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EFZ is like Chanda Chimba, Chifire and Lifwekelo put together

General News EFZ is like Chanda Chimba, Chifire and Lifwekelo put together

By Maurice Makalu

I would like to respond to Dr. Mutesa’s, president of Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED), call that the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) be included on the 20 member panel for constitution making. I personally think that leaving them out is really not “discriminating” against any Zambians.

I think so because, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) is just like Chanda Chimba, Edwin Lifwekelo and Gregory Chifire forming a national organisation to deceive people that they represent national interests. No they don’t. Most of them are just one man show churches, capitalising on TV publicity, who have no concern for the poor Zambians…Go here and see for yourselves

Is it not evangelicals who “prophesied” Chiluba’s third term? Who castigated catholics over the NCC to an extent of saying, “Don’t comment over the NCC, you refused to be part of it.” They were proud to be part of a process that did not serve national interests and were happy to enjoy the money. And this weakness for money makes a lot of them suspect.

Most of them enrich themselves, driving hummers and other expensive cars, buying private jets, etc over the heads of their poor members. And they call this being “blessed.” This means these people represent themselves; they represent nobody else out there.

If the rich people in their churches give them expensive and luxurious gifts, they count these gifts as part of their blessings and eat them, without sharing with the members…

They are not servants, they are the master. “Men of God,” they call themselves; who must not be touched because they are the anointed of God, the “special” ones.

How they use the tithes and offerings they collect is proof of that.

They say, “Bring your tithes and offerings to the Lord, so that there is plenty in the Lord’s house.” When people do that, they discover the pastor gets rich, while they stay poor. And yet both of them are in the SAME house of the Lord.

This is the same as Gregory Chifire saying, “Rupiah has brought development while Zambians are suffering, him he is enjoying.”

Dr. Mutesa, we do not want such people in our constitution making process. That is being responsible, not discriminatory.

I would also like to appeal to EFZ to come up with some code of ethics for their members, most of them who are one-man show churches. The fact that you stand before men and represent God before them does not make you better than others. When you collect tithes and offerings, let there be food for ALL, not just for you alone, in God’s house.

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  1. If EFZ was represented at the last NCC and actually participated, then there is NOTHING NEW they contribute to the present committee. so let them stay away! moreover, the present committee is not a Representatives-committee, if it were, then all civil society groups could be represented.

  2. Author..whats your name? You cant be using ‘I…I..I…’ without appending your name.By the way,where was the King Cobra when the Evangelicals were calling for Chiluba’s third term?

  3. napsa…have you looked at the technical team???
    most were appointed because of being on previous constitution panels/teams

  4. Such people should not be given room in the constitustion making procces,let them improve the well being of their Church members.This means that each and every member should be treated with respect,equally and given the help they need regardless of their status in society.Thats when they can represent the poor in the country.In short EFZ you chewd tax payers money what makes you clean this time?YOU ARE WOLVES IN A SHEEPS SKIN.

  5. Vultures dressed up as EFZ are not in Zambia’s interest. We have too many disguised thugs who have developed fraud into an industry since 1991. Great article. 

  6. SENSE…UBUWELEWELE IN THESE FAKE PASTORS….twalimisopolola no more SANGWAPO at your so called NCC mwalilyamo nothing came out just making noise fire,fire uku mulebika muma pocket again you want another sangwapo,we say no lets now use people who are serious…..Bakateka….you are doing fine,keep it up.

  7. Does this guy undestand what he is writing about? Does he understand the organizations that constitute EFZ? Is it lack of articles that Lusaka Times is publishing such shallow stuff?

  8. The article is tainted by an extrem distaste for historical truth. because i know the author i will not say much. however what should be pointed out is the fact that the Patriotic front government has made history by not including EFZ in the technical committee, what PF Appologists like my friend Maurice Makalu conveniently try to forget is that EFZ fought the 3rd term campaign seeing through it before his his Excellence came to the light. EFZ did not take part in NCC. in simple terms then EFZ is merely experiencing a backlash due to the misguided perception that it is a Pentecostal grouping and pentecostals are perceived to have supported the previuos regime. any way, i for one supported PF inspite of being warned of this anti protestant fundamentalism how ironic. they were right.

  9. men of God,Men of God that’s what they call themselves, the never spoke for the poor bt always sided every single rubbish that the previous over abusing government resources use to say. and now today we see them driving hammers,having bodyguards,drinking in VIPs places so that they don’t get seen,you guys just tell people that you are business men not MEN of God

  10. Author banaoko ama button pa nyozi,ok EFZ prophesized chiluba`s third term but who championed that cause,ulemona kwati twalilabako stanyoko

  11. The Post editorial reveals a lot today. I can as well conculde all those on the commission have been queuing up at State House to meet the new labour officer. No wonder bona fide constitutional experts such as Prof Michelo Hansungule, Prof Muna Ndulo are not on the list because they are part of a people who never kneel down for jobs. The priests have been lobbying for jobs as well, no wonder there are three. Excluding EFZ is at MCS’ own peril.

  12. The comments by most contributors indicate the need for this country to be united. This Unity of purpose should be void of who is , was , will be , and would have been. I for one believe that most of the EFZ clergy are good and God fearing men. I suppose there are a few bad eggs in the flock who have made all appear to be bad. The need to move our people out of poverty is very real. Most of those need to change the way they do business. God come to us through his son Jesus who was with the poor and talked about them. Some of the pastors have concetrated not on making the live of the poor better but stealing through the word from the poor. Why should a pastor call a jet a blessing when the money spent on it would have helped millions of his followers get out of poverty.

  13. The auther has identified himself. Cant you see the by line? Infact he is very correct about these good for nothing chaps who see every contitutrion making xcercise as an oppotunity to get richer. They received a lot of brown enevlopes from ka chiluba without shame

  14. Our pastors and Reverends should change. hey should change and help the poor. We had Reverends like Gen Shikapwasha who without shame said the catholics started the genocide in Rwanda. That I found foolish comming from a man of God. I will not say much about any other comment related to the leaving out of the EFZ.

  15. Makalu am pentecostal and am not poor nor dump to let my pastor steal my money. The biggest problenm is that you see us pentecostals from afar you dont know how we run these ministries and churches. Infact it is these pentecostal pastors who teach us to work hard to be honest and of course to give and tithe so that we prosper and I have indeed seen that aas a born again Christian. Tithes and offering is not pastors creation it is agenuine chrisatian principle enshrined the christian constitution the Holy Bible. So your anlysis is biased lack merit and research, infact may God deliver you. I mean I have been born again most of my life we are not poor, thats why we keep our pastors very well. It is nowhere in the bible that our pastors should be poor. Most of these pastors dont even handlle

  16. Please let pastors concentrate on the preaching and preparing of sermons for their followers.Most EFZ preachers have a very big throat which never gets filled up because of greed , love of luxury and love seating in high places ,eating on golden tables with the rich and at times protecting the crooks at the expense of the poverty stricken members( orphans, widows,the aged). Most of them are hypocrites.

  17. Makalu yo are so ignorant. How can you say that ” one man show’ . When you see a pastor on TV there are men behind him who want to see the Word of God spread faster. When one or two pastors make a mistake its a fallacy to generalise. Infact these pentecostals are doing a lot of good work in Zambia and abroad. Its only that the bible say we should not broadcast our good works. Pastors never steal from people we bless them and our lives get blessed, try it, its a biblical principle.

  18. Maurice Makalu,you are shallow minded.Your article clearly shows that you didnt research.According to you who spearheaded the ‘third term’ issue?Why talk about the prophecy and not an individual(SATA) who was pushing for the fulfilment of that prophecy.Kaponya Makalu the PF bootlicker,thats what you are,period.

  19. I’m a born again, Evangelical Christian and I agree with this article. The problem isn’t with the Christian Constitution – the Bible. It’s the fallibility & selfishness of man. I don”t think men of God are representing the Gospel as Christ had intended it to.
    How can a church leader be driving a hammer and call himself blessed when one of his members has just been evicted from his house? Do men of God really need $500,000 Rolex watches when there’re street kids staying hungry. I don’t call this being blessed. I call it selfishness. Doesn’t the Bible say that “it’s more blessed to give than receive”?

    Personally, I think that when God blesses you, the blessings are meant to bless others and not dangle bread in front of street kids only to put it in your mouth.

  20. I support the author 1000000000%…These Pente pastors are so selfish it its unbelievable..I know of self appointed Doctor, Bsihop who drive very expensive cars, stays in ahuge house and all his pastor are on two wheel -walking…some of the pastors are even squating members of the church…and the Bishops reasoning…Annointing flows from the head …the church is years and annointing is just on one man..These pastors are talikng advantage current economica hardship to swindle money from desparate whorshiperr… GOD will punish U…so Abash EFZ

  21. Guys, as per the terms of reference, the draft constitution will be no different from the NCC draft excerpt perhaps for semantics to justify our allowances. As for the adverse comments on EFZ, I don’t see how different they are from ZEC Bishops who have the lion’s share. Both can saints or something else, depending on their alignment, or whom they are serving, or even whom they are related to at a particular time.

  22. I agree that Professors Hansungule and Ndulo should have been included in this commission to bring hands on experience to the “committee” constitution making process as they have had that experience. I stand to be corrected but I seem to recall Professor Ndulo did help in Kenya’s recent constitutional making process which has been well received.

  23. Maurice Makalu. May GOD deliver you for renouncing His authoritative, instructive and inspiring Word. Your ignorance of God’s Word has deceived you and your readers. President Mutesa was giving timely advise to his fellow president. EFZ differed with Sata over third-term bid by late Chiluba. Ask Sata. EFZ has been consistent in guiding the nation over issues that threatened our unity and peace. Makalu, research properly. We pray the committee will deliver without EFZ. GOD bless Zambia.

  24. Maurice Makalu, tell us who is supposed to benefit from the tithes and offerings today? look at the poor church member who leave on one meal a day of K 5,000=00. Is their justice when some of these EFZ pastors can purchase Hammers and very expensive cars, sending their children abroad for school and fattening themselves from tithes and offering. They are behaving like the Chinese who are exploiting our poor Zambians. They don’t deserve a place on the team

  25. Trouble is in Africa, these are guys who failed at form five/grade twelve!

    I personally heard how many times Nevers despised being a Politician. At Hindu Hall in Luanshya he would say never ever become a politician because , in his accent “ine ubufumu bwandi bwakumulu”. Trouble is these guys are quick to change and say I had a vision!

    Just look how many of them said there will be chaos in the country if people voted for PF!

    I honestly don`t give it a monkeys they are not included. Fake Pastors. Got to agree with the author. The plums are taking advantage of the poor making them believe they have to give more and more beyond their means. Does anyone remember that plonker who burnt grade twelve certificates for his church members in Kafue?

  26. Hee! Are these men of Gold or God. Many of the smell Gold and not God. A Hammer does not fit in men of God, but in men of Gold or Copper. I would never trust such people because they often think of themselves only. If they thought of others, may be they would buy a Toyota GX and channel some cash to help some poor people,including children on the street. This is the start, God is already telling them to change before judgement day comes. The team MCS has put in place is more than adequate to do a good job. Besides wea are all free to suggest to them what to add or subtract.

  27. 2 Sharp Shooter & 29 Mind you

    Thanks for your blessed comment on this EVIL Roman Catholic paid Jesuit who is covering his trucks in the name of Maurice Makalu.

    For GOODNESS sake where was this Maurice Makalu when EFZ through the OASIS forum rejected CHILUBA’s third term and all the MMD and UNIP injustices in Zambia?

    Does the Child Molesters Roman Catholic PRIESTS qualify to be on the Constitutional Review Commission when most of them have been accused of child molestation in the WORLD and GENOCIDE in Rwanda and Persecution of Jews in German by Hitler?

    Sata won his elections not because of the machination of these Roman Catholic PRIESTS but because of the Zambian youths who are mixed of Evangelical, Pentecostals, Seventh Day, Roman Catholic e.t.c,

    The list is endless!!!

  28. I am a born again Christian, been so for the last 30 yrs. I entirely agree with this article. There is so much selfishness in the so-called men/women of God. They live in such luxury. One of them preached a sermon that God has appointed them to eat money on His behalf and I was there listening, disgusted. What these people do would make the apostles Paul, Peter, John to turn in their graves. We have churches where some members cannot have one decent meal a day while the man of God is throwing away food. There simply is no love for the brethren in these people.

  29. Trial under way for man accused of hiding HIV infection from sex partners
    AText Size By JENNIFER EMILY / The Dallas Morning [email protected]
    Published: 14 July 2010 07:17 AM
    RelatedCarolyn Hudson barely knew Nathaniel Tumbwe so she repeatedly spurned his advances and marriage proposals that seemed to her more like a plea for sex than real commitment.

    But Tumbwe, 47, stopped taking no for an answer in October 2008, Hudson testified Tuesday. She said he raped her on the black futon in the TV room of her Cedar Hill home. Nathaniel Tumbwe

    It wasn’t until weeks later that Hudson, who had already reported the assault to police, learned that Tumbwe had advanced AIDS and had exposed her to the virus because he did not wear a condom.

  30. When Chiluba declared Zambia a christian nation, the battle began. The devil earmarked our country for attack and this is part of the battle against spirit-filled bible preaching men of GOD most high. The devil is a liar and was defeated at Calvary. Righteousness and justice shall one day prevail over Zambia. The saints are on their knees praying and shall not relent and they shall count it all joy as the undergo serious trials of the times. GOD loves our beautiful land of Zambia.

  31. Tell it like it is
    can you live by your name i would rather you said “when the late thief and wife grabber Chiluba declared…….”You guys are a pathetic lot and how you can be so easily duped by these opportunists you call Pastors is sickening.I remember once finding Joe Imakando at Classic Cleaners in Lusaka with 2 pipo collecting what appeared to be his shirts.The 2 workers as it appeared strugled to lift something like 100 plus shirts evidently his.Not even i take shirts to laundry even though i can afford it from the money that i toil for but here was this asshole using his congregants money to take shirts to the laundry.Am told his pathetic flock support this when there are pipo in his church who are malnourished

  32. The exclusion of any stake holders from the constitution process renders the whole thing null and void. Author, you are very dull person..

  33. I agree with most of the observations made on EFZ church.But Muarice Makalu is also another Chifire,Lufwekelo and other puppet bloggers.SATA has chosen a chief and only chief  from the region,province tribe Sata belongs.Sata has chosen 3 catholic priests from the church grouping he belongs BUT this new Chifire,Lifwekelo and Company called MAURICE MAKALU is glorifying that as right.

  34. I think the author has his facts confused. 1st and foremost the EFZ was a part of the oasis forum, which was instrumental in the fight against the 3rd term ( if my memory saves me right the then chairperson of the forum was Bis. Mususu, the EFZ ED. To say that the EFZ supported the third term, bcoz a few of there members were supporting Chiliba with Sata for the 3rd term bid, is tantamount to saying that Catholic Priests support child molesters, simply coz a few of there members
    have been doing it.

  35. Again the EFZ as an organisation was never a part of the NCC. The EFZ’s official position was that it would not participate in NCC, as it did’t agree with the TOR. But its members were free to attended in there individual capacity, hence the current confusing that EFZ was part of the NCC. This again is as good as saying the catholics is PF, coz its member Fr. Bwalya is PF.

  36. Again the EFZ as an organisation was never a part of the NCC. The EFZ’s official position was that it wud’t participate in NCC, as it did’t agree with the TOR. But its members were free to attended in there individual capacity, hence the current confusing that EFZ was part of the NCC. This again is as good as saying the catholics is PF, coz its member Fr. Bwalya is PF.

  37. Maurice your views are correct in part and agree with you on a number of issues you have raised. However, since you are given space by the site owners, would advise you raise this important issue independently without attaching it with Sata’s. I would want to believe you have an independent mind and this needs to be demonstrated by expressing you views on the obvious numerous errors, breaches and misinformation given to Zambians by Mr Sata. You views on categories made above is misconceived for they are all different in their objectives, mode, shape and type. Just a comment on Catholics here in the Western World, they are nothing to talk about with the abuse done to young people has relegated them to the gatter. however

  38. This is not to say the Catholics have done this to the whole world because in developing world they have a large following. As far as I can recall the Catholics priests have always raised themselves above the rest of humanity, they lay men and women do not know how the live and eat in their enclosures that are to the exlusion of the public. They are also easily accessible and so on. The arbitrally imposition of 3 bishops lacks rationale in the eyes of the public and not totally objecting to their inclusion. However, Sata being our president will always have blind followers and those challenging him are perceived with hatred. But its dangerous to believe that Mr Sata today has the preserve of wisdom because he has ascended to presidency. Many have and got it wrong.


  40. The Author might have made few mistakes but on the issue of MEN OF GOD AND I Am blessed with a BIG House, A BMW,etc while others remain in Object poverty: My God this one he hit the nail on the head.
    Who has K5M? K4M? ……Tithes oh my dear God the church milks the poor.The Lesa never comes down to pick those cashes at all.
    Bakabolala,Ba lazo,Merciless individuals

  41. Fake Pastors we know how you swindle poor people and promise them paradise after death elo ninshi bambuli tabafwapo.Please stay away from the experts doing the review of all the past documents.Not all will represent the entire nation it calls just for a few and what the President has done 20 people we will save money not the MMD way 500 delegates awe mukabweshe indalama shachalo mwebali ku NCC that was day light robbery.

  42. EFZ is made up of respected men of God but not all the interest groups can be on the committee of experts.Otherwise we will have another NCC…Besides all members of the public will have a chance to make submissions to the committee.

  43. Just look at them, holding the holy book and pretending to pray. Such hypocritical liars.I am not catholic but have great respect for a few priests who have served both God and people alike which I will leave to God to judge. Mind you the evangelicals will turn out to be the beast when the time comes.  

  44. I have no strong conclusion on this article, but to believe in what the author says is also something questionable.  On the side of Pastors becoming rich at the expense of their followers is true, they don’t  give back to their worshipers, they are selfish and have no mercy on that one. Coming to other bloggers, please let us not insult on this platform but render criticism in a respectable and professional manner.

  45. I have read thru most comment…it apparent that the so Men of Gold are miliking the congregation to the bone…These pastors, Bishops and Apostle are in it for money..And to make matters worse, in most cases, it just the pastor and the wife who the ‘financial directors’ in the enterprise…at my church the pastors son is the one in charge of counting the tithes and offering..this is a big problem and ba pente must address it…

  46. You guys your lack of research will drive you deeper into envy. Yes some of the pastors have made mistakes like many priests in other churches, having children not with their wives etc, but that does not mean its everyone of them. When you talk about pastors having expensive things, most of them are just given by church members who are not manipulated but even very educated and probably they go abroad and just decide to bless the Man of God. But the poor they help they dont publicise. Am educated and proud born again, I bless my pastor when I go abroad and the more blessings I receive, It works for me I believe it. Even these pastors give thats why the receive. One of my pastors just recently received a pajero as gift from abroad and has just a small church, you want him to sell it?

  47. The Church today must see in the book of Acts and see how the Apostles character and faith was,the Bibles says each had to sale his belonging and brought the money in the Church and had to share accordingly with those who had nothing .No one bought a Hummer for himself and claim that the Lord has blessed me in the midst of the poor.Come on Preachers go through scriptures.

  48. No 41 try it, I have tried it it works for me, our pastors do it and it is working for them. The Bible Says in Matthew “give and it shall be given unto you … with the same measure you use shall also be used for you …” also says ” when you give give in secret but your God shall reward you openly…” Now you guys are talking about our pastors prosperity it is because they have been applying the biblical principles and it works, they give in secret and they are rewarded publicly hence your envy. they dont tell youthat here am now givig away my shirts or car. And its not upto the pastor to “eradicate” the poor in church, he gives the principles, just like not everyone in church wil go to heaven,pastor preaches and people decide. May God open your eyes. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA>

  49. This was forthcoming. Church open your eyes and pray. Let church be church.
    Many thanks to the men of God who have played a role in liberating the minds of zambians. If you are genuine do not worry. Get beck to what God has called you for. A day will come when Zambians will genuinely need your prayers

  50. Ba # 15, there should be a nice way of writing, please find nice words to befit the blog. Don’t behave like a Kaponya please!

  51. Countrymen, even Jesus was opposed and you want us to just watch Sata do as he pleases? What good will it do to go to Parliament and then his constitution does not marshall the requisite 2/3 majority after spending K300 billion??????????????????????????? Consensus is thus important in this and it is our right to condemn any attempt to marginalise other key stakeholders. The NCC constitution was rejected because of such arrogance. The Constitution may require a Referendum and if the EFZ members decide to vote against it, will it serve any good for Sata???????

  52. If in the church only a pastor is prospering then there is a problem in that church.i believe in tithe and giving and have seen God bless if you dont understand tithe and giving then you stay^poor all your life.God provides for his children.keep your tumonies.and remember the devil is using his ugents to decieve people its not all of these with churches are christian they are just sent to disgrade the work of God.

  53. #61 all zambians are key stakeholders, this is just a team of experts, iam made to understand, do you have any name of an expert on constituional matters from EFZ whose contributions the counrty would benefit from? lets not make the same mistake of just assembling organisations and individuals who are just there for allowances, enough money has already been wasted on this process.

  54. We know the Catholics have an agenda for Zambia ,to see blood shed hence there invovlement in governace issues at all costs.Only dull people like Sata does not see this but the Almighty .
    God won’t allow this to happen
    Jesuits ask yourselves why is DAffy dead and Mihai whatever is correct name?Who is next???????????????????????
    Zambia is not Rwanda.

  55. EFZ  needs to be adde to the constitution making process period. We need Zambia maintained as a Christian nation, no compromise period. Christians know God saved Zambia thus on this one soldier on Zambians.

  56. What difference does it make that Zambia is declared a Christian nation or not. It is individual people’s way of life that make a country show as a christian nation not one line in a constitution.

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