Iris Kaingu pleads not guilty to pornographic charge

iris kaingu
Iris Kaingu

FORMER Minister of Community Development and Social Services Michael Kaingu’s daughter, Iris, yesterday pleaded not guilty to one count of making pornographic videos.

Iris, 20, a student at Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies and a resident of plot number 3377 M /Ruther in Kabulonga, denied having made obscene cinematographic films when the matter came up for plea before resident magistrate Prince Mwiinga.

She is charged with one count of making obscene cinematographic films tending to corrupt morals contrary to section 177 (1) (a) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Iris, jointly and whilst acting together with another person unknown, made obscene cinematographic films tending to corrupt morals.

The offence is alleged to have been committed on unknown dates but between December 1, 2010 and November 23, 2011 in Lusaka.
“I do understand the charge and I plead not guilty,” Iris told the court.

Iris is being represented by defence lawyer Maureen Tresha.

The magistrate recorded a plea of not guilty and adjourned the matter to March 19 for mention and commencement of trial on April 10.

Mr Mwiinga extended Iris’ police bond to March 19.

Meanwhile, Former Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Maxwell Mwale and his deputy Boniface Nkhata yesterday pleaded not guilty to two counts of theft by public servant involving 20 bicycles valued at K11million.

The duo, who are separately charged, denied stealing bicycles meant for small-scale miners in Eastern Province when the matter came up for plea before resident magistrate Ruth Chilembo.

Mwale, 56, businessman and politician, and Nkhata, 51, a farmer, are both charged with theft by public servant contrary to section 277 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

“The court has recorded a plea of not guilty in both counts in respect of the two accused persons,” Mrs Chilembo said.

She adjourned the matter to March 5 for mention and setting of trial dates and advised the duo to inform their lawyers to be present.

Mrs Chilembo warned that she will proceed to set trial dates if the duo’s defence lawyers are not present when the matter comes up on March 5.

She said Mwale and Nkhata will be required to attend court proceedings all the times.

Particulars of count one are that Mwale, employed in the public service—the Ministry of Mines as Minister, stole 20 bicycles valued at K11 million, which came into his possession by virtue of his employment.

The offence is alleged to have been committed on November 8, 2010 in Chipata.

In count two, Nkhata, being employed by the Ministry of Mines as deputy minister, stole 20 bicycles valued at K11 million, which came into his possession because of his employment.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. this iris issue is useless one. there are many people insulting, pushing others to pay brides, walking naked and i wonder why there are not charged with “corrupting morals”.

  2. I guess she pleaded not guilty to MAKING the pornographic video to corrupt morals of Zambian society  but NOT to the act in the video. its a matte of legal technicalities here. Lets see how her lawyer defends the almost undependable. I hope the court is in possetion of the  video as evidence…because it seems it has been deleted from the internet. 

    • video not deleted on internet it is as was created. the lawyer defending this lady in this case should be careful and help the government to lead the people to a level of upright standards for the youths and not allow wickedness. the bibles warns of those that are taking bad to be good.


  3. There are videos of PF cadres celebrating naked….it does not falling the same category as Iris?Besides don’t be hypocrites you cops,you are even worse off when giving those BJs.

  4. Okay Iris, you may not have intended the video to be used as a pornographic material but you made one and we saw you in the video. on another side, Iris has been used by our courts like that accused woman in the Bible who was brought to Jesus. Why prosecute Irish alone without Nathan? We saw both of them in the act. so where is Nathan? don’t prosecute this young girl if Nathan who showed off his big banana will be let scot free.

  5. The law is like a piece of soft wire that u can bend as u like. Its poor chaps like me who don’t have the soft wire to use. But umwaiche Iris alapela bwino ka BJ mwe. I would,nt mind naine ukumfyompa umi Zombik filya. banono pa Zed.

  6. Iris mwaiche you should be freed soon so that i marry you. I hope your lawyer is good enough to win on technicalities of the case. I would really enjoy

  7. With unknown person? I thought the yob was mentioned to be Nathan and he is well captured in the video,how come he is not facing prosecution?

  8. The article states that “whilst acting together with another person unknown”, in all fairness Iris was not alone in the video. Does it mean that our security wings failed to identify Iris’ partner?

  9. @ Ugly truth, the police say they cant identify his face clearly in the video. Y cant the police use other methods, like identifying him from his dick.

  10. Wel she luk decent on paper but rotten somewhere, is security wing doing something on the other partner? And Iris y hide your husband i ko him so bcoz you will never enjoy sex life with one having a smaller banana than Nathan’s.

  11. They are fewer porn scenes were the guys face is clearly seen, but all porn scenes clearly show the girls face making it easy for her to be identified. I blame Iris for stupidity allowing herself to be filmed.  

  12. This is a kama nice girl who needs a better guy like me. Just leave her alone since she did not invite anyone to watch. She did not even invite the state to see her in action. The question to ask is: “Why bother?” We have other pressing issues to pursue and not just this kamavideo showing what everyone adult does behind closed doors and sometimes in the open. I end here!

  13. A man who respects you is not going to film you. Nathan knew wat he was doing and he will get away with it while she will hang for it. Nathan mwandi boyi die with “NO it wasnt me”.

  14. This is utter nonsense, why prosecute Iris alone and not jointly with Nathan whom she shot the video with? And why not also prosecute the people who stole and illegally posted the video? Let us focus on real issues, leave Iris alone, the embarrassment was enough punishment for her.

  15. Useless masculine law, leave Iris alone you losers, if you have no work to do, go sort out criminals and plunderers, time wasters and hypocrites!

    • Manone manone, is what made her look stupid, look at her face, she cant even look into the camera, she knows she did it you *****,she will be luck to win the case on technical nock out.

  16. Hmmmm… I wonder if this case would have come to trial if Iris wasn’t the daughter of a former minister? Perhaps the fact that Nathan is not also in court gives us the answer?

    In any case, it seems silly to waste court time on such a case. My understanding is they made this video for their own private use but someone stole it and posted it on the web (…maybe as a political ploy to discredit the minister?). If anything, it is the thief who should be charged with “corrupting morals” and not the young couple.

    It also seems silly in this day and age to have such an outdated (Victorian era) law on “morals” when anyone with internet access can freely download endless amounts of porn. At best (or worst?) what Iris and Nathan did is an insignificant drop in the ocean. 

  17. its not fair for the gal .where is the boy? you mean nathan is saying No or what?honestly the witness is her .how does it become ponographic if she was alone cos thats wat it means.

    • But by writting this message, you are soliciting and this effectively makes you a prostitute. So you went to the UK to prostitute yourself? Wow! Just go back to Zambia and plant sweet potatoes dude.

  18. Iris, i did what i didn’t want to do after watching yo ka video. I always do it but on the day i watched yo porn i wasn’t feeling like doing anything but i did it because of your ka porn. Thus what they mean by “corrupting morals”. A good lesson to learn….leave it for the married, they do it better.

  19. Let us not destroy this young woman’s life for what was clearly a private affair. From what I gather the video was never meant for sale and it was not sold to anyone. Leave the kid alone so she can concentrate on her training and building a career for herself. Ba Judge, a slap on the wrist and let her go..

  20. Wamona mwaice, you should have used better judgement, knowing that your father was a political figure. Now you’re in the limelight for exposing what everybody does behind closed doors. You are looking like you are the only one who has sex. Bitter lesson mwaice but I know any bungwe bungwe would love to marry you and trust me they will marry you because they are there out there. Good luck, Iris.

  21. court leav a gal alon,she has oready leant a leson lets hav pity on har,l dot thik she can repit the same thing.lets accept har and 4get the past,we are all the same,the sin we comit everyday is jst da same she comited.if iris was ma sister i wud hav bin ther for har,iris rememba that wen people 4sake u thats wen the lord will cum in,neva mind 4 wat hapend but look to jesus is yo ansa.i love u iris kaingu nd put everythn into Gods in praya he wil not let u down l promise u

  22. She is been persecuted because her father is an MMD Lozi MP for Mwandi Constituency. The idi.ot who distributed the video is that head damaged at the Post called Mmembe. He is the one that advertised the existence of the video in his shinda paper. The Police should be called to bring in their witnesses who have had their morals corrupted after watching the video. The Police witnesses should also explain to the court how they came to know about the video and what or who prompted them to watch it. And before all this the State should prove that it is Iris who made the video or that she was aware that she was been filmed. They should produce the equipment that Iris used to make the video and the electronic trail that proves that she posted the video on the internet.

    • you know what you need to stop this not lozi nor someones daughter, sister and mother.and would not wish anyone to be treated like this. what this young lady did is no greater sin,but of course there people like you who think in term of tribe and the and Mmembe are the same..

  23. Well,Zambians watch pornos.I think Iris should not be caged.Let us not blame Iris.She did it for herself.The people who should be arrested are the ones who posted the video on internet.It was not for public but for privacy.How many people have the porn of iris?millions are in possession of it coz Zambians enjoy porno.Leave the young lady alone.we are all sinners.This is why Europeans legalize porn coz it’s normal for them.They don’t want to be pretenders like most Zambians.We should change and allow people to be free.

  24. This is like the archaic days when girls used to get expelled for getting pregnant and not the boys. Just what morals is she corrupting. Are people going to start bonking because she is bonking on video? People will bonk anyway. Zambian authorties must move from medieval times. This is 2012 and there are more serious issues to focus on. There are real criminals out there that they should focus law enforcement resources on!!!

  25. We just made a porn video with her and she has promised me that she will not show it to anyone we are doing this every weekend even after court

  26. The young girl has more than learned her lesson. Would not wish this anyone. Prosecute those who published the material and give the couple benefit of the doubt. Filming and leaving material on a distributble platform was at most an act of gross stupidity. Where’s the partner in this? Sad.



  28. @Sebituane- You are clearly illiterate and a career tribalist. The video was all over ZCAS and it was going to get anyway. Am sure you are disappointed because the Barotse issue is quickly dying a natural death huh?

    • You are a inbred id.iot! illiterate people can neither read nor write. And if I cannot read nor write what exactly are you responding to? Is what I have written too complicated for you that you cannot address yourself tothe stuff I have raised? Get lost you lazy id.iot. I do not have time for morons who cannot read beyond one sentence! And what exactly is the Barotse issue? Is it your petty obsession? And what has it got to do with me anyway? If you have nothing to contribute about this silly court case please go and fart somewhere else.

  29. Iris is very young and needs the support and prayers in this difficult time. She has suffered a lot already and the embarrassment she has endured must be unbearable. How many people out there have not committed worse things than this? The only difference is that you have not been caught. Her charge includes ‘the engaging in obscene acts that tend to corrupt the mind’. Surely we are shown similar obscene acts in the media when celebrating and the dances in those pubs.

  30. Well the young lady did what she did and she did not ask or force anyone to watch the vidoe. the video was viewed by people who frequent the porn sites on the net. these are the ones to be cages as it is them who have questionable morals. I am sure a lot of people did view this vidoe. Be real and address real issues, leave the young lady alone. Porn is here to stay and leave with it, sinning is part of life for every one has fallen short of God’s glory, even by judging this young lady. Leave Judgement to God.

  31. I feel pity for this girl for whatever transpired when this issue came up. Look at what has happened to her first she lost her place at ZCAS, the shame she has brought to her family and the court action brought against her. The movie they produced with her partner was meant for their own consumption. Despite the number of criticisms brought against her I feel that the culprit who should be charged for this offense is the person who put the movie on the internet. This person intentionally distributed the movie for the public to see. I know it is wrong for them to have produced it but the person who brought it to the public domain should also face the law.

  32. Its expansion of the industry. Iris knew that her Dad’s job is about 2 end so she had 2 launch her carreer. Shame this is Zambia, i stll wsh i kn see the video lol. I wll visit u in prison 4 some.

  33. i feel for iris and feel the that the fact her dad was in the previous govt will have a big impact on how this case goes……if found guilty she sud be given a suspended sentence coz she is not a danger to society……………on the other story how in the do 20 bikes cost 11 million…last time i checked a bike is 300 pin so 20 is 6 million…kaya

  34. I can’t believe that this poor girl has even ended up in Court.

    “She is charged with one count of making obscene cinematographic films tending to corrupt morals contrary to section 177 (1) (a) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia”.

    No, she was not! She was involved in a private video.

    I am angry about this actually. The kid has suffered enough. loss of her place at ZCAS, the publicity, shame on family. And the real criminals go scot free whilst we waste time on this nonsense. She is a bright kid. Don’t destroy her future over nothing.

  35. High time the let the girl alone.She was just too unlucky that her video handed up in wrong hands.Let the one with no sins cast the first stone.

  36. High time they let the girl alone.She was just too unlucky that her video ended up in wrong hands.Let the one with no sins cast the first stone.

  37. I feel sorry for this Iris, but the fact is not all moral cases are punishable. The society must understand what is morally good and what is morally bad to condemn this girl. However, in this case may the girl did not act from her will and consent, this is to say that there are external factors that can lead someone to fall in that act. Therefore, there is no need to use retribution method or utilitarian method but humanitarian method, this girl needs rehabilitation and this must be serious counselling not imprisonment no. Good luck Iris

  38. I give myself to you mwaiche,unchite nangu live nasumina.. Am ready to marry you. Leave the gal alone imwe ba f****************

    • I agree with you Mr Bean, it took two people. This media is very biased and this is not news at all. Its persecuting the poor girl publicly.

  39. It is such a shame that the media is exposing this girl as though this is the worst sin ever committed. Shame on the writer of this article..why are you following her as though you are the most righteous person in Zambia. She must have learnt a hard lesson and at the moment she needs support and encouragement to put her life together. Why did not you add the pictures of the bicycle thieves? Why not name the boy? Is he not facing the court for the same act? If not why Iris alone? Because of her father? Shame on you!!! Am sure the mother has equally been traumatised and you are still torturing them mentally.If only God could expose your secrets,you know how it feels to be in her place. Leave her alone and hope the judge has a heart of flesh to look at this case with kindness and love.

  40. leave the young lady alone .. start addressing issues of uhule wamuzambia of married old men infecting under aged girl with HIV..

  41. Leave the young girl alone!! He who has not committed sin should not throw stones at her. Many of you, politicians, directors, pastors, lawyers, etc have committed greater sins. Just because your acts were not recorded or what you recorded was not leaked does not make you better than Iris. I pray that God rescues this girl, and God will protect her.

  42. Why didn’t arrest Mutati umukulu? muleshikilila umwaice bakolwe leave her alone don’t destroy her future mwe mbushimwe.

  43. Particulars of the offence are that Iris, jointly and whilst acting together with another person unknown, made obscene cinematographic films tending to corrupt morals.

    Is this a Joke. these law makers are they old grey people with no internet knowledge. do they not know whats all online. and why is it you can not make a film of your self… I thought we were free in zambia… what a stupid law..

  44. Concentrate on Liato, Mwale and Nkata. these guys have allegedly stolen from the tax payers money which is us. As for porn one chooses to be corrupt by deciding to watch. iris is the first offender in that instance and deserves lenience. the publicity of the case was punishment enough for a young girl. serious than doing community work or one year jail sentence above all missing out on her studies and normal life with friends is psychologically enough torture for young girl  to endure.

  45. Leave the girl sure she has learnt her lesson..that’s what happenes to these kids of to

    Today..clearly young,stupid and sure God has forgiven her..who are we to judge her?? Some people have done worse than this little girl when you were young..leave her.alone to.pickr pick herself up and move on with her life..mwandi lesa is a forgiving God.. hold on to him and cling to.his that he sees you through this..and move on with your life.bless you

  46. Whatever the sin this young lady has committed, as a people and for that matter a christian nation, we should learn to give a second chance. we all make mistakes and we learn from them and i am sure Iris has learnt hers. she is a young lady full of potential and beloved of God, let us not condemn her but in love reach out to her and help her become a better person.

    i call upon organisations that fight for women’s rights to get involved and encourage her that whatever she did does not mark the end of the world for her and that she can always start anew and prove to those that are condemning her God does actually give us a second chance. personally i do not condemn her

    • You are talking well, this girl has gone through so much and enough is enough!!!!! She needs to be supported and helped to get through this. God still loves her and is always there to rebuild her life. These journalists should know what is news and what is detrimental to people’s future. This is taking us back to Jesus’ time when people brought the woman before Him yet none could stone her cos they all had fallen short in one way or the other. Hope the Lusaka times chief editor/people do get these feedbacks and get the message to leave her alone. This is pure persecuting her and her family. God bless people like you who have wisdom.

  47. That is rotten issue. What about that muchinga PF man celebrating naked in Ndola, and was even given a job as DC for a new district to be created but of course not chrundu but obviously in Muchinga

  48. These kids were doing it for money. From the video you could see that they were positioning themselves to catch a clear view of the camera. That porn is a hot piece around lsk. I was shocked what I saw. These kids look very innocent. Any way the girls needs to be forgiven God has already punished her by exposing her.


  50. I do not at this point want to comment on the merits or non-merits of taking this case to court, but suffice to mention that most bloggers (especially the male, I would assume) are mesmerized by the fact that Iris is young, fresh looking and beautiful – hence all the lustful comments and fantasies. This is the emotional and sentimental cloud that prevents you from objectively assessing the matter. And quoting the bibilical ” he who has not sinned, let them cast the first stone”, is ridiculous and inapplicable here. It is tantamount to stating that since everyone has committed a crime before, no one should be prosecuted. Not everyone who commits a crime is caught – hence the need to use those that are caught as an example and deterrant. So in short, don’t put passion before principle.

  51. Leave the young lady alone all you HYPOCRITES including the imbecile bloggers on this comment thread, am willing to offer the best legal services for this young girl.

  52. SEX, SEX, SEX SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX,SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX,SEX, SEX, SEX that’s all you think of, instead of developing and contributing to economy as if you are any better. 
    Let’s check your PC’s hard drives you Hypocrites!!!

  53. Ine guys I work as a Prison Warden so please ba court kakeni Iris. I have been told I will be working at the prison she will be locked up so pluzi ba court zoona.

    I saw Iris in the vijo zoona so no problems there the bigge! Iris limbi kuti alyako iyandi. Nga Nathan where is he?

  54. Notice how the gay activists and no surprise BEMBA’s are always on a nonsense post supporting the vile act or villany. It’s like a test to see how well we are kept on our toes. In the US the have rednecks, in Europe the had Nazi’s Zambia Bembas. While everyone else is striving for social economic liberation they are busy looking for worldly entertainment.

    • Nzelu, clearly you don’t know what NAZIs or rednecks are, because they’re quite different, and very different from Bembas.  Bemba people belong to a tribe, NAZIs were a fascist political party between World War I and the end of World War II in Germany (although some remnants still belong to the party now) and redneck is slightly derogatory term for a white American from a rural area that listens to country music, likes NASCAR and is socially conservative.  NAZIs, some rednecks, and many Bembas would not, in fact, support pornography, for whatever reasons.  Stereotyping a whole tribe is ignorant, but to try and compare them to NAZIs or rednecks is just plain foolish.

  55. I don’t think porn is healthy if you watch too often (like drugs), and I think the vast majority of it is degrading to women and objectifies them, and celebrates perverted sexual acts that are not dignified for anyone.  Nevertheless, I don’t think Iris should suffer, clearly this video was meant for the couple’s private life.  She was dumb to trust anyone with access to the video, but that’s not a reason to prosecute her.  Even if she was making it for money, we should blame ourselves for creating a culture that values money, fame and sex without love.  The people who market such films and those who distribute them need to be restricted in doing so, and we need to try to change people’s perspectives to get them to not watch and support the degradation of sexuality.

  56. So the person who cultivates the ‘chamba’ for their ‘personal use’ should never be prosecuted?Only those who steal it and sell it on, should be liable?

  57. I don’t think Iris is a porn-star, and she was not alone in the act. Where is the guy? how & what does he plead; guilty or not guilty? If the video was meant for financial gain I don’t know, I don’t even wish to know.

    The fact is she was involved in sex before marriage which is not contrary to the law of the country in question I am sure. Many people are indulge in sex before marriage, even some of those high people, I personally know some. The lady needs psychological counseling and the way this story is portrayed as if she was alone in the act, very unfair for women (Iris).

  58. i was hoping that this issue would die and help the girl rebuild her life. i hope the media will show compassion by not updating us unnecessarily as this will bring more mental torture to her family. porn is an evil cancer to society which we cant shield ourselves from as we live in a global village. it encourages sex without love. money without dignity

  59. This is not being serious. Are you telling me they can manage to find 2.1 billion kwacha buried but they can’t find the guy she was with in the video ? Its a video for gods sake you can see the person in it. Take him to court to

  60. This is the problem with Africa. Least developed but number 1 in HIV/AIDS cases. Has anyone figured out why? Because people spend most of their time planning to have sex and the rest of the time drinking and actually having sex. Think about this for once, it is actually embarassing. People have sex without a condom, they get infected with HIV and run to the white man for help so that they do not die of AIDS and continue cleaning pipe. Essh Mushota where are you?

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