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Nevers Mumba warned and cautioned

General News Nevers Mumba warned and cautioned

Former Zambian High Commissioner to Canada Dr Nevers Mumba
Former Zambian High Commissioner to Canada Dr Nevers Mumba

A JOINT Government Investigative Team on Thursday warned and cautioned former diplomat and MMD aspiring presidential candidate Nevers Mumba for abuse of office and corruptly acquiring public property and revenue.

Mr Mumba arrived at the former task force offices for questioning accompanied by his lawyer Sakwiba Sikota of Central Chambers.

Joint government investigative wing spokesperson Munganga Chanda confirmed the development, saying Dr Mumba was warned and cautioned over seven counts.

“I would like to confirm that the joint Government investigative team has warned and cautioned Dr Nevers Mumba,” Ms Chanda said.

Dr Mumba could not comment on the matter after the interview with the investigative team and Mr Sikota refused to say anything about his client’s interview with the police.

“How did you know that we were here? The police called you. So you talk to your reliable sources who called you here because you did not just dream to come here,” Mr Sikota said.

Ms Chanda said Dr Mumba was warned and cautioned on one count of abuse of authority of office contrary to section 99 (i) of the penal code cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

She said Dr Mumba was also warned and cautioned over six counts of corrupt acquisition of public property and revenue contrary to section 33.

Ms Chanda said the cases are in connection with the funding which Dr Mumba solicited for from Barrick Gold, the owners of Lumwana mine in Solwezi, to fund the Zambia-Canada cultural exchange programme during the 2011 independence celebration in Canada.

Dr Mumba has sued the Daily Mail, over the same issues he is being questioned about by the task force.

She said Dr Mumba is again expected to appear before a team of investigators on Monday.

Dr Mumba is alleged to have solicited and received more than half a billion Kwacha (US$122,000) from the largest gold digger in the world, Barrick Gold, purporting to fund a Zambian cultural week as High Commissioner to Canada.

Documentation shows that Dr Mumba opened an account that could not be subjected to a government audit at Toronto’s Domion Bank.

The account was also not declared to the High Commission and the opening of the account was not sanctioned by the Zambian government.

Dr Mumba gave the restricted role of coordinating and raising payment vouchers subsequently signed by himself to one high commission staff member.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. This is a lie!Mumba did not solicit for that money.The zambian community in london did to help the embassy fsscilitate the event.Fishing for dry fish in a dry river.Anyway lets see what they are up to!

  2. Warn and Caution -is this a weekly event in Zambia?Leave the man alone,you don’t have anything on him. We really need an independent police force and judiciary. These are the effects of all the intellectuals leaving Zambia and going for greener pastures.We have left those guys who were coming last in class to run systems.

    • p.O #3 you are 100% lite they have too.its our tym to sort them out,and we cant fail enough is enough.we have suffered a lot.

  3. i trusted Dr Mumba, before he joined MMD. Now i cant trust him any longer, bcoz why as a christain he never condemnd the MMd propagada such as Chanda Chimba 11’s programs as a christian. He supported Chanda Chimba11’s programs and other programs that MMD brot to dimean other people(who were mainly opposition. Atleast for Mr Shikapwasha as appologised, thats how things should if u cal yosrlf a christian.Not jst thinking that u are the only ones who are second to God. i rest my case

  4. #2 I am with you. It has been warn and caution since October ! I wish they would keep quite and only tell the public once they have a case on someone. Faustin Kabwe and Xavier Chungu , Francis Kaunda are all not even in prison after being convicted by a court of law. So Pf shut up or bring the culprits to court noti just warn and caution pay fye nonsense !

  5. It Seem you guy # 2 & 5 you seem not understand what a warn and caution statement is all about. If you an arrest a warn and caution is suppose to be carried out and then they move in to arrest you if they find more evidence. Lets leave the law enforcement wings to do their job.

  6. Can we start moving on these cases because we might just need a special court for these hundred of cases coming up. Already we have numerous election petitions going on;how on earth will these old court rooms manage?

  7. who does not know the self proclaimed man of god.He has a very strong affinity for money which is now going to make him suffer the consequency.Presidency not for you, i think jail is a better place.

  8. I hope they really have something against him. I hate to see the government loose cases that are full of politics.

  9. There is something to this ‘corruptly solicited for funds’ deposited in a dubious account which could not be subjected to GRZ audit’. Let Mumba answer to these very serious allegations.

    • The accused need not answer any allegation put across him/her; our Constitution states that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Best option is to arrest him, take case to court and prove that he is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Don’t call upon a suspect/accused to say something; CALL UPON AN ACCUSER TO PROVE HIM/HER GUILTY!  You are welcome!!!

  10. INTERESTING?? If he deposited the money in undisclosed Account, then we have an issue with Ba Mumba. Seems like there was no one clean in MMD. What a Bunch of Corrupt Leaders. RB messed up the Party.

  11. Joining politics is not a sin n lets be careful how we open our mouth on God’s anointed servants!bible says,”touch them not” coz da consquences cn be grave!The God i know opened da earth n it swolod chudrn who laft at hs servant,i tnk elisha!woch out.m

  12. Lydia#14

    God’s annointed servants, my foot. So you implying if some alleged God annointed guy commits an offense state machinery and the public should igonre it??? I now understand why you buy them Hummers for birth days when the majority of you contniue walking, MEN OF GOD, EEH!!!
    Luckily, not all of us Zambians are that brainwashed by these smooth talkers, businessmen who only preach prosperity.
    If Dr,. Never Mumba acted as alleged, open an account for the mission without following procedures and raise that half a billion Kwacha, he violted Government procedures and it is called abuse of office, MAN OF GOD OR NOT, SISSY!!!

  13. Charging this man with a crime he NEVER committed is the undoing of the despotic regime of Sata. God will use anything to defend his people, PF cadres please listen, leave this man alone.

  14. #14 lydia,
    Be careful not to unduly bring God’s name in all this otherwise you are being blasphemous and that is sin. God never intends to anoint anyone as a shield to cover their thefts and corrupt practices but anoints them to lead examplary lives. Mind you, most of us are christians.

  15. Thats interesting to hear. We solicited funds and other support resouces for our independence celebrations among Zambians and UK national who once lived in Zambia. It was well attended and in our review meeting received kudos and are proud with that record. The Zambian embassy was aware of this event though couldn’t contribute to it. We have funds in the account for future events and other assistance we can render to Zambia. With the turn of events that private non profit initiatives require disclosure to govt, we look forward to their approach to all other ventures Zambians have done so far. Give Zambians something positive and not the usual beans.

  16. #14 Lydia it is true that somewhere in the bible it says ‘Touch not the anointed’ I think it was in relation to Moses? However lets not throw this phrase anyhow because some christians have become gullible and a mislead by false prophets who have a hold on them by propagating this touch not the anointed slogan.I’m not referring to Mumba bwt but the use of this term.Lets not paint the picture that Christians have no brains.God gave a remarkable tool called the brain and I think its sin not to use it every now and then

  17. No need to be afraid.If Nevers is innocent, all shall be well.But, if he is not, and there are other matters of conscience that you and I are not aware, and God knows them, then the same God will find a way of using human elements to bring the actual truth to light.Be patient, and let the current events( the law, investigations,etc) take their course.

  18. Please reign in on Sata while it’s morning otherwise it may be too late before we realise the damage. Anyone tell me the Police are indipendent. There was nothing in the Auditors report against Dr Mumba and now they fish a cultural event. We do that in London every year mostly independence day and various people and organisations do sponsor the events. Moneys deposited in a non embassy account as it is not a gorvernment issue. And why only one embassy and Dr Mumba out of all embassies. Sata is a commedy I tell you. Where is the Post to dig deep? Oh with PF.

  19. Looks like pf is out to get nevers.Couldnt find anything to pin him on in auditors report so they go for a cultural event.crazy!The zambian community raised that money to help the embassy organise the event.

    When investigators went to check the books they had problems because the organisation is not under zambian juridistiction.Nevers is the one that persuaded the zambian community to avail the books.

    when the books were availed the investigators found zero dollars had gone to nevers!

  20. It seems Sata and PF are afraid of Dr Mumba. Afraid of their own shadows. Thsi is just political harrassment.

  21. ati those that were is gruop 3 in primary school are the ones running the country,all of us that were in group one have left Zambia for greener pastures.

  22. iye ba ugly truth, how can you even be proud of having left zambia for greener pastures? you are an economic parasite my friend. your inferiority complex will take you nowhere. there are a lot of big brains in zambia who were in group 1 and are proud to stay here. iam one of them.

  23. Such account exist anywhere in communities living in foreign countries, many embassies have communities of their nations opening up accounts to keep money to meet their unexpected circumstances because their governments can not help because they are always broke. This was not wrong. Lets not politisize Dr Mumbas issue because the future generation will judge us wrongly and equate us to babarians.That money was not used on his personal needs, equire from Zambians living in Canada.

  24. No case against Nevers. This is sham and pf won’t win it. What a vindictive party we have in government. These guys will be hanged by the next government if they continue mistreating innocent peoples just because they opposed them when they were an opposition party or they are scared that if they are left with influence they will oppose and expose them. 100% salary increment, this and that which sounds good but are a poison which will leave Zambia very weak economically.

  25. Nevers Mu mba is a lia r and a mon ey lau ndering ma chine

    Him and the de puty Mr Nz oya are ste aling tax pa yers money. They had fired Mr Tem bo beca use he knew about this sc am and was aga inst it. They also have a office slut , Caro lina Rod- riguez who is also abus ing the money. The Ottawa Zam bian mis sion are th ieves


  27. 7. It is very obvious it is part of the law. Why not announce it when you make an Indictment? Look at the Liato case the prosecutors where not even ready !

  28. I sense some political move here. Nothing in the auditors report and now they are fishing for a cultural event.  Since when was raising funds for a community become a criminal offence? If the Community solicits the help from Mandela to raise funds for a conference, would you charge him with theft and acquisition of public property? This is not a bribe or corrupt practice. It’s pure political harassment. It’s not even public money, it was money raised from a private corporation. Why not let the company that donated the money charge him? They received a report and did their own audit and found money was appropriately used. 

    Again PF and SATA taking us back to dark ages of killing opposition. What a shame!

  29. I don’t think Nevers is corrupt and abused his authority as they trying to tell us. Well, you will also find innocent people in prison. However, if you are a child of God, there is always a time for your enemies to pay back. Let’s hope Sata is fighting his corruption fight in good faith. Time will tell.

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