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20 Zambians denied entry into SA


ABOUT 20 Zambians aboard a CR Carriers bus were on Friday denied entry into South Africa by that country’s immigration authorities on grounds that they had fake yellow fever vaccination certificates.

CR Carriers director in South Africa Mafire Cisoko said only 10 out of 30 passengers were allowed to enter that country after their yellow fever vaccination certificates were subjected to rigorous scrutiny by immigration officers at Beit Bridge.

This is according to a statement issued yesterday by first secretary for press at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria, Patson Chilemba.

Mr Cisoko said South African immigration authorities intensified searches after being tipped by an unnamed source that the certificates which Zambians had were fake because they were not obtained from government authorised health institutions.

He said the officers believed authentic certificates were dark-yellow, while the fake ones were light-yellow.

The bus on which Zambians were travelling was nearly sent back, but was later allowed entry after operators intervened, but with few passengers who got clearance at the border.
The stranded passengers were scheduled to return home after CR Carriers made fresh arrangements for another bus.

And Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Muyeba Chikonde has cautioned Zambians wishing to travel to that country to ensure they get their yellow fever vaccinations to avoid being sent back at the border.

Mr Chikonde said it is a requirement for Zambians intending to travel to South Africa to ensure they carry authentic yellow fever certificates from government health institutions.
He said the South African government through its Department of Health reviewed its yellow fever vaccination policy which became effective in October last year.

All travellers from Zambia and other yellow fever risk countries will now be required to show proof of yellow fever vaccination, unless in possession of valid waiver certificates.
South Africa requires a valid yellow fever certificate from all persons above one year, travelling from a yellow fever risk country.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Ungreatfull people, did they ask for certficates when we smugled guns to fight apartheid for them,now they want everything verified, out diplomatic friends should take them to task.

    • It is the same with mine, it is light yellow and got from Finland, I wonder those chaps may do. It is better to avoid Johannesburg (Jo’burg) when traveling to Zambia. They are unfriendly and unhelpful, they have really forgotten so easily! 

    • You didn’t understand well. Please you three must reread the article. Or relay on my simple explanation ‘…” The immigration officers in every country they have the right colour of vaccination certificates same like passport colours,type and formats on it. You don’t have to use monkey trick to enter any country. If you have the right colour for that respective country why panic??

    • I did a llttie experiment on link baiting for the two and what better way to get other bloggers regular readers to actively participate is by having a contest and giving away prizes. So the quest for more visitors started with the free tickets to the 2nd World Pyro Olympics.

  2. @1 Gromyko ____________Come on the law has to be followed, we should let bygones be that. Forget what you did last century man. Why should zambians carry fake documents, this should not be encouraged unless you want us to turn into Nigeria where such bribes and stuff like that are a career

  3. Much as I support the refusal move, SA are basing there argument on an archaic law, Zambia no longer fall within the yellow fever prone regions. Let me ask u people have u ever heard of anyone suffering from yellow fever. SA must appreciate our sacrifice for their independence KK used a lot of our copper cash that would have been spent on infrastructure . Any way who would want to be jubed with a live yellow fever vaccine every time they go to Southafrica especially business’s people . Me what I do I just Go to DHMT and get that Kama book without vaccine because its all rubish

    • your last sentence explains why they have taken such a decision. cheating in zed is everywhere even with important issues concerning health. Zambia is neighbours with a lot yellow fever prone countries as seen from the map but since we are a country of jokers, who are corrupt at every level am sure a lot of people cross borders into zambia with fake certificates like you have mentioned. so why should we put SAs at risk? they have done well i commend them. If i may ask, has our ministry of health put up measures to ensure people coming from tanzania, congo and angola have valid yellow fever certificates

  4. I keep asking myself why I still bother with SA! I have live there for 7yrs now! But will go get vaccinated 2moro let’s see what next! I feel SA is hostile to Zambian than we are to them! Yet u see mozambicans and Zimbabweans without any documentation flooding the streets! How are they getting in?

  5. Am not surprised with wat these south african immigration officers are doing with what happened in cape town with congolese people and the one where a zimbabwean was assaulted at the home affairs. South africans are so ungrateful after what we did for them during the struggle against appartied. Its time we return the favor aswell in zambia.

  6. South africans are just harsh to Zambians! U can imagine you have cops stopping you at every corner checking for your passport, and if u forgot it home, u r in trouble!!! But wen south africans visit our country, they are so free and even enjoy the freedom of movement! South Africans have something against Zambians!!

  7. The Minstry of Health and Imigration in Zambia MUST as a matter of urgency begin demanding for HIV vaccination and HIV Test certificates from all South Africans as they come from a heavily infested HIV/AIDS country.

  8. This is exactly why Zambia should revise its migration laws to treat foreigners the way they treat us. We are complaining of being mistreated at the same time we have these so called expatriates, Chinese even ****inng under age girls. It is time to wake up and send these foreigners we do not need back were they belong. Even refugees have rights in this countyr.

  9. Thats what MMD has done to us; we are so used to getting things without actually qualifying to get them. I have seen people who came from Zambia with “international driver’s license” issued in Zambia but they have never set foot in the car. And when an instructor was given then; he got shocked that a person who had never driven before could have an international license. the result? Insurance premiums are so very high if your license is SADC-Zambia. Guys if you are going to SA, get a yellow fever jab; simple. complain if you got a genuine certificate, if not, learn o appreciate laws, in your own country and in other countries.

  10. #3 GUNDIX-Zambia itself is not at risk but the country surrounding Zambia that is Congo DR so it is assumed by W.H.O that the neighbouring places to Congo would have LOW risk of yellow fever.
    The best thing the Zambian government can also do is introduce the same for people travelling from South Africa.

  11. Its unfair for South Africa to have such inhuman attitude towards Zambians.They should have found a better way of dealing with Zambians. I got my yellow book many years ago and its light yellow and my vaccination is still valid,what do they mean by saying the colour was not the right one?Is it the colour of the certificate that matters or the validity of the vaccination

  12. Since when did Zambia moved from a no risk area to a risk area. Such demands just sour relations between countries. Lets also demand HIV tests from these highly HIV infested countries including Botswana ; sorry Botswana is a quiet country. I just hope that this is not a politically motivated move knowing Africans and politics! I end here!

  13. South Africa is by far more developed and sophisticated than scrawny Zambia. They didn’t get where they are through disastrous political decisions and completely inept governments systems what we are now seeing to be the rule in this new Zambia. If you can’t meet their rules, stop travelling there. When they asked for help with their freedom struggle, they didn’t ask it at any cost. Put your house in order. This is reminiscent of Michael Sata when he was turned at the border for carrying huge amounts of cash like a kaponya. You Zambians never learn… Don’t assume everybody will tolerate your low standards. Now you have even street vendors ku.n.y.e.l.a muvikopo vya chibuku in Cairo road for luck of toilets!!! Which other country do you hear that happening? Zambia has gone to the dogs!

    • Hey man have you just emerged from your cave??? Have you ever been to RSA??? Go & see THE FATTEST CATS who emerged from the bush & became the RICHEST over night!!!

  14. Zambia is not among the countries that require a yellow fever booklet to enter that country. Even South Africans themselves know that. Unless they have just changed the rules themselves over night. Just do your research guys and you will feel Zambians are just being persecuted for nothing. I have a South African document that does not have Zambia on the list. I end here!

  15. I am told that those fake certificates are even sold at Inter city bus terminus by the kaponya`s.I can`t blame south Africa for the move.

  16. Zambia can’t retaliate by imposing stiff tariffs on SA food so that Shoprite is forced to buy Zambian food. We can buy other goods fom somewhere else. We’re just enriching the ungrateful south Africans. 

  17. #19 RUDEMONK – you must be having an old document. The yellow fever rule was widely announced everywhere long-time ago. Even if you are transiting via SA to another country YOU MUST have the yellow fever certificate otherwise you will be sent back on the plane. The people on the bus know about the rule that is why they carried certificates except, because of our pathetic standards, people thought they could get away by buying the crtificate at inter-city. It is embarrassing and it doesn’t do anybody a favour by blaming South Africans who are clever enough to watch the health of their citizens…

  18. Someone ought to email those ignorant pigs is South africa the above map which CLEARLY shows that Zambia is a non risk country.

    • You are the ignorant one!!!! Zambia is neighbours with 3 risk prone countries. since we are a bunch of people who cant think ahead, our borders are porous and no tangible effort has been made by govt to enforce such a law on our neighbours, SA sees us as a risk. u get it????

  19. FYI the Fake vaccine certificates are issued right at intercity bus station,Ba matero balinama branch anso mu chaya fodgery..manje izaba nyokola njala bakaba gwila

  20. Ma Zambia ke ma diseased Maqwereqwere. Mwa kula ma Zambia. South Africa teach these cheating Zambians good manners. They are a rotten bunch from the guy in State House down to his supporters defaecating in Cairo Road. The South African immigration officers must have gone thru an ordeal at the borders post. The smell coming out of the bus full of Zambians must have been overpowering……when you consider Zambians’ lack of toilet manners! Matuvi mu ma roads and matuvi mu ma bus!

  21. Someone shut this b.i.t.c.h. 26 Ireen up before I catch a case for breaking my foot in her a$$! Elo walitumpa we mbwa we! What an arrogant bunch you are! Never set foot on our soil,we lihule wee!!! You and your pipo have a chip on your shoulders. Ok fine stop people with fake yellow fever certs from crossing but do not insult me and countrymen you trifling hore!!!! 

  22. What is so difficult in doing the right thing. Get a jab and you are free to travel. Have you asked yourself why the Zambian govt. is still vaccinating people? You are just corrupt why buy a vaccination certificate in the first place. Please we do not have even the right to complain here, SA never asked us to be involved in there struggle and if we joined the struggle so that we could have a free ride in there country it was a complete blunder. One more thing, not every Zambian was returned or detained. It is only the criminals who got into trouble with the law. Wake up and get a life that giving us your Shit of complaints which do not hold water. I hope you do not expect them to allow what we have done to Lusaka.

  23. Nonsense, since when would Zambians causes a Risk. South Africans are not grateful, with immediate effect, Zambians should also demand for certified Certificates for HIV tests for all South Africans visiting Zambia. Very FO.OLISH.

  24. yes ZUMA teach them a lesson. This Muchings Escarpment grafe seven mentality should not spill to SA . Wake up you monkey scavengers from muchinga. SHITI

  25. #18 Gokigo Milazhe & #26 Ireen,
    I am shocked by your comments about ‘defecating mu vikopo vya chibuku and in Cairo Rd’. Has Lusaka deteriorated to such extremes? No wonder then the South Africans are imposing such stringent measures on Zambians, can they be blamed for that? Some bloggers are talking of revenge by demanding HIV certificates from S.Africans entering Zambia. Let’s be careful and avoid any conflict with SA because it will be Zambians to suffer particularly those in that country, they wil be treated harshly and kicked out mercilessly. S. Africans can be very violent.

    • who aint violent? Ba mafi balitumpafye! We should actually cease trading with these fools. They confiscated my lotion ati can’t let u have them in hand luggage. Expensive shit i tell ya it always ends in their bedrooms

  26. Zambia is where is it because we blame everyone else for our misery & failures. Other countries have rules & don’t live by Zambian dogma. Zambia is not the envy of these countries. We have peace but lack practicability & thats why we have cholera & all other diseases. We have president making stupid comments against neighbors like Tsvingarai when the man might end up being president of Zimbabwe. This is a hypocrite that complained about Mutharika having deported him. The people of Zimbabwe have chosen  him and not Sata fellow despot Mugabe. He apologized to Angola in what was embarrassing diplomatically for Dos Santos as Angola was never in state of war with Zambia. There’s a world outside Zambia thats governed by law and order & not blind patriotism & drug trafficking by our pipo.

  27. Can we have a sensible debate here and leave out insults. SA authorities are wrong. Zambia is not in the Yellow fever belt. However, districts bordering DRC may be at risk. They tried to enforce this against Nigeria and there was a huge backlash as Nigeria started asking for the card from S Africans.

  28. People for get about SouthAfrica, come May, 15 KLM will be travelling from Amsterdam to Lusaka, without asking about yellow fever, they will be ones losing out. And not only that, they steal our things, what good is it doing to us Zambians, Nothing.

  29. Misapplication of the law by SA. Like Sata trying to enter Malawi.. The map above did not support the statement tabled inhere. The two agree to disagree = Map vs Article.

  30. Forget about the past what we did for them still ringing in their mind and they do appreciate every day I believe. Here it is life matters get a vaccine for yellow fever that vaccine is valid for 5 years or more. 

  31. The map (above) does not show that YF is prevalent in Zambia but the recent WHO review shows that parts of Western or North Western Provinces near Angola could be at risk to YF hence the decision by RSA to review their policy towards Zambia too. Its a pity but what can you do when trying to enter a foreign country, just follow their requirement. Obtaining fake YF books from Inter City should be discouraged. I already got my shot here and its valid for 10 years!

  32. Greatly done South Africa for stoping those stupid corrupt Zambians, the lesson is learnt.
    Zambians should respect the law and rules of others, thats why as a country, zambia is fully infested with corruption. Please let those deemed review where they got the fake papers ba mambala.
    Its a good move, arrest those liars please, corruption in zambia has become a very deadly disease.
    Well done South Africa and if more zambians come with fake paper, please arrest these foolish dwellers, they are a menace to society.
    Bu kawalala pa zambia.

  33. SA doesnt need zambia.most zambians are thought to be criminals and not honest people every where out to believe it.

  34. SA did not ask anyone to help them ,acually you didnt help them.those people should have been put in prison,they are crocked and not honest.most of them just come here to with them the xenohobic way.

  35. SA does not need anything from the poor zambia.we can chase all your poor students from here.zambia is a dirty country cholera every where

  36. Last year when I was travelling from Bots to DRC, I was accompanied by a colleague who did not have a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate. Guess where they got it when we made a stop over in Lusaka? Yes you are right, at Intercity Bus Terminal for I think 50 pin or so. Mwebena Zambia mwalishupa.

  37. The problem with this yellow fever issue is that there is too much confusion at the entry points into RSA. Some border points do not ask for it at all, while others say it does not include zambia.

  38. South Africans are fools, imagine they fumigate the plane every time its leaving KK International airport but they do not when its leaving OR Tambo airport. For me I find this very ridiculous.
    Shame on them

  39. South Africans have seared brains, segregation robbed them of their souls. #26 Ireen, the day they necklace you with a tyre, don’t twitch a muscle. Sing their national anthem instead as you slowly char. Anyway, what are the rules? Follow the rules.

  40. #49 It is Zambia’s stupidit that SA is behaving that way. What a country of lunatics. Street vending all over. Do you blame SA for demanding yellow fever? Let us clean up our back yard and we will be respected. We have sticking buses and we are defending our nation instead of demanding that our president should resind his decision to let street vending. for yellow fever, I will not need one because I will be using KLM or UAA.

  41. Why is everyone complaining its just a shot.. For your own protection. And yes Zambians do get fake yellow fever books at the border. I know this for a fact because I was offered one several times while traveling to SA. My family has lived in SA for 10 years and we are always welcomed well in SA. Just get the correct documents and you will be fine. Btw all this talk about what “we” did for SA during apartheid unless you can specifically say you were there fighting…you shouldn’t even mention it!!!! 

  42. These chaps have the inferiority complex. Zambia never had apartheid and we are very free. Zambian just like South African have been in the same boat for a long time. Ungratiful people! Let them go hung!

  43. Ladies and gentlemen, stop the whinge and just get immunised. Comply with the law of the land you wish to visit. If you must know you will not be allowed entry into Sudan without a Yellow Fever vaccination even if you you are from Europe, UK, Australia etc. where the disease is non-existent. That’s because the disease exists in Sudan, so it is for your own protection. You are advised to take a polio vaccine to travel to Congo too because the disease still exists there.

    And always remember to refresh your vaccines as they expire.

    The South Africans are right to insist on applying their laws and we should learn from this rather than vilify them..


  45. guyz stop the condemnation you have heard/read clearly that the south african authorities were tipped probably by your loud mouth fellow zedians!

  46. Anyway Sata was right when he said if talking was an industry Zambia would have been a developed country a long time ago. Some of the arguments against South Africa’s action do not make sense. Why should a sensible person buy a yellow fever certificate? These certificates are sold openly by kaponyas at Intercity bus stop and the police and health officers turn a blind eye. What a country! And you want the South African authoritie to do the same, no, no, no. Those dirty practices should not be exported to South Africa. It is there country and they hold the right of admission. Zambian authorities can do the same if they want. Finish and cla!!!

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