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Zambian soccer victory – an Israeli reponse

My enthusiastic congratulations on a magnificent vicory from an Israeli fan. Your team was disicplined, fit, creative and in brief,looked like champs and played like champs. You deserved to win -inspite of that heart stopping penalty that Drogma very conveniently kicked wide.

A fitting monument to the memory of the players who died in the tragic plane crash – and a brilliant example to Zambian youth who will learn from the dedication and hard work of the team that must have preceded this victory.

Keep it up Zambia


Congrats from the U.K

Congratulations from the UK to the Zambia national team on their win.
This old expat is proud of of you!


Congratulations from Ireland

I wish to congratulate the Zambian Team on its great victory. All the players were magnificent. The were calm,professional and skilful.It was indeed a wonderful victory for the whole country. I feel very proud of Zambia today.

John Macnamara, Dublin, Ireland (First Headmaster of St. Clement’s Secondary School in Mansa, Luapula Province 1964.)

From Mirror Football UK

From South Africa winning the Rugby World Cup in 1995 to a Roger Milla-inspired Cameroon in Italia ’90, Africa has provided some the iconic moments in recent sporting history. Without doubt, the achievements of Zambia on Sunday night in winning the Africa Cup of Nations will be added to that list.

Thanks to the power of Twitter and Facebook, this was not only the most-watched Cup of Nations ever but also the most commented upon. When Sunday’s final entered its penalty shoot-out, social media networks were ablaze with people sharing their opinions on the likes of Chris Katongo and Rainford Kalaba. This Zambia team had a story to tell and people were listening to their inspiring message.


From the Sowetan

They represented Southern Africa with aplomb and duly made us proud. Every time a team from these shores beats anyone from west Africa, yours truly celebrates.

It was even sweeter because one very arrogant west African so-called football pundit had predicted a 4-0 pasting for the Copper Bullets by the the Didier Drogba and Yaya Toure-led Ivorians. He shall, as of now hopefully, forever keep his peace.

From Washinton Post

Many attributed the victory to an amazing team spirit from a crew that fielded only one international player.

Zambia were the underrated underdogs at the African tournament, much like their country, which boasts a thriving democracy, a less-traveled destination for African wildlife and the spectacular Victoria Falls — along with a booming copper industry that recently catapulted the country to the status of lower middle-income.

From Nigerian Former Head of State

“I am saddened by the absence of Nigeria but the message the Eagles have to derive from the Zambians is that one has to love his country and not put money first. Football is all about commitment and fighting spirit. Zambia played their hearts out for their nation in honour of their colleagues. Though many people felt that they would be overrun by the Ivoriens, I told a lawyer friend of mine that from what I saw of them in two or three matches, I said I have confidence they would give any team in Africa a run for their money.”

From the New York Times

In Zambia, a nation where soccer has always had a deep meaning for people, Stoppila Sunzu’s winning penalty late in the shootout set off wild celebrations.

Car horns and vuvuzelas blasted throughout the night in the capital of Lusaka, fans cloaked in the green and copper colors of the national team streamed into streets around the country, and schools closed for a self-declared national holiday.

From News Day Zimbabwe

The success by Zambia in the just-ended African Cup of Nations (Afcon) in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea serves as a big lesson for the disorganised Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) in many ways.
Chipolopolo on Sunday made history by becoming the second southern African country to win the African Cup of Nations after South Africa in 1996. Zambia beat favourites Ivory Coast 8-7 on penalties after a 0-0 draw in 120 minutes.

South Africa won it at home, but Zambias victory is unique in that they won it away from home and it was a fitting tribute to members of the Zambian side who tragically perished in the ocean off Gabon in 1993.

From Mmegi Botswana

You see the Zambians represent my ideal team with limited resources. They are neither huge nor tall, but are as frail as Botswana players but hey they pack a lot of surprises.

They are swift when attacking; an obvious sign that they are playing to their strength and body structure. This is what I want to see happening with the Zebras….

Zambia has definitely shown us the way. Equally even the premier league in Zambia is no different from our league, but the team has shown us a trick or two.

From Nyatimes in Malawi

“This has given FAM hope that in football,success can be achieved if
you are committed,dedicated,have good tactics and are hard working.
Zambia who are our brothers have given us the courage that you do not
have to fear names but have self belief,” Nyirenda says in the

Zambian Victory celebrated in Qatar

In Qatar Senior management of Abdullah Abdulghani & Brother, The Holding Company of Toyota & Lexus Qatar,congratulated Zambia by placing Zambian Flags at their Head Office in Honor of the Victory and Fallen Zambian Heroes.  Toyota & Lexus Qatar is the official sponsor of the Football QSL (Qatar Super League).

left to Right is Dr Nasser, (Managing Director and owner of AAB -TOYOTA & LEXUS QATAR), center is Alexious Mulemba (Zambian, Senior Manager IT & Business Excellence AAB- TOYOTA & LEXUS QATAR)and Karim Manssour-Dahbi (CEO of AAB – TOYOTA & LEXUS QATAR) celebrating the Zambian Win.
Expatriates in Qatar celebrating the Zambian Win

Zambians in Oslo Norway celebrate


  1. I’ve follow all the Zambia matches!!!
    From Italy!
    Great support from here!
    See you in August,Zambia!

    Congratulation from Italy!


  2. Bravo Chipolopolo boys! U ‘ve med all zambians proud regardless of where they are…..Just be careful of how you plan to spend yo million kwachas not as fools but as wise ones..Otherwiz, that cash if not put 2 gud use may end yourselves up going in2 extinction 2gether with yo luvely soccer career…

  3. e-mail me the musical vedio for Chipolopolo which has a singer singing while being in his car, it makes me cheer up very well for the bullet boys. well done Zambia for the victory.

  4. Indeed the pictures says it all.It was a lovely day for Zambia.It is a big thumbs up to the boys for the job well done.With love from Norway :)

  5. Thanks LT. Great photos! Chipolopolo Boys, you have brought tremendous joy to all Zambians the world over. We will forever be greatful to this team. Words can not express the joy we feel. You brought tears of joy to many of us (me included). :-)

  6. Very proud zambian, at least i can walk my head high at work!! soccer fans congratulate me, for chipolopolo victory, everyone can pronounce that word now, CHIPOLOPLO!!! from AL,USA

  7. This is really how the world is supposed to be! Love the beautiful game of fooftball.


  8. Amazing how many people am seeing wearing the chipolopolo jersey as well as the zambian T-shirts around South Africa. Nice!

  9. @zambian in zimbabwe
    i am also eager to get that song. they were singing bayawe baweme yo yo yo.

    The entire diaspora from southern africa and beyond went all out to support zambia. I went to school in zambia way back in the eighties and know very well how zambians come together for a common goal.

  10. one of the Dj on YFM was even saying he didnt know zambia has a similar nation anthem to South Africa and when he heard it being played before the game, he thought they had made a mistake lol

  11. Congrats from Wellington,New Zealand,Great to see our young men playing professional soccer. You have proved to the world that you are really “bullets”. Well done to bring the cup home. Keep the spirit and God Bless you all.

  12. Being mentioned by such renowned media organisations such as the Washington Post, CNN, BBC is no small feat man – this is huge… what priceless advertisement for our country and tourism industry. If Zambia tourism doesn’t capitalise on this and attract tourists from all over the world, then we will be doomed as a nation for life.

    Now is a time to organise and put together a small 30 seconds video clip and send it to missions abroad for them to buy a prime time TV slot and ask people in their respective countries to travel to Zambia. Someone give this suggestion to Lubinda.

    • Lubinda is in Foreign office, PR ZTB is Caristo Chitamfya, You are right, they should take advantage of this. Advertise on CNN ALJAZEERA & BBC with the Victory Falls, Plus Emirates flying to Lusaka is another plus. Something like VISIT ZAMBIA?? THE AFRICAN CHAMPIONS IN DEMOCRACY & FOOTBALL?? Clip of the AFCON CUP and our lovely presidents all together

  13. Can’t stop the fever! We shall continue to glory in our achievement for as long as we wear the crown! The Nigerian president brought it to the point when he said: “Football is all about commitment and fighting spirit. Zambia played their hearts out for their nation in honour of their colleagues.”

    We are now the new face of African football… it’s time for red, green, black and orange… all over the world!!! Iyeee Chipolopolo!!!!

  14. #21 You hit spot right there…well said!

  15. I shade tears every of joy time I see the victory of the great Nation Zambia. Zambia Zambia Zambia I feel proud to be Zambia. God bless Zambia. For real You ve made us proud where ever we may be.


  16. I shade tears  of joy every time I see the victory of the great Nation Zambia. Zambia Zambia Zambia I feel proud to be Zambian. God bless Zambia. For real You ve made us proud where ever we may be.

  17. Amazing comments form people and media around the world.

    Hey, John Macnamara, Dublin, Ireland, thanks for that comment. I went to St Clements! Great to know you were the first headmaster.

  18. @Jigga, You have put it very well. It’s not an exageration to say the World has celebrated with us. Therefore, this makes it an opportunity to market our country to the world. This is the time they will pay the most attention. Awe nachiwama mwandini.

  19. It was the most exciting time if my life in terms of sports. I had long stopped watching the National team after many disappointing outings. For the just ended tournament I was certain from the word GO that Zambia were going to lift the Cup. I had respect for other teams but not fear coz of names. It was all DONT KUBEBA. I like the character of comedians like Kabova the chap was positive from the word GO and gave the examle of Goriath VS David. Evebn Shikulu Kateka Sata was very positive.Every Zambian World over were certain this year of Victory. VIVA CHIPOLOPOLO VIVA ALL SUPPORTERS.

  20. This is so much love I cannot believe,but hey,we are beautiful people and so many times people have always underrated us mistaking our humbleness for weakness. Now we can build a better future from this positive energy and platform.


  22. It is great to see that the hard work by our boys brought so much joy world wide, thanks a lot. Indeed our boys were not motivated by moneyor fame, but indeed the need to pay tribute to their fallen comrades and bring pride to their nation.
    We thank and cherish them!!!


  24. i cant stop celebrating my heart is filled with joy .the whole of this week i go out with my zedian scuff every where i go 1 or 2 people would say chipolopolo i just answer champions with my heard up .proud to be a zedian.i love my pipo and my nation.thanks you boys.

  25. Quote from Things Fall Apart..’When a boy washes his hands, for sure he can eat with kings”. Zambia have indeed washed their hands. As small but faith and humble as David, they went with a single stone…bullet (one single penalt) and trippled over the giant ELEPHANT. I am humbled by all the universe’s celebrations over Zambia’s victory. To our neighbours I say Congratulations and please continue with the spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Love the pics, the whole world was watchung ZAMBIA play. It’s funny now because, indirectly, alot of soccer sports commentors I listened to were rooting for Zambia. Thye just could come out and say it. Well, I don’t when I’ll calm down, but I WIILL CELERATE this victory for a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time! @38 little mama, I hear you. I just say ‘chipolopolo baby’.
    Much love ZAMBIA, live from TeeDot baby!

  27. My mail box is flooded with emails of congratulations from non Zambian friends across the globe, especially in the Caribbean, UK and Europe. Never at any point did i ever think our better deserving country would become such a talking point around the world. Even when we had the just ended peaceful election and subsequent smooth transfer of power, the coverage in the west on that landmark achievement wasn’t as good! But the story created by the ‘Fipolopolo’ after deservingly winning the Afcon 2012, particularly in Gabon, has touched many people around the world. Its emotional especially for those of us who were old enough when Frank Mutubila announced the news of the Gabon air crash on ZNBC on that beautiful sunny day, back in 1993. Congrats from Germany. Proudly Zambian!!

  28. I still get chiils down my spine when iIthink about that win. Little boys who showed such character and grit when taking penalities, that singing -they were doing it for Zambia. Only a Zambian knows what being Zambian means to a Zambian.

  29. Before the match, Vincent Kampany sent a twit to Charles Musonda in Belgium to wish Zambia goog luck. Charicool was happy, but still mentioned how emotional it was for him having lost his friends in that Gabon disaster (see Charles’s video on You Tube). These boys deserve our respect for their sacrifice and unquestionable dedication for the common calls of our mother land. The Government should build a heroes palace where every Zambia who achieves or does something positively big for the country could stay, in well furnished houses. A good example is that little boy who got into the pit latrine to save a baby dumped by its mother. Such people need to be honored too to encourage self sacrifice for the benefit of ourselves and indeed others in our country. Well done FIPOLOPOLO!!!

    • I agree!

      But some sort of “HALL OF FAME” for extraordinary Zambians would make even more sense. But your idea is completely in line!!!

  30. They played against teams that had been offered thousands of dollars, it did not matter because they were playing for ZAMBIA!

  31. Its funny how we all quietly carried our 1993 grief within us. Now we can say bye with the pride and accolades our team deserved -Rest in Peace now guys. We won in Gabon so you will never be forgotten. When we talk about this win-we will always talk about you too.

    • It is NOT funny!!! But I understand what you are trying to convey. It is true that Zambians all over the world still carry that scar deep down their hearts. But this Victory has really eased the pain of that awful day in 93.

  32. Botswana had written off Chipolopolo even declining to play a friendly game with us saying we are too inferior to them. Word of caution to Botswana, Chipolopolo has been there for a along time and you are just starters you should have respect for elders ask Angola and Mozambique they learnt football from us. Ask Italy , i do not need to tell  to ask Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast, you saw for yourselves. Just swallow your pride and come and learn from us.

    • Beautiful Comment!!!… Botswana is not yet in our league. They had a good year last year, but they need to sustain it to prove that they are good.

    • Botswana coach “has no national team after CAN debut; We have no team and we need to
      regroup” says Stanley Tshosane….

  33. good that we won. but iam not happy with fifa and caf. looks like these guys really wanted cote d vour to win. i mean, how do u understand being 4th on fifa ranking when we have conquered the entire africa? its like in a classroom, every time (A0) is coming first in class and then one time (BO) get the first position or higher marks and (AO) LOWER MARKS and you decide to crown (AO) as the best student or number one based on past record, what nonsence is this. we deserve to be number and nothing else. we were simply unbeaten in AFCON,PERIOD. THE REST WERE AT LEAST BEATEN ONCE,TWICE THRICE AND OTHER DID NOT EVEN QUALIFY YET THEY ARE PLACE ABOVE US? BLATTER GO GO GO.

  34. Zambia has demostrated to the world that not only our democracy is growing but also the unity of purpose and hard work shown by zambia national football team, Zambian people and our government, leaders speaks volume to the world about how wonderful zambia is. we will continue working hard and inspire other nations.bravo national team, bravo Sata, RB and KK for showing leadership for just ended AFCON.

    • indeed it was lovely to see the wonderful picture captured of th two former heads of state and the incumbent 2gether.this rily demonstrated tht we are above patisan politics.

  35. It is wonderful to see how people around the world appreciated what Zambia did last Sunday. Zambia beat all three favorite teams of the European media pundits and now they are at pains accepting the fact that the Chipolopolo are the football champions of Africa. I am sure this made a lot of people who continuously baited against Zambia very poor indeed!

    I hope people like Mushota (if she is even Zambian) and her kind can learn a thing or two from this experience—you don’t have to abandon, or always be so negative about your roots, to be happy in life!

  36. cont.. from #52:
    Your negativity can never prevent the collective drive of the rest of Zambians to do better and solidify our image around the world. Be it in soccer or other endeavors. Next, it should be the Olympics (let us raise a new generation of Samuel Matetes) and the FIFA world cup.

    You negative Zambians can go to hell, the rest of the world is behind us!

  37. Hey John Macnamara, we used to call you Malama in case you did not know. Good the Chipolopolo victory has brought the many people who have been hiding to the fold. I was at St. Clements Secondary School. thanks Chipolopolo boys.

  38. Indeed its Zambia on the world map today. Just mention Zambia and everyone wants to know even where your street and home is through google maps. Before the name Zambia did not ring a bell especially in European places like Zurich (FIFA headquarters). What great things success can bring to people’s lives. Indeed success is everyone’s child and failure is an orphan. Congrates boys you have transformed most of us who are away from home from being lonely orphans to everyone’s child that one can be proud of.

  39. My hearts to all Zambians in the diaspora who remain so loyal and passionate about mother Zambia – nothing and nowhere beats your Motherland, for you can only have ONE origin!!

  40. LUSAKA TIMES, thank you for listening to my request. To show people from around the world that supported Zambia with us. Also to show Zambians this humbling drive behind all the congratulations. 

  41. Re the tourism spot: what you might do is intercut shots of the Chipopopolo Boys scoring penalty kicks and rejoicing with scenes of Zambia’s beautiful countryside, cities and people. You will need at least one young woman with a beautiful smile to look at the camera. Don’t forget Mosi oa Tunya. Then show fans celebrating. The tag line should be “Come play with us!”

    Donchi kubeba that you will win. When they come and see, you will both win! Congratulations from Chicago in America!

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