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Zone Fam Wins Global Music Awards Best African Group of 2011


Zone fam won an award for Best African Group at the Global Music Awards . The other nominees in their category were ;

1- Blacberry crase – Britella
2- Fly But ghetto – Chizika
3- Highcuts – A2 Empire
4- Like you – Afro Geng


The 1st Global African music awards unveiled its winners list , the nominees were from all over Africa . The big star of the night went to Nigerian artist, Ng(Don Zubi Entertainment). He picked up GOLD for Best African Male Artist, Best Collaboration with Kelly Handsome and tied for Song of The Year with Dare David. He also walked away with a Silver award in the Best R&B artist.

The rest of the wins was very well spread out and the closest other big winner of the night went to Young Stunna who took Gold for Best Hip-hop solo act, a Silver in Best African Male Artist and a Bornze in Song the Year for his collaboration with James Baum on the song, Top Priority.



  1. Congratulations to Zone Fam! Well deserved…Phenomenal group taking not just Hip Hop but Zambian Music to the World-Market… @Kelvin they are Zambian.

  2. I have never listened to their music or just dont know them. Can some one tell us a few numbers these guys have done? Well done and keep it up.

  3. thius article is so vague. one who mhas never heard about Zone fam can not assume they are zambians. and the rest of the artists who won stuff there, we do not know where they are coming from……….

  4. Congrats Zone Fam you have done us very proud. I bet C.R.I.$.I.$ ba mudala claiming ali na swagg is busy being jealous. hahahaha

  5. @COMMENT 13 – C.R.I.$.I.$ is actually busy preparing for the Grammy’s where he is the only Zambian and first Zambian musician to be invited there. So, I don’t believe he’s being jealous. You wouldn’t mention him if he was a nobody and we all know that. I think he’s doing a great job and Zone Fam are doing the same. Real Talk

  6. @?Cherry kanka says:

    ?Tue Jan 31 at 7:01 am

    Ka JK where are you?. Zone fam is real talent!!!! Congrats guys.) Just congratulate the guys en don’t talk about JK… En what do u mean by real talent?? U don’t even know what u saying…. Jk has been one of the driving forces in zed..

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