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Movie review : Oscar nominated movie -The Girl with the Dragon tattoo


A dark thriller about a  Journalist Mikael Blomkvist( Daniel Craig)  who is  aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) , a young computer hacker.

This is far more than another mystery. It’s a story of revenge, mental issues and ghastly secrets. Its “R” rating is justly deserved. Be forewarned that this material is not for the squeamish.


  • Rooney Mara played the role of the troubled Lisbeth Salander  perfectly.
  • The movie has a very gripping story.
  • Excellent acting by the whole cast.



  • Some of the scenes were very explicit.
  • As you watch the movie you will figure out who the “super villain” is before he is reveled .


Martin Vanger: It’s funny how the fear of offending is greater than the fear of pain. You knew something was wrong. You knew you would end up strung up in the basement. Yet you came back. And all I had to do was…offer you a drink.

Henrik Vanger: You will be investigating thieves, misers, bullies. The most detestable collection of people that you will ever meet… MY FAMILY.

Lisbeth Salander: May I kill him?


‘The Girl with the dragon tattoo’ has been nominated for 5 Academy Awards . Those nominations are well deserved . This movie will undoubtedly leave its mark on you. It is dark , graphic , but every thing in this movie has a purpose and you will get attached to the characters.



5 out of 5



  1. You’re quotes are a HUGE spoiler… Give away everything even before watching it. not cool for people who don’t know the story…

  2. @maxb that’s true. but it tells you who the villain is… which ime is a big part of the story (at least from the book, donno this movie version yet)

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