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Lifwekelo warns of danger of lifting RB’s immunity


Edwin Lifwekelo (L)

Forum for Leadership Search Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo has warned that plans to lift former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity will have serious retributions on future Presidents too ghastly to contemplate.

Mr Lifwekelo tells QFM in a statement that it is becoming clear that in Zambia when one becomes a president, they should pray and fast that they do not become former Presidents.

He proposes the immediate removal of the presidential immunity from the republican constitution if people do not appreciate its relevancy.

He says this will subject anyone who breaks the law to be prosecuted as and when need arises instead of waiting to be striped of their immunity when their term expires.

Mr Lifwekelo adds that any move to remove former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity based on political machinations rather than irrefutable evidence will naturally be met with resistance and likely to undermine the fight against corruption.

He says past experience has shown that the passion to remove immunity of former presidents has been driven by vengeance rather than genuine political will.



  1. Good advice I guess but I do not trust these boys. These boys are paid puppets because of poverty and laziness this speech might be coming from RB.

  2. Bo lifwekelo you made you can not believe that these MMD where corrupt even when you experienced the most expensive campign, exhuming of billions of kwacha which could have managed to build a good number of police houses just there in western province. come mulozi wena talk about the bicycles the Mpundu trust and the 1.0 million USD imagin for kids who have not worked while our parents who are retired can not manage to get that lot and are currently sleep out side waiting for there little kwacha. i find you a big fool mwanadi to say what you have just said. Please let the man clear his name from court and if any President is found wanting the same should follow. and the immunity protection should mremain in the constitution.

  3. Edwin Lifwekelo what are you trying to say?Be straight forward with what you are sayin’.The suggestion that the immunity of a President be lifted immediately after they leave office is genuine though but your ” resistance” comments leave us with a lot to ponder about your opening of that mouth.Are you being used?Are you trying to justify hidden messages?If RB is innocent,he will remain innocent and no faults will find him.Let him clear his name.The Sooner the better

  4. Fighting corruption is always a good cause and should be given support, the only problem that Sata, unlike Levy is the Venom of revenge in the pretext of fighting corruption. Am worried PF is loosing there focus, by the time their term is over they will have wasted time fighting their perceived enemies. Am regretting that we allowed Cobra and his Venom in State house.    

  5. Number 1 and number 2, be real. Lifwekelo is paid mercenary for RB. He knows very well what else will come out once RB’s immunity is lifted. Lifwekelo should be the last person to comment on this issue. How does he explain someone getting paid a salary of K250M/ month at Zamtel. How does he explain the billions of kwacha used to purchase brand new landcruisers by Peter Daka. This only shows how much RB and his people stole from Zambia. If RB is deemed to be a thief, let the court have an opportunity to prove him to be guilty. Let the immunity be lifted. Mpezeni has agreed to the removal of RB’s immunity. I guess Lifwekelo and his clonies are involved and it is just a matter of time.

  6. Bafikala, removal of immunity does not in any sense mean prosecution. It just paves way for culprits to clear themselves. In zambia, no one is guilt until it’s proved so.

    Ka lufwekelo Chikala u want these leaders to continue stealing in the name of immunity. Waba ilyobe.

  7. why hung on to the immunity if he is innocent. lift the immunity immediately or else ,sata is the one whose immunity should be done away with.

  8. Ba Lifwekelo what kind of warning is this Ka ka dile kakwa Banda they is no danger of lifting Banda’s immunity its only you who is afred of that not as PF and Zambian at large you no that now its PF not ba kabolala ba MMD so just keep quite and keep your advice by your self coz we are going to tell you something which you wont be happy. No more funds for NGO’s so you are lost. You have just run bankrupt no more funds for MMD TV Show which Banda used to pay you to say bad words on Our Beloved president MC Sata mulachula ba monkey.

  9. I do not agree although I support the removal of immunity from a President that is suspected of breach of his authority and engaged in corruption. Even if there are calls to lift immunity it is Parliament that actually removes that immunity. So it is even not obvious that RB’s immunity will be removed because the MPs can decide to vote otherwise.
    So let us leave the clause intact because it is not true that the clause his becoming irrelevant. To the contrary, a former president without it is much more vulnerable to attacks and abuse than in the current scenario. So this is cannot be helpful at all. In fact, the calls to remove should act as a deterrent to us future presidents not to abuse our authority ke ke ke

  10. mwaona mweo bantu kuti ummunity na immune system ni nsomba na manzi…. Chiluba engoti immunity chose…basi na immune system yaluta…. nao akulu mhuno angatifwele… koma eiba ka!

  11. The solution is to reduce powers of presido and strenthen our govt institutions…rt now the president of Zambia has powers to do almost anything…

  12. Dont worry Mr Lifwekelo what we are going to do is, lift RBs immunity and remove the close from the constitution Chapwa. How about that? you should be happy Sata is in power because you are even being allowed to open your big mouth which produces nothing but rubbish. You, chifire and chanda chimba are a big liabilty to Zambians. You have been supporting a corrupt regime just because they where feeding you. Infact you should also be probed for corruption.

  13. Zambian lawyers have a mercenary attitude although [most] of them were educated on public funds. The so called lawyers decline to provide guidance to the country either through articles or seminars dealing on important national issues unless ofcourse they are hired at those ridiculous rates per hour! Immunity is a privilege awarded by the people to a president to enable him or her perform his or her official duties and functions efficiently without let or hindrance.Immunity is not designed to cover the malice or criminal disposition of the president. Me thinks that, if the president wanders from his functions and duties, he can be prosecuted without even lifting his immunity. Mr. Lifwekelo, please do not tell us that a president may feloniously and maliciously commit crimes and claim immun

  14. What we need in our constitution is provision of immunity for the president during the period when he is an incumbent president. Immediately he ceases to be president, immunity should also cease. If a former president is sued due to a decision he made whilst in power, a decision should be made by courts of law to determine whether the decision was in the interest of the people or in his own interest. That is why we have our learned friends. Actually the system of permanent immunity seems to have been created by westerners to protect their presidents once they leave office from being prosecuted by foreign countries or even theirs for murder, war, economic sabotage to enrich their nations in the name of advancing democracy etc. For African presidents, immunity helps them to go scot free on

  15. Zambia is the only country in the commonwealth which has lifted the immunity of its former president(FTJ). Wether that is a plus or not…kaya!

  16. This utter rubbish from Lifwekelo. What is there too ‘ghastly to contemplate’? Lifting the immunity will give Mr Banda the opportunity to defend himself in a court of law, he is not above the law and he is suspected to have committed crimes. Presidents elsewhere around the world get impeached, immuninty lifted and tried in courts for their crimes and convicted if found guilty. What is so special about Mr Banda? Are you a former recipient of a brown envelope?

  17. Lifwekelo is an accessory to RBs crimes and this does not come as a surprise at all. He is just trying to save his own skin. Former presidents should not be elevated to the status of demi-gods who are above the law and if we stripped Chiluba of immunity, who the F**K is RB that we should not prosecute him. RB knows that he is guilty that is why he wept when he lost the election.

    The solution is simple – reduce or spread out the powers of the office of the president.

  18. Even Sata the few days he has been there, if we are to do faulty-finding, he shall also be found wanting to a certain degree. The president must heed the advise of Jacob Zuma. The fact that Rupiah relinquished his position without retaliation is good enough. It’s a bad precedence to set.

  19. Thanks Lifwekelo 4 yo stupid talking,just from your speech,it’s clear that u your minds are corrupted by Banda your stupid boss.Moreover,uli mbwa fwe.Are u happy to see zambians suffering like this?We mwana wakupula mubuchende weee.I think your mother slept with 6 men that day for yo pregnancy & she became confused to know a man responsible for her pregnancy,that’s why u have no father.I normal person can’t talk like that,you Dog.Banda is criminal,a thief & his family,let them face court law.Please,mwe mbula mano mwilalandako,lekeni PF abombele ababantu,twacula pafula kuli bapompwe babantu,kambi kena kalifwa pantu kalishibe ati kakanya.Mr president sir,no mercy for thieves coz it’s not your personal man but for all zambians.

  20. Iwe kakandile shut up. It should teach presidents a lesson not to steal. Mwandini baSata ikateni bapompwe mushibila nsala.

  21. Those who either stole with RB and or benefited from the proceeds of such thefts ll be know from their comments. And Lifwekelo’s comment is very much akin to such chaps and in any event we should not forget how loud mouthed he was in support of the former regime.
    The chap is now behaving like a tick still suck on a corpse..he may as well be buried along with the corpse,oh yah!

  22. he should have started with chiluba before talking about banda. why the jump? most likely banda put more money in his under pt to make use of popularity. 
    in the first place if RB is clean he should have requested for a trial to prove his innocence. But RB knows how corrupt he is and the whole system that he cannot easily let go of his immunity to face the law…. lufwekelo please do not worst our time

  23. Two thing here, yes let presidents preside on there potiflio as ordinary citizens and subjected to scrutiny like any other. Number two, Banda ia innocent and will remain innocent even after lifting his immunity, i don’t see anything pointing to retribution with so many allegations levelled against him.Let him clear and answer allaegations as they come.

  24. i have always said the same thing… the problem is not remove the immunity settling scores. this have the capacity to create monsters who will not be ready to face so called fight against corruption like the case in Zimbabwe. if sata doesn’t die he will not give up power for fear of the same.

  25. Iwe chi lifwekelo, shut your bick. do of you really have a family? Do you see how our people have been reduced to destitutes because of assholes stealing our money. Our people are dying iwe chi lifwekelo  because  of people like your friend you trying to protect. I detest every word that came out of your dirty bick. You are a FOOL!!!


  27. Lifwekelo wait till we told where Liato got his 2.1B.Siliya deposited billions in her sons account and not forgetting the expensive campaign.Definetly RB is at the center of these.You are shamelss vuvuzela and once declared an untrainable.

  28. Stoopid alarmist advice! Chiluba’s immunity was removed ghastly things are yet to happen to Z. Why will they happen now? Chiluba’s immunity was restored by a fellow thief who knew he needed something to shield his own corrruption. Immunity is designed not to protect thieving Presidents but to protect from unneccessary prosecution a President’s policy actions that inadvertently go against law

  29. LIFWEKELO!You seem not to understand that you and your former President RB are total failures on this earth.You supported him out rightly to win the 2011 elections,you flopped.Lifting of immunity does not mean your RB’s life is at risk but only to pave way to prove his innocence.
    We do not need your puppet advice but be advised to warn your RB.

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