Elisha Musoma promises to create a million Zambian millionaires(US dollars)


Fellow sons and daughters of Zambia.

Firstly, allow me please to give you all my heart-felt gratitude for your tremendous support, encouragement and indeed the confidence that you have in me as President. I thank you most sincerely. You people are great! Sons and daughters of Zambia, without blowing my own trumpet, those of you who know or have heard me speak before, are very much alive to the fact that I can make good speeches. Nonetheless, I am not going to bore you or take much of your precious time, but just go right to the points.

Today we have come to announce to you that the forbearers of this great party of ours have passed the torch to a progressive Zambian generation with progressive ideas. Zambia Republic Party ZRP is back and I, ELISHA KING MUSOMA, am the new President.

Fellow citizens, it is not a secret that our overall aim as the REPUBLICANS is to form government one day soon and help to radically change mother Zambia and her place in the world. So the question should never be whether MUSOMA and the REPUBLICANS will form government, but rather WHEN will the REPUBLICANS form government?

Please let all our people in all the corners of Zambia know that ZRP,under my leadership, will never retreat an iota from our overall aim and vision to form government, and turn Zambia into an ECONOMIC GIANT as well as the BREAD BASKET of Africa. I have a dream for Zambia! I will repeat this: I HAVE A DREAM FOR ZAMBIA

For almost 50 years of Zambia’s independence this country has been ravaged by mainly the 4 devils;

1. The devil of poverty

2. The devil of disease

3. The devil of illiteracy and

4. The devil of corruption

My government is going to wage a ruthless war against the 4 specific devils that have continued to ravage mother Zambia and our wonderful people. When Zambia Republic Party ZRP is in power, we will

  • turn mother Zambia into an economic giant as well as the bread basket of Africa by creating manufacturing industry,
  •  beginning an agriculture revolution,
  • empower indigenous Zambians instead of foreigners, offer 3 years tax exemptions & incentives to newly formed businesses owned by indigenous Zambians,
  • we shall give financial assistance, land and machinery in form of loans to serious indigenous Zambian businesses,
  • offer quality education and build universities in every province,
  • offer quality health care and facilities to all & when needed,
  • we shall bring back decentralization,
  •  lower taxes,
  •  lower the cost of doing business in Zambia
  •  make all foreign investors that enter the country to partner with Zambians and encourage value added exports among other things.

Why should our people continue to wallow in abject poverty in the land of plenty? How can you have a country without billionaires after almost 50 years of independence? My government will change that and for the first time in the history of our nation, we are going to have billionaires in US dollars and more than one million Zambian millionaires in US dollars.

So our immediate task is to begin a massive and extensive marketing of ZRP and recruitment so that ZRP and ELISHA KING MUSOMA become a household name in Zambia. Never again will ZRP die! ZRP from hence forth shall stand the test of time and live as long as Zambia lives.

To our Current Republican President, Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata and your government, I have this message for you sir. The REPUBLICANS are a progressive people hence, quite different from all other opposition political parties. So we are not going to shy away or hesitate to salute you for anything that you will ever do in the interest of the nation and our people.

At the same time I would like you and your government to know that anything that you do that is not in the interest of our people, we will greatly oppose you. Please make no mistake about this.

So in the same vein, I would like you to know Sir that, as the Zambia Republic Party (ZRP), we are in total support of your government’s move to divide Northern Province into two provinces and the turning of Choma town or indeed any other town into the provincial headquarters of Southern province, leaving Livingstone as the tourist capital: Sir that is a move in the right direction.

We are also in full support of the renaming of Lusaka International Airport, Ndola airport and Livingstone airport after our forbearers:Kenneth Kaunda, the late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe and the late Harry Mwanga Nkumbula respectively, though you didn’t follow the right procedure.

We are also in agreement with you for calling the newly constructed Ndola stadium after the late President, Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, but of course not the naming of the Lusaka Hospital after him as well,as that just amounts to political appeasement because he is not the only one who needs to be appreciated.

We will also strongly advise that the new stadium in Lusaka under construction be named after our late president Dr. Fredrick Chiluba who’s immense and selfless contribution to the well-being of mother Zambia cannot be questioned or ignored by any normal Zambian.

As ZRP, we are against the extension of retirement age in Zambia because the lifespan of our people in Zambia has reduced drastically over the years to about 52 years.

I must also say that as ZRP we have been appalled at some of your appointments and dismissals, to which I would strongly advise Mr.President that before you cut, please make sure you measure twice.

Mr. President Sir, we are also against the awarding of the Public Guest House in Northern Province to the Catholic Church. If you want to bless any particular church or member of the clergy, by all means you should do that as long as you don’t use government resources.
That’s not right!

Coming to the issue of the sale of Zamtel, if there’s enough evidence that such a huge public asset was fraudulently sold for a song by the previous government, please do not hesitate to reverse and make the culprit account for it and face the law.

Lastly, as ZRP we also strongly oppose the move to appoint Mr. Mutembo Nchito as DPP. Sir, the fact that Mr. Nchito’s company, for which he was chief executive officer, failed to service the huge debts it owed different financial institutions including the government one, is enough ground for him not to be appointed as DPP while there are thousands of qualified Zambians in good standing who can fill the same position in our country.

Once again the torch has been passed to a generation of progressive Zambians with fresh ideas, so let the word go forth to all our people in all corners of Zambia that the party is reborn, the politician is born and the President is born. The REPUBLICANS are back! Let every well-meaning Zambian and non-Zambian alike join and support the Zambia Republic Party ZRP now, for a better Zambia tomorrow.

We are back!

God bless Zambia!

Elisha King Musoma
ZRP President


  1. bemba’s are coming up from all walks of life to show up for president of our beloved country, no one is telling us Tongas to be adamant and just look to HH for realizing our long waited dream. we need to have more parties coming from other tribes too to challenge these kolwestan clan or else we will keep on crying. now look at there list;
    SATA – PF
    why are we sleeping when these guys are up organizing themselves for another blow?

  2. Hmmm Next thing he will do is ask for some sort of donation to help you become a millionaire. the oldest poverty pimp strategy on the planet promise people dreams then charge them for that false hope and in the end only millionaire is you. All this religious talk is just bait to hook into the zambian christian mindset so as you can use peoples naivety to your ends. This is typical zed politics promise people something you know you can never achieve  and hope some deluded sycophants will vote you into power. How exactly are you suppose to get rid of disease  or poverty  when no one has ever succeeded at doing that, you sound like a conman

  3. The problem is anything to do with BY Mwila, Kavindele, Nawakwi, MMD will not go anywhere and will not work for Zambians. Elisha start your own thing then we can give you abenefit of doubt.

  4. This guy is clueless. A president cannot create millionaires, people become millionaires through different ways. Essentially what I am saying is Zambians themselves can turn themselves into millionaires…they don’t need a president to tell them that.

    There is something that can make someone a millionaire in Zambia, something much more important than education…that thing is IMAGINATION.

    So please Mr. Internet party president, go back to the drawing board and revise your objective. Your claim to create millionaires is lazy politics.

  5. I cant believe i have just wasted 13minutes reading this crap. Good luck to you who feel these guys are know what they are doing. For now i would rather watch from a distance.

  6. Ba Kafupi,

    To be in politics you need to be assertive, not of a certain tribe. There is no restriction on who can register a party. If the bembas are more assertive than tongas thats the tongas problem. Mazoka was assertive and he won an election, did anyone say he was tonga? So wake up and be serious. You seem to want some magical tonga to head a political party? where is he/her? why not you yourself? 

  7. Mr.Musoma go get a job KFC is hiring at Manda Hill Mall.Zambian you do not have to be a politician to help your Country.Where are the Michael Dells,Bill Gates of Zambia?????

  8. This is,essentially,telling zambians here’s a rope with which to hang yourself.It is the same bullsh–t Odinga was preaching to other tribes that they were poor or jobless because the kikuyu hold the pie forgetting that the kikuyus were hustlers and never wait for the “right” govt to be in place.In any case to realize his very lofty promise Zed will need an economy on super steroids to grow into a 1trilion dollar economy just to have 1m millionaires.That is from its current measly 21b dollars.

  9. Someone give Elisha a check upstairs please! Oh wait, he hasn`t been taking his pills.

    Elisha the doctor said you needed to be taking those pills everyday you silly thing!

  10. #2 kafupi you need to believe in yourself and desist from using tribal lines to hide your ineptitude. While ZRP president is MUSOMA, probably your tribe you wish he was called MUSONDA just to suit your hatred agenda. Have a life

  11. Who is that man standing next to him? Sure can you come with all this steam and have the man standing next to you, Elisha? That picture tells it all. Who is he in the first place? Can someone enlighten us on this guy? What is he in life? Pipper blow the pipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. How can you have a country without billionaires after almost 50 years of independence?


    Someone tell Elisha about Austin the billion dollar man!

  13. ELISHA KING MUSOMA: Ihave mixed feelings about your wichful thinking and aspirations, but I wich you well. But for some reason you also tend to sound like a branch of PF….. I just don’t know. As for the stadium in Lusaka, I think it would be right to name it GODFREY CHITALU STADIUM!!

  14. Why is it that these days all pipo think, write and argue about have to be connected to tribe? Please cant you even for once discuss ideas than tribe? I have relatives in 4 tribes my inter marriages so please stop it. We know read great minds at play now but only tribal propaganda. Grow up guys, boring

  15. I agree with you #18. Ucar deserves a memorial stone. That is an icon we shall not throw away. Chiluba for now can waitand his policies did not unite Zambians at all. A bridge will do for Chiluba. How can we pertition forth. I would also suggest naming the stadium after Dennis Liwewe. Great man indeed.

  16. Well, what can anybody say?

    I will promise to make 13 million Zambians BILLIONAIRES if you vote for me for President!

    More money in the pocket!

    Eeeesh, I am tired of lying politicians without any plan except to get into State House!  

  17. Here they come in all types,shapes and form soliciting to prop up Sata. Who told you that Chiluba contributed something to Zambia other than him raping, stealing resources to buy expensive suits when Zambians were dying in hospitals without medicines. You unashamedly claim a national infrustracture be named after him. Later it will Sata and RB. We Zambians know your schemes that Sata is planting you around to test the mood of the nation. Just go console your uncle Ben Katanga Mwila under pressure to pay back Nkongole for failure to constract road.

  18. @21, BRAVADO, you’re spot on! Blogging is a way of sharing ideas and educating each other, for those that are fortunate enough to have received an education. So it’s an interaction of the well read and literate people. Therefore I totally agree with you BRAVADO that there’s a very worrying tendency by bloggers to reduce any debate to TRIBE. This is not progressive at all! If bloggers at this level can be so narrow-minded as to reduce everything to TRIBAL issues then it should be scary what transpires in townships, bars and taverns….!!!

  19. Hahahhhahahahahaha… Hahhahaha… Guys 2 b honest…hhahhah… Is this serious or a comedian???? Hahahhahaha… He has broken my ribs hhahhaha…


  21. Good intentions but WRONG FOUNDATION by the Founder!. A serious politician is supposed to advance his party  not ditched it and contest under another party just suit his pockets. ZRP will never go anywhere!!

  22. Well Mr Elisha KING Musoma , first of all u should have started with a preamble as to why ZRP died, then who made u pick the presidency? Then we need ur CV who is Elisha? Then talk about ZRP manifesto later before commenting on Cobra issues. Who said u write good speeches?? well the stadium in Lusaka be named after Kalusha Bwalya the man who never tavelled to senegal and revived soccer standards , yes Godfrey UCAR be named in another stade is ok

  23. A fool of the highest order. Let’s see you make a millionaire of yourself and at least one of your offspring before bull shitting us that you’ll make us billionaires. As KK would say, STUPID *****!

  24. #2 Kafupi. In the first place , you can not even find a name to use on the blog from your region. If you cant beat them join them!

  25. kafupi….. simple mathematics the more parties the more division…The UPND starts with the word UNITED…… not those patches of parties.

  26. This speech was written by BY, he is the man who always starts he speech with “Fellow sons and daughters of Zambia”. These are BY’s schemes to take people’s and HEMCS’s attention off the landless corner mumbwa road. We still need our money. PF 4 Life !

  27. hahah. 1 million millionaires ok pal. and whats with this bull about making foreigners partner with Zambians. Err listen pal. the vast majority of zambians cant partner up with a fellow zambian due to trust with money so you expect a foreign millionaire to turn up and hand it to Mr or miss Zambia. The story will always end in and excuse the bemba spelling they didnt teach it at Trust school. Ifya chitike bashi musonda bali luala so impiya shyle kuchipatala or Kwali ichilio in other words i spent your money and you aint getting it back.

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