Kambwili advise Chinese to marry Zambian women

file: Chishimba kambwili talks to journalists

Foreign Affairs Minister Chishimba Kambwili has called on Chinese nationals working for 15MCC in Luanshya on the Copperbelt to feel free and marry Zambian women.

But Mr. Kambwili has on the other hand warned foreigners against taking the country’s hospitality for granted by having carnal knowledge of young girls.

He further warned the two hundred and seventy Chinese nationals working at 15MCC against abusing Zambian workers.

The foreign Affairs Minister who is also Patriotic Front Roan MP says he has received disturbing reports of some Chinese nationals who abuse Zambians while at work.

He says there are laid down procedures in disciplining workers if they are at fault.



  1. This man is not fit to hold any office in Government. I still cannot believe that he is our top diplomat.

  2. Zambia can do with some Chinese genes. We might be able to start manufacturing things. Anything…Imagine a mobile phone designed and manufatured in Zambia!

  3. #1, napapa sana, I thought I can only get that size pa South Africa..so na pa Zed. i am sure the Chinese will get the message clearly.

  4. He forgot to tell them how many they can marry and for how long?

    I am sure they know overnight is not prefered.

  5. I wonder if a chinese dude can keep a zed wife for long without her accepting outside offers.Kabili ama guys utu ma doili tunono.Anyway i am looking forward to meet a half Zambia half choncholi.

  6. Zuma never went to a secondary school but he defeated Mbeki.Regaan was not very educated but Americans still cherish him. Some kabobas have good certificates but no job.Infact some degrees are suspect 

  7. Free Citizenship for chinese. not a way to go. off course they can marry Zambians but this should not be championed by a senior diplomat. We are yet to see chinese floaking to Zambia to marry Zambian’s. Dangerous move

  8. Does Kambwili have advisers. Hillary Clinton has advisers she does not just speak but stick to the script. Mr Kambwili needs advisers. I’m sure we do have International Relations graduates in Zambia who can advise our senior Diplomat before speaking.

  9. What is this marry this and that in PF.First it was Tonga men to marry bemba women,now chinese to marry Zambian women.Is it a new policy?
    Don’t even go there ,These ching chongs reproduce like ‘impanya’. Elo utmenso oto they don’t see properly ka.Zambian women don’t even dare,Batswana women have tried that route,the chinese govt. will not accept you and your chinza children .

  10. Anything made by Chinese never last long. Those children will just raise child-mortality rate to 95%.
    And I doubt if aka mu chinese can make that journalist in white pants feel anything.

  11. Last year when Chinese shot workers you all cried that GRZ has not shown it’s strength on the issue. Now PF minister tries to show patrotism you say is not normal. Are zambians normal? I doubt you zambians I think you suffer from a forgeting disease.

  12. If you zambian girls get excited and get married, its up to you coz these people have not come to stay.they will leave you with alot of children like a footbal team.these will be street kids coz most of you wont afford to keep them and the same government will chase them from streets.

  13. Hahahahah i can imagine a black chocholi nutumeso am sure kangwoneka bwino.just afraid cant get enough from them.am used to my zedian mubabe mama ni chokako weka.

  14. Iye elo lyanya……
    I would hate to imagine that the girls will simply be used… marriage material, someone hit me on the head I cannot comprehend it. Goodness gracious me…

  15. #9 You should check out the half Zedians Half Chocholis in “Shanghai” in Mpika, a legacy of the Tazara railway line construction, cute squirt eyes on colored faces! 

    • Exactly.I was thinking in the same lines.Zambian women are not there to be used by these wealth seekers who are going to back where they came from in the end.Mr Minister please have high regard for your women.

  16. Ba Foreign Affairs fimofimo, is it lack of exposure or what? What he is proposing will surely be abused by the chocholis, what measures have they put so that the chocholis dont just marry ma gelo yapa zed to get their immigration/citizenship papers. This is a gong’a govt.

  17. This is a blunder statement by the minister, doesn’t he has anything valuable to say to the nation? If not, then I doubt his ministerial capabilities.

  18. Reflects poor mental capability to handle his job. Was HE MCS on something when he appointed this empty drum as foreign minister?

  19. This reporting is very bad .Hon. Kambwili never said they should marry Zambian women but he just said if they want to marry zambian women, they should so in proper manner and only those matured women only not Minors.

  20. Why cant they marry these loose girls we have? We buy shoes, cloths, etc made in china by chinise so we can be happy to have kids made in Zambia by the chinise. Infact send the mojority to tonga and bemba lands so that we can confuse these tribes.

  21. I just wish Paul Ngozi was around to release probably a great song about half muntu half choncholiz….lol anywhere we need ama Tiger Wood race for unknown developemnt tomorrow since its try and error…lol yaba

  22. I like this idea of Chinese – Zambia hybrid… Like Hybrid chicken, these combo children will grow very quickly, fat and sluggish.

  23. This is really stupid. I would fire this fella if i were the president. Total rubbish and out of tune with modern politics.

  24. We are on record shoting down some of these appoitments. And now their capacity to destroy the nation has started to be exhibited. What a nonsense of minister is this? How can he even think of saying anything in that line. Coming to think of it what foreign policy has he driven forward, selling mangos to Britian? This was for uncle Bob Sichinga (the last time I check even this minister supported Windfall tax…which is not supported by his govt). This govt is yet to shock this nation and the world at large. Sata pls rethink about some of the appoitments and involve other tribes to help you govern. Kambwili in a morden Zambia is only fit to be a cadre.

  25. Twalya naifwe ama chinese ladies, work up guys kulalasafye naifwe cha opena wa shautu good show minister twalya again.

  26. #1 & 5 One of Danny Siulapwa’z songz warnz against such thoughts. The consequencez may be too dangerous to contemplate.

  27. I think we are better off with our own kind. Future generation will be messed up if we allow this situation to happen. Kambwili should not just talk for the sake of being noticed as a Minister. I shudder to imagine having a Zambian generation of children with squint eyes with funny hair and using a strange alphabet.

  28. i shudder to think a minister of this calibe can utter such nonsense.this will only result in Chocholis abusing our gilrs further.

  29. i heard the minister’s speech on the news yesterday. he was encouraging the chinese to come work in zambia and told them that they could even marry zambian women if they wished… but not to defile young girls or else!!!! The person that wrote this story deliberately focussed on that one item making it seem negative. he did not imply that zambian women are falling over themselves for some chinese sausage.

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