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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

K3.8 billion spent on Commissions of Inquiry,Parliament told

General News K3.8 billion spent on Commissions of Inquiry,Parliament told

2 unidentified members of the public walk out of the Barosteland inquiry hearing after being ordered out for coming with bows and arrows in Lusaka

Government has revealed that K3.8 billion was spent on the four commissions of inquiry constituted to look into various national issues between 20th September and 30th November, 2011.

QFM News reports that Deputy Minister in the office of the Vice President Edgar Lungu told Parliament today that there was no provision for the Commissions of Inquiry in the 2011 budget.

Mr Lungu however said that a supplementary budget was required to account for the expenditure as the programme came after the 2011 budget was approved.

He explained that the Energy Regulation Board Commission of Inquiry had a budget of K4.7 billion, while the Mongu riots Commission of Inquiry had a budget of K5.5 billion.

Mr Lungu further said that the Zambia Revenue Authority Commission of Inquiry had a budget of K3.3 billion, with the Zambia National Building Society Commission of Inquiry having a budget of K3.097 billion.


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  1. its ok more will be recovered out of this. This shows that there is money in our country.don’t even blame PF because most of the people involved in these inquiries are lawyers and this profession has become expensive nowadays.

  2. Indeed more money in their pockets! Things are getting worse. I now believe that some people are better off making noise in the opposition the being presidos, Total confusion all over. We followed chiluba and only managed to recover designer pants and shoes yet people went to their banks smiling, a similar picture in the making.

  3. One of these commissions will be paid for with Liato’s “non-germinating cash” unearthed from his farm. They should also search Kunda and Shikapwasha’s farms with ground penetrating radar, we might be lucky there too. As for Dora Siliya’s backyard, no doubt on that one; I would even volunteer to excavate that one up, but don’t expect me to tell exactly how much I found—-it is more money in my pocket, right?! Ke!, ke!, ke!, ke!, ke!, ke!……God have mercy!

  4. #2 mary, did you not feel ashamed to hit the send button?

    Take a rest from blogging, dear. Even in propaganda, the argument has to sound plausible, yours is a joke……only depicts your sub-intellectual level of functioning.

  5. Wait a minute..does it mean that a total of K20 plus billion has been spent on all the COIs? and was unbudgeted for? Now this is more than donchi…Sata visionary leader indeed as per Dr Kaseba.

  6. flag London Station Namazayi says:
    Wed Feb 29 at 3:15 am

    We told you ,that this man is hyperselfish,and tribalistic here we are money spent on his friends through useless COIs and knowing Satana and Pa Fwaka party he gets shares from these people through his dog selling children or his numerous girlfriends.No wonder miles sampa is at finance Ministry it is now plander time.Donchi Kudabwa you were told.Viva RB,Viva Chanda Chimba

  7. What a worst of tax payers money… Constituting COIs who recommendations end up either being rejected or unimplemented. Ridiculous!

  8. It has become a trend in zambian politics that anything the government does is termed as waste of taxpayers money. Should grz stop working or do we know other means of running grz business for free?

  9. @everyone complaining about PF…take break from your whinning and complaining start thinking now coz thats wat will help u to find answers to watever questions u might have about GRZ….I tell u that the money spent will pay off soon

  10. This is really wasting money, Unza , hospitals, really urgent needs not
    Wants being ignored for COI, besides people being pursued have to go
    To court and courts will look at cases different from what PF thinks

  11. There could another commission of inquiry on how the K3.8b was spent. Later on it would why the inquiry

  12. This web page doesn’t show up properly on my i phone – you might wanna try and fix that

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