President Sata cautions Lukulo Katombora

President Michael Sata

President Sata has advised Hon. Lukulo Katombora to immediately vacate office and surrender government property and cooperate with law enforcement agencies investigating him.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Katombora whose appointment as Southern Province Minister was terminated yesterday is exhibiting some strange levels of arrogance. However, his arrogance will not help because he has been disappointed just like he was appointed,” President Sata said.

This is contained in a press statement availed to Lusakatimes by George Chellah,Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations.

“We would not want to publicly discuss the reasons for his removal as law enforcement agencies are currently investigating him for alleged impropriety. Therefore, our advice to Mr Katombora is that he must complete all the necessary exit formalities and allow for a smooth handover.”

On Friday, President Sata transferred Hon. Miles Sampa from Lusaka to Southern Province to take over from Hon. Katombora.

The President appointed Kanyama PF Member of Parliament Hon. Gerry Chanda as Lusaka Province Minister, Mwansabombwe PF Member of Parliament Hon. Rogers Mwewa as the new minister for the Copperbelt Province to replace Hon. John Kufuna who the Head of State says will be allocated a new ministry in a little while.

The President also appointed three opposition MMD members of Parliament as deputy ministers.

Those appointed are: Mr. Elijah Muchima (Mwinilunga West), Mr. Stephen Masumba (Mufumbwe) and Mr. Isaac Banda (Lumezi).



  1. this is lack of morals and respect! sata you are a big arrogant disappointment, what is the point in bringing every small thing to the public? you are telling me you cant enforce the rules on one man to vacate office? havent u heard of handing over procedures? sata show us yo degree am very worried, you are a dull man!

  2. too much dagga sata, ukunyya shupu cha chusi, my blonde wife is surprised by how you zmabians run the country, she fears to come to the that poverty sricken village called zambia

    • Can your blonde wife spell her name? Let alone yours?mate
      I positive these are the same ones we see every friday night with their pants below the Knees mate.

  3. Can someone please tell me what they are investigating Mr. Lukulo for when he confessed. Why not just let him go and move on to something else. 

    • he did not use honest means to come into office that is why he has to be fired and investigated! there was an uneven ground in contesting this seat to fellow contenders. and on top of that, whatever he was involved in cas criminality in actual sense…he killed, he stole…etc so in as much as he is converted, he has to face the law for what he did…& if trully he is reformed, he will not resist this but accept it…

  4. Honestly speaking I find this appalling that George Chellar can not perform the duties he is supposed to. Why cant the president disappoint this Chellar chap as well. Is this the news that should be coming from state house just after the arrival of our president from his first outing? One would expect concrete information regarding serious business that the president was involved in whiles t in Uganda instead of this trash. 90 days is almost over and we want more money in our pockets, we are waiting, after all this is why we voted for you. tick,tick,tick,tick.

  5. well let us wait and see what the Law enforcement agencies will come up with. Perhaps Lukulo will have nothing to answer just like it was with Nevers Mumba

  6. By the way, we were told that the president has two degrees. I presume one is in political science and the otherone in History. My foot, Its one thing to claim to be educated and its equally another thing to be seen that you are educated. Its suprising that some ministers are even saying that they know that the president is not educated but have accepted to work with him. Does that imply that they knew that he was lying that he has two degrees or it was simply a political ploy? We don’t need a rocket scientist to tell us that there is a big problem at state house.The president is now the spokesperson even on trivial matters of someone confessing Satanism. yaba.

  7. I vya kulola sile mwati ivyakulanda. Mr president please follow the laid down procedures. Do not behave like a drunkared husband

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  9. If we are a christian Nation,, why get offended when a sinner repents??? We are yet to hear more…..One politician was smeared with feaces in Malawi and as flies followed him so were voters . Malawians have this story available. can someone go and investigate it instead of investigating a . believer

  10. If I was an opposition MP, I honestly would think twice before accepting a position from HE MCS.

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer springs to mind here. This plank has been used and if this is the case then, it is not good for democracy. I would want to be wrong though. I am PF but I can smell a rat here!

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  12. @11
    Njala ya banyokola banthu mu Zambia. Even if it is a Minister’s salary for 1 day, they are happy to have ‘more money in their pockets.’

  13. Even The Post newspaper is having financial difficulties, that is why it transferred some of its senior employees to Government payroll. That was the reward for supporting PF.

  14. I don’t see anything wrong with Sata disciplining which ever Minister misbehaves. That’s what we want to see. I’m just a bit mystified by the fact that all the Tongas could not qualify to be appointed Provincial Minister! That is a bit of a surprise and it is no wonder Sata will not manage to shake off the label of a Bemba tribalist. It’s almost like he is ticking his fingers up to southerners and it is not good for national unity, whichever way one looks at it. He should act maturedly, he never knows the day he will wish he had treated them better. Life has strange twists, just like the twist that made him president. But—that’s up to him.

  15. Ba Sata on parting with your lieutenant at least show humility and thank them for their services no need to humiliate your colleague any further, giving ’em the sack is enough humiliation as it is.
    It never too late to start reading Leadership books!! 

  16. When GBM, Sampa or Chikwanda are investigated, I hope **** will exercise the same speed to fire them and humiliate them in public. Also, how can he appoint portfolioless deputy ministers? What happened to the doctrine of smaller cabinet to reduce costs? And this Bemba kacha, every time there are appointments paka pankale po a Katangese Kaboke. Now one will run Souther province. These are stinking

    • the chances of the people you have mentioned to betray the president are very unlikely ..yes the bembas have got to ran southern province thats what being in power means, we told you so nati tepano tule

  17. I would want to know what the guy did? The problem is that most people think that what the president does is not questionable. Whatever happened, the guy has a right to state his case. MCS has displayed all the qualities that are associated with dictators. They stop listening to the voice of reason and their word becomes law. In Christian circles, coming out of satanism ( witchcraft) is something that should be celebrated. Then again the bible says that the unspiritual man does not understand the things of the spirit because they are spiritually discerned. I am sure I am not the only person who would like to know the real reason behind the firing.  

  18. let us wait and get the full picture before we go on the offensive, this is very disappointing indeed, you don,t see Cameron, Obama or Even Sarkozy making such comments on a person he has fired asking him to leave govt accomadation such things are meant to be way beneath our head of state, even brother Mugube does not stoop that low,, So ba Chella please keep some things on the low you are bring shame on us.

  19. President Sata shud fare Chella.He is giving wrong advice to the president.The president can disappoint any minister at any time no need to question.If he has repented let him go in peace.

  20. There is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents and I believe every child of God did experience some form of joy after hearing of a Satanist turning to Jesus Christ as his Lord and saviour. Mr President, who is your god?

  21. Every police officer is currently having someone being investigated, these will just be the source of more corruption.

  22. When a sinner repents of hs wicked ways he should be investigated?mmmh da former minister should just be brave enough to mention every1 he used to work wd in the dark world,yes do it

  23. Very good Mushota you are right there is nothing much in London but I think try to come to Amsterdam just across the English channel. You can swim am sure you learnt how to swim in Glasgow with Nick as your instructor. I am just enjoying free surfing at Schipol. Thanks. I end here.

  24. And that is the beginning of corruption. What do I mean? Well, the former minister, his children and wife have lost all the trappings of ministerial office. The other ministers are watching with shock, “is that what will happen to me if I am fired? I better start creating wealth for myself and my family and buttressing my economic status so that my children don’t go back to government school”. You know the rest of the story, and you will see much more in Sata’s government than any other before it.

  25. In a normal organisation, a person is supposed to be suspended until investigations are concluded. These are normal procedures in the corporate world so that leaders are guided by procedures rather than innuendos and suspicions. MCS is setting a very bad precedent because I can foresee people being fired based on hate or suspicion. The legacy being laid is not very good for the future of our young nation. 

  26. Napapa sana. Lelo elo bamona ba Seventh Day Adventist #23 ati ni circus yeke yeka mu plot 1.This what average Zambians are talking about. Its not about hating the President, its just the way he conducts himself.

  27. @34 Yapping President – Thats an honest question you have asked, and the honest answer is that it is a combination of the following: – fear, presumptuous, lack of relevant basic education, egoistic, out of touch and out of date. By the time Sata is done with the office of the presidency, he will make that nut William Banda look like a Sunday school teacher. That’s an honest answer, and I do not say this lightly.

  28. This is exactly why i said Sata was bound to embarrass himself.He came in acting like everyone he was appointing was an angel and everyone from RB’s govt was a thief.In due time Sata will regret that some of his close associates will one day turn against him or even be involved in corruption right under Sata’s nose.Even Bush had his aides turn on him and wrote books painting a bad picture of Bush.

  29. Appointment yakwa Elijah Muchima is very annoying.Muchima plundered alot of money on Mwinilunga – Jembe road he has to be investigated too.

  30. All the way from Uganda my president has news for repetant Lukolo Katombola whom we all know was fired as minister for SP. Whats wrong with my president? I as citizen feel bemused for my president to waste all my attention to listen to issues that concern ATHOZA. Advisors to my president are incompetent for they do not advise what needs to be informed to the nation and by who. Lukolo news was made by little Chellah finish, epela, kwamana. How can my president dwell on it again?. He bores me to death and I pitty Zambians. Tell me what happened in Uganda president.

  31. We need to a list of signatures to complain to parliament for the president to undergo induction and for him to find advisers especially on what coments should be presidentail. We are being turned into a law class african nation by the talk from the president. We voted for him so we have a say on what he does. We can petition about the wrong doing of the president in a democratic way.

  32. wenthu or whatever your name, lets respect where u come from. The land where u are was developed by its citizens thru hard work & partriotism. So dont start bragging & insult where u come from that zambia is a village. Im in diaspora as well but im proud of home & i kno wth hard work we can reach there. U can refuse your old mother iwe chikala. Inferiority complex

  33. Does State house need to issue a press release on this? Wasnt the guy sacked on Friday? Doesnt he need to do a hand over? Is this what people keep refering to when making comparison that HH has no experience working in government?

  34. I don’t think this man was fired because of his repentance, infact his repentance is fake as he seemed to try to pull a fast one hopping to hide his misdeeds. Let’s wait and see the truth will come out

  35. Good lord God almighte, you endowered each one of us with certain traits and looks but I wonder why Sata had to bear such a heavy gift of ugliness! Look at his picture above, if this is not equal to an actment of MJ’s blockburster Thriller, then I do not know!

  36. #47 a man doesn’t have to be pretty. Its all about confidence, sweet talk and pocket power and he gets a woman as beautiful as Christine, medical doctor for that matter. Zimya Neighbour!

  37. @walai nthwenu.

    U think ur wife is blonde well she is a Dangwaleza” albino” I for one I don’t give a piece of SHIT whether or not ur blonde wife wants to visit Zed,of what value is she to Zed? U are proud to be a slave in even after the battle was won, u just a Gold Digger not that u love ur blonde wife if u were loaded like me u wouldn’t have married her..leave to us who love our country

  38. People serve different gods, others serve the Father of our LORD Jesus Christ, if what Hon Katombora did pleases the LORD Jesus Christ then its obvious the devil’s camp will be upset. Few people can understand what goes on in the dark world.


  39. If you wine and dine with Satan, expect a vicious, unprovoked sudden death.  Lukulo got what he deserves.  Musukualahe!

    Satan really needs 90 YEARS, instead of 90 days, to make any meaningful developmental change to Zambia.  The next 5 years are written off forthwith in my book.  No imagination, no fresh ideas, feckless irrationality, mistaking talking and juvenile delinquent exposures for real action! Zambia is finished as a country.

  40. ba sata are you fair with that lukulo guy he turns to christianity and your fire him are you one of them.instead of allowing him to work you being a christian if at all you are???.God bless ba Lukulo he will find you a proper job.:((

  41. Maybe you did not read Mr. Katombora’s statement after he was sacked. I quote, ‘I do not like lies. I have not been fired.’ Read The Post on Saturday!

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