Thursday, June 20, 2024

Some Lusaka Townships Flooded


Residents in Lusaka’s Hellen Kaunda, Kalingalinga and Kabwata Townships have repeated calls for improved drainage systems following the recent rehabilitation of their roads in the areas.

The road improvements in the locations are believed to have brought misery due to flooding caused by lack of proper drainages.

The residents are calling on their parliamentarians to utilize the Constituency Development Funds-CDF to urgently resolve the challenge of flooding they have been subjected to.

They have bitterly complained that the continued flooding has further led to the damaging of property in their houses.

And a check by Muvi TV News in parts of Lusaka’s Kabwata township found that residents have merely created improvised drainages to divert the rain water while contracted works on the drains have stalled.



  1. Ba LT, thank you for reporting on something of more relevant than Sata’s empty rants. However, something does not add up in this story.. Road improvements lead to flooding?? How? Then don’t characterise it as improvement if there is flooding. Ask any Civil Engineer and you will be told that drainage is part and parcel of road design and construction. And where is the area MP anyway to speak for his people? These are the real issues Sata’s Govt should put at center stage. Good roads, clean water and shelter for the voiceless. But instead, what is Sata doing??. Very very shameful.

  2. For sure ba LT how does road improvements cause flooding! please Lusaka times employ educated reports who Should before misleading Zambians!

  3. This is what you get when you give bogus contractors like ben mwila to do the job. I believ we can do better in zed if the law is followed to.

  4. The problem is that the same pipo complaining use these drainage systems to throw litter,just take a look at that road going to mtendere and from woodlands which is chilimbulu,they throw gabbage there & what do they want council to do,ifiko pa zed fyalichilamo.

  5. Don’t kubeba!! the MMD started the road construction only to be stopped by the constable.I was in Zambia last june and saw the development alas PF were angry about it.Can Given explain to his constituency about the floods as he used to cos 90 days is almost over?

  6. formula ONE was a very good move!
    Constable Chilufya ended it with immediate effect and now we have nonsense.
    EVERYONE will BLAME MMD for the floods yet PF has been in charge of Lusaka City Council for years

  7. Brabus #3, you are witnessing expediency at its best. When I came to visit in Zambia last September I was shocked to see gravel all over where once there were either tarred roads or pot-hole riddled roads. In the hope that people would see through their deceit the MMD government graded a lot of urban roads and in the process distorted the well-meaning design of a road that should have drainage, shoulder, etc. Further to this, however, as one blogger observes, we do not have the consistency of keeping our infrastructure maintained. The little drainage provided has been clogged either by careless citizenry throwing stuff everywhere, or over time elements such as dust building up and blocking the drains. A lack of the right attitude in our country results in this.

  8. HOW can Kabwata residents complain about drainage? What is wrong with these people? They deserve the suffering. Infact it is not flooding enough. If they are suffering, why do they keep voting the same Given Lubinda into parliament? The residents are fools, that’s my conclusion. Let them suffer!

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