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Fifa yet to approve Levy Stadium

Sports Feature Sports Fifa yet to approve Levy Stadium

The Inside view of the New Ndola Stadium
The New Ndola Stadium renamed to Levy Mwanawasa stadium

FIFA has not yet certified the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium for International Matches.

FAZ Communication Manager Erick Mwanza says the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium can only be ready once certified by FIFA.

Mwanza says FIFA needs to issue a certification on the suitability of the stadium before it is used.

He says there are inspections being undertaken at the Stadium such as how long it might take to evacuate when the stadium is full and the standard and quality of the pitch among others.

Mwanza says the Ndola stadium is the only option for the Chipolopolo if they were to host an international game after FIFA classified Nkoloma and Arthur Davies Stadium as high risk stadiums.

He was speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka on Monday.

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  1. Oh plealizi! Get to use it and now. If Nchanga and Konkola can be used why not this one. We seen worse guys!

    Toot toot toot!

  2. We pray they do cerrtify we need forex in Zambia but please also hotels should be urged to improve their standards to meet international standards and all those with B&Bs too…well done Zedian government

  3. Come on how long does it take to do that. Someone is sleeping on his job. If indeed FIFA needs to do that they should have been given them that infor at design stage. Please tell us something else not that. Some stadia were used for 2010 just a week after completion, some were not even 100% complete.

  4. Stop wasting our time, if some one inspected that embarrassing stadium in chililabombwe and certified it fit, only a lunatic can doubt this one

  5. Now demolish Independence  stadium and rebuild a new international Stadium there, move all international matches to Ndola in the meantime, you will create employment for doing so…also encourage Stadia owners to upgrade and increase seating capacity in  their grounds in Lusaka and on the Copperbelt to international standards by giving them grants and relaxing duty of stadia furniture and fittings….then you can now start talking of hosting an International football tournament like the Africa Cup.  

  6. with the completion of  new lusaka stadium about 2+ years away the fifa boys have to be down to accredit the stadium chaps are just dragging there feet as the boyz are playing away matches  

  7. Red tape ya bwanji kansi iyi? FIFA is all over the World they dont have to come from Zurich to inspect the stadium ala!

  8. …ha ha ha..what?? 3 speakers already missing even before the stadium is commissioned..what are they like..someone must have bought them at a shabeen and i hope its not across the border..

    • They remove the posts in all football stadia when they aren’t playing to make it easier for the groundsmen to maintain the pitch with lawn mowers!! 

  9. The stadium looks exactly like the one at the primary school iam teaching here in china, is it a national stadium? Come on guys we deserve better than this, iam sure PF will build one better than this.

  10. The Stadium was supposed to be launched by RB before elections but the speakers were stolen. RB was very annoyed as he expected a vote after opening thr stadium. There was a huge bill board with his head on it saying your money and your Government at work. Meanwhile it was a loan from the Choncholi Government. Ala B! awe mwandini

  11. #18 So what exactly is your point? Is the stadium not there and what is wrong with the chinese seeing that your president invites them to state house to have dinner a few weeks after he was calling them ‘infestors’?

  12. PF is committed to improving soccer standards in the country. It is for this reason that we are going to build three more stadia. We hope to host Africa cup in few years to come. We are a listening government.

  13. Wait a minute, how can someone certify a football stadium whose pitch is without lines and without goal posts? FAZ or is it NSCZ must have attached this picture to their application for certification and FIFA became suspicious and insisted on inspection. 

  14. When a declaration waz made that the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola iz ready, one would have thought the “readiness” included FIFA inspection and all that goez with a newly built structure of that magnitude. So this sing song about FIFA blah blah should not arize, unless someone iz puting pressure on FAZ to use the stadium. Like a motor mechanic declaring a car ready but says, ” I have not done the road test yet”!

  15. It took an hour to certify Konkola stadium and less than 30 minutes to approve Nkoloma and Nchanga stadiums respectively. As we all know the three stadiums are far much worse as compared to the new Levy Mwanawasa stadium, therefore I feel betrayed to learn that it has taken weeks for Fifa to certify the new stadium. With all due respect to FIFA and every body that is involved, this is not time for politics and therefore if they don’t want to approve the new stadium then let them go to hell.

  16. #24 Though the FIFA inspection should be a non-issue under the circumstancez, the logik here iz that a good auto mechanic can service four Corolla carz in under two hours, but will certaily take over double that time to do just one Kenworth, Hosh Kosh International or indeed a M.A.N truck.

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