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Friday, February 21, 2020

Renard Tips Euro Target Mayuka

Sports Renard Tips Euro Target Mayuka

Herve Renard has said he hopes striker Emmanuel Mayuka will pick a team with European pedigree following recent interest from high profile clubs on the continent.

Mayuka has been linked with defending French champions Lille and English club Wigan over the last 30 days.

“I hope he will choose one team that will compete in the European cup because it should be the next step for Emmanuel Mayuka,” Renard said at the end of training at Sunset Stadium in Lusaka.

“And one improves a lot when you are playing in the European Cup.”

Renard said he has always believed Mayuka would make it in Europe after joining Young Boys of Switzerland from Maccabi Tel Aviv of Israel last year.

“We are proud for him. I never doubted his talent now we have to pray for him to get a very strong team in Europe,” Renard said.

Meanwhile, Zambia will leave for Angola on Saturday ahead of their friendly game against their hosts in Doudo on Sunday.

Renard said he is taking a 20-man team for the friendly.

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  1. according to you renard, the boy should go to lille. just advice him so. after all that will be a good move compared to struggling wigan. just hope kalusha is not eating in on this one.

  2. by the way, the K130million salary that this useless coach will be getting, does it include his brother assistants or not? if not, how much are the rest worth? pf govt., be careful cos such extravangance is gone with ba mmd. give us this kalusha/ renard clap and we will vote you out of office. why don’t you try local coaches who will willingly accept even K10million as their pay. employ 4 of them, and you will spend K40million.

    • I see you’re stuck in the stone ages. Football is big business now and it certainly is not cheap. As someone who’s followed the national team for a while, I can honestly say Chipolopolo have gone through a transformation. The players are a lot more professional and Renard started the process of building a young team. Don’t expect instant success but I feel we are headed in the right direction. By the way, can’t wait for the Mwanawasa Stadium to officially open!

    • Mature yu are as useless as rotten cabbage.thats the man who made yu go upto quarter finals after such a long time today he becomes useless to yu.its infact yu who is useless

  3. Number three mature, if we employ a local coach we need to pay him the same salary as the expatriate coach if his track record is as competent as the foreign coach. In PF we believe in equality and deliverance.

  4. It pains me to see that we still have people like Mature who still think that a Zambia coach deserves less than an.expatriate coach. If that is the reason why you want a local coach, then I’m sorry let Renard stay. A zambian coach is as good as an expatriate coach and let’s pay them what the deserve.

  5. Renard is right, the boy deserves a bigger club. He’s been scoring almost in every other match he has featured for his current club. I don’t know about Lille, but Wigan will definitely be a good choice.

  6. I stand to be corrected,Most Zambian Coaches do not good qualifications in soccer coaching but can be good coaches and on paper when it comes to salary they are given what management think and see of them.These so called expat coaches possesses the same kind of  good paper qualifications and negotiate their condition of service based on paper but our fellow Zambians coaches will tell you that” iyo mwelampela niyo ine”-meaning you can give me what ever you think is right for me.Iam told that the most qualified Zambian Coach in terms of coaching qualification is Honor Janza.So should think of giving him the top job,instead of him being a Cholaboy to these “good for nothing” so called expat coaches. Comment

  7. Why should we pay Renard so much,then Bonnet should also be paid his Claims.Moreover Bonnet should have continued up to Africa Cup Finals becoz those were his efforts to make the team Qualify to Africa Cup.

  8. @ 4 & 6, please read through my posting again. iam not saying we pay them 10 million per say. what am saying is most zambian coaches are willing to be paid even 10 million. if pf govt can pay a zambian coach the same amount as renard’s well and good. but again can they? you and me know that they can’t. which gives my observation credibility. that useless coach will be paid the money he is asking for putting together players from different foreign clubs nutured by other coaches. shame.

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