Sata off to Ethiopia for AU Summit, Finance Minster to act as President

President Sata
President Sata

Republican President Michael Sata has left for Addis Ababa Ethiopia for the 18th African Union (AU) Assembly of Heads of State and Government Summit at which all African leaders except for Madagascar will participate in the proceedings of the highest continental organ.

This is the first high-level meeting the President will be undertaking since assuming office in September last year.

President Sata who is accompanied by first lady Dr. Christine was seen off at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport by Vice President Guy Scott, Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda and other senior government officials.

The AU summit started on Monday with the Permanent Representatives’ Committee (PRC) meeting, while the Executive Council (EC) summit opens today.

During the summit whose theme is “Boosting Intra Africa Trade”,the new US$150 million AU headquarters will be opened on Saturday and thereafter the ceremonial opening of the Heads of State and Government summit.

Finance Minister ALEXANDER CHIKWANDA will act as Republican President during the time the President will be away.



    • give a black man something to read and he/ she will find it a challenge chaps who asking who is acting why dont you read the whole story atase so G.K is not so dull after all

  1. He only attends meetings which are absolutely necessary. I remember some erstwhile Head of state who ended up attending even technical meetings out of the country. Out of courtesy, organisers had to make him chair the meetings, as haing a Head of State as participant is discomforting!!!!

    Bon Vo Yage!!!

  2. But yesterday Zambia wartchdog said the president will travel with a very big deligates, I am sure there are some that have gone with him but how bigest as purpotted by this whitch-hunt paper?

  3. In the last few weeks George Kunda had hinted on taking the matter of vice president Guy Scott to court to poovr his eligibility to be republican vice president. Many bloggers condemed GK led by president Sata alleging GK was the dullest lawyer in Africa. Indeed many joined the bandwagon of chorus in condeming GK. Some of us took a neutral position respecting the views of both Mr Sata and GK. However, we want Dr.Guy Scott to act in the position of president now that president Sata is out of the country. This will not only confirm democratic principles of governnance but put to rest apprehensions held by some that Dr Guy Scott is being discriminated or indeed does not qualify (view held by GK). Let PF govt tell the nation who is holding the reigns of power now that president MCS is out.

  4. Now for those who were barking senselessly, lets see if scott will act as president. you heavily criticized  gk and called him all sorts of names, now we want to know if it truely makes sense to have a veep who cannot act as president

  5. How come now there are issuez with who acts in the absence of the President? Yearz gone by we didn’t even know there waz somebody acting when KK, lateFTJ and LPM or even RB undertook foreign trips.

  6. LT you are responsible for the comments that are put on this blog. Can you please delete insults from *****s who have no capacity to articulate issues. Or better still introduce a system whereby comments have to be screened before they are published on the blog for all to read.

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  9. Travel well Mr President. You guys wait. Is this Mushota the one in London UK? Isnt he they one who wrote about the President death or what? he has been quite of the recent days why? They should follow that ***** in London who wrote about the death of the President. You bloggers have you seen our President flying now. You were exaggerating that he is not fit and now you will start complaining that he travels alot with huge delegation. ANTHU MULIBE ZA BWINO

  10. Do most of you even bother to read Chikwanda will act as President in Sata’s absence its there in black and white.

  11. They have played muzuku”dont kumweba”.Thats why mwanawasa resigned,he was vice president but SATA was vice president incognito

  12. No 19

    Show the level of education of the bloggers here most comment based on the picture. Very few comments come when the article has not pictures…

    Ichalo ubusuma twashila ba kapoli naba kolwe

  13. Should be embarassing for Guy scot being VP but cant act as president when teh President is out of teh country. GK was right on this matter.

  14. 1. This is ultra vires the constitution of Zambia whose order of priority is that Veep acts, and he is not able to act, then (and only then) a Minister may act. 2. Who is more senior between Veep and a Minister? 3. How does it feel if you are Dr Scott, it’s like being the deputy Managing Director but when the MD is out, the Company Accountant acts and the Deputy MD reports to his junior, the Accountant. 4. Maybe there is something wrong with Guy Scott, could GK be right after all? Ba AG, Please enlighten us, you are usually so quick to clarify other matters.

  15. GK was right on this one. However, the government did not want to look stupid and so attacked GK as a racist and called him all sorts of names. Now the government has realised their lapse on this one and ammended it. Fili eko tuleya. Amunipe bola basankwa, ndiyanda kuoma beam.

  16. If iws Guy i wd hv resigned on moral ground than face such humiliation.avutika chani mudala uyu kansi?Bratain hs ored noted dt he hs brokn recort!

  17. Biggest question should be, why are the AU headquarters in Ethiopia. A country that gets 97 percent of its bugget from donor aid?

  18. Gents the title says chikwanda is acting president. What is the issue here. Please read before you issue comments.Chikwanda is acting.

  19. Come round Zambians in the absence of any definitive explanation over inability for Dr Guy Scott to act as Republican president implies there exists a big issue. GK the most dull lawyer in Africa? Perhaps one of the most briliant lawyers in Africa. PF govt has to offers a credible answer to the nation. Dr Guy Scott is a national leader deserving respect and honour. We Zambians are not ready to begin to question if Dr Scott is being discriminated on the basis of his colour by his PF government.

  20. Dr OBATALA, you are the one missing the point here. There is a constitutional overflow concerning the appointment of a vice president who cannot act as president in the absence of the president yet he can represent him on international affairs.This is a serious constitutional overlap and it only takes common sense to know this. However, the dull and senseless pf kaponyas say scott is eligible to be veep. So the big question is, why have a veep who cannot act as president in the absence of the president? If he is eligible to be vice president under the constitution, why cant he discharge the duties of the president. Gk raise this issue and was called all sorts of names. thats why we have chikwanda acting president.

  21. In Zambia we shall argue over the most minute of issues. As long as guy Scott or Chikwanda are not stealing tax payers money it’s all good.

  22. My president is embarrassing us by not making Guy Scott to act as president in his absence. He is actually breaching the constitution.

  23. abo bakateka baya challenger njikata am yet to see hh ‘s dead body since he said sata will never be president over his stinking dead body mafi

  24. Please try to finish reading articles before submitting your comments. This particular article clearly state that………

    Finance Minister ALEXANDER CHIKWANDA will act as Republican President during the time the President will be away and not Scott. WHY HAVE HIM AS VP THEN?

    GK’s concerns are legitimate, problem is we bark without giving due thoughts to the issue at haand.

  25. Please ‘new readers’ of this article, note that the part of acting president was not there when the comments were made, this is an updated article. We are not dimwits!

  26. President Michael Sata—— Welcome to ETHIOPIA !

    Our sisters and brothers in Zambia — peace and love for you !

    Addis Ababa , ETHIOPIA

  27. Guys Sata is waiting for the new constitution to start making use of Guy Scot to act as president.And you know very well Guy Scot is not closer to the real power like Chikwanda.So somtimes Chikwanda has more power now than guy Scot.Sata is avoiding Scot because Scot will have access to state screats of the country.

  28. Nevers Mu mba is a lia r and a mon ey lau ndering ma chine

    Him and the de puty Mr Nz oya are ste aling tax pa yers money. They had fired Mr Tem bo beca use he knew about this sc am and was aga inst it. They also have a office slut , Caro lina Rod- riguez who is also abus ing the money. The Ottawa Zam bian mis sion are th ieves

  29. Kunda is still dullest lawyer,he was raising an issue which nwas no issue at all,Guy Scott has never been acting president,Kunda ‘s dull argument was that Scott or president violeted the constitution by making Scott to act in his absence when actually not,Sata was much aware of this lacuna in the law already before Kunda wanted to use his fake legal gymnastics

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