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Zambia Returns Minus Renard

Sports Zambia Returns Minus Renard

Herve Renard failed to return home with the team on Thursday night from Nigeria.

Zambia lost 2-0 away to Nigeria in a friendly on Monday that was played in Kaduna.

However, a senior Faz official said Renard is in South Africa checking out Zambia’s training facilities where they will be camped from December until January ahead of the 2012 Africa Cup tournament to be co-hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea from January 21 to February 12.

“He has gone to Pretoria to check on the facilities at the High performance center Zambia we will setup camp,” the Faz official said.

Only Renard’s assistant Patrice Beaumelle was in the traveling party back to Zambia.

Meanwhile over a dozen local players and the TP Mazembe contingent of goalkeeper Kalililo Kakonje plus midfielders Stophilla Sunzu and Rainford Kalaba and striker Given Singuluma landed at KK International airport on Thursday at 20:30 on South Africa Airways from Nigeria.

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  1. hahahah you know karma is scientifically proven fact ka? dario bonetti is still complaining about the way he was treated.

  2. “Zambia Returns MINUS Renard”.
    “Meanwhile over a dozen local players ……PLUS midfielders…”

    Ba LT, there is too much mathermatics in this article, whats going on na cizungu canu?

  3. #7 Anti-Politics, you are so right Ba LT your reporting and gramma needs checking. Is there an editor or proof-reader? The articles always either lack detail or depth. Please twa papata. We rely on you for news unlike the partisan post or government run papers. 
    Meanwhile, wlcome home boys . Lick your wounds and get back into the preparation. We need to start scoring bane.

  4. hahah ba truhurts you are thinking in nyanja or watever language u speak. ‘but even me’ is a direct translation of ‘koma naine’. :d

  5. Title has been sensationalized! You write as if you have no clue of his whereabouts! How about “Renard remains in SA to check out Zambia’s training facilities”

  6. This kind of reporting goes to show why it is dangerous to aim for a 50% pass. It is that part you don’t know that messes up your career! Go back to school LT journalists…

  7. The University of Pretoria high perfomance center has world class training facilities and would be ideal for our players.

  8. Over-sensationalised title!
    The coach has said where he is, so nothing sinister.
    Let us try to focus on the important things in life!

  9. #12 Playing well iz not big deal, but it iz how often you make the oppozing goalie pick the ball from hiz net that matter. If you talking about playing well, ask Arsene Wenger of the Gunners.

  10. #19, you are right. I have never heard of a team which won a trophy through “playing well” without any scores. maybe zambia can make history!!!

  11. Is Sata providing free Internet to bembas? I see in most blogs use of bemba is increasing. Also there is too much insulting in Bemba in most blogs.

  12. #22, Its because bemba is widely used and understood in most parts of the country.Moreover the topic is here is not bemba or bembas,even you, you are free to use any language you deem fit.WATESHA???


  14. Poor journalism, the big story is that HR is inspecting facilities in SA. How did he fail to come when in story we are told where he is?

  15. I thought HR’s boss useless Kalu was based in RSA why can’t he approve facilities, it speaks volumes about how much faith the manager has in the professional FAZ backroom staff.

  16. This FAZ is during same thing like sick government officials flocking to SA. How much is spent on camping in foreign countries????? Why don’t this monies spent locally??? STOP enriching other nations SA team never camped in Zambia and to make matters worse the national team ends up playing inferior clubs in SA. Shame .. shame

  17. #30,
    I agree with u! if the team can camp in SA and Europe every time they hav a game, it shows that we have enough resources to buld our own facilities. I think bupuba fye!

  18. Bricklayer,yo nickname tells all about u.What has football 2 with the president? What connection is there? U hav lost it on this one!! Don’t harbor so much hatred because it can lead to murder..
    However,the boys hav what it takes 2 play any team in Africa. They just need 2 polish the striking force & tighten the back. GO..GO CHIPOLOPOLO & CONQUER..!!

  19. so they played well??? but everyone will only remember that they lost to nigeria 2-0. just like in 1994 finals..all we know is nigeria were crowned champs…but zambia played well. its time they start winning by scoring goals..coz ghana is standing in our path to brazil come next year..

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