CRISIS releases new video for his song Hiroshima


CRISIS released the unofficial video for his single “Hiroshima” off his  album B.I.G (Business is Good).

CRISIS is starting the year on a good note , releasing new music and videos , next month he will be attending the Grammy awards.

The song features Bryo and D- Roots .





  1. Music is a good component of life, and helps people to come together and rejoice.But, there is need for musicians to to promote sound moral life, and try as much as possible to protect themselves against the use of harmful drugs and unprotected sex.We have lost many upcoming telents due to the above influences.

  2. @muyembe you are too old for this kind of music . dont hate just because you dont understand it . appreciate what the man is doing for zambian music 

  3. This some gangsta record definately a hit banger…ati in the vedios they gat automobile but they aint driving it lol sleek lyrics for sho!

  4. @kabika, either you are too old or just plain stupid. Haven’t u ever heard of metaphors? Just because the title is hiroshima, do you expect him to sing about atomic bombs?

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