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Emmanuel Mwamba advises Mucheleka to leave the palace


File: Northern province permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba is interviewed at Lubwa Mission Church of Chinsali district

Northern Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba Mwamba has advised Mr. Mucheleka to stop purporting to be senior chief Nkula but instead leave the palace and allow for a smooth ascension to the throne by the recognised chief.

This followed reports that the Bemba royal establishment in Chinsali district had not welcomed government’s decision to elevate Chief Chikwanda of Mpika district to the Senior Chief Nkula throne.

‘President Sata is very much aware of the decision we made as the Shilubemba royal establishment on this matter. Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and his team of advisors made the wisest decision on the matter but now government wants to bring confusion because the incumbent has been on the throne for three months now,chairman of the Ichinga traditional council, Bwembya Tabwe said.

However Northern Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba said President Michael Sata’s decision to recognise chief Chikwanda as new senior chief Nkula of the Bemba speaking people in Chinsali district is in line with the Bemba traditions and customs.

This is contained in a letter dated December 21, 2011 and signed by Emmanuel Mwamba addressed to Maxwell Mucheleka, who is claiming the chieftainship of senior chief Nkula.

Mr. Mwamba explained in the letter that according to the Bemba traditions and customs, when a leadership vacuum for senior chief Nkula arises, chief Chikwanda of Mpika district automatically ascends to the throne.

He observed that the President’s recognition of chief Chikwanda was aimed at restoring traditional customs and norms in the manner the hierarchy to the throne of senior chief Nkula is supposed to be followed.

The Permanent Secretary said it was better for the claimant to voluntarily vacate the palace in order to avoid creating unnecessary succession wrangles in senior chief Nkula’s chiefdom.

Mr. Mwamba further appealed to the traditional leaders and other stakeholders in Chinsali district to accept government’s decision to recognise chief Chikwanda as the new senior chief Nkula.

On 13th December this year, President Sata recognised chief Chikwanda, whose names are James Charles Ng’andu, as senior chief Nkula in conformity with the Laws of Zambia.

However, some members of the Bemba Royal Establishment in Chinsali recently opposed government’s decision to recognise chief Chikwanda as senior chief Nkula claiming that someone else has already been chosen to take up the Nkula throne.


  1. not long ago did someone made a comment that chiefs will also be investigated…even succession sure…you only need to advise and not to use force!!!!!!

  2. with the love of power, money and lack of shame that has dominated Zambian leadership scenery, we are not surprised to see how much disrespect for traditional things exists in our villages. gone are the days when villages were last resort for finding a virtuous wife. ni donchi kubeba.

  3. Sichaba, this is confusing! Is it the Bemba Royal Establishment or Highest Office in the land (State House) who should appoint Snr Chief Nkula??? Flash Back, “They should also tell me what their jurisdiction is because I don’t fall under them but under Chief Chikwanda.” He said the Establishment is aware that Mr Sata is from Mpika and falls under Chief Chikwanda. Air force One is engulfed with the “Appointments Syndrome” Now nepotism goes into palaces!! Eventually His Chief will be Chitimukulu. Ha Ha Haaaa!!

  4. Sata is above Chitimukulu in the Bemba hierhachy, is that right?

    Sata’s appointee takes the job, Mwinelumba’s appointee looses out. Next thing Sata will appoint another mwinelumba.

    The problem is a precedence will be set, when a Ngoni beomes president again he will change the Chitimukulu and appoint a Ngoni, after all we beat them in that ancient war and crossed into Tanzania and back to Zed.

  5. Since when did they start choosing Nkula? Chikwanda has always been the Waiting Nkula to be. Arrest the corrupt Chiefs! Umusebanya Na KUMUSUMBA, Kwisano. Mr President is right, i am Bemba and have READ imilandu yaba BEMBA. …. Chikwanda fight for your STOOL!

  6. The circus and shame of Bembas brought about by Sata continues now spreading to traditional rulers. Some one has asked if Bemba Royal Establishment has become impotent to temporal presidential powers (5 years only) of Sata. At best president Sata should have respected BRE and resolve the issue without being seen as an “all wise powerful” man. His is to announce recognition afterwards. Sata will evetually leave Zambian presidency but Bemba Royal Establishment is there for ever. His divisive action will leave the Bemba establishment devided. We await to see what next.

    • That is why the BRE needs to be wary of Sata, what kind of president interferes in every issue anyway? Ubufumu bwesu and they should not bring in politics!

  7. When I ascend to power, such things like kingdoms will be abolished and those in palaces burned to ashes. We will carry out a massive witch burning ceremony.

  8. Sata and his govt must leave the succession disputes to the traditional chiefs and why rush in to recognize someone who has been put their through the proper channels? Mucheleka did not put himself their. Everything was done accordingly and simply because Sata has some issues with certain individuals he cannot recognize them unless those he want. This is setting a very bad precedent to other chiefs. Please Sata and Mwamba stay away from the these traditional affairs. Those people have been around and they know what they are doing. Just stop interfering and concentrate on govt programmes. We do not want to see a situation were chiefs are threaten by the president and his govt!

  9. At some point when Sata was in opposition the BRC summoned him and refused to appear befróre the claiming that he does not fall under them but under Chief Chikwanda. So, they can’t summon him. Sata is imply trying to make chief Chikwanda more power among the Bemba chiefs and this is not going to work. Chief Nkula cannot be taken over by chief Chikwanda, Sata please twakupapata leave us alone. 

  10. The above comments reveal a lot of ignorance. The government and Mwamba are right. The succession pattern in the BRE has tradtionally been from Chikwanda to Nkula and then Chitimukulu.KK confused the pattern when he appointed a miner from Chingola to the paramount throne and the confusion persists as seen above. Government and Mwamba are just to restore the tradition. Mwamba is from the royal lineage and he knows what he is talking about. Stop behaving like rabid dogs after the blood of Sata.

  11. These chitimukulu were the people that did not welcome Sata for fear that RB will not give them money. They even refused to greet sata. Now he is president and has chosen his chief from his village mpika.

  12. the decision by the president on this matter is right because when Nkula dies chikwanda suceeds him. Sampa mulenda was nkula 1, suceeded by chikwanda mutale shi chansa(nkula 2), nkula 1 was a son of chanda mukulu(chilufya mulenga). nkula 2 was a son of mukuka mfumu kasande the daughter to chilufya mulenga. chilufya mulenga born nakasafya mulenga who gave birth to chikwanda who later became nkula 3. chikwanda had a sister mande chanda(mukuka mfumu) who had a son called bwalya changala who suceeded his uncle and became nkula 4. nkula 5 musungu changala, nkula 6 bwembya changala were the nephew to chikwanda. the sister of nkula 4,5,6, mulenga nkumbula gave birth to nkula 7 by the name of dickson chitabanta. Sata is 100% right

  13. BRE is Ba (batu=bantu) Rotse (Lozi) Royal Establishment comprises the Royal Administration headed by the Ngambela (Prime Minister) Barotse Kuta (Barotse Court) and the Barotse National Council ( all chiefs and Indunas). BRE has been in use since centuries ago.
    When did the Bemba Royal Establishment come into been? Or are people just imitating the Lozis? Why is it not Shilubemba.?….this sounds authentic rather than Bemba Royal Establishment…my foot! Barotse=Balozi (this is more authentic and traditional)

  14. Chanda, no tribe or single person has a monopoly to the three letters B.R.E. you can not claim these three letters as your intellectual property, there is nothing like copyright theft here. Life is much broader than a single tribe in a remote part of the world.

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