First Ladies call for an end to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba -Sata shares a light moment with her Ugandan counterpart Mrs Janet Museveni after a courtesy call at State house

The Zambian First Lady, Dr Christine Mwela Kaseba Sata, in her key note address, said as medical doctor specialising in reproductive health she has witnessed the painful effects of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)

“I have seen the anguish and pain both physically and emotionally that women, girls and children undergo,” Dr Kaseba remarked. “I look forward to the day when every woman will be empowered to fight this,” she added.

Speaking at a meeting of First Ladies of the Great Lakes region Dr Kaseba said one in every three women in the great lakes region has been beaten, coerced into sex and abused. “You can’t claim development when peace is absent. We have every reason to be concerned,” she emphasised. She called for the domestication of all international protocols that banish SGBV.

The First Ladies of the 11 member states of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) were on Wednesday meeting at Speke Resort Munyonyo ahead of regional summit. Their recommendations will be presented to the heads of state for consideration.

At the same meeting Uganda’s First Lady Janet Museveni said the sexual violence women are subjected to cannot be justified on the basis of culture.

Mrs Museveni called for support and defense of victims of what she termed as “shameful acts.”

She said the vice of sexual gender based violence was on the increase because of the disintegration of the family values and invasion of foreign cultures.

“Now is the time for our governments to be up and running in passing laws that can bring care and justice to the victims,” Mrs Museveni stated. “We need to rebuild African structures and family support systems where everyone feels more supported, secure and loved… where one is the brother’s keeper,” she added.

She listed rape, defilement, sexual threats, exploitation, humiliation, assault, molestation, incest and female genital mutilation (FGM) as some of the sexual offences commonly committed against women and girls.

She also mentioned early marriages which she said have increased maternal deaths as other forms of sexual violence. “The First Lady hastened to add that boys and men are also subjected to SGBV during detention, refugee and war situations.

Mrs Museveni called for enforcement of laws, support to institutions like FIDA (federation of women lawyers), sensitisation and media awareness campaigns through the use of the media. Men, she added, must be actively involved to change the mindset just like the religious leaders.

Gender minister Syda Bbumba said the Ugandan Constitution prohibits all abuses and acts that undermine women’s dignity and provides for enjoyment of women’s rights. She also cited three laws passed by parliament; the Prevention and Punishment of trafficking of people 2009, the Domestic Relations Act 2010 and Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Bbumba said plans were underway to develop a curriculum for SGBV for police training colleges to make the region a safe place for girls, boys, men and women. The Minister cited the consequences of SGBV as; HIV infection, fistula, insecurity, low productivity and unwanted pregnancies.



  1. Dr Kaseba really looks like a first lady. Not balya ba Primary school teacher who was there.

    Well done first lady! Very very nice!

  2. This is the most educated first lady Zambia has ever had! Very articulate – a university medical professor – awe Kaseba chikashana! I love medical doctors – that’s why I married one even if I am not one. I love intelligent women.

  3. How Zambians beat their wives Senior Citizen? I bet even you have been beaten by your husband before. Yes your husband!

    Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke! It is tough on the other side son!!!!!!

  4. The first lady must realize that noble as the call is and we support it, but such calls have to be demonstrated with practical disapproving steps from inside out. If you can embrace a woman battler in your house, where do you draw moral authority to champion the call. Sata’s Defense Minister GBM has been the embodiment of women abusers yet promoted to the tast with a national role of Defense portfolio. Its not me saying it but right the women folks. See the call herein:

    “Arrest GBM” — NGOCC

  5. Mama Jane Museveni as all other participating first ladies will start questioning the integrity of the Zambian entourage. Sata’s own Defense Minister GBM in the entourage has been the embodiment of women abusers in Zambia yet promoted to the task with a national role of Defense portfolio. Its not me saying it but right the women folks. See the call herein:

    “Arrest GBM” — NGOCC

  6. Couldn’t agree with more with Snr Citizen. You cant be against gender based violence whilst travelling with somebody who put his wife in hospital. Surely, if anybody is serious about ending gender based violence, you dont reward a wife beater with the position of Defence Minister. Additionally, if this administration was serious about fighting gender inequality, surely they would have made sure that there were more women cabinet ministers and at least 50% representation of women on the constitutional technical committee?

  7. ‘@Senior Citizen so now you show us your true colours, thought you were a real elder you are just another silly bitter old goat. you are an old man do not stoop this low. you are now turned into a cadre insulting the govt and all it does. You are bitter about being sent back home where you will not be allowed to fondle little boys

  8. Mabenga accuses QFM of campaigning for PF! You`ve got to laugh at these nerds!

    They had ZNBC, Daily Mail, Times and LT. Senior Citizen wants GBM out, it will make him better.

    Remember Newstead Zimba?

  9. It didn`t help when you guys were dressing poles and trees why is it going to help now?

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  10. well said first ladies.but how about coming up with a dress code, africa wise? i mean with our girls’ african beautiful legs including yours first ladies, why expose them unnecessary? please help bring back our culture and all these abuses will disappear believe me.

  11. @#14 Mature. The only dress code we should have in Africa is imibinde. If you are on about the West African Chitenge, that was just forced on us! Read your history! Dr Kaseba looks great!

  12. #10 senior citizen, ala ulimulwele, your comments are weird on Sata’s entourage. Nevertheless our first lady fits to be called first lady, not that primary teacher we had as some one has already said

  13. italian buga buga, come on bro. are you content with the way our children dress? its not a laughing matter cos something has to be done or the weak like you will end up at mukobeko serving 35 years of baby or child or indeed wife chakuti chakuti. come on man something has to be done.

  14. Cheap talk from African first Ladies,Africans are good at talking it is because of too many meetings with no time to work to produce results, Madam first Lady keep your cheap speech if you cared GBM should not even be in Parliament or the Minister of Defence

  15. First ladies body language spells submissiveness and lack of confidence. Arms folded about the upper body in a defensive stunt. Come girls, open yourselves up!

  16. then you a divorced henceforth italian buga buga. i have no feelings for you anymore. come to think of it, who should i go for now? someone from down south i guess.

  17. Dr Kaseba’s left hand is touching her ? This is not good in public u feel high also talking about gender violence (sex) how do u expect the Cobra to behave , iam sure he also noted

  18. ethel, try imibinde and see what iam talking about cos what you put on now is an excuse of imibinde. tell me, are you content with what you call sexy dressing? lets be serious for once.

  19. Zambian/African women are generally at an economic disadvantage in their relationships with men. Usually they are dependent on men for rent, food, clothes and entertainment. This gives the men an advantage, one some abuse and some dont. In Europe, wife or girlfriend beating is comparatively less (though it happens too and can be very brutal.) The fact that States provide un-employment benefits makes women not depend on their men for financial security, and this in turn empowers them when it comes to making independent decisions. Even in Zambia we may notice that many women who have a good education and a reasonable income (even business women) and run the economics of the family, do have more leverage and controlling shares in the house and reduced chances of being pushed around.

  20. I am of the opinion that economically empowered women have more strength and reduced chances of being on the recieving end. While political decisions and legislation are helpful, these are toothless in themselves. Firstly, the question of implementation. Secondly, it does not help when an abused woman fears that reporting her partner will lead to her losing her source of income and upkeep should he be prosecuted. As such, I believe that to empower women truly we must look into how we can make them more economicaly independent so that they comeinto relationships as equals. On the other hand, we must not neglect poor men in this empowerment exercise, because they too need better living conditions, which itself is not a gender issue per se, but should not be side-lined.

  21. In so-called developed nations, who are pushing this political agenda of rights in Africa and elsewhere, they themselves are not constantly talking about empowering women at the scale we do. This is not because they are more civilized. This is because they make sure that everyone is taken care of and has access to education and the basic needs in life, so as a result of this economic security, relationships between the genders, and between people generally, tend to be more equal somewhat automatically. Before we can achieve that evenly distributed economic empowerment, I really dont know what to do except continue seeking prosecutions and convictions of culprits.

  22. In summary, political idealisation must be supported by economic empowerment. Just idealisation will create rebels who cant sustain themselves and run back to abusive relationships just so they can eat. We all know that sometimes even parents of victims send the women back to abusers with this argument.

  23. GBM’S wife tafundwa!washing dirty linen in public.There is a lot that happens in marriages and you cant go on a hill and start fyo fyono everytime you have a disagreement.

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