Bank of Zambia refutes media report of existance of “Fake” K 3.1 trillion

Bank of Zambia
Bank of Zambia

Bank of Zambia has refuted media claims that there is fake money in circulation and advised anybody with this knowledge to make it available to them. In a statement made available to the media, Bank of Zambia further said that as of January 31st 2012, the total amount of Kwacha in circulation was K 3, 029.1 Billion.

Recently Commerce Minister Bob Sichinga has maintained that the MMD government printed illegal notes prior to the elections. Mr. Sichinga further claimed that commercial banks have since withdrawn some of the notes from circulation.

Below is the full statement from Bank of Zambia.

Media Statement from bank of Zambia


  1. Going forward, expect to see such kind of statements: “so and so has refuted what the minister said”, etc. A lot of hogwash is being said by PF ministers because they don’t have any idea on what they are supposed to be doing in govt. 

  2. I,personally,very disappointed with Sichinga.This is the man who claims to be Harvard educated but issues alarming statements bordered on unfounded allegation.I thought he was sober when he was in UPND under Mazoka but hey,I was wrong.

  3. Confusion. No cordination. This one says this and the other one says something different. Finshi nomba twalasendapo

  4. Bob should be made to count for his reckless and cantakerous behaviour. Just what do these honourable men and women take the citizenry for?

  5. The story itself did not make sense. If a vehicle containing 3 trillion kwacha was intercepted at Nakonde, then surely that money would not be in circulation?

  6. These are the dangers of trying to grow a family forest. Asebele mwaleta manyadzi pakhomo pano. This issue was dead and buried koma inu mudalimbikila kuutsa nkhani yomwe idagona kale.

  7. We told you that Kaponyas were in charge and you ridiculed us called us unprincipled, threw all manner of adjectives at us and labeled us MMD cadres driven by politics of the belly. Who is the joke on now?

     This is a Government of Kaponyas by Kaponyas for Kaponyas. We shall just sit on the sidelines and watch this Muppet show for the next 5 years. I believe there is more to come just stock up on popcons and enjoy

    • Just happy you nerds are on the sidelines and watching. Lekeni abanenu nabo bebeko Booty! It`s not as if you mugs would have been any better bakabolala imwe!

    • Keep Quiet and wait for the contents of the truck that was impounded at Nakonde Border. Mafumo yenu, the law is catching up with you!

  8. This smacks of being bereft of ideas to get to grips with development issues. Now govt’s own functionaries are being forced to forcefully denied statements by other arms of the govt.

  9. Yes! teach people to hold back on their speculation and rumors. based on currency in circulation as of January 31st it would have meant every other note we used or encountered was fake! and we claim to be educated. simple logic dictates otherwise

  10. Howcome there’s no name on the head of public relations officer for the bank. I wonder why Bob Sichinga would make such a statement if there was no evidence. Is a matter that the circulation of fake currency is in rural areas away from the premise of the bank of Zambia?

    • Amayama he has failed to produce such evidence. don’t believe nonsense. if it were true the economy would have been collapsing by now. be logical

    • If the money was mainly distributed in rural areas, then it would have been even easier to detect as the use of cash in rural areas is far more limited than in the urban areas. You can conduct your daily business in rural areas without using cash. And which rural areas are you talking about? Sichinga claimed that a vehicle containing the cash has been intercepted, why have we not seen any photographs of the vehicle in question and the money it allegedly contained? Blind loyalty will not take this country anywhere.

  11. Ba Bob where did you get all that information from? You see.. Bank of Zambia has refuted the claims. So what’s your new story?

    • I concur. This is a serious case of poor judgement. You cannot have ministers making such alarmist claims. Even in a country devoid of leadership like Zambia this is just way beyond the pale.

  12. This letter should be sent to Bob…kaili he has evidence or hes just hlusinating with power… Ba Bob apologise to the Presido, HEMCS said ministers should follow procedure and Bob cares less i guse hes saying kiss my A^%### procedure not with Bob!

  13. Yet more evidence of the confusion at the heart of this pf regime. Chanda Chimbi warned us but awe people wanted to believe in the 90 days rubbish. This coupled with the illegal renationalisation of privatised companies, non-co-ordination of utterances by ministers, redrawing and re-aligning of districts and provinces, Sata’s ill health will not engender investor confidence in the country. You can shout until you are hoarse from a mountain about Zambian workers’ rights but that is immaterial if you do not create an investor friendly environment as Zambian workers will simply have no jobs. If this was not about people’s livelihoods and futures it would actually be a very funny comedy.

  14. ….maybe ba Sichinga should consider focussing on creating a transformed Zambia, creating jobs for the youth and the money-in-pockets story. He can leave the banter to Fred Mmembe.

  15. Simple, call the minister to furnish you with info, why write to all of us yet you know the origin of the story…..????

  16. Chalampasses have taken over the leadership of our great country and are working so tirelessly to mislead our peoples destiny. these guys are a bunch of crooks who v got no vision for this country, hence those unsubstanciated claims. Sichinga is a disgrace for real!!!

  17. Who can save Zambia from lies, day in day out we are fed with lies. Bob shut your stinking mouth, you are better of when you’re quite than when you open it. How can a govt run on lies,Sata’s verbal diarrhoea is affecting everybody in his administration.Please check your mouth b4 you open it.

  18. Sichinga has s.h.i.t in his a-hole. But that is the case for every PF leader. This group of illiterate bums need to be gotten rid off before they destroy the country. You can’t have a govt that is in power behaving like they are in opposition — they are completely clueless regarding what they should do in power. This i.d.i.o.t Sichinga needs to be dealth with one way or the other. H has nothing sensible to say or do about the economy and PF policy (which doesn’t exist), so they keep creating anxiety in the country by making a-hole pronouncements…

  19. Zambians have a major problem; this is that medically a person can have a liver, kidney or heart transplant but never a BRAIN TRANSPLANT. This is so because the brain is more complex. As seen in the last four months our country is experiencing psychotic episodes at the heart of government, and the sad thing is that we as a people can’t conduct a brain transplant to correct this problem. So let us wait until 2016 or a worst case scenario a bye election but please next time  vote wisely.

  20. Each Minister is trying to please the Boss. Sad story. Ministers should focus on bringing development in the country. Perhaps their roles need new to be redefined. Always trying to please the boss does not work.

  21. It is very embarrassing and un ethical for such a false and alarming statement to be coming from a minister a nominated MP for that matter. This man Sichinga has dropped himself and we dont expect the asebele president to keep him in govt.

    Nomba elo Pf yapwilila fye5 months sure?

  22. This is really worrying and honestly getting on my nerves, what kind of leadership is being exibited here…why should Bob talk about Fake money and then BOZ contaradicts, is this an issue of terminologies or what…is Bob trying to tell us there was more money printed unnecessarily i.e not for Good intention, i believe this should not constitute fake money, coz the money being printed out in such manner will be Legal Tender and not fake, so PF GOV please clarify on whats going on on this money issue, PF gov is in charge of BOB sichinga,s ministry as well as BOZ so why these contradictions from within?????

  23. Going by,if any information passed on from our leader should be cleared by relevant athourity,then Bob should categorically know what he is talking about.If BOZ do not agree with Bob then we are dead and buried as consumers of these uncleared piece of information from Bob.Anyway it is not too long the TRUTH will be known to the general populous.

  24. I am not siding with anyone but just want to verify the validity of this Press Satetment. The satement is not on an official letterhead and there is no name of the hEAD of public relations. A press Conference would have been more appropriate on the part of BOZ. Kayaaaaa. We will wait and seeee

    • Can you give us an example of the BOZ official letter head? And there is only one head of public relations at BOZ. Why do we bury our heads so deep in sand so much that a poke on the back seems like a scratch? do you want a drill in-a$$ to recognize a drill??

  25. The PF Government should believe that they are now incharge and careless talk is not allowed by Ministers.That is why they are called honourable.You can not be called honourable with such careless statement.The President has now the opportunity to fire Sinchinga for incompetence.Suppose he said this statement in parliament and point of order was raised.He was going to repriminded by the speaker or even suspened for three months.Your Excelence Mr President fire this minister.

  26. Bob Sichinga,

    It is increasingly becoming apparent that Bob is more of an orator than a practical person. Give us policy pronouncements from your Minsitry, what are you doign to revive manufacturing and create jobs!!!!

  27. How embarassing to the “economic consultant” we told you that there is no such a thing,but being retards that you are,you insisted.Now look how you get canned publicly

  28. Bob Sichinga has turned out to be a disgrace.Among the Ministers,I for one had a lot of confidence in him.Why does Bob Sichinga not produce the fake notes which must be in his village since he says MMD distributed these fake notes in rural areas.Bob masquerades as economic consultant or is it Business consultant.With this level of telling the Nation falsehoods,are we Zambians ever going to trust or believe in anything our President and his Ministers pour from their reckless mouths?

  29. BoZ says there’s K3 trillion in circulation, Bob Sichinga says fake K3 trillion was printed in China and circulated in the country, it follows that all the money in circulation right now is fake. Even after Alex Chikwanda said in parliament (supported by BoZ) in December that there is no fake money in circulation, this imbecile called Bob Sichinga still insists that it is there without offering any evidence. I just can’t understand why BoZ or the police can’t go to Bob and ask him for the evidence so they can take appropriate action. Or maybe HEMS should just remove the ministry from him a-la Kambwili.

  30. I listened to your first lady the other day and was thinking about investing in your country. I have been reading your papers as part of my research and to tell you the truth I think your first lady is a liar! There is no way any investor such as myself would put their money in a country that is being ruled by ignoramuses like your govt. Why should I risk my money in your backward country only to be shouted at by that man with a hippo face called Kabwili or something. Now your govt is saying there is fake money but your bank is saying something different. We want to do business with Africa but it is countries like yours that put us off. I think I will take my money to Chile, they have copper (even more than you), a coastline and are serious people to do business with.

    • And since when did we appoint ka first lady to be our FDI ambassador. Let her do what she knows best and that is fight for medical professions rights.

    • You can take your money to Chile but check out this story before you do, ‘JOHANNESBURG ( After Anglo has done all the hard yards at its promising new Los Bronces project in Chile, Codelco is using a 33-year-old piece of paper to justify paying only $6.75-billion for 49% of Anglo American Sur SA – a multibillion-dollar discount.

      Goldman Sachs estimates the net asset value of Anglo’s interests in Chile at $18-billion to $19-billion, giving a 49% stake a value of $8-billion to $9-billion – considerably higher than the Codelco offer.
      Other analysts said the true value of Anglo’s assets in Chile could be significantly higher, given Los Bronces’ large planned growth’.

  31. The PF should stop hiding in MMD accusations. The PF is now in power and should stop behaving as if it is still in opposition. This is the time to produce results, and not finding excuses day and night. The people are expectant for a better life, Kaponyaz are still waiting for jobs etc…etc…

  32. MCS has to do a big clean up of his cabinet & bring in some level headed Zambians. We have a lot of capable people. Just spread the search widely. What we are seing is a result of focussing on a small sample space.

  33. #33 CHALO NI BANTU – Are you looking at the same document that everybody else is reading? Or maybe are you reading PF and Bob Sichinga’s version? Here we are discussing the Bank of Zambia version which is a scanned copy of the official press statement. If you are reading the PF version, please scan it too so that we see what you are seeing…

  34. We shall stock up on popcorns indeed. Dont blame the erosion of the economy on the 3 trillion. Pull up your socks baba.

  35. i am surprised that BOZ should clear a statement from the minister instead of the other way round. by the way where was the minister of finance when the commerce minister was issuing such serious starements without proof.

  36. Zambia doesn’t need any opposition party,the PF is its own opposition party.A house divided against itself can not stand.I’m off to buy popcorns .The circus is in town!

  37. #Gokigo Milazhe…. What convices you this is an Offiacial document and not a something created by anyone, signed and circulated. Why not printed on an official letterhead (With addresses) and the name of the Guy who signed it Indicated. I am just being sceptical

    • You are too quick. Look carefully. This is on a headed paper and look at the botom you will see the address. I for one think a signature is more important than just putting up a name. So if you are not convinced contact BOZ to confirm if thats a signature for their PR.

  38. so bob is a lumpen kaponya. There is no such a thing as fake money apart from katondo street and bank of matero where bob ‘s economics apply. these are a shameful set of b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s who will take us nowhere. if your wife always claims there is dirty in your house then she is not cultured if a govt claims there is fake money in a country they run there is trouble and ignorance

  39. and to think I danced naked in the street for this? I now know why RB was weeping – it was not for himself but he was crying for our beloved country.

  40. It seems ministers did not heed the president’s call to stoping issuing statement that hinge on GRZ policy, without getting full cabinet clearance. Eg the Kabwili 100 percent increment, it’s clear the 100% was discussed but never concluded. Instead kabmwili leaked out what was still in talks and presented it as GRZ policy.
    For Sichinga’s latest boob, well it pretty shocked many considering that when Chikwanda made his parliamentary statement, we thought the issue was buried. Now rob is trying to breath new air into dry bones.

  41. I hear the kwacha is in free fall ……. I hear Lusaka stinks …..wapya munzi, PF you thought running a government was like running PF from shikulu’s yard. Politics of excitement Ba PF bola pansi. Where’s the national Air carrier? Wheres the windfall tax? Where’s the Agri-strategic people were promised? 

    Awe please , just sub-contract MMD to run the government at least they spoke with one voice and accord. You will not pay them just promise to drop all the accusations .. hahahahahhaa

  42. I guess bob is himself an investigetor,or may be he got the leak from wikileaks.mwasebana ba bob.kanshi fyonse mulanda musabailafye.TWASULA

  43. They wanted to rule so much that God decided to give them a chance just to prove to themselves that they’re not leadership material. Out out…you’re wasting our time. Everyday there’s drama. Surely we’re headed for disaster by the time this year ends.

  44. Not only would the irresponsible PF government utterances turnish the cordial relation between MMD as a party and China,but most importantly between Zambia as a country and China.Can these so called ministers enrol for some diplomacy study programme before they plung this already impoverished country into problems.Or atleast even some night school would help

  45. Yes please pf just sub-contract mmd to run the govt because it is clearly evident that you cant. RB we miss you and your bumper harvest, your investor confidence, your strategic thinking, your lack of tribalism, your level headedness, truly MMD we miss you!

  46. Bob is just fit to be a “ka boyi!!” Nothing else!! Send him to where he belongs – He has lived in “Rumourville” for too long – as such he is not fit to be a minister!!!

  47. RB knew these chaps more than we did, that why analila mudala…he knew what we were in for as we danced and got drunk that day…nalapila kwena ni mbuzi izi. Where was Bob when his boss soka’d everyone about these careless statements? I know he was on let the people talk kissing a%% with Frank! He should have got a brief from Kambwili on what the latest instructions from MCS are (until tomorrow maybe!)

  48. Dismiss the boy. The trouble with Zambians is that we like to beat about the bush. The culprit is Bob Sichinga. Fire him! we are waiting. No fools in government.

  49. # 6 Now now now, if we currently have K 3, 029.1 Billion in circulation but supposedly K 3.1 trillion of it is fake, the mathematics just does not work. Though the simple implication is that all the money in circulation is fake, which is not possible. The PF has literally failed to deliver on any of the election promises they made and now seem to have resorted to serious alarmist statments that do not only undermine the economy but also the security of the country. This chaps are a circus, a stinking of for that matter. I though wonder what Sichinga will say in court, under oath! Mucaha umwa luyaba lwa mawaya ni myutwa!

  50. What you people do not know about this so called “Economic Consultant” is that he only has an ACCA qualification.

    Kaunda fired him
    Chiluba fired him
    Mwanawasa did even see it fit to hire him

    • LOL!! Very true! These fake economists that we have in Zed! Does he even know how much impact R3bn would have if it was circulated.

  51. Well thankfully for all progressives, we will not need to lift a finger or say much as the latest ‘self destruct’ button was pressed by BOBO and kambwili ‘the toad’. Its almost too much effort to even point out the obvious ineptitude of this bunch of jokers who are actually proving to be a threat to national security. The economy is a major part of our security as a nation and to have such sensationalists in charge of it is truly unfortunate. I have accepted that MCS needs all the help he can get now because he clearly doesnt even have an incompetent team, he has morons. What a tragedy!

  52. uncle Bob mwa sebana with your papers from attending govt sponsored workshops then you claim to be an economist.foolish man resign and commit suicide we shall give you a rope ala.bloody alarmist with no shame please fire this man actually remove him from politics completely.

  53. 69 this man does not even have ACCA he has certificates from night school in one of those funny lodges in zambia

  54. PF syndome: whitsle blowing. What a govt-always whitsle blowing. What has happened to PFs zero option: that media story on wikipedia?

  55. Sitting by the terraces is now like sitting on a red hot metal sheet supposedly eating popcorn. For Gods sake where are we going with this Govt?. I shudder!!!!

  56. Nevers Mu mba is a lia r and a mon ey lau ndering ma chine

    Him and the de puty Mr Nz oya are ste aling tax pa yers money. They had fired Mr Tem bo beca use he knew about this sc am and was aga inst it. They also have a office slut , Caro lina Rod- riguez who is also abus ing the money. The Ottawa Zam bian mis sion are th ieves

  57. #69 The Engineer (Australia), I like your well researched contributions. Bob only has ACCA plus some attendance certificates. He just happened to be one of the first few Zambian`s to qualify then with the likes of Emmanuel Hachipuka (FCCA), George Sokota (ACA), Bob Sichinga (FCCA). I think he boasts of being a fellow. They were given so much attention as the `creams` then with qualifications that were perceived very difficult to get and almost all accountants were expertriates. We now have boys in their 20s with 1st degrees in Finance from CBU or wherever, CIMA +ACCA and MBAs. Not Mushota uwabufi

  58. In this age of internet services that has reduced the world to a single global village ordinary men and women are alert to the fact careless statements that touch on the monetary issues can easily destroy the economy of the nation. As intellectuals, we must be level-headed to give credit to Mr. Magande who proposed that only the Bank of Zambia can provide a credible statement on the alleged K3.1 Trillion printed in China for the MMD Govt. Magande chose to be subtle and diplomatic. In countries where democracy and moral integrity is respected, the system expects a Govt Minister who makes such serious blunders to RESIGN. In this regard Bob Sichinga must RESIGN for misleading President Sata and the nation on the existence of fake colossal sums of Kwacha in circulation.

  59. # 3 Sharp Shooter,

    Bob Sichinga just went for a short professional certificate program at Harvard. He is not a Graduate of that school as he tends to flaunt around. Its like calling Zimbabwe’s MDC President Changelai as Graduate of Harvard following his 2 weeks leadership course at Harvard. Bob only has an ACC credentials and nothing else.

  60. There are two things that can be said about Sichinga here.

    The first is that he is getting mentally retarded. The second is that he is trying to find a reason to drop off PF because he has seen that the PF government is not going anywhere and thus does not want to be part and parcel of the mess.


    Minister of Finance Hon Alexander Chikwanda dishonor lunatic Bob Sichinga’s mouth diarrhea saying there is and has been no fake money in the Zambian economy.

    NOW the lunatic Sichinga justify ill intents against the country.Let him bear the fruits of lies and Sata relieve him now more especially after betraying Zambians on windfall tax, we will see what lies he will have to seek sympathy on. His only option is to concentrate on his Mormon ministry.

  62. The secret service need to correlate a lot on Bob Sichinga and see his clandestine activities since he established contacts with some 2 or so chaps in the UK fooling him he could be connected to some foreign agency to usurp power from Sata.

    I’m glad Hon Chikwanda Minister of Finance has dishonored Sichinga as a lunatic with ill intents against the country.Let him bear the fruits of lies and reckless mouth diarrhea.

  63. Sichinga is trying to create economic sabotage on the Sata regime. He knows that his behavior is tantamount to acts of economic sabotage so he has ranted to create economic panic, financial flight, in-confidence and investment freeze.

  64. LEGAL ANALYSIS: If indeed the fake kwacha was printed, BOZ says it doesn’t know about it. BOZ is only talking about the kwachas they have released so far.THEN which persons know about it? Bob says its MMD and China. If these two are innocent then we’re talking DEFAMATION!! If on the hand the info uttered by Bob is true then we’re talking ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, a crime of some sort at local and international level: This is very serious!

  65. Zambia, the land of motor mouths! You will ruin your country in trying to sound intelligent! And what is this habit of always relying on septuagenarians and above to be in charge of such important matters!!???? So you chaps born in the 60s and 70s will only become leaders when you are nonagenarian or what??

  66. I blame all this confusion in the PF government to the Tonga people. They have stood in the way of governance and making it difficult for the government to realise its dream. I do not blame uncle Bob; it is the Tonga people confusing government.

  67. Ma bloggers there is no name on the letter what does it mean? Why is the author of the letter hiding his/her name except the signature. In my view the letter is not valid. BOZ in future will refuse this letter and say it was FAKE letter. We demand to know the author of the letter, is it true it is from the BOZ.

  68. First, BoZ is an autonomous body and some of you wondering why it issued a statement should know the fact. Second, Alexandar Chikwanda has just refuted the story of fake K3 trillion in circulation. He asked journalists at State House today to show him any fake note.

  69. I hope these fooools do not fire the BOZ public relations manager for not backing their lie.

    Sichinga should be prompted to apologise for causing unnecessary panick.

  70. Sata should distance himself from people like Sichinga, otherwise they will bring him down. looking at his history, Sichinga has never succeeded in anything. Politically he has failed in all his constituancies in the Northern province and in kafue. On the educational level I just wondered how a harvard graduate could be supporting communism in this day and age like did on the radio program last week.
    Please Sata this guy is not a good economic adviser, just fire him

  71. Let the PF government just make piece with the Tonga people. These are innocent technocrats who talk less and do more. God will certainly chastise us for humiliating people of his own heart. What will happen is that God will allow the ‘kingdom’ to collapse from within. No weapon sharped against God’s people will ever prosper. This is the reason we are seeing all such things and they are bound to continue until we know the power of reconciliation, love and unity.
    Can you imagine one Minister (Chikwanda) openly disputing a statement made by his colleague in cabinet! How many times has such happened in past four months?

  72. A government of knuckleheads and pinheads. Only hell knows how this country ended up with a president Sata. I hope this capricious and tragicomic government will only last five years, otherwise this country is reverting to medieval ages. The damage being done to this country by Sata will take decades to correct.

  73. The pathetic buffoons are it.Zambia is governed by buffoons anyway that what you get when you have a family forest in government.isms and can fool some people some time not all the people all the time.Those that voted for you have seen the light.God works in his own ways at time he gives you the worst leader so that you can wake up from your slumber and so that you can make a wise choice in future.

  74. I don’t know who to believe. I have just been to BOZ website>Publications>Press Releases there is no statement to this effect unless their site is not just update.

  75. For those who are saying bank of zambia statement is false the whole story was on main news again! are all these people telling lies?

  76. Looking at all the above comments it is clear that we need a caretaker government while we send the present one to night school at Harvard for 90 days. RB, be on standby please!

  77. Some senior man mentioned a few weeks ago that Zambia would be a very prosperous nation if the way we talk were put to deed. He must have had Bob and himself in his mind. 

  78. The tragic part about this is that Sichinga (the COMMERCE MINISTER for God’s sake!) apparently has no idea what K3.1 trillion really is or that this amount is greater than all the Kwacha currently in circulation. Depending what this goof-ball has in mind, either every Kwacha out there (and then some) is fake or some 6.1 trillion total Kwacha are currently in circulation (i.e. 100% more than BOZ is aware of meaning half of all bank notes in your and my pockets are fake!). Does this “Harvard educated” consultant think the effects of having SO MUCH extra money floating around would be a mere depreciation from K4700 to the K5200 while at the same time CSO has reported stable and even declining inflation? Clearly, the man knows NOTHING about commerce and should be fired…..immediately!

  79. You guys BOZ is saying currently money in circulation is 3.029 trillion just 0.091 trillion less than Bob Sichingas 3.1 trillion. hhhhhhhhhm i smell a rotten rat here.

  80. I am just so happy that the MMD have taken Bob to court. This is the only way to settle this matter – I hope the MMD won’t withdraw the case – and am fully hoping that Bob has evidence because if he doesn’t it will be prudent for him to resign from his ministerial post. A warning to Bob is that, he may produce a fake K50 pin note – but that will not be sufficient evidence to prove his point because at any given time in a country’s currency management there fake monies circulating….God help Bob, he should come out a winner on this one…!!

  81. Bob has just fitted in very well with the likes of KAMBWILI it’s strange to see how people could easily be ‘Professionally Adjusted’.

  82. So there is no fake money. Someone needs to advise the president please. With each day that passes he seems more and more uninformed.

    Please get busy and do the job you have been elected to do. If we wanted to hear about finger-pointing, we’d watch a chick flick.

    Get busy.

  83. One wonders who is in control of this boat? How can each minister be commenting on things out side there job discription or ToR? Sata stop appointing your relatives to positions they have no capacity or track record of good management skills in public life. the problem for those with a record they belong to the achieves. Now even the one who are educated in your team are behaving in a manner which is questionable. I feel sorry for you sir, I for one wants to see development, pick another team please.

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