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Kaiser Kalambo Misses Coaching

Sports Kaiser Kalambo Misses Coaching

Ex-Konkola Blades and Ndola United coach Kaiser Kalambo has said he misses coaching.

Kalambo, 58, last year coached Blades before he was released just after seven games in-charge of the Chililabombwe side.

He also had a brief stint this season with promoted National Assembly at the start of their Division 1 South campaign.

Speaking in an interview with LT Sports in his home town Ndola, the former Zambia and Ndola United defender said he was looking forward to bouncing back into coaching.

“Currently I am not doing anything but I am still searching for a club to start coaching,” he said.

Kalambo represented Zambia at the 1980 Olympics in the Russian capital Moscow after featuring at the 1978 Africa Cup finals.


  1. Ba Kaizer, bushe mwalileka ukutukane insele?You are a legend in Zambian football and one of the best full backs Africa has ever produced.One of our childhood heroes especially those of us who grew up in Ndola in the 1970’s.You ,Gibon “nigger” Chewe,the late Edwin Mbaso,Harrison ” muzalada” Bwalya,goal-keepers Musonda and Chimbalasepa, etc.are the heroes of the old Dag Hammarskjold Stadium in Ndola while playing for Ndola UTD.All we can say is that “Thank you Ba Kaizer for making Ndola proud”.Kaizer is the German meaning of emporer and that is who you are.Despite the plight of Ndola UTD now ,history can never be rewritten.Long live the emperor and Ndola UTD.

  2. # 1
    Yes him and his teammates made good footballing in the 70s. I grew up in the village (Chaanga in southern province) and enjoyed Liwewe cheering on 2mega band broadcaster making the radio vebrating. Wishing him all the best in his pursuing of a job ..

  3. #1 and 2 you guys are real soccer fans and you really know your soccer history by far. I was born in the Kalu years but i’ve heard alot of good football before like the Chitalu, Alex Chola, Kaizer Kalambo, Zoom Njovu, Emment Kapengwe, Willie Phiri, Dick Chama, Funny Haanguyu, Dickson Makwaza, Ziyambo, and the list goes on and on!!!

  4. Hey soccer fan! This was one of the best defenders Zambia ever produced. Kaiser Kalambo of Ndola United. Iam glad that he is still alive! KK forever!!

  5. Yes I remember Davy Sunday, Moffat Mtambo, Willi Phiri, Antonio Plasido, Bruce Mwape, Benjamin Kapayi, Gilbert Mumkumbo, Free Joe, etc

    • True blue, you must be Nchanga rangers. All these were rangers players. You may also recall names like Ignatius muswala, Jim salimu, Little Joe, Benjamin bwalya, peter Chirwa

  6. You are a soccer legend together with Dennis Liwewe and other great stars of the KK Eleven. I wish the name for the National Team could have maintained???? Not jokers like Mbola or Francis Kasonde etc…., Kaizer Kalambo was just a marvel to watch. All the best mudala. We pray and wish you success.

  7. did you know that KK Eleven was used when Kaiser Kalambo (KK) was captain of the national team. the name was later hijacked by UNIP and later substituted for Kenneth Kaunda

  8. He started his career at Roan United, The University of Soccer in Zambia. He was quite a marvel to watch. He normally played as a midfielder for his club at No.6 and a full back for the national team. He was the Paul Ince of Zambian football (I mean, he used to argue a lot with match officials and had little regard for them). I believe this is what has cost him a coaching job, insele bamudala! I wish him all the best!

    • You are so very right . I remember Ashios Melu complaining to his coach at half time “Nakakomako ka Kalambo. Tapali apakupita

  9. He is a man who stands up for himself and will not take nonsense from anyone. Unfortunately, he came out short against Jones Chilengi during training at the Africa Cup of Nations in Libya in 1978. They exchanged words and Chilengi put his foot onto Kaiser’s thigh, thus tearing both the short and flesh with his studs. Chilengi was immediately sent packing and back to Zambia; never kicked a ball at the tournament.

  10. when i hear such names sweet memories flood my mind, i remember stars like, kapela katumba,milton muke, micheal musonda, emmy musonda, vincent chileshe, golden kazika, francis kajiya , alex chola, peter mhango fred mwila, john kalusa, bonnie muma, enock kalepa the list is endless

  11. Why don’t we start the “Where Are They” programme spiced with such nice history az this from the many comments here?

  12. All of you (1 to 10), thanks for your posts. I grew up in Ndola in the 70’s and like most soccer fans, the name of Dag brings good memories. Former Minister Hapunda, we have forgiven you for not thinking through the decision to raze down Dag.
    No 1. If I have to add to your list, I would mention Burton “Zamcab” Mugala. Good striker although not in the mold of Godfrey Chitalu and Bernard Chanda. But where do you put Simon Kaushi Kaodi? We were spoiled for strikers, just check out with CECAFA who holds the top scorer record for their tournament.

  13. I have enjoyed all the comments gents, you know very well about zambian soccer right from the 70’s and you ve cracked my ribs ati ” mudala wansele”. I was with Simon Kaushi Kaodi in Ndeke, kitwe last week and enjoyed his conversation about his footballing career. Yes, we need to introduce something similar to “Msanzi legends” on much better ZNBC so that we can always remember some of these old zambian stars.!!

  14. Players I have watched and heard about.

    Ement Kapenbwe,Fred Mwila,Brighton Sinayangwe,Benard “Bombar”Chanda,John Kalusa.Reuben Nyirenda,Peter Kaumba,Michael Musonda,Edwin Kannyanta.Fordson Kabole,Willie Phiri,Fredirck Kashimoto,Jani Simulambo,Jack Simbule,Francis Kajiya,Kapela Kantumba,Fan Hanguunyu.Levi Simutowe.Alex Chola,Pascle Kunda,Ackim Musenge,Johnstone Katowando,Dominic Mutale,Kapambwe Mulenga,Kaiser Kalambo,Kaushi Kaodi,Godfrey Chitalu,Biswel Phiri,Staford Munthalama,Blackwell Chalwe,Emmanuel Mwape,Kenny Mwape,Vinicent Chileshe,Oby Kapita,Golden Kazika,Moses Simwala,Bonie Muma,Jack Chanda,Jerico Shinde,Nelson Sapi,James Njegela,

  15. Those were great days: The 1980 shell challenge cup final winning squad against GBFC; Morrison chimbalasepa, Kaiser kalambo, chola mulundu, Moses kabaila, Gibbon nigger chewe, Chris Mtonga, Burton Mugala, Sunday Sichilima, Harrison Muzalada Bwalya, Chris Dog Soldier Chiwala and Thomas Castella Bwalya. This Ndola United team beat Green Buffaloes at independence stadium with the likes of Michael Spinks Bwalya, Milton Muke, Jack Simbule, Emmy Musonda, Kampela Katumba, Willie Chibwika, Chris Kaoma, Jani Simulambo, Peter Tembo, Obby Kapita and Pele Kaimana.

  16. One of South Africa’s soccer legends is Kaiser Motaung (Kaiser Chiefs owner). Very few Zambians would remember him as having played for Mufulira Blackpool, because Blackpool had Lee Mulenga, John “Fuso” ………, etc who outshone him but could not make it into the KK XI. Gives one an idea of how good we were!!!

    This was the  “golden generation” of Zambian soccer. In retrospect, it was underpinned by a very vibrant school soccer calendar. Being at Masala Sec, we always dreaded the visit of Chamboli Sec School. Who wouldn’t when they had the likes of Jim Mwale. The Zambia Schools Team used to play against the likes of Aston Villa Youth. Ndola United had some sort of agreement with Manchester United and the result was a golden generation of Zambian footballers.

  17. Ati ” Ndemi toba amapi bafikala ” is wat he used to tell his players at half time when he was coaching Ndola United Lasty year

  18. Iam a retired soccer player and curently adiminstrator at george united football team.let me say not only me as players against Ndola united but even senior players like ,late Moses Simwala chairman had respect for kaiser Kalambo.His very great moment to my recall was in a quarlifier game against Moroco in Lusaka in 1983.Zambia won two zero i remember,He was in position three and paired very well with Mcheal Musonda,Emie Musonda,Jack Simbule and Willie Phiri.god bless the star we still need your words in football.All other great players still alive wish you well ,your days in football like myself were turf and sometimes only sacrifice was needed,long live kk.

  19. Real Zambian you are right about ba Kaiser.This guy together with Gibbon Chewe,Harrison Muzalada Bwalya,Chris Chiwala,Boka(bokiyo),Best Banda,Chola Mulundu,Chris Chiwala,Dick….cant remember sir name,Morrison Chimbalasempa,Jack Kafusha,Sunday from Chiwala secondary school then,Jimulayi,Mustapha Kalizamani, etc were a marvel to watch.That was when players played for the love of the game not money.How I miss those days.Those that lived in Ndola and in particular Itawa,Lubuto,Kansenshi,Lubuto had the best of football.May the souls of those old players that have gone rest in peace.They did their part

  20. Yes Harrison Bwalya was in a league of his own. Dribbled the entire GBFC defence to score the winning goal in the Shell C Cup. Remember Zimbabwe Indepedence Day? Alex Chola substituted, in came Harrison just to messmerise everybody and again dribbled the ENTIRE Zimbabwe defence to score the winning goal! My brother (Sunday) used to play for Ndola UTD with him, so this is a well informed story. By the way Sunday Sichilima was a formidable midfield play next to Jericho Shinde (Nkana) and Willie Phiri (Nchanga Rangers).

  21. Ohh! The iron of it Obby Kapita joined Ndola UTD as player-coach from GBFC, a sister club to Ndola UTD when he was transfered from Lusaka to Ndola. He proved to be an inspirational coach and we saw BIG clubs like Nkana, Warriors, Muf. Wand. Power Dynamo, Red Arrows etc crumble at the famous Dag. Stadium. I remember Ndola UTD finishing third, second during Obby`s tenure as player-coach. I also,nostalgically, remember how my brother and Chris(Soldier)Chiwala used to tease Vitafoam UTD verbally as well as on the pitch! Most of the time Sunday used to score against the formidable late Richard Mwanza. They were good foes, though. Yes, them days. I miss them, for sure!

  22. Ahh! I am sure my elder brother wont like what I`m about to write about him(He hates self praise). Warriors literally came to our house in North-Rise Ndola 9 times persistantly to `poach` him. Persuaded our late elder brother who used to work for Zambia Railways to convince Sunday to join Warriors Club. Guess what Sunday said back; ` My heart lies with Ndola UTD`. Despite a fully furnished house and a very good salary already lying in wait for him in Kabwe- He said NO! That`s what I call true allegiance to a club that one loves dearly. Him (Sunday) and Harrison would have easily made it in the teams like Man. UTD and Arsenal today. Shame to the so hyped premadonnas of today comercialised football!

  23. Iam glad to note that this guy is still alive,may the good increase the number of his days,I was young but I can tell you that kaiser kalambo was a marvel to watch at Dag stadium.i remember when vitaform played against Ndola united.we used to climb the wall so we can see kk and killer.Killer was a striker for Vitaform(strike Rovers)I miss Dagamaskjoed stadium.

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