Zambias very own C.R.I.S.I.S has been invited to attend the 54th Annual Grammy Awards to be held on  February 12, 2012 at the staples center in LA , USA. The Grammys are the biggest award show in music . He will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with top artists such as Kanye west , Lady Gaga , Jay-z , Katy Perry and more.

This is a good opportunity for him to get a wider audience for his music and also to make the world pay attention to the growth and marked improvement of the Zambian music industry.

He thanked his fans for their continued support;

“Thank’s for the love. You told me to keep believing because, I guess you could see further than I could. #Grammy Awards invitation is not exactly what I was expecting. Thank God for opening the doors to which I did not hold the key. My fans have been a great pillar of encouragement. I’m humbled by your loyalty. Let all your wishes come true today and always”




  1. He is invited to attend not to perform. What greater audience are you talking about? Rub shoulders with Kanye West or Jay Z. Quit joking CRISIS, you aint on their level. Quit dreaming nephew!

  2. #1 jealous yashani kanshi? Being invited means at least your name registers in the minds of some people at the world music stage.Maybe next time he will perform.

  3. imwe ba Bandawe, have you been envited as well? do they know you that side?

    jealousy ububi chicoulor………..

  4. @4 I am not jealous about his invitation. I was merely trying to correlate being invited to attend an event and getting global audience without performing. Alas, I couldnt find the correlation.

    @5 ulimwana wamubuchende, wafyelwe elyo banoko baletoloka umufulo. Wileka mponte.

  5. Good news. He has been invited to watch but the future is Slap dee performing at the grammy. Watch this space. Now that he has proved to be even a better rapper than Crisis in English.

  6. Amano tamwakwata, does it mean when you re invited then you ve to perform….just to receive the invitation its an achievement cos it shows that somebody somewhere recognizes what he CRISIS does….Ba #10 Slap Dee ifinshi? the boy has run out of ideas and he sounds so 2009..he cant even match up macky 2. Congrat Mr Swagger…..Let ba chinyenye talk shits but we re all for u man…. 

  7. whats with the stupid PHD mentality ba Zed in the states. He got an invitation that is big, it is recognition. Not just any Tom, Dick and Harry gets an invite, only people worthy of recognition of some sort. I’m guessing all those hating cant relate to being recognised that is why they are coming up with all this crap hate nonsense.
    Big up Chisenga keep the Zed flag high, next it will be an ivite to perform. This is openinig doors for other Zed performers as well. Dont pay attention to an ***** and a dishwasher who doesn’t even get recognition for how well he cleans dishes after doing it for so many years. Big up my man.

  8. All the best Dude and keep working hard. though you wont perform there you never know what such opportunities come with. keep focussed with what you are doing.

  9. Congrats man and don’t pay attention to the haters some people in Zed are just consumed with jealous. All they want to hear is something bad has happened to another Zambian. Shame on you guys. True the paper is talking the story up but LT is only trying to market this guy which is excellent in my books.


    @Bandawe, no amount of retaliation will derail my support for ba CRISIS. dont worry u will be envited for kalindula awards if you work harder. Its good you chose how and when you were going to be born. Jealous iletubwesha kunuma palasti mukalowa ba chikolour.

  11. Most of the comments above lack maturity.its good to air your maturity but insults are not the best thing to interact.Someone says when invited does mean you are performing while someone said to be invited means someone somewhere saw value in him then someone said it can be a step for an invitation to perform next time. that should be the debate but those other insults show how easy a good medium of information  can be abused and be rendered “un educative” Most of you youths have lost morals both privately and publicly so please grow up and make this space to educate and to be educated and to comment sense from your genuine feelings. Thanks

  12. Bandawe Banda, your jealous will kill you. You will continue to clean white people’s feases while CRISIS will be at the staples, It doesn’t matter what he will be doing there but the truth is you will never ever have an opportunity to even pass by the staples. GET A LIFE LOSER.

  13. Bandawe i think, we all need to be respected. No need to insult or ukuponta, let others share their views on the matter. I hope you have learnt something, you earn respect………

  14. #23 WISE MAN, indeed you are wise my man!!! we need sober minds like yours, sometimes I feel like keeping away from LT for good because of the immature comments that bloggers post, some of the comments are just sickening to say the least, CRI$I$ has received a formal invitation for the Grammy awards that on its own is some form of recognition, do the organisers get to invite every jim and jack walking the streets??? grow up zambians

  15. Ninjala??? Ninsala that causes pipo to hate Ka,born to hate Ba kolwe,nobody is messing wit guy ryt now wit or without a Grammy performance,nigga am buying your cd today.play on play bAby let the goodtimes roll

  16. it si an achievement for the young man. jealous down, being invited for a premier event in any field is an achievement we all dream about. As an IT specialist, i dream of being invited or just attending one of those Apple, Microsoft or open source events.

  17. iwe wiseman @24 ikalafye makandi yobe. Who gave you “allowed” to be our moral professor. Just sit down and Shut up your mouth!

  18. Recognition is what matter most, especially at that level. It’s not every Jim & Jack who gets invited for da Grammy. Congrats Crisis.

  19. Typical of some Zambians PHD. I smell haterrrrrrrrrrrrs some of you have never been on a plane let alone been abroad. Travel & get exposed problem just cause munwa tu Heinekan mu 101, wear bright coloured shirts natu am Levi jeans twa pa South Africa then mwasamwa. Crisis is Zambian get over it and deserves any recognition just like SlapDee. Deal with it Crisis is going to the Grammys not Kora, Born n Bred or Ngoma awards. 

  20. Even some bloggers on here that are abroad some have never been to any Award ceremony ichinto ma party , Zed concerts or Model shows aya mu diaspora. Let Crisis be ala!!!! Ma jealous ba Zambia muchinji kano it’s ur relative. If its easy to get invited why are some of you in the USA going for these awards? Even mere TiVo Shikapwasha can’t smell the awards with his un-Zambian supporting behind

  21. Eeeeh. Haters gotta die. C.r.i.s.i.s big up mwandi. Go to the states and enjoy yourself. I guess there is a big difference between being invited to a function of such calibre and just going on your own. So C.r.i.s.i.s, you can put a big smile on your face that you have been invited

  22. One day we will learn to respect what has been, what is and what has yet to come. It’s okay to support past, present and future providers of art. Wishing him the best and a blessed prayer for those who came before and those who come after. Enjoy your moments for they are indeed yours. I am betting back in the day the late Mister Nkhata crossed the same waters and did his nation proud. Don’t worry just do you.

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