Renard Handed 3-Year Deal

Zambia National Team Manager Herve Renard
Zambia National Team Manager Herve Renard

Herve Renard is set to stay on as coach until 2014.

Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili on Thursday disclosed that the Africa Cup winning coach has been given a four-year deal.

Kambwili said Renard’s new contract was agreed upon by both Government and the Football Association of Zambia after Zambia’s Africa Cup win in Gabon on Sunday.

“We had a fruitful meeting with FAZ and I want to announce that very soon we are signing a three-year contract with Herve Renard that will go up to August, 2014,” Kambwili said.

“We will ensure that we give him a lucrative deal so that he is not swelled by other countries that are after him.”

Renard went one step better with Zambia at the Africa Cup to win the tournament after guiding them to the quarterfinals in 2010.


  1. Congratulations Herve … Thanks a trillion for all your hard work. Wishing you God’s speed as you start preparing Chipolopolo for next year’s AFCON and World Cup 2014.

    You are simply the best, 

  2. So what is a lucrative deal to this Chishimba Kambwili, if Herve Renard turned down a $100K a month in middle-east…has he topped that?  why why is the sports minister making these announcements and where is the president of FAZ, when shit hits the fan Kalu we come to tell us he was pressured, this is the selfsame political meddling FIFA reprimands Football Associations for.. 

  3. Jay Jay, it doesn’t matter who announces as long as FAZ were involved in the negotiations and are happy for Kambwili to do the announcement. After all, Its GRZ that will pay the cash. 

  4. Was the author of this article drunk? Headline says he’s been given a 3 year deal which by my count would mean the contract runs up to 2015 but first sentence says the contract will run till 2014.
    Immediately after this the next paragraph says hes been given a four year deal.
    Whatever you guys at LT are drinking/smoking must be very potent.

  5. But Kambwili lifontini maningi, that pungwa likes shouting too much. The meeting was confidential even the noisy FAZ media boy Mwanza hasn’t made any comment, but the (THE MOST TRANSFERRED MINISTER in PF) shouting Kabwili is out puffing, too much fi kaponda !!

  6. No matter the amount Herve Renard needs Zambia more now than ever. We need him, but he has now seen the skill and work ethic levels of the Chipolopolo. He would want to go organize Makula kwinango. Seeing Zambia has talent and heart Bigger name coaches would want to raplace our white shirt wearing SUPER MODEL coach at the helm. Have no mistake that’s our head coach who rose through the ranks from being a KANYANGu kumalabo yaku Luanshya yaku France to P.E teacher to being blessed in a Christian football nation country of Zambia.

  7. Herve stay in Zambia we have the Mosi-O-tunya and Luangwa national park. The best democracy on the continent, AFCON champions, best weather and people genuinely love you pa zed.

  8. Ba LT, title indicates 3 years deal, main story 4 year deal, please concentrate when writting your articles. In any case congratulations, to HR, take us to the world cup 2014 Brazil.

  9. Thats great news. With renard on our side, coupled with our talented boys, who will stop us when ever we choose any mountain to climb. Viva great kalu, viva kk11, viva chipolopolo, viva MCS. viva kk, viva RB. VIVA HERVE RENARD, viva zambia.

  10. Deal it time do not invole yourself in have shamed me very much i was one of those who was not happy about your coming back,thank you for making us proud

  11. Good deal. Am one of those who persistently called you a P.E teacher who failed to win even a simple COSAFA or CECAFA cup, but boy,  you have won a big one!!

    Therefore, I have decided to  publicly and officially drop the title of P.E teacher.  From now on you are a true and great.

    I have also decided to restore the name of FAZ president back to Great KALU from Great GALU. You have finally brought joy and pride untold to our great nation screwed up by politicians

  12. he deserves it , he has worked for it and he need to be rewarded but i am not ok with Kambwiri making pronouncements becouse he is too careless . He might just announce a 100% increament for all lines men

  13. # 9
    Comments like yours do not do anyone justice…more so to our very young Zambian kids that are allowed by their parents to read electronic newspapers…grow up!

    However, i hope our coach does stay…in this life one needs a challenge…he has done well with Chipolopolo…but can he do it again…or even better, can he take us to the world cup?! That should be a challenge/s enough for a man who expects alot from his squad…

  14. My light hearted comments of showing how our coach has progressed have earned me an insult. Wow! This media like one has said is read by families and international residents of multiple countries. For our little ones please don’t use un-printables.  Bamwine above my brother we are from a Christian nation and such let’s lead good lives yet we are all sinners Christ has made us whole in him. I am not perfect, years ago you would have left this blog for ever had I said what I use to be capable of uttering; twale samba kukadai ku luanshya no kulya infungo. Ala uvuni tabobula so I am shelled up and covered by Jesus’s blood. I love you still my brother.

    • Way to go, my brother! Insults only hurt the heart but they can’t hurt the soul, which is redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb. We are called to love .
      Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins. James 5:20

  15. He deserves it and please continue being cooperative..and wats up wit pipo attacking kambwili? Concentrate on the news and reserve that rubbish from your mouth,its toxic 4 our ears!

  16. I think RH has now realised that he should not have left. SomeOfUs don’t know the main reason why he left but it’s obviously good to have him back. His is good for the team and has a good relationship with the boys. I strongly believe that this team is yet to reach its peek and at the moment RH is the best man to shepherd them. This team has bigger challenges in the year ahead and I have a lot of confidence in them.


  18. that he is not swelled by other countries that are after him.”

    Swelled or swayed? Chain HR to a lamp post so that he does not fold his tent and disappera in the dead of night

  19. people, pipo, Kambwili doesnt make contracts. those are done by technocrats. he can tell them to better Renard’s offer but it is up to them to convert that into kwacha. it si disheartening to meet so many ignorant bloggers here. Is it like this even on the streets of lusaka? God help us.

  20. Bloggers, what thoughts are going though the head of that player who was sent away from the camp because he went drinking? What’s his name again? Imagine what he has missed out on!!!

  21. Herve loves Zambia. He believes in us. That is key, and that was why he chose to come back to Zambia. His love for us has triumphed. No amount of money will ever surpass this. Nevertheless, we should show our gratitude by remunerating him to the best of our fiscal ability.

    Congratulations Herve, and thanks FAZ and GRZ for giving our coach the contract.

  22. Rhenard has more than won back Zambian hearts, he is actually widely appreciated and loved by the whole country. He deserves a place in our footballing history as a country and I am sure Government has offered a good deal to him.

    Let us go to the world Cup for the first time, it would be good to start it in Brazil, who knows, we might just represent Africa up to the semis or indeed the final itself and boy, would that be historical!!!

  23. This scandalous FAZ iz at it again, now withe William Njobvu self “appearance” athe AFCON! The Zambian contigent had other playerz after Clifford Mulenga left unceremoniously who could have got that medal.

  24. Let’s just give Herve the Keys to the City of Lusaka and confer upon him Honorary Citizenship rights after all France accepts dual citizenship. France has been permitted it since 1973. Possession of one or more other nationalities, does not, in principle, affect the French nationality. France denounced the Chapter I of the Council of Europe. We can make him one of us forever, several developed nations do that to people of Herve’s calibre.

  25. Let us also not forget the firrst coach who put zambia on the map of football world……ANTE BUSELIC……i see alotof busleic iin the way HR conducts himself with passion,,,buselic was similar..if we had contnued with himfor longer period zambuawould hv won afcon long time ago,,,

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