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The Police raid of Former Vice President George Kunda’s parents’ house described as cheap


Mr George Kunda with one hand clutched to a speech proposes a toast to vice president of India Hamid Ansari during a State banquet in Lusaka
File: Former Republican Vice President Mr George Kunda proposes a toast to vice president of India Hamid Ansari during a State banquet in Lusaka when MMD was in power

The move to search former Republican Vice President George Kunda’s parents in Serenje has been described as cheap and desperate acts by government. Red card for youth Job creation has described the move by Police as unprofessional.

Organization representative Sunday Chanda has also described the PF manner of governance as tantamount to dictatorial. He stated that the police will meet the soul force if they continue with the unprofessional tendencies.

Mr. Chanda maintained that the dictatorial type of governance the PF is allegedly exhibiting will bow down to the people’s will.

Yesterday Police are said to have raided Former Republican Vice president George Kunda’s parents farm as part of the on going investigation of plunder of national resources.

Police seized 46 bags of Mealie Meal, two sewing Machines, 10 cycle pumps.

Central Province Commissioner of Police Solomon Jere confirmed the operation.

[Muvi TV/ZNBC]


  1. i really dont like George Kunda but this is too much, because i see no reason why bags of mealie meal and cycle pumps are a plunder of national resources, its really cheap as you had put it

  2. I do not see anything dictatorial. Any Zambian cqn be searched. We are all obliged to comply and there is nothing to worry if we have not done anything wrong. number 1, muchinga sata, you are in the usa and i am sure police always stop you to ask for your residence and do you take that as dictatorial tendance of obama?

  3. Malama is the worste IG ever! Evil always fails and the PF is failing BIG time due to misplaced priorities and evil agendas. I really miss RB, the true father of the nation.

  4. Up till now, no concrete thread of plunder. Perhaps as PF its now time to focus on development. Please, we miss commissioning of new buildings and projects. Just continue from where RB left from. Whats happened to all those construction project??? STOP THE WITCH HUNT PLEASE. ITS NOW STINKING SO MUCH. WE CAN SMELL IT FROM 10 KILOMETERS AWAY.

  5. Bemba boy,Iam with you.With RB commissioning of projects was order of the day.If he is not commissioning,he is marketing Zambia and meeting business executive.With PF eish,but then I knew this will happen.Never believed any word they uttered.

  6. Even the world’s most reknown dictators, such as Hitler, Bokasa and Idi Amin never displayed this level of INSANITY that we see in Sata and his IG Malama at this age when the globe values human rights. Why harrass Kunda’s Mother in a quiet village? God will judge these legalised lunatic criminals harshly. Dr. Solomon Jere must be timely warned never to behave like his drukard-Chief Mpezeni. MAY GOD HEAR AND ACKNOWLEDGE OUR PRAYERS.

  7. surely George Kunda has been successful for years, can he not afford to feed his own family?
    cycle pumps, sewing machines, mealie meal, that is too far, so if he decides to replace that tomorrow will police come back to grab?????
    and these are people’s family’s being tortured now!!!

  8. The reality is that RB was, and is still, a Father of the Nation. RB and his family were personally showered with all sorts of insults from Sata, some Catholic Bishops and Priests (esp. Fr. Bwalya), including the boy Patrick Mwanawasa, but RB retained his cool by not responding aggressively to his critics. Instead both late President Mwanawasa and former President Rupiah Banda exhibited exceptional leadership qualities by sending Sata and his wife Dr. Kaseba to South Africa for medical care to save their lives. RB’s reign was characterised by decency when he restored dignity FTJ Chiluba. It is appalling to note that Zambians failed to recognise potential tyrrany in Sata who even refused to attend Chiluba burial – a trait that defeats our Zambian culture to honour the dead. God forbid!

    • That is even if i was suffering from amnesia i wud hav not given my vote to PF…its like getting married to a kaponya..But to some pipo thats the change they wanted.Am so highly irritated

  9. sunday chanda is Mutati’s bootlicker, he is an attention seeker,from the little he’s milked from mutati he has managed to start skul at university of Lusaka.

  10. When you are privileged to be in political office you must NEVER EVER think you will not return to normal, ordinary life. I think we need maturity in the way we take public office or else this chase after political criminal past will become an ingrained culture. Where are the NEW leaders please????

  11. Mphangwe you are a fool.RB’s rule was corrupt and it is people like you who benefited from his corrupt government.If people stole from Zambia the law must vist them.It does not matter how small the quantity or amount stolen.People in Chawama,Mtendere,Kalikiliki,Ngombe and all the shanty compounds have nothing to eat and RB and his children became millionairs(in US Dollars) overnight and you say there was nothing wrong with RB’s rule.Ask yourself why did the peole reject him?Dont be stupid!!

    • Matusi musa is a sign of being un educated and ignorant..this is a public media so my advice wud be mind the way you write yo comments..this is just a debate not a war zone please

  12. George Kunda wasted our national resources on a failed constitution.He must be punished for that.He is part of the thugs that robbed Zambia of its future.Its upsetting to know that there are still people in Zambia who think that corruption is the normal way to survive.No wonder our prisons are conjested.Learn from other countries who do not tolerate any form of corruption.What the PF is doing is very good for the country and those who dont are ignorant or are just bitter losers.Wait for your time to come if it will ever come!!

  13. Surely this is part of police work isnt it? Should Police not suspect that thesematerials were part of a bigger batch of campaign materials? We have never had such a plush campaign in this country before. Where did all those resources emanate from? Zambians let us be consistent. You have already forgotten, just barely 5 months down the line? Im disappointed with the lots of you.

    • In what are you a guru? In foolishness? Do you accept the police to harras an old lady of over 70 years, grab her two sewing machines, mealie meal and pumps leaving her in shock? You are really foolish. It’s now close to 5 months, where are the jobs, money in your pocket PF promised you? To hide their failure they now resort to criminal activities in order for foolish people like you to think they are laying the foundation for money in your pockets. Dochi kubeba means ‘lie to them’, to who ‘them’? YOU. Read today’s (14 Feb 2012) Post. Expect real change in 2016 when PF is out of office because over three quarters of PF leaders (President included) were and still are MMD.

  14. I have NO sympathy whatsoever forGeorge Kunda and his croonies…because it is this man who misled the late Mwanawasa to lead a witchhunt against a select group..for years we went jobless black listed and doomed..as he called us plunders and thieves…many died from hunger, marriages broke down….we were broken…for crmes we didnt commit….I hope he spends the next five years defending himself even to the point of proving that the shadow he creates when he stands is hs and not stolen…I hope you get imprisoned and u dont not per our consititution enjoy any immunity for criminal acts..

  15. so it clear nothing will change. and i think its about to get worse. and in all this IG is not to blame but the rule by which we are playing. if ever get to a fair zambia police, one that treats all men/women the same, it will be when we stop the republican presidents from promoting and firing of policemen/women. for as long as the president president is in charge of the police the same old rot will keep coming. am sure IG will on paper be as bad as all the previous IG.

  16. This is called “dictatorial” because they were used to living in a disorderly state, where the laws were compromised and ignored or negotiated through, with money.

    Now they are feeling the heat.

  17. Easterners at it again, statistics at KATETE st Francis hospital in eastern province of zambia have recorded an amazing male born babies with pre-named or Given names during 2012 AFCON CUP as follows
    1. Mweene Phiri2.Stopilla Mbewe3. Joseph Musonda  Lungu4.Himoonde Nyirenda5. Sunzu Soko (S S)6. Kalaba Ndlovu7. Chamanga Nyirenda8. Isaac Chansa  Tembo9. Mbesuma Nyirongo10. Mayuka Mkandawire11. Katongo Tembo
    Last but not the listHerve Renard Daka

  18. The police always work like that.If they visist u they will always collect any Item they percieve to have some connection with the crime irrespective of the value.The items are not meant for sale but evidence in the courts of law. The same small items will lead to some bigger scum shortly. Let the police do there job please and leave Sata out of this.Our president is busy working and has nothing to do with the police searching Kunda. Kunda desrves this after what he did to this country. The country spent millions of dollars trying to prepare that failed constitution which was manipulated by this man.

  19. @8 sharpshooter who! i thought i was the only one using the name “sharpshooter” on the blog.then for clarity purposes why cant one drop out or we both want to use it,then creat sharpshooter 1 and 2? any input sir? sory about that?…The all sata, kunda affair is definately disgusting and shocking! i meam asa government u cant bend that low!!!

  20. Meanwhile on a lighter note VIVA chipolopolo and good luck!! “donchi kubambila.. its all the way” bring it on come tommorow!!

  21. #23 kwekwe you are the deluded character this month.when did the zambian presidents stopped interfering with the police?

  22. Well done boys (police) those are the people enjoying life to its fullest while others are suffering. Give those bags of meal mealie to the poor and streat vendors..

  23. I think Kunda needs to be locked up, but seizing ten bicycle pumps and two sewing machines from a farm is desperate. As for the mealie meal, well it is a farm!

  24. This is regular procedure. Relatives of a suspect may be asked to tell the police what they know.

    About unga, the police may have asked where the unga came from, and if there was an invoice to show it was bought from some shop. Furthermore, no one buys that many bags of unga for normal consumption, kano fye if you are going to sell it on, donate it, use it pa mabvuto or pay people working in your fama… or use it to buy votes?

  25. @26, Global Citizen, well if that has never happened in Zambia before, be assured that it is happening now. The police are now able to work independently as can be seen by the rate at which investigations are being carried out. If Sata was to direct the police to have these people arrested, I can assure you it wouldnt have taken this long. The president is occupied with other important national issues and very soon you will see results, by that time most of you will disappear from this site as is the case with senior citizen who used to blogg every hour during the corrupt MMD era.

  26. These guys made their money, through kick backs from would be investors. so convicting them of plunder of national resources will be quite tricky.

  27. Zambians must brace themselves for Egyptian and Tunisian style revolutions. Yes citizens must no longer be afraid to be killed or arrested by Sata’s regime which has embarked a systematic campaign of terror on opposition leaders. Police have a choice between protecting the public and a despotic regime that has no respect for the rights of its citizens. The I.G. has turned himself into a domesticated dog of Sata where he is virtually told who to “bite”. The justice system has collapsed with a DPP who has no credibility to bring any case before a court of law because he is suspect of tax evasion. The Chief justice is constantly harassed by the Sata who the other day appointed an acting chief justice. This dictator must go.

  28. Bemba’s are very poor by nature how can 46bags of mealie meal be plunder of public resouce’s get a life you trablist i wonder who created you but definately its not God.ba pf gorge kunda and his government worked hard 2 enarn that bamper harvest you are also talkn about i wouldnt get surprised 2 see him have 46bags of mealie meal after the hard work he and his government put on board and please you devil’s leave the people of southern province alone.

  29. Bemba’s naturlly have poverty of mind, an old man has 46 bags of ubunga and they think thats plunder of national resources. bwafya!

    IG Umwipwa ayapoka ubunga, kwena please!

  30. Let the parents pay for the sins of their sons, that is only fair! This is the skunk who ordered the police to shot those Lozi boys even though hisd own wife hails from there. The police should actually shot the scum’s parents like the Lozi’s say ‘hau fumana noha fa mai’ ki ku pyatelela mushemi ni mai kaufela’.

  31. When a mad man rapes your neighbors wife, don’t laugh at them and call her a prostitute because your wife may be next. PF is mad. Ask Patrick Mwanawasa, magande, mulongoti george mpombo, guy scot and membe. The earlier we stop them the safer.

  32. @patriot, your input is cheap. If this chanda guy is in school, that is his innovation. This guy has worked in South Africa for the Centre for Leadership Development at the University of Pretoria and the Afrika Leadership Development Institute in Pretoria as their Programme Development Manager. I have known him for years and from his own servings, he does not need Mutati to get himself into school. I know his family too. They are academically driven. So I give your comment a thumbs down!…Baba, jealousy will kill you!

  33. If you are suspected to have stolen 100 sewing machines and upon searching your premises police find 2 niddles, they will be acting within their right and authority to confiscate these small items as material evidence.

  34. IMWEE BA ZAMBIA why are you so complaisant?? YOU FO.O.LS these old fox have 10 Cycle pumps for what?????? Tell us, all these are things that were meant to be donated but why keep them?? 2 I would understand but 10??? Iam sure they were more than that. RB & MMD really finished Zambian Values??They were Thieves. so DON’T CALL PF WITCH HUNT. IT IS TRUE HUNT.

  35. I don’t think MALAMA ever thinks about him having the possibility of being alive beyond Sata and PF’s rule. If he does it’s gonna hurt him at some point. Good luck to him.

  36. Take a long, hard look at yourself Solomon; if you can’t work with these goons please resign and go into private practice. What you’re doing in the name of following orders goes against the grain of professionalism and your level of education. And which judge could possibly grant a search warrant for so mediocre an investigation, or did they just budge in without one?

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