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Fight against corruption should not be a tool to persecute ex-ministers-Siliya

General News Fight against corruption should not be a tool to persecute ex-ministers-Siliya

MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya
MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya

MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has appealed to the Patriotic Front (PF) Government not to use the fight against corruption to persecute innocent people from the former ruling party.

But Chief Government spokesperson Given Lubinda said the PF Government has no reasons to settle political scores using institutions of governance like the police.

Ms Siliya told journalists after attending former Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Maxwell Mwale’s case at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court complex that the PF should strive to build on the country’s peace and not to persecute former MMD cabinet ministers.

“Let us not set a precedent that every party which comes out of power must have its former cabinet ministers and members prosecuted for corruption.

“The fight against corruption is good but it should not be a tool to persecute former cabinet ministers,” she said.

Ms Siliya said Zambia is treading on dangerous grounds if every political party which forms government will take a stance of prosecuting former cabinet ministers.

She claimed that MMD members are being mistreated by the PF Government over campaign materials the former ruling party legally acquired.

Ms Siliya said it is surprising the PF Government is after the MMD over campaign materials when the ruling party is busy distributing chitenge materials in Chongwe Constituency.

“The PF today is persecuting the MMD over campaign materials because they did not have some chitenge materials to distribute during the September 2011 tripartite election.

“But why are they distributing chitenge materials in Chongwe for the by-election if that is being considered as corruption?” she asked.

Ms Siliya said the PF should concentrate on governing the country and build on the already existing peace for Zambia to continue being a beacon of hope and peace.

But Mr Lubinda, who is also Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism, said the PF Government has not embarked on a witch hunt against the former cabinet ministers in the MMD Government.

He said people who have been arrested by the police have questions which the police want them to answer.
“Let the old adage come true today, Let the guilty be afraid, at an appearance of the police officer they shall run and when they so do the police will follow them.

“All those people who have been arrested, it is because the police believe that they have answers to the questions the police have,” Mr Lubinda said.

He said there is no political motivation to arrest some cabinet ministers and some prominent figures.

Mr Lubinda said all Zambians know of scandals associated with named individuals in the former regime but those people are still going on about with their business.

“Indeed those individuals are still going on about with their business free, had we mounted a witch hunt, all such people would have been rounded up,” he said.

Mr Lubinda said people who are free in their dealings will have their minds and conscious clear and will go about with their businesses as free citizens as any other person.

He said the PF Government has no interest “whatsoever” in settling political scores using institutions of governance, especially the police.

[Zambia Daily Mail]

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  1. Zayelo pliz save us yo bull ship. Pipo knw th Dora might nt be clean over Zamtel sale, jst as Mwale and Musokotwane might nt be entirely clean over the sale of gold. But arrest them for possession of campaign bicycle and storming Dora’s home for supposedly ‘stolen or illegally obtaind’ goods is a joke. It’s a mockery 2 justice and definitely amounts 2 a witch-hunt.

  2. Indeed the fight against corruption should not be used for persecution but we the general citizenry also demand that those we employ and put in public office to run affairs of this land on our behalf must perform their duties with great honour and responsibility. Madam Siliya, all former Cabinet Ministers, as you rightly call them, who carried out their tasks according to the instructions us the employers gave them have nothing to worry about. Only those that grew thick skins and thought they employed themselves have reasons to spend sleepless nights.

  3. I foresee a transition of vigorous struggle against corruption. This should be relentless so that eventually we have leaders who will truly serve and not those who are only bent at lining their pockets. This trend is sickening and must stop. I hope the PF will exemplify what it means to serve (although some developments are casting doubt). It is not too late to consolidate leadership and do the right thing.

  4. What are you scared of Dora? If you never partook in the criminal pie, then you have no reason to worry. The PF are just doing what they promised the zambian people during their campaign. And that’s “Fight corruption tooth and nail.” You felt alright insulting Sata the current president, old enough to be your father which any sensible person should have by now apologised for. And now that the law is being applied by the book and ultra contra to your dictates whilst in government, you want to cry foul. If you are innocent young lady, then there’s no cause to fear the unknown. Just suck it up Dora, for we want justice and most important, the truth about who stole from our country and we want the to pay back.

  5. Dora if u did something wrong just admit coz have never heard Felix Mutati being mentioned in these corruption thing that you creatures use to get proud of

  6. There is no need to cry if your hands are clean, madam. Only those whose hands are dirty should cry like a pig. Remember how Mr. Mpombo, President Sata and many others were persecuted by your party mmd. Things do change.You looked down upon anybody, except GK and RB. What is happening now ,should not be mistaken for persecution of former mininsters but rather cleaning the country of it’s dirty. We have worked many ,many years in life and yet we are steal poor, because of bad leaders who always want to fatten their pockets first. Madam this just genesis there is more to come before you reach revalation. Watch the space.The same man you rebuked is our President, no nonsense man.

  7. There is no smoke without fire, the guilt are always afraid, who should somebody start crying when she didn`t do nothing !!!!!

  8. The fox changes his skin but not his habits.If these PF characters never cared when using false info for campaign scare tactics why would they be saints now? Sata lied about the Chinese to get elected,he spread false info about RB’s citizenship but now won’t do a thing since his aim to be in plot1 is achieved.If that was true why is he ok with it now?.If PF was leaning dirty then,it is leaning dirty now.

  9. this same girl failed to speak for her self when she was summoned by the commission of enquiry. she has alot to hid….let the police follow her.

  10. Dora, your brush with the law did not start with the PF govt. Please be fair and honest with yourself for a change. If it wasn’t for Rupiah, you would be sitting in jail by now. Well, now RB is no longer there to protect your corrupt bums, but that does not mean justice and law was voted out too! If you stole anything, be afraid, be very, very afraid!!

    If MMD campaign materials were above board, why can’t the MMD, or people responsible for procuring these materials come out and state the truth? Aperently, if people higher up in the MMD power structure somehow do not know where the money came from either. And this does not trouble you Dora? Even you yourself probaly are not sure were your party’s campaign funds came from—-and this shouldn’t trouble you as former cabinate minister?

  11. Here we are again, full circle. We will fight court battles for seven years until another level headed leader comes on the scene to tell us that the exercise is evidenceless, time wasting, saps our energy and our national finances, and of course shows us what we already know, that the only beneficiaries can only be lawyers. Guys, we can fight corruption without spending half our national budget on what basically amounts to unresearched and personal battles. And as if we ourselves and our backgrounds are squeaky clean anyway!

  12. Mrs Siliya, 
    Please note if the cabinet ministers of the previous ruling party are innocent, then they have nothing to fear, but if they have been involved with bribery and corruption, stealing from the Nation of Zambia – then they should live in fear of the Law not the PF, the law will catch up to them. remember every action done in darkness will be revealed in the light. Sins will be revealed by the truth!!

  13. Madam Dora Bokosi the guilty are always afraid. Remember the tribunal found you guilty on the issue of zamtel. UPND MPs are not in conflict with the law. Why? Because they are clean. For you in MMD corruption was very normal under the RB regime and now the law is following you. Remember Umulandu taubola, thus corporate with the law enforcement agencies. Kwasila!

  14. Yaku! Bazalabwangu bamayo aba. Ala shipa Dora, shipikisha. When the Police visit and I know I am innocent why should I worry? I think I have to agree with Lubinda here.

    The trouble is MMD never thought they would leave office this year. No wonder some of these ministers had to be kicked. I bet Dora was already given a ministerial position in the government MMD were going to form.

    Dora there is nothing wrong the Police investigating. You knew so much about the government machinery that is why you are whinging. You know how Boma operates and you never saw this coming did you Dora?

    Squeeky bum time mama! Sunsha!

  15. The fight against corruption is a fight worth fighting for. It should not be seen as fighting ex-mps but to up root the evil that few individuals became muilt millionaires/billionaires within the shortest periods of time. Bailliffs were on their door steps every time and within three years, they became billionaires. My advise to those in the previous govt is if you are clean why complaining or getting scared? If the police are investigating the crimes against those commited why blaming the PF govt. Dora and Mwale who openly said the police and DEC are not after Sata but what to know where did he get $100,000 to buy these two vehincles.Sata was gased by the unruly police officers and none of you in the cabinet console or questioned the move. Those houses in south Africa and UK tell the

  16. The guilty are always afraid. I’m sure Dora has learnt the hard way and this must serve as notice to the current ministers that they are not above the law and need to behave with a great deal of responsibility. The ex-ministers were too excited and behaved like they will always be in government. How I wish Dora could just shut her dirty mouth and let things go they way they are going at the moment. No need to cry foul now after they Dora and the rest her simply reaping what they sow and they should not even dare accuse anyone of singling them out. I wish many of them could be caged!

  17. When Jerry Rawlings took over power in Ghana, he carried out a “house-cleaning exercise”, hunted all the former Generals to account for their wealth. Some had even retired to their villages, but he wheeled them to court and those found guilt were executed.Several Generals and Judges were executed. This was all because of corruption. Today JR is regarded as a TRUE SON OF AFRICA.

  18. Hey Dora look at people like chituwo, mutati, muteteka, namulambe and machila they are not talking and scared coz they did not do the dirty work you did. just wait infact the nation has been waiting for this moment to have some people questioned and account for their deeds. remember 10% you shared from RP scam on zamtel

  19. #16 Italian Bunga Bunga (Original)

    Why are Roman Catholic Bishops so quiet over the PF government distribution of Chitenge materials in Chongwe which is a form of corruption?

    The Roman Catholic Bishops speak when their very existence is threatened by real Christians who preach the TRUE gospel! These Bishops were against CHILUBA because he declared Zambia as a Christian Nation and they thought they will lose their members to the PENTECOSTAL

    When Sata supported Chiluba’s third term EFZ rejected it through the OASIS forum but you DEAF MAN you have no hears to hear what EFZ said against the third term

    I hope EFZ will speak out against these injustices done by PF govt and Sata and supported by the Roman Catholic Bishops who are quiet and enjoying at State House.

  20. #19 The Kimbanguist,

    Is your OTHER name also called, “Catechist?.” YOU Evil man! You sound like a former Roman Catholic PATILI/Priest man. How come you have started talking the language of an African Brutal Dictator like IDI AMIN? Sata appears to follow that path really!! It is very difficult now to TRUST and support what Sata and his so called PF government are doing or saying because they are very very VINDICTIVE, selective and discriminatory against CERTAIN Christians and sections of Zambia.

    Zambians are disappointed with you DEVIANT Roman Catholic Priests. Honestly as someone who supported Sata and PF am disappointed with you guys!

    You want to take credit for things you did not do; that is bringing Sata into the Presidency. It is us Zambians especially the YOUTH!

  21. You Katolika *****s,why dont your devil to fast track the $35 million which Mmeembe and his Nchito friends got fraudulantly?Zambians need that money as per yesterday.If Satana has a spine Mmeembe and his friends must be in court by next week Monday.This so called fight againsst corruption is just a public window dressing rubbish to impress those so called bishops who double tongued like the snake himself.

  22. Dora you are made of steel do not fear the devil the truth will always set you free as before.

  23. The arrogance of power is catching up with MMD. You behaved like you owned Zambia and engaged in all sorts of malfeasance. Its a lesson for all politicians; you will not be in power for ever…there shall come a time for reckoning!

  24. Dora should not be scared if she did nothing wrong. we all  know how dora made her money. i for one, would  want her butt arrested and in thrown in jail and the keys thrown in the red sea. 

  25. Let PF led GRZ arrest,prosecute,convict, imprison and recover Zambian wealth which in the hands of the corrupt people or leaders be it politicians or citizens who were being covered and protected by the CHILUBA OR BANDA OR BOTH regimes so that we have a precedence of not hiding in our present authority or ruling party WHILE ZAMBIANS ARE MADE TO SUFFER.

    In any case the big authority abusers are politicians and they are the ones who exchange political office and they are the one who are corrupt and it is just fair that they arrest each other on behalf of ZAMBIANS. 

  26. Honestly speaking ,Dora has no moral to complain,she has forgotten what they did to even MMD members who did not agree with RB and not only that ,especially herself and Rb never listened to people’s complaints,sale of ZAMTEL is the best example. So Dora don’t complain, it is other people’s time.

  27. #13 Yambayamba,
    Your contributions are always factual and to the point and full of wisdom. Please continue to share your inteligent thoughts.


  29. Corruption has to be fought against all odds. Zambians are enlightened to know how to proceed with this fight. However, PF suppoters and sympathisers have put Sata as “MWINEMUSHI” behaving like he is above the rest of humanity and law, all wise when he issues a statement no one dare responds to it. Mr Sata is a senior citizen and his rule will come to an end, but what prescription will he leave behind? What and how will Zambians recall about Sata PF? Those quietly enjoying appointments, and shaddemfries (people enjoying the suffering of others) will come to claim they never supported Sata. Times change yesterday it was MMD tomorrow another will reflect on the terror inflicted on others by Sata PF.

  30. Corrupt officials whether cabinet ministers or not, must be prosecuted fearlessly. The likes of the Hon lady, believe that their offshore accounts will last forever, they wont. PF government, do your God given duty to root out corruption, especially in government. The PRACTICE STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. ALSO LOCK UP THESE INDIVIDUALS INCLUDING CHUNGU.

  31. I’am enjoying the precedence of governing set by My Mwanawasa. Whoever ascends to power should investigate corrupt practises of the predecessor. Yep!!! It is good for Zambia because whoever is vying for the presidency should be more than wise. Lets wait and see what the future holds for Zambia.

  32. Guys how this Dora threaten peace? Is she saying when the GRZ pursues these thieves they pick up arms to defend themselves instead of the courts of law? Police let her clarify her statement. Coming to chitenge there is no one saying parties should not have their own attire and distribute or wear during elections campaigns or party meetings. But MMD over procured these materials and this is what has raised suspicion and needs to be investigated.

  33. Under the PF regime, Zambia has become a dangerous place to live. Human rights are disregarded by a minority government whose sole purpose has become to overturn the opposition majority in parliament.An obituary for Amin published in ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ on 18 August 2003 eloquently summarises the predicament. “Amin’s tragedy, like that of so many Africans, was to have admired a civilisation whose external trappings he strongly desired, but of whose internal workings he had no idea, while at the same time he was partly enclosed in the mental world of a primitive tribalist,” the obituary concludes.

    I hope Sata can learn something??????????????????????

    • YOU HAVE MADE HISTORY please take a hint, seeing as you are most thump downed blogger ever on LT, If this was a uk site your comments would have been covered up,

  34. @34 l am sure you can now agree that people of zambia are proud to be zambians and very proud of the govt lead by HE MCS, please you cannot surely compare our president/govt voted into office by the majority of zambian voters to Idi amin dada a dictator who came to power by coup…..1 zambai 1 nation people….and please lekeni kateka ateeke

  35. Dora at least you are not innocent you committed a lot of atrocities whilst in office as a Minister and you thought you never come out of those offices and you became so abusive not only to H.E Sata but also to the whole Country and you thought you so smart as friend RB could describe you than any other person in Zambia just be patient if indeed you never stole the courts will acquit you and if not you will be convicted.


  37. To Zambia Police: your investigations on corruption involving former Ministers and MP’s should not blind you to investigate current leadership, the civil service and within your ranks. Zambia’s future is strongly embedded and tied to the fight against corruption.

  38. Let the law take its course, if you stole our money regardless of whether you are former minister, you belong to chimbokaela. If innocent, why worry??? Wina azalilila.

  39. Ichi chi mayo chilikuluku! kwaliba ukupama so, ubuchende mumenso
    No wonder your husband dumped. repent! you so full of 

  40. MMD and1 PF are just one and the same party. MMD failed to improve the infrastructure, repair road and build new schools and hospitals. They were begging foreign donors to do this on the cheap for them. PF is doing the same thing. Get to work PIGS and build the nation. Repair the roads and build more schools and houses for your people. Stop chasing after petty thieves and get to work. MMD failed to get the money Chiluba stole, what difference will it make if the police confiscate 261 bikes from the former Minister of Mines? What? Get to work and produce a good working plan and feed your people that put you in power. Zambia doesn’t need international aid, we have good materials in the country to build roads, houses, schools, hospitals and industries could derieve from these materials.

  41. The money MMD used for its campaign did not come from Zambian Tax payers. this money came from foreign aid. The EU put in alot of money, Chinese government gave MMD money, Canada sent money. STOP the rot and go to work PF

  42. Funny how some bloggers can claim to have voted for sata and yet started condeming him before he even formed cabinet. jokers!

  43. The search of Ms Dora’s home and the arrest of Mwale and Musokotwane is politically driven. That is a fact and I cant agree more with Dora’s plea. Mr Lubinda is clearly lying in his statement except for the adage he refers to, and that is another fact. We all very well know that the Zambia Police would not ordinarily pursue politicians without the say so or clear instructions from plot 1. Never has that happened in our history and it certainly won’t start now. Pre September 20, all threats of arrest and defendants before the courts were PF only because they were the main opposition and this whole thing has reversed now because the tables have changed and PF is now pushing the buttons at Police HQ. The gullible will disagree but these are facts. I therefore echo Dora’s call

  44. Mwana Kaingu bali musukuma. Who is that guy in the video by the way. Post . reveal the guys identity also, not just Iris. Both of them committed an offence acording to Zambian law. And you also are promoting pornography by publishing were that video is. Sata chitapo chimo.

  45. Collective responsibility Madam Siliya. It should not just be President Banda being prosecuted for misdeeds. All of you who were sitting around nodding your heads should too be prosecuted. You were part and parcel of the abuse of office by the MMD. How can you think that your govt was so innocent? You guys have a lot to explain. Your trivialising of the major abuses that took place, just goes to show how much you care for your own interests rather than national interests. It is time for people to diselect people of such low calibre as yourself!

  46. I look forward to the end of the whole MMD-search/convict/jail cycle so that the pot-holes around the country are then priortised and sorted-out

  47. I look foward to seeing Dora in chimbokaila and some of our money, returned.When they removed the abuse of office close, they really thought they were safe.

  48. Fantastic website. Plenty of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you for your sweat!

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