Gyan says psychologically shattered after penalty misses

Zambia national Scoccer Team goalie Kennedy Mweene save Gyan's penalty during AFCON match
Zambia national Scoccer Team goalie Kennedy Mweene save Gyan's penalty during AFCON match

Reuters reports that missing key penalties for Ghana in successive tournaments has left Asamoah Gyan “psychologically down” and wanting a break from the national team, the striker said on Twitter on Monday.

Gyan, who missed penalties during the 2010 World Cup quarter-finals and this year’s African Nations Cup semi, used the social network to explain his decision to suspend his international career but said he would be keen to play in the future.

“Psychologically I’m down. As you can imagine it’s been very hard for me mentally to miss important successive penalties for my country,” the former Sunderland striker said on his account @asamoah_gyan.

“And because of this, a break to recoup my thoughts and emotions will aid me to come back bigger and mentally stronger. I have never fully recovered from (the) 2010 World Cup and now 2012 Afcon (Nations Cup).

“I would like to ask for prayers and support from Ghanaians to help me come back with renewed strength to continue serving my country,” he Tweeted.

Gyan hit the crossbar with a last-minute penalty against Uruguay in the World Cup quarter-final in Johannesburg, that had he converted would have meant Ghana becoming the first African country to reach the last four.

Earlier this month, he had a seventh-minute spot kick saved against Zambia in the semis of the Nations Cup and was taken off in the second half as Ghana surprisingly lost.

The Ghana FA received a letter last week from Gyan, who plays club football in the United Arab Emirates, stating his intention to take a temporary break from the Black Stars. The ruling body said this was because of the abuse Gyan had received since playing at the African Nations Cup



  1. Gyan dint miss that penalty. He took that penalty as every good player would have done and it was on iand he brilliantly its just that Mweene was in form and he brilliantly saved it. i dont blame him.

  2. Gyan just retire you are old….. how many times do you want to miss the penalties… get your friend Drogba too,…. thanks for your efforts i think you have a farm now go and start growing cassava.

  3. Gyan should have done better but it is not too late, He should learn from his mistakes , put himself together and move on firmly , even the monkeys fall out of trees.

  4. It seems not many of us have followed Gyan’s career at home. Gyan happens to be related to one of the top Governemt officials in Ghana and his appearances for his National side are largely against the fans’desires but whatever good intentions one may have, they are easily played down by political influence. Explains a female IG in Zed. Sibamufuna muGuys so it is good riddance for the Ghanians….

  5. But what makes Gyan think that every penalty should be scored as if there is no keeper. Mweene needs credit for that anyway. Gyan should also realise that he was not aiming into an empty goal post – NO. let him play again for Ghana and maybe not taking penalties would be fine for him. We still need such guys to play for their country. Its insulting to just think that there was no keeper to worry about. I end here!

  6. Iam Waiting for Drogba`s/Dragon `s Retirement.Chelsea are wasting their money this ape is finished.he has an attitude that is why he cannot peform.Imagine him refusing to be greeted by our Great Mweene after missing the penalty!Shame on the ape :)

  7. The man is right. He has failed to score and he has let his country down. Twice. He is teh captain of the team so the weight and expectations are heavier. Just like Drogba. Many top players have been in that position. May be he should just stop taking penalties. He’s not good enough in that area.

  8. The penalties Gyan missed during the 2010 World Cup quarter-finals and this year’s African Nations Cup semi are not comparable. In the former the penalty was missed in the last minute of the game and Ghana would have qualfied for the semi-final spot because there was only a minute to go before the end of the game. The latter, there was still plenty of time in which anything could have happened.

  9. Its good to give respect where its due. Gyan is a good players but not a vicious scorer. Drogba is a good player and when he opens up he goes for a sure go. when we played irory coast Sunzu kept drogba well and the game was tense. ivorians were timid for fear of zambians (the underdog)  some players like salomon kalu didn’t play as expeced so is yaya toure.our defence was good though the injury of the zambian defender left a bit of loop holes but it was eventually managed. So Gyan should resighn on moral grounds he had bad luck. he failed when he is expected to make a new chapter 2010 for querter finals to semis so is 2012. He needs to resign he is lucky pipo are just insulting him in some places he can lose his life. alot of money was lost on bets not to talk about peoples BMIs .

  10. mayuka bwanji? . . . sunzu mweene wa chansa katongo. now that sunzu is wanted by chelsea, it will be great to see drogba and kalu play alongside our young hero sunzu.

  11. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Viva Mweene! Who knew that our kamaboy Mweene would make Gyan to retire from international football. Anyway, that is life!! I read somewhere yesterday also that Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast/Manchester City) who also had his penalty saved by Mweene is conteplating retiring but he doesn’t want to rush it it out of emotion. Yaba! How come Gervinho (Ivory Coast/Arsenal) is quite? Coming back to gyan, what makes him think he should take all the penalties? Is that what it means to be Captain?

  12. Gyan who do you think Mweene is and what was here doing there? thats an insult to mweene shaa!you thought the goal was empty.just admit you are not good at penalties.its not obvious that the penalty should go in.VIVA MWEENE LOVE U MAN.

  13. Atase ba Gyan, Christiano Ronaldo has missed 10 yes 10 penalties in his whole career, Messi has missed like I dont know I dont follow that shortie, but I have seen him missing too. Do you ever hear of these two great phenomena of football ever talking of quiting? Shauli shako baba

  14. Gyan is one of the best players in the world that is a known fact but it is also a proven fact that Mweene is a brilliant goal keeper. Why should Gyan get surprised if a great goal keeper saves his penalty? As for Drogba I dont think his perm and attitude a worth admiring by anyone…I have respect for people who are simple but yet big like Christopher Katongo.

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