or do you just pick general topics?

NICK PRO:I make up different kinds concepts that suit peoples situations.

KAPA187: What challenges have you faced in the music industry?

NICK PRO:There’s too much competition so to survive you need to work hard and come up with your own style and it is not easy to make it with English songs in Zambia, because very few people appreciate rap.

KAPA187: Tell us how linked up with C.R.I.S.I.S and Diamond chain?

NICK PRO:Well I met C.R.I.S.I.S in kabulonga at some mall, told him I wanted to work with him and he asked for my demo and number and he called me up and that’s how we cooked up something.

KAPA187: Who inspires you both musically and personally?

NICK PRO:Personally I would say Obama because I believe in making change & musically I would say B.I.G, Jay Z, Nas & Styles P because I relate to what they rap about in their songs.

KAPA187: Tell us about your best and worst moments in your music career.

NICK PRO:My best time is when I sold 50 copies of my first mixtape, it made me feel like for once people appreciated the hard work I put in it was a good feeling. My worst time is my first time in a studio when the producer judged me, he told me I couldn’t rap because I chocked on the mic, but that made me work  harder I took it as motivation.

KAPA187: My favorite song of yours is “You can’t stop me” which features Jesse. For those who haven’t heard it yet, tell us about it.

NICK PRO: ‘U Can’t Stop Me’ is a motivational song that talks about not giving up, not necessarily musically but in all works of life.

KAPA187:  When are you planning on releasing an album, and are you planning on promoting it internationally.

NICK PRO:The date hasn’t been fixed yet but expect my album early next year; expect a bunch of single to come before the album.

KAPA187: If you were given 1 wish , what would you wish for and why?

NICK PRO:For all Zambians to appreciate Zambian Hip Hop music  . Reason being that we need support from within in order to make it outside Zambia.

KAPA187: In 10 years i will be……..

NICK PRO: I’ll be a successful rapper & businessman

KAPA187:  Any last words for your fans

NICK PRO:Continue supporting Nick Pro & 0ne love to all.


                                                               THE MUSIC

u cant stop me ft Jesse

I have had this song on repeat for the longest time. It is amazing ,from the hook to the beat to the flow. Definite banger!!


Friday njikata ft Alpha Romeo and LB

another hot track made especially for those going out on a Friday night. Nick pro has a menacing flow that grab your attention.

The three rappers on this song ,show that zambian hiphop is really on the rise!





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  1. You don’t sound original to me. I hope you havent stopped going to school. This article is completely unprofessional what a shame and I feel sorry for those 50 people that bought your mixtape. Everyone thinks they Rap these days . What a waste of time



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