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Poor working culture should be blamed on the MMD – FFTUZ


File:Zambia Revenue Authority workers on go slow.

The Federation for Free Trade Unions (FFTUZ) says the poor working culture being experienced in the country should be blamed on the MMD government.

FFTUZ National Executive Director Lyson Mando has accused the MMD government of being biased towards investors at the expense of Zambian workers.

Mr. Mando says the manipulation of the industrial and labour relations Act by the MMD regime was a deliberate move to weaken the trade unions, leaving them voiceless.

In an interview with QFM, Mr. Mando says most Zambian employees are now de-motivated because of poor conditions of services they are subjected to.

He has since observed the need for employers to realize that they can only maximize their profits if they properly look after their workers, who he says most of whom are just working for the sake of working.



  1. OK enough of MMD, now get down to work and stop being corrupt.

    I honestly think for us to change, we need to give every Zambian a brain transplant. Promoted to Manager ninshi namu office baleka ukwingilamo.

  2. Zambians are generally a very lazy bunch! We have a very poor attitude towards work, and think that we are doing our employers a favour everytime we show up at the office. This has nothing to do with any government, past or present. The present government needs to step up their game and quit trying to blame any perceived wrongs on the past government. Time to work!!!

    • That’s true. I have never really understood why ifwe amaZambians do not put in much effort when in Zambia but work very hard when we are outside the country. Our attitude really has to change.

  3. By projection, you should blame it on UNIP. With the Humanism nonsense and squashing initiative and innovation, UNIP government set the stage for a lethargic workforce that could only be good at finding ways to swindle the workplace in place of genuine work. It is too simplistic to wish away 27 years of inculcation and replace it with 20 years of loophole-manipulations!!!!!!!!!!! Grandfather this blame please!

  4. “FFTUZ National Executive Director Lyson Mando has accused the MMD government of being biased towards investors at the expense of Zambian workers”. Well Mr Mando, we the real workers have news for you. The present government has shown that they are also biased towards investors by their recent statement which among other things states that employers should not award salary increments beyond inflation which officially stands at 6.4%. If you have nothing to say please why not just keep your traps shut? Or let Joyce Nonde-Simukoko speak, she speaks more sense than the whole lot of you guys combined.

  5. The laziness is not only in offices. Its a huge family problem too. We have boys and girls, young men and young women who do not want to do anything except eat, sleep and listen to Zambian music. Yet they tend to have a very high sense of entitlement to things they are not even entitled to: fyaba yama!! Or fyaba brother; stupid *****s.

  6. Mr. Mando, MMD went last year. Do not blame your inefficiencies on them. MMD is forming government again in 2016 and I bet in 2017 you will blame the PF. Just put your act together and deliver. Get to work

  7. the working culture was improved by the MMD. UNIP was spoon feeding Zambians. Zambians are not the lazy Zambians of the 70s. We know that if you don’t work you wont eat. THANKS MMD FOR STOPPING THE COUPON BUSINESS.

  8. I think these wholesale comments are very misleading. The majority of Zambians toil day in day out and the few lazy ones should not tarnish the majority hard working Zambians. This kind of talk is typical of foreigners keen on ridiculing and exploiting Zambians for peanuts. Get off your high horses, who has been producing your bumper harvests, the tomato that goes to waste and the million tons of copper you are gorging on? The Chinese? No Zambian workers.


  10. Zambian are hardworker, i totally disagree with Chris who pointed out that mu Zambian is lezzy.too much demotivating factors than motivating factors from majority employers(investors).

  11. @SA you are very right. Zambians are very hard working despite recieving less help from Govt. look at the marketeers and bus drivers, starting work as early as 4 am and getting off after 9 pm. The problem with Zambia is the so called educated people, they have done a deservice to this country , they have failed to provide good leadership in this country be it in UNIP or MMD, and I am now seeing it in PF. Please advocate or provide better policies that will bring development and improve the standards of living of the poor workers. Why blame the foregn investors when also our educated Zambians are in the for-front exploiting our people?
    Zambia is poor because the educated in our society have failed to do their job.

  12. @Bemba man, agree with you mate. Some people on benefits in Europe calling hardworking Zambians lazy, hypocrisy and jokes at their most laughable, unfortunately this is not a laughing matter.

  13. Ni kweli wazambia wengi ni wadhaifu na hupenda kepewa vya bure.Mambo hayo ya PF kutangaza ati “more money in your pocket” ni dhihirisho kwamba wao pia wanaendeleza hii upumbavu na culture ya entitlements.

  14. we zambia are lazzy period. our work attitude is nothing to ride home about.we are a sorry lot who still think that someone else will bring the much talked about in and day out we somehow manage to find some one to blame for what is and what’s not….sure in this age and era we still think goverment has to do it all pathetic…coming back to our work attitude, how i wish time clock could be introduced so people can start to earn as they work..

  15. Most Zambians are hard working it’s us mostly the educated that are the problem.

    @ Kibinda Waba Kabwa and Kalok great words.

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