Zambezi airline ruling reserved

File:Two Zambezi Airlines planes on the tarmac at Lusaka International Airport

Lusaka high court Judge, Anessie Bobo has reserved ruling on an application for judicial review filed by Zambezi Airline.

Judge Bobo has since ordered that the parties in the matter file in their written submissions.

Zambezi Airline has sort judicial review over the suspension of its service permit in the Lusaka High Court.

The airline is also seeking a court order to quash the decision by transport, works and supply Permanent Secretary, Dominic Sichinga to suspend the airline service permit.
The suspended airline contends that the move is illegal as it lacks jurisdiction.

The Airline has also argued that Director of Civil Aviation acted illegally by invoking legislation which has not been enacted in Zambia to arrive at the suspension of the permit.

Zambezi Airline has also lamented that the verdict to suspend the air permit was defiance of the rule of Natural justice as the airline was not given an opportunity to be heard.



  1. This an example of anti-business policy by an African govt. Was Zambezi Airline’s safety procedures in such a horrible that they could not be resolved without a suspension of the Airline? And one wonders why Zambian businesses never prosper… We are suppose to promoting local businesses and not hanging and crucifying them for every small error or misunderstanding. Zambia can never attain sustained development without empowering and enriching the local people as a company’s profits always go the shareholders’ home country.

  2. Can one imagine how much damage has been done to this airline i.e. reputation, refunding earlier booked tickets, paying worker’s wages, aircraft maintenance, etc, while the firm is not generating revenue….Safety regulations are important but governmental decisions must weigh the costs and benefits before being announced. Someone tell the govt to employee some economists enlightened about cost-benefit analysis. God bless mother Zambia. 

  3. what do you expect when mmembe and his boys are ruling the country because your president is sick he cannot use planes any more. I am surprised on the presidents and his term thinking. there are sending kaunda and his wife to chine for sure important programs that boards on trade. please can someone tell the Zambians the truth. How come the president cannot make business trips… we never voted for him to be sworn people everyday for over 60 days now. the chap is not working.

  4. The judge handling this case needs to move fast too much is at stake here.Hon Judge you have a job shutting down this airline has put alot of families out of work they have school fees and college fees coming up in 30 days and not forgetting the illegal rent which yr court has allowed where tenants pay 3 – 6 months rent as if they get paid 3 months salaries every month.Zambia too many things WRONG.Judge give Zambezi a relief protection them allow this Airline to begin operating while the legal aspect of this case works it’s way in the court system.Zambians do not really care about unemployment and the security risks it brings that is the message we are getting from Mr.Sata and Mr.Lubinda

  5. #1&2, If you have used this airline you may think of using ndobandoba train or bus.Anything that is done in line with the law is always seen or judged as politically driven..We want an airline but that airline has to be effective, effience and reliable.

  6. The Zambian Parliament has 98% of men and women whose interest is to get rich and power if the Parliament had people whose interest was to serve the Country they would have changed the basic issues affecting most of the Zambians, Rent in the UK or the USA the tenant has protection which is an act of Congress in Zambia a tenant is asked to pay 3 – 6 months rent Parliament call it a free market economy kiss my a—s.Where is Parliament to protect the consumers (Tenants)Parliament should make it a criminal offense to charge rent 3- 6 months.There are a lot of issues affecting the Zambian people which the Parliament can enact laws to make Zambia a better Country.

  7. #4 You Sound to ignorant it looks like you are from the South Mississippi have you heard of the FAA shutting an Airline in the United States because of Safety issues before warning that Airline?Keep yr damn silly opinions Zambezi Airlines should be allowed to go back to flying otherwise the Company will close too much at stake,They have huge loans and overhead to service on a daily basis

  8. No need to shut the airline. they should have been given a warning & told to rectify their safety issues instead of closing down. State should foot the bill & pay for the loss of business.

  9. Zambia can let a fully air worthy plane owned by Zambezi land yesterday but will not let that same plane operate on its turf.
    Very strange policy.
    What about the stupid airport workers who hit the plane in the first place?
    Where they removed from working at K.K Airport?

  10. wait until your relative crushes in the reckless zambezi airline and then you cry foul !!! then Lawyers will come to pretend to defend you and rip you off, ???common, we do not need a disaster like what happened in the unfinished Bread of life church which ended in a life being lost. Let zambezi sort out out the safety issue and will fly again no pressure.
    I opt to use either SA and Namibian Airline than the zambezi airline

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