President Sata advised to carefully handle Western Province

President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

President Sata has been advised to carefully handle the matter involving activities in the Western province.

People’s party national coordinator, Edwin Sakala says the grievance and problem in the province is real.

He adds that the basic issue the people are complaining about is not only limited to western province alone.

Mr. Sakala says people elsewhere are complaining because government has not taken development there.

He says the PF national agenda has nothing to do with national development, but has been wasting time in witch-hunting the previous MMD president Rupiah Banda and his ministers at the expense of development and creating jobs for the people.

Mr. Sakala says it is for this reason that his party, believes that what Zambia needs is a change of governance system.



  1. Small factions of selfish people from western province are trying to hold the entire country to ransom. HH is spearheading this disturbance just to reduce credibility of the PF Govt which in my view has started promisingly. It is not about MCS but the Zambian people at large. We voted for Sata and in a democracy we need to give him a chance. We just do not need this nosense. There’s 2016 for HH to try his luck and really disturbing the stability of the country is treason.

    • What kind of comment is this? If you have an issue with HH please do not bring in his name where the matter for discussion has nothing to do with HH. If you are PF supporter and blind to mistakes being made by your President, that is your problem. Some of us do not follow blindly but can think for ourselves.

  2. Never comment on issues u dont understand. Sata has to live to his promises or else. Am ready to do what is rite 4d suffering majority in Barotse. Dont make a fool out of us and dont u dare involve HH in dis, he z not a Rotsee. Its our land,our cries!

  3. We should have never taken a chance with this man as president. He has already forgotten that the voters are his employers. This is not a leader mwe bantu .I shudder to think what Zambia will be after five years of this man at the helm.

  4. So then,what was the commission of inquiry on this issue set up for?The president should directly talk to these chaps trying to cause confusion for nothing.We know very well that some opposition leader is behind this scheme like one blogger has mentioned.Peace loving Zambians should reject any blood-spilling activities spearheaded by some frustrated selfish politicians.Much as the president promised to take care of this issue,those involved should not expect it to be done overnight with an all part satisfying result.

  5. These shallow chaps like Edwin Sakala think when a corrupt crooks like RB and Co. are being investigated the government stops working and focuses on that; the work carries on as normal.

  6. #5ROTSEE
    Be realistic
    . Sata never promised anything to you other than what he promised to all zambians, why should it always have to be you, the lozis? There is commision in place to look into the riots, what else do you want? Restoration of the BA64 basicaly means a state within a state, and that is delegating some powers: presidential (Executive/Litunga), Legislation (Council) and judiciary (Kuta) to the Barotse and thats why kaunda, chiluba and RB never restored it. And then if you look at the surface area of Barotse (Western, NWP, Southern and part of CB, what then is left of zambia? Honestly, how do you run a country like that? Ladies and gentlemen, we can always find another way, for example: decentralisation of all the provinces.

  7. Yes, carefully handle Western Province.

    The people there have their own traditional leaders. Work with them,and perhaps hold a referendum on Western Province for Western Province. If the people there vote yes, let them go, if they vote no, criminalise any discussion or movements in the name of Barotseland…

    Maybe it is the democratic way. If the demand is criminal as things stand now, apply the obtaining law against any activists on this matter.

  8. we do not negotiat with terrorists, the british are sending their armed forces 9292 miles to the falkland islands, HE MCS should send in the commandos 1st battalion tagagan to crash these people or chase them into nambi desert BUT AGAIN I BEG YOU just leave them lozi girls behind please, we need them for breeding

  9. Sata himself is on recod hvg reconizd barose as real legal documnt n promist to restore it wtn 90days!he condemed rb for sendg police there to stop meetgs.spare hh,da opostion den pf ws in forefront of insightg lozi!pipo must learn to bear the consquens of their own misdeeds!”As u mek ur bed,so u shd lay on it”

  10. If lozis undast what zambians are going thru becoz of selfishness of the few individuals they wud not say what they are saying. why shud we respect people who got our money and insult a peson who wants to get back our money.ALMOST ALL CIVIL SERVANTS ARE SLAVED BY LOANS.RB GOT THEIR RURAL HARDSHIP ALLOWANCE AND DEOSIT THE MONEY IN HIS CHILDREN’S ACCOUNT POOR MAN WAKE UP AND DO NOT ACCEPT TO BE USED BY THESE CRIMANALS COMING IN THE NAME OF BAROTSE AGREEMENT ,WICH HUNT AND TRIBE REMARKS. SATA HAS A GOOD PLAN FOR YOU REGADLES OF YOUR TRIBE AND STATUS

  11. I don`t support PF but on Western Province, i am with them. Despite having a highly educated population in Western Province we the Lozi`s still remain the most undeveloped society in Zambia. This is due to selfishness of the people in our province. How many rich people from our province have bothered to establish companies, build decent real estates or even private schools in Barotseland? The all take development to Lusaka and other provinces. If allowed to create an independent state, Barotseland will be the poorest country in the world. This is not time to think about dividing the country but to build a one united Zambia that will deal with all the problems facing the country. One Zambia, one nation. Those inciting the people should be given long prison sentences. 

    • # 17Philosopher, How can you establish companies & bulid private schools in areas with no roads & people are poor?Development goes with good roads & public infrastructure, grow up.

  12. why do we get rid of this barlose agreement for once and all.start the discussion of either abolishing completely as it serves no purpose apart from the royal lineage who s education fees are paid by the british empire,it doesn t benefit any ordinary lozi in the street.or we can come up with an amendment to the BG of 1964 to make it more meaningful and pragmatic while remaining a united zambia.whether BAG 1964 is restored today ,it will not provide a basic needs of the people of western province,u will still be hungry and the province will remain pipo of western come up with project proposals of want the pf govt shud perioties in the rice production,beef canary plants ,fishing my opinion i think this is cardinal as to a peice of paper that can destro

  13. No. 2 Amayama 

    Leave HH out of this issue. Sata promised the restoration of BA64 on his own. It is why the Lozis voted for him. Fulfill your promises Sata. Lets see how clever you are.

    • I have only involved him because he has been canvasing traditional leaders there to gear up unnecesary complaints. That one he has not denied and I dont understand why you can defend him

  14. y zambia,we have educated folks in western p why are they not talking on this issue.what is the position of the litunga,he is the one who shud stress out the need to stop this nonses of BAG.

  15. When the Zambians become objective HH will surelly be president & he will without doubt do Zambians proud. Meanwhile, its time for wise Zambians to learn that exprience in politics is not always a good test for a good leader. HH work hard your time is fast approaching & when it comes no one will stop you just be consistant, Zambia is watching you, Zambia hears you, Zambia admires you, Zambia is preparing for you & Zambia hopes for you. God give you long life & please dont eat anyhow & take care.


    • #22 Kayombo, that is wishful thinking, but your dreams will never come true! Even Sata goes, expect another BEMBA or NGONI Kwasila!

  16. PF & Sata truelly has no agenda for Zambia’s national development but Sata is on the revenging gear to all those who dicampained him during the general election before his retires.

  17. We are one people and the problem of your friend should be for you also. The way this govt talk and go about things is very annoying. Sata does not know how to solve problems especialy this type. Look at his appointments. he should have tried ti unite people but he is the worst triblist ever seen in the histroy of Zambia. He has a lot of lessons to learn from east, central even our brothers in zimbabwe. Sata must know that lusaka is not northern province but the capital of all zambians and what he has done so far is a wrong action according to him but a source of trouble for his bemba affiliators. Zambia is for zambians not a few who think they are the elite and their language is superior hence should be in all positions. Lets reflect on KK and the Musala rebelion reasons,trib intimidation

  18. @Kayombo Its
    Trash talk from hydrocephalus heads like yours that has fueled the trouble in western province. Lozis’, Zambia does not need you!. If you want to break away, you are welcome to do so. I am tired of talking about a handfull of poor people trying to mourn louder day in and day out. Get yourselves the independence you want and suffer quietly. As for us Zambians, we will watch your demise comfortably from the grandstand.

  19. Let those criminals be crushed not even to be remembered .Edwin ulichipuba with your brificase party. You want criminals to be spared on account of development ? You must be a moron. Those trying chaos in this country must crushed completely. Don’t give them space . To hell with their failure. Pf government must recruite youth and train them adaquately to deal with these corrupt people. The current civil servants are rotten. They still wish the could be their chief corrupt , Rb. Pounce on them heavly.

    • Sata is a populist, with no concise agenda but to please voters. I am sure he did not realise the seriousness of his promises. Let us please decentralise. After Barotseland it will be Southern Pronvince. We can not be ruled by kolwestan mediocrity.

  20. I think it’s time these selfish Lozis were let go. There is nothing worth holding on to in Western Province. But we have to understand that there are some ethnic groups that are not Lozi and would like to stay with the rest of the country. A referendum should be held on this matter and non-Lozis in the province should be asked whether they wish to be a part of the self Lozis or or not. The Zambia government should also make it clear that after the referendum all Lozis would be required to live Zambia and go back to Western Province/Barotseland. The Lozis issue is synonymous of Lozis biting a finger that feeds them. All the resources would have to be severed immediately. All Lozis will require passports to enter Zambia.

  21. Note that if Bembas tried to create a Nation on their own, it will come from two nations . That means Katanga province will be part of Zambia, and it is likely to be the largest among other min provinces. So dear brothers and beautiful Lozi sisters tekanyeni fye ala ifintu tafimbwa lubilo. Mind you that all sorts of problems you are creating people insighting you are better of than yourselves. think twice. The bird in your hand is worth twice the one in the bush. What will happen to these intertrible marriages we have created? Bushe Mwalishiba ati Ifikala tafyakwata tribe?

  22. ‘@kayombo/zambian being 1 person using 2 names;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;only in your tribalist tonga head badala while your whole village voted for HH the 82% zambians have rejected him 3 times ,,,give it up only tongas will vote for hh no other tribe do the maths. HE MCS should arrest this HH fool, HE HAS FAILED TO WIN THE PRESIDENCY HE WANTS TO GET PLOT 1 BY THREATS.ARREST HIM and take him to a jail in ndola where the boys can work on his he will change his name to mutinta hatonga

  23. Reality has dawned on the people that Cobra can’t deiceive the people forever. This is what happens when people gain into power thru deceit.

  24. BA SAKALA, at first one would rash into thinking that you are talking. My brother start juding PF govt after 2012. This is because their fist budget would have worked. Without that no one would know whether their promises are true or just another MMD govt but with a different suit. Be a bit more intelegent you guys. Sata must be careful in th way he handles ntional issues and not just the westrn province bread issue. This is because people are no longer patient. They have ben patient for a long time while the RBies are busy ra ping Zambia even uri neting on Zambia after ra ping it.


  26. I’m beginning to believe HH is slated for Plot 1. I mean, just look at all the bloggers campaigning for him. Always linking him to schemes he has nothing to do with. The amount of hatred directed at the man is testimony that perhaps he is standing on firm ground. I urge HH and Milupi to dialogue, and encourage North – Westerners to form their own party also, Then we can go for real regional block voting and sees how the other side will take it.

  27. Are these the same group of people who were arrested a year ago? I thought this issue was resolved. Maybe this should be tabled in parliament so that we hear what the Rotsi have to say — this might iron out the issue once and for all.
    For what its worth, it would benefit all of us to remain united. And perhaps the Rotsi should be more open to development in that part of the nation. We’re all Zambians.

    One Zambia, One Nation.

  28. The BA64 was an agreement between two governments: Northen Rhodesia’s prime minister Kaunda, now Zambia and the Litunga’s Kingdom of Barotseland, now so-called Western Province. The Zambian govt aboligated the BA64, at law, removing Barotseland from Northern Rhodesia – Western Province from Zambia. And to threaaten unarmed people with a joint force of the army and police, is calling for genocide. And Charles Taylor will have friend at the International Court of Justice in the names of Sata, Sakeni and Mwamba. I trust the international community is following the events and will not allow these three Bembas to kill innocent people of Barotseland on account of mistakes and omissions, created byanother Bemba dominated govt, UNIP’s Kaunda.

  29. His Excellence has faced the problem of balotse head on by setting the commission of inquirely and then the decission.My brothers (lozis) patience pays.The pf govt wants to decentralise the govt so that in western prov. u will have your own govt, but there must be structures in order to implement this,why can’t u wait a bit long insteady of u being misled by finished politicians like HH. I can assure u if u wait a bit longer u will benefit but if want to be like HH who always makes wrong decissions on important issues, u will lose everything.

  30. we don’t need the filthy hands of edwin sakala to protect the criminals. it seems u have formed a political party to protect corruption. but i can assure for one fact,u will naked because corruption will strip u naked for every one to see.The govt is trying to correct the wrongs and put a stop to this nosense called corruption and u are there vomiting rubish.

  31. President Sata promised to recognize the restoration of BRE, however his change of stance on this matter is quiet surprising. You can afford to cheat a fool and not wise people of Western province. The best the president should do in this case is to negotiate a better solution to the problem which is mainly due to underdevelopment, or otherwise this challenge will greatly affect his next PF campaigns. PF is too good a party to soon go into oblivion due to lies. we are not born lairs and so we shouldn’t be.

  32. Give the people of western province the right to secede.All past and present GRZ’s have only used our people as a vote hunting ground and all we get is a token of junior ministerial positions.This has to stop we need our land led by our own people who know us and our needs.Once we secede we will kick out all these useless amazambians who only know how to build 3rd world type places like kalingalinga or mandevu.Barotseland once its free will be ultra rich

    clean like Hong kong or Dubai and no zambian need come to our land.

    • dream on mate, we shall send you were your fore fathers came from ,only the lozi girls should be left behind, l already have kids with 2. l need more ngonis, bemba, luvales, lalas, tumbukas to breed with your sweet girls

  33. Heey guys let us just live as Zambians…there ia no way western province will secede from Zambia, may in your dreams. Just work hard all provinces suffer from the same underdevelopment , it is not only western province.

  34. The truth is there is no politician inciting the people in western province. All what they want is development to be taken there. Western and Luapula are the poorest provinces in Zambia. Govt should concentrete on developing these provinces. Agriculture will be the solution because it involves everyone. When they will have money in their pockets they will talk less. There is no need of name calling, tribalizing as others are doing, or thinking of fixing someone out this misfortune but taking development. Someone once said “If you do not have it your head then you cannot have it in your hands.” Are insults really what we have in our minds?

  35. With this Kind of trial and error leadership, HH will win the next elections . Sata is behaving like someone who has never been in government . Look at his 90days something something. It it’s all rubbish . I just feel pity for poor zambians

  36. Well said Philosopher, Kaunda had the go back to the land, system. Apart from Southern Province, the development in other part of the country has been due to the people coming from those areas who have invested in their home towns. You talk about Western Province, have you been to Northern Province and Luapula province?
    What have the Muskotwane’s have done apart from enriching themselves and buying bicycles to blind so that they can vote for them? What has Akashambatwa done? Apart from the Kuomboka ceremony, do Lozi’s love their home villages?

  37. I don’t understand why people are becoming agitated now! The report of the commission of inquiry has not yet be table and concluded. Let us hear the report and then the discussion can come from there. Westerners put your cards on the table and tell Zambia what is it that you want. Be reasonable. Tribal irrationalism will not take you anywhere?

  38. Good morning

    It is unclear who is behind all this confusion in Western Province but whoever it is, they certainly do not have the peace of the country at heart. Many of us are concerned by these tensions because we have seen how gruesome civil unrest can be in places like Rwanda and other parts of Africa.
    We must not allow a few selfish individuals claiming sovereignty over certain areas in our country to continue inciting violence as they spew their hateful messages of seperation. If it’s development they want, it will certainly not come to them by means of a brutal bloodpath.

    On this note Happy Christmas everyone and as John Lennon once said, the war is over and peace is yours (if you want it).

  39. The bembas say “chintonfwa aile na mafi ku buko” translated as “a suitor who did not listen to advise, presented himself in an awkward state before his in laws”. If this president thinks he is “high and mighty” he will come crushing down at an express pace. He is leading the nation called Zambia for heaven’s sake! The nation is larger than Micheal, some one please wisper that fact to him! He better come off that high horse and know reality.

  40. #32 Bo Doc,
    I join you in asking why someone would choose to use the name of a church on this blog. Has he a particular issue with the Seventh Day Adventist church? If so, what is it? In the recent past some bloggers including myself have appealed to this individual to stop it but it has fallen on deaf ears. How would he feel if he was a believer in some church and someone demeans it this way?
    Please my brother/sister reflect on this and change your blog name, You hurt many people.

  41. Fools die for want of wisdom. Government failed the people of western province. Obvioulsy not PF since they only got in power about 90 days ago. About restoring the agreement, there is a commission looking into it as we speak. The agreement does not say Barotseland will be a seperate state. HH the frustrated moron and his hate-filled minions are using anything they can to cause confusion and make Sata and his government look bad. The Lozi’s have a genuine complaint, but should be carefully who they go to bed with to achieve results. HH is a spoiler.

  42. HH has aleniated Southern Province and made Tongas look bad. Many Tongas are not stupid people, and are not in this tribalist nonsense. It is indeed very st.upid, very very stupi.d indeed, to blame Sata for problems that started way before he came to power, and for which he has not had enough time to address fully yet. So, you divisive hateful morons, as Tupac Shakur would say, die slow m.otherfukers! Hateful Hooligan aint never gonna rule this land, and y’all good people better jump off that sinking boat, otherwise you’re more foolish than I thought.

  43. Of course Sata should handle the issue of Western Province carefully. There are some little devils trying to set poliical traps for him there. These *****s have put more pressure on the one president who is doing something about it more than all previous ones who just suppressed it. How st.upid is that. Or foolish. Or petty. Or shallow. Or just pure maliciously evil. You will be consumed by your own hate.

  44. @ ATI……No 8

    If all provinces become a country on its own, it means that Sata can only be president for Muchinga province!!!!!!

    And it also means that there will be sanity in all the other countries/provinces except Muchinga country/province!!!

  45. No president even a Lozi’ one will ever entantain this barotse crap. For those who are ignorant of barotse agreement, the Bank pf Zambia in lusaka is in Barotse land.. In plan bemba, everything on the western side of our national railway is in barotse land, cairo road, half the copperbelt. . So which fool would agree to dividing our beloved Zambia in half. Not even Sata. HH is making noise bacuse he no ideal what the barotse agreement entails. The best GRZ can is share the agreement publicly and let vote for either dividing the country or trashing the barotse.. do the maths and the results are predicatable.

  46. We should stop crying, we deserve this lunatic in statehouse after all we put him there, despite Chanda Chimba’s comprehesive history review of the man!

  47. # Gundex You are right KK never promised on BRE, Chiluba never promised on BRE, Mwanawasa never promised on BRE and RB equally never promised on BRE. Be realistic Sata promised wesyern province people with a definitive date line ‘In 90 days Sata promised to restore BRE. People of western promise are simply reminding Sata his own words now as republican president. All those defending Sata are defending the undefensible, they never attered the promise neither did he consult them. It is Sata to do the expanation and failure to do so, will earn him as a lying president of Zambia to people of western province.

  48. we are not part of u?.you are not ,even by any chance use force on the bartotse.they are an internationally recognised territory.roll weapons on them,you wil;l be sorry becoz they will bring it to you bedroom and u will never be you think u created them 4 u kill them.what barotse means is that all ethnic groupings are recognissed as lozi speaking people.Lozi is simply a national language of the barotse state.there is no lozi trib in barotseland ,but lozi spaking people.

    • I SEE YOU ARE STILL BEHIND TIMES, EVERY INCH OF LAND BELONGS TO THE GRZ try anything funny, we are allowed by international law to shot to kill anyone bringing about civil disobedience, and trust me we shall finish you off ion less than an hour mate, we been training for this and waiting for the chance to unleash on you

  49. @Muna Dekhane, I think BRE stands for Barotse Royal Establishment. Sata promised the restoration of the Barotse Agreement of 1964 (usually shortened BA64 by fellow bloggers). I however agree with your train of thought.

  50. @PHILOSOPHER very true. The question to be posed is, are the people pushing for the Barotse semi autonomous region, being influenced by the stories of discoveries of diamonds and oil? If so this is my advice to you, wait until these findings are proven, otherwise you will end up only producing fish and cattle. This is not time to run but to stay together as a people. And insulting Sata, despite your hatred for him is utter stupidity. Judge the man after three to five years, not three months. Most people have stopped thinking on the Sata, issue, he is President for the next five years whether you like him or not.

  51. By the way are the views of the Mbundas and the Nkoyas going to be taken on board? And how about the Lozi claims to parts of Northwestern, Copperbelt and Central provinces, going to be dealt with? Somebody help me with some answers.

  52. if people are killed in barotse then there will be ned for mediator,commnwalth/united nations.that would quiekn the seperation and zambia an illgal state becoz zambia is a nam of the zambezi which is barotse.Do u know what munali is?.Take th barotse case to ICJ and you lose in first round.barots for a long time had all the tenants of the state;Flag,national anthem,cabinet,parliammnt.barotseland enjoys 32 tribes with divrse cltres and speak their different languagess with silozi as thir national the way u people who talk about war have never even heard the sound of a gun.oh oh oh,carefull!!!The barots xpirience war for 27 yrs off unita and carfful.its a matter of discussion.any military assuault on the armless barotse will simply call for UN to protect them.

  53. There is no other caution that the President needs to take in dealing with the Western Province issue other than the instruction he has already issued to his deployees there to handle the matter in a bloodless manner. The case of Western Province is no different from that of any other such as North-Western, Luapula, Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern provinces. Government has over the years been very inefficient in delivering developmental programmes to these provinces. We should stop treating Zambia as though it only comprises Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces. Even on national TV very little is reported about other provinces. All provinces need new roads, schools, clinics,hospitals, good housing, clean portable water, electricity, shopping malls, colleges, univeristies and banks!

  54. if u ar pompus and arrogant continue doing so,if u think u can kill pipo whil their brothers watch the way,barotseland is so vast that some areas are not even known to be part of zambia.some areas,do not even know yo presido.they dont even know anything about zed.all they know is the litunga and th kuta.can u imagine their ar such places.Areas with un poluted,un expoited nature and rich in wealth.the barotse living in those areas are not even bothered with yo so called mushili.rmber what happened to them when they were captured in angola.dont talk war,You do not know what they ar capable of doing.

  55. Some Lozis are like a spoiled child , they are selfish confused, canot compete, always want favours, always criying, i dont just know how they should be treated

  56. They boast they are educated but are failing to make a grade, in fact if they were then they have all the chances of leading the whole nation of zambia, but to my worry some of them just want to be confined to that small corner called western province, i like Milupi , why dont more arise with simillar wide minds , to stand up and be counted among the rest?

  57. Nshilimubemba# 62 just enjoy you Christmas you do not know what you are many favours have you given Lozis?have a life and learn to be silent mostly when you are this dull!

  58. Lozis are not asking for any favour,and if they are so stup1d as you bembas think why not let them go and suffer alone.let them in their sand alone ,have never heard of anyone refusing to let go what he does not value.

  59. A leader should never use his heart for thinking and talking.Once you use the heart it becomes difficult to defend what you said and senseless people will begin assuming and defending what you meant on your behalf.If Cycle Mata Chilufyanya had used the brain,the unattainable promises he made could not have been said,look now the cost attached to lies.A man of action has brought disgrace to this nation,am feeling ashamed.

  60. Lozis are not asking for development. they are asking for dignity and respect. they became part of zambi through an agreement that served as a marriage vow. since zambia has decided to cancel that marriage vow, why continue lusting after them? why not let them go. and when you talk about barotseland know that north west, southern, central, copperbelt and western all fall in the same nation. our advise is that zambia restores the barotse agreement and allows barotseland to exist legally with all its governance structures. then zambia will be trully one zambia one nation. what are you people afraid of> at the moment Barotses have alreadybeeen kicked out of zambia. they are with us by force and they are with by force. where is democrasy?

  61. Zambia is a Repulic hence GRZ, every inch of land is govt land, those that want to bring havoc deal with as terrorist please do not give them an inch not even the time of the day;;;;;;;;;;;;;They are new Mushala,s so let us treat them as such. Under5 or the 3 times presidential rejecty is lucky HE MCS has a heart, in malawi, TZ, Zim, Angola…anywhere in africa that experienced election loser would be in maximum jail being assulted in his pooo hole may the govt will get him when the time is right

  62. Its amazing to see how some comments are made on this blog.
    How many votes did western province give to MCS as compared to the rest of zambia for them to think that their vote was so special than others?
    Talking about development its not ONLY western province that lags behind; in October 2011 I took a tour of 4 dstrcts of northern provice and ended with luapula on my sport touring fj 1200 yamaha bike, what I saw just made me think our gvts dont do enough. but its too early to start pointing a finger at MCS. you have people at kawambwa tea going for 14 to 20 months without pay; the road are extremely bad you need a 4×4 pick up.
    So no province is special. Development should evenly be distributed in Zed.

  63. # 76 Tekki Kata. You miss the by alluding to number of votes western province people gave to Mr Sata as a prerequisite for their demand to honour his promise of restoration of BRE.
    Tekki its not you or the other person who promised to respond to this demand. Its Sata who promised and the demand is directed to him. His response will either satisfy people of western province or will be seen for ever as a LIAR. I pitty Sata for he speaks populist language and has on his hands many fights. 1- Restoration of BRE, 2- Chief Chitimukulu’s objection of Sata confirming Makasa of Mpika as senior chief and Tribal conflicts with chiefs in N/Western province. These are not a simple matters to think presidency is everthing.

  64. Sad that HE MCS has not dealt firmly with the people that shot and killed citizens in Western Province. The demands of the people in Western Province are like others’ political and not to do with lawlessness. What we need is a GRZ that will devolve power to all provinces, so that the matter of ruling each part of our country is no longer by remote, faceless people the way things have been since 19964. We must all have fully functioning provincial governments because we have seen what happens when the central government becomes corrupt, ineffective, inefficient, and full of thieves. Sata MUST punish the MMD for all their sins, and then move onto all provinces to be running their own affairs. We need a smarter constitution, we must become a nation that localizes crazy leaders like Chiluba 

  65. …continued: or RB, thieves to the core, to their provincial areas, because at the central government, theie effect will not be felt nationally.

  66. under the Baroseland agreement , Barotseland is not a province as many pipo think.It is Kaunda who did that without consulting the B R E.




  69. Fellow bloggers, the President is not infallible neither is he divine. So stop the nonsense of thinking everything he says or does is perfect. Equally he is not the devil so don’t call everything he says or does as being satanic.

  70. @Blackbull;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;you are one dreamer;;;;;;;;;;;;the head of the commonweath is the queen, who is sending her army 7929 miles to falkland islands;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;has refused to give back northern island, strips of gibs part of spain she will not let go, and for you to think she can give heed to an agreement between unip and the litunga dream on . THE G.R.Z owns every inch of Zambia , so any mushala wanna be,s are too be crahed this time shot to kill. Zambia like any country has the right to defend it land and people,stop your drinking in SA and get back to reality

  71. # mzambia mu zaminu#ditant drums#kaseba#michaelme??????,it took me less than 5 minutes to pin point where you are, could be very easy to pay a local £200 he will be glady to make you watch your family being raped then rape you and silence you for good if you catch my drift,, HANDS OFF MY COUNTRY

  72. #49 Nine chale “It is unclear who is behind all this confusion in Western Province but whoever it is, they certainly do not have the peace of the country at heart”, It may be unclear who is behind it, but it is very clear who is the cause.

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