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Mampi is one of the most popular singers in Zambia . She is somewhat controversial but very very talented. She has a voice that stands out on any song.

Her debut album “Maloza” shot her to fame , songs like “Maloza” and “Portable” made her a house hold name.

Mampi recently released her latest album “Natural Born Star” . The album shows Mampi’s  growth as an artist

In an interview with the Weekend Post,she had this to say

Basically the album shows my skills and to show that the talent is in born and natural. A lot of people have been complaining about my silence that I have gone so quiet whereby am not doing much to contribute anything to the music industry but what they don’t know is that every time am quiet it means am occupied with shows such that I do not have time to be in the studio and record. I will be releasing a new video next month for the Walilowelelela song which is a club hit

Enjoy some of her music








    • For the first time a music from Zambia is being played in a Cameroonian nightclub; a country that boasts of great African musicians like manu Dibango, Richard Bona, etc and enjoys only the best. Great song. Cameroon loves it!

  1. she’s not bad..her image definitely has potential..perhaps she needs a new talent manager. I am still not completely sold on her voval ability. All the great pop artists try to show that they can make mainstream club hits as well as ballads and songs that really show their vocal ability. I would like to hear Mampi do a cover for a song like Adele’s “Someone like you” or something along those lines. Keep up the hard work.

    • Her vocal chords are perfectly alright.  You need to listen to more of her songs.  Did you watch her perform at Big Brother. She did Zambia Proud jealous down.

  2. I don’t like her. She is too vulgar and misrepresents the Zambian woman. She is from another planet. Some of her music is ok, her dancing is offensive. Parental Guidance is advised.

    • An artist should be a good dancer.  Mampi is very good on stage.  In fact that’s what makes her music sell and that’s what makes her pull huge crowds.  Most of her shows are successful.  You want her to be dancing like an old woman? 

  3. I love Mampi, always a pleasure to listen to her music.

    Nomba ba LT, the article doesn’t hold any water mwe, you couldn’t find anything new to tell us about her that we don’t know already….We have been watching these videos on You Tube for God knows how long…

  4. Mampi I like your dance move trade mark and lovely voice.  I have noticed of late that some female artists have started copying you voice.  Shame on them.  Let them be real copy cats. Keep it up Mampi baby.

  5. Music is usually generational. I am sure kids of her generation love her music, just like people who grew up listening to people like P.K. Chishala, Paul Ngozi, Mulemena Boys, Serenje Kalindula Band, and the like, are still stack in that era.

    I personal like some of Mampi’s music/songs, not all, but some. It is a different story with my three year old daughter though, she just loves this girls music. Especially the video “Why”, she can buggie very well to it too, LOL!

    Good luck young lady, may God guide you in your craft!!!!

  6. Hey, ladies and gentlemen, what is nice about mampi? Her legs or music? Can some one advise me on the value addition contained in the relics of her music. What does “walilowelela” mean?

  7. #11 YAMBAYAMBA – so true! My 3 year old daughter as well she’s never in negotiating mood over modern Zambian music – including MAMPI. When she is in the living room ‘d-jaying’ to her taste, keep off!! As for me, MAMPI’s music depends on the mood. It is NOT the kind of music I would listen to unless it’s a party and I’m with people who love it – there is nothing like watching happy people dance. On my own, I play a different kind of music. Besides I don’t even have time to actuall sit and just LISTEN to music! I used to have that time when I was younger. I’m just too busy listening to the world and making a futute for my family… Apparently, that’s what musicians like MAMPI are actually doing…!! BUT, please have fun for those of you with time…

  8. Zambia has shortage of mature things, including websites. We are here at LT because of ubuchushi/ poverty, its a misery to be Zambian : we now end up listening to teenagers pa weekend.
    Can’t wait to watch some soccer from the “abit” grown Chipolopolo.

  9. # 12. Amai bako baby bana chitacha kuti nkukaleso kuti unveke so? (what did you mother do for you to be like this, for u to taste like this?)

  10. She is talented I lyke her and in here in Kigali in all clubs and pubs they are playing walilowela, if she could come to perform in Rwanda

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