Zambia,China sign three economic agreements


The Zambian government and the people’s republic of China have today signed three economic and technical cooperation exchange notes on the Levy Mwanawasa hospital, the anti Malaria centre and the dispatch of experts on the mini-hydro power plants.

Under the agreements, the people’s republic of China will supply extra medical equipment to Levy Mwanawasa hospital at an approximate cost of 7.9 billion kwacha as well as supplying equipment and consumables for the anti-malaria centre in Chainama at an approximate cost of 1.2 billion kwacha.

Also under the agreement, China will dispatch a team of experts to Zambia to undertake feasibility studies on the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Musonda Falls Hydro power plant in Luapula province as well as the Chishimba Falls hydro power plant in Northern Province.

Speaking after signing on behalf of the Zambian Government, finance and national planning minister Alexander Chikwanda says the disbursements will come in the form of grants as stipulated in the broader agreement of economic and technical cooperation between the two governments.

Dr. Chikwanda says signed agreements is clear evidence and testimony of how warm, cordial and fraternal bilateral relations and cooperation existing between the two countries.

And speaking after signing on behalf of the Chinese government, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao says the signing of the agreement is a contribution in the realization of the Patriotic Front government’s governance objectives.

Ambassador Zhou says China’s main interest is in people oriented developmental projects that provide better services for the general public.



  1. utumachoncholi, these chaps know which side of bread is buttered. mmm! how much have these chaps given our presido? awemwe! okay now, what about those mobile hospital shits we have in the country. can we as pf surrender them back to these guys since we are now in good terms cos that loan will affect our economic growth in the near future.

  2. Ba number 5 ba immature, do you think this presido would have kept quite if the mobile hospitals were a bad idea? Those things are serving a lot of people and those who were against them are now seing sense.

  3. People those mobile hospitals are white elephants. I was at MANSA GENERAL HOPSITAL in September and October and those so called mobile hospitals have never moved from where they have been packed. 

    You can asked any one in Mansa. The mobile hospitals would have been a great idea if the hospital was a truck and trailer so that the Hospital Unit (Trailer) could be pulled to wherever and if the horse needs service, the trailer can be left and used as the horse is being serviced,  But as it is now, if the horse needs service at some garage, the hospital unit will go with the horse since the are attached,  

  4. Iam smelling fish, all projects are in Bemba land it’s like Sata has just gone flat out to bembalize everything why can’t they develop a hydro power station along the Zambezi in north western this area is worse hit with power blackouts Zambezi mufumbwe and kabompo are in trouble kindly know how to distribute development projects

  5. This is just a follow up to Kashimba Chimbwili’s foreign policy…If you remember he urged them to marry bemba women, now government will send them to Chishimba and Musonda falls for them to sample bemba women.

  6. #7 Ma Rubbish! why U make everything tribal? “LT: Sata says GRZ will commence exploration works for oil in the western province. Sata has also observed the need for the rice growers in the province to be assisted with a market for their produce” should other province/tribes complain? U such an imbecile! Get ur facts Kabompo, Mufumbwe etc being connected to national electricity grid, Chinese contractor now bush clearing putting up poles, ZESCO failed so subcontracted & feasibility study has been done for construction of 5MegaWatt power station at Chikata Rapids on Kabompo River sourcing funding! Further, Chavuma, Mufumbwe, Kabompo, Manyinga, Solwezi & Lumwana Intergrated Development Plans (IDP) in progress only other town getting IDP-Chongwe..Bemba I know these facts. selfish tribal pig

  7. @The Pharmacist:
    Please get off this tribal nonsense, it is really nauseating! @10 steel, good answer. Everything and anything done by the govt in WP is not based on tribalism, but any developmental projects in other parts of Zambia are due to tribal biases? Is this how shallow our national debate has gotten really?!

    Let me also say this, do you realize everything you do on the Zambezi river (especially up-stream) has to be agreed upon by other countries who share the Zambezi? It is called International law! Also the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Musonda and Chishimba Falls hydro power plants means these infrastructure already exist but only needs to be upgraded and modernized, and all you see in this is tribalism, WOW!

    • Just shows who the tribalists are, doesn’t it? Bembas are not tribal, that’s why they dont shout “tribalism” when projects take place in Southerm Western and N Western provinces.

  8. @11 cont…

    By the way, the electricity which will be produced the two plants will be distributed all over Zambia just like the electricity being produced in SP is distributed everywhere in Zambia, so what is your problem bro?

    • LT does not select the flag for you BUT the location of your server or wireless server used by your carrier or broadband provider determines that!!

  9. They should not have liberty to abuse and defile our daughters in Luanshya or shoot the miners in Southern Province becuase they have given us grants. The over -sexed Luanshya chinamen must go to Mukobeko – no mercy.

  10. This is great. No that is following HE Levy Mwanawasa, go Mr President, you are really working for the betterment of the zambian citizens. The whole world cant do away with china, even america and britain needs china for them and their economies ro survive.

  11. You are again sgning another agreement when you SATA you are refusing to hounor thr barotse agreement are serious rearly. Bembas you are a butch of thieves\\\\\\\

  12. #10 and 12, good comments. In addition, the upgrade on Chishimba and Musonda Falls to be done in Luapula nd Northern provinces will benefit the entire country as these will feed the national grid. Common sense demands that you upgrade what already exists. Tribalism fiko, kabili bututu.

  13. #17 Piece Maker, why are you so much against Bembas? May be you need to change your name to “Peace Maker”. It may make you a happy man. Dont live in hatred my friend, it sends people to hell. Love people, dont hate them. If you died today, would you go to hell?

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