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Be clear on the Barotseland agreement, Sata urged

General News Be clear on the Barotseland agreement, Sata urged

President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED) has demanded for an explanation from the government over its U-turn on the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

ZED president Fred Mutesa says President Michael Sata should tell the people of Zambia if at all this is the time that he has realized the seriousness of the matter.

Dr. Mutesa says failure by President Sata to explain his new stance on the Barotseland agreement will give an impression that the Head of state during his campaigns promised to restore the Barotseland agreement in order to lure the voters of western province.

The opposition leader was speaking to QFM news.

Recently, President Sata when he received a report from the commission of inquiry instituted to investigate the Mongu riots said he would be reluctant to recommend to his cabinet the restoration of the Barotseland agreement as doing so would cause other native authorities in the country to also demand for secession.

This was after the commission led by prominent lawyer Rodger Chongwe recommended that the Barotseland agreement be restored.



  1. The past (campaign promises) has caught up with the old man….Tell them ni none starter from KK to RB this was quiet now look what is happening..How about KK why is he quiet on this issue he signed it

  2. it is amazing how we zambians divert from real issues. we concentrate on none core issue we talk about homo sexuals, barotse, all these wont do anything to improve the living standards of the every day life. What Zambians need is quality living, good infrastructure, education and health for all.

    • Teze Bantu the Barotseland Agreement was a core factor for your independence. Unless of course you want to revert to pre-1964 status.

  3. sata must also explain where the development in 90 days has gone to WHICH he promised zambians as demanded by HH and also the more money in the pockect. mind you the dollaer is is at k5300 and no one in pf seems to be interested….

  4. The President and the PF administration are very clear on the issue. They have said NO to the BA64 just like all the other previous administrations.

    Some people think that the BA64 will be restored through propaganda, it will not happen.

    The government should just push forward with the splitting of Western Province into two so that we focus our attentions of developmental matters that will have a real positive impact on the people in the Western region.

    Viva Kafue Province, Viva One Zambia One Nation!

    • Kafue province advocate.

      You must be a nkoya. Only nkoyas have inferiority complex in western province. Come muna, we are one. Dont be cheated by kolwestans that you are any better. 

  5. Very interesting to hear a Doctor telling lies because of ignorance. Where and when did Sata say he would restore Barotseland. Sata promised to listen to the people of wesstern province on the barotseland issue and he fufilled his promise by forming a comission of enquiry immediately he took over power.Results of the Commision can not be sactioned by Sata alone, it has to go to parliament because it envolves giving away part of Zambia. What Sata has done is to state his position as regards to BA. Other Zambians can also tell us what they want. Then parliament can take it up. No single president will make a descision on the BA issue. It is Zambians through parliament or referendum to decide.If Westerners think Sata will give them Barotseland they are wasting their time becoz Sata is not Zmb

  6. Wena Kafue Advocate, were u promised to b the President of Kafue province. Ok Kafue Advocate c this, if Nkoyas pull out then the Shanjos, Subiyas, Totelas, Mbundas, Luvales, Chokwes, luyanas, Kwamashis, Kwangwas, Nyengos, Mashis and many more. At the end of the day who will remain, i know because u are dull, u will say Lozis. Now who is a Lozi. U are just attacking yourself and continue shoooting yourself and infact u should b happy that as a province we have this Document. Experts have continued telling u that Mwanawina who sighed the document was a Nkoya. Sirotse wena masipa is from South Africa, all of us u and i have accepted to use it as a means of communication. I have stayed in Kaoma, people are free to speak Nkoya, Luvales still speak their dilect and so on .

  7. @ KweKwe – Our Great leader said during a filmed campaign. I’ve seen it almost 20 times on Muvi TV.
    I suggest we leave the campaigns behind and focus on jobs for the youth and then more money and then bringing the dollar to at least 5000.

  8. Kwekwe, Sata is in for it, he really promised that is y he is being put into the corner by opposition Mp’s. Kwekwe if u suffer from brain erosion, ourselves we can remember. The problem we have have Zambians we have is that we sometimes 4get easily, he said it but today we are busy asking ourselves, “Did he really promise”. He has cheated, but there is always next time, u and your President will 4get and come with the same lie. Today you are rejoicing, but wait and see. Sata has made stupid things already than Bwezani. Kwekwe watch our space ok. Zambia to you, Barotse for us.

  9. kwekwe, your President promised. Watch all the campaign documentaries. Learn to be objective.

  10. Mwana’a mulena Litia-tate luitumezi kwa ku cala zibo mwa toho ya mushimani ya lyangana yo wa sinkoya-Continue spreading the Gospel we are behind you.

  11. sata has done more u turns than any leader in this world that he is just spinning now, no direcion, no where to go. He needs a grade7 certificate. zambia is going nowhere with Sata

  12. How many people voted for Sata from Western Province? Sata promised them if they voted for him. Look at the number of Member of Parliaments from this province; are they PFs? Sata has not changed. Those people did not vote for him. Do you mean Copperbelt, Luapula, Northen, Lusaka, Central and Northwestern provinces voted for Sata to honor the Barotse thing? Which logic are you following? That was a promise to one province, and the province did not give votes to Sata so that he gives them the promise.

    • IWe it is not only MP positions that count but all the number of votes for he PF that counted towards the booting out of Ala Bee. That mattered. Do you know that even the Eastern Province really contributed to the PF winning by giving a lot of votes to them. 

    • By the way then Sata should be principled and come out and tell it to their face that they never gave him votes as you claim. Is it too much to ask?

  13. Philosopher tell them more, they are sick. Why do you ask for a promise when you failed to deliver? Where were these people when we were voting? They did not vote for Sata and they should not expect him to please them for nothing. May be in 2016 when they wake up from slamber.

  14. Ba Philosopher,

    Check you presidential tally and you will see that Sata got more than 200,000 votes in western. He won the overall by more than 100,000. What are you saying/

  15. A promise is a promise. The best one can do is not to promise. Usually men of integrity don’t promise but just act when the right time comes. As for Sata it is true he must just come out in the open and say this is my official position. After all the support which we gave Sata has dropped by 50% and i regret my votes for this unreasonable govt.
    Kaponyas for the kaponyas by the kaponyas=shame

  16. For sure every wise man can see.-its time for Barotseland to go back to its owners.no need of witch hunting or dull excuses,we know our enemies are trying to divide us by sending fake comments and claim they are nkoyas u have failed im a nkoya myself. Mwa****ku naiti BAROTSELAND.

  17. Lozis you have yourselves to blame. How can you have an alliance with this man, he should fix you big time so that next time you learn to vote wisely. Sata is not ashamed to lie if he has to as long as he gets what he wants; typical of……..s.

  18. The only matter Sata was ever clear on is lies. To therefore expect clear guidance from him on a complex matter like the BA64 is just asking too much. With the man’s little education, the situation, it is bad sure.

  19. all u guys crying for BA64 answer me this question,what good is it to split our beloved zed? tell me how does it benefit u Litia chap and ur cronies? seriously lets not over crowd MCS with such issues when u know deep down that it happen…by the way did u guys vote for MCS..? Sata did not say when I become PRESIDO I will restore BA64.. he said if u westerners vote for me I will..! so everyone crying for BA64 to be restored here is a question for u.. Did u vote for MCS.? coz dont fight for BA64 on the expense of us who actually voted for him,for u tongas dont even go there coz u didnt for MCS so quit whinning..

  20. Guys, just something completely unrelated to help distract your ‘anger’ or happiness and channel it into a different direction.

    Today I stumbled uopn a Kenya blog called MwakilishiDOTcom and I found something shocking there.

    Apparently Kenya took out the Ugliest People in Africa award and it did thid by ‘dislodging Zambia’ who I infer had been winning the award but came second this time.

    Surely with all our beautiful people, how can we take such an award? It made me wonder, was this award given to us based on our Presidents?
    Check it out… just search for ‘Kenyans Voted Ugliest in Africa’ :(

  21. Your president is real ugly. He must have represented Zambia in Kenya for the ugliest president in Africa.

  22. If Zambia fought for independence…the purpose was to give freedoms to individuals and not to give back power to traditional leaders. Whom by birth right lay claim to a power just because they share some blood of some very dead warrior or witch that ruled a certain group and exercise that power over perceived subjects. Hence when you talk about devolution of power is that not a good example of the trend of the political power moving from State to traditional leaders.

    Let Zambian remain a Republic.

  23. @joseph Daka: You need to check the results from WP again. They are there on the ECZ website. Western Province Presidential
    RB = 62000
    HH = 53000
    SATA = 43000
    Overall, Sata beat his closest rival RB by 180000 votes. When you subtract 43000 votes from WP, you will find that Sata could still have won the Presidential election even if he got 0 in WP. So stop using votes as the reason for which to have the BA64 restored. And if he promised you, then use that (promise) as a feasible argument rather than the number of votes you gave him. If anything, one could still conclude that those 43000 who voted for Sata, are the only ones advocating for the restoration of the BA64 and that is why they voted for him. As for the rest (majority!), they are against the restoration of the BA64. 

    • That has nothing to do with the restoration. Whether WP voted foror against Sata, the BA64 issue stands as a historical reminder to all Zambians from KK onwards to learn not to lie.

    • @Barotse: I think you are ignoring facts here and it is the likes of you that are propagating violence over a non starter subject. As Brazil points out. RB and his Administration crashed the uprising of January 14th 2011. bearly 8 months before the General elections. Despite the killings, the Majority of votes go to him. On the other hand, Sata promises to deliver on the BA64 and he gets the least of votes available. What does that say? Either, the majority do not trust him or they are not in support of the restoration.

  24. From my side, I think you have every right to get what truly belongs to you, but use other arguments rather than the number of votes you gave Sata in WP. That is not a strong argument, especially given that the majority voted for RB given all that his administration did in Mongu surely? 

  25. Whatever you say Kwekwe, brazil and Kafue advocate, We for Barostekland with or without a vote for Sata Baosteland is there.

    It is very true Sata IS UGLIEST PRESIDENT in Afriuca if not the the whole world. His heart is also as ugly as his face face, all can see apart from the blimnd From Luapula, AND Muchinga. What do youexpect from a person whose mind and face has been distorted by tobbacco, or is it balani.

  26. # 29 , Sata was made in the image of GOD. If is ugly then GOD is also ugly. But anyway, I know you are a DEMONIC pagan full of evil spirits. You have a right to oppose Mr Sata but not to the extent of insulting him. Let’s oppose or disagree in a moral and logical manner. Remember, he is also a father with children. I can tell that you were born out of wedlock you BASTARD and child of a BITCH.

  27. # 23. Whether Mr Sata is ugly or not, it matters less. God made him in His Image. Mr Sata is an elderly man who deserves our deepest respect even if we do not agree with him as a person or in policy matters. Am sure you would not want anyone to insult your own father by calling him foul names and so it is with Mr Sata’s children. Lets discuss issues uprightly and with a logical basis. Its ridiculous and illogical to insult just becoz you do not agree with someone in anyway. You have a CRUDE mind just like # 23. If you have a father then you should have learnt to respect elders and treat them like your own father. You are an illiterate and if you any level of education, you are basically educated foolish dull fool. I assume you were born out prostitution you BASTARD and child of a BITCH.

  28. #6, 8, 9, 23, & 29 should be ignored because they suffer from an endemic TSUNAMIC Diarrhea of the mouth and brain caused by a pathogenic bacteria called Barotse of type BA64. Very dull and CRUDE-minded creatures. These endangered minority ethnic species have a right to non-fibrous wishful thinking, daydreaming and nightmaring. Ignore these self-centred endangered minority ethnic species which could extinct anytime soon if not protected. These creatuser have porous reasoning should bea ignored no matter what they yap. Foolish endangered minority ethnic species.

  29. #6, 8, 9, 23, & 29 should be ignored because they suffer from an endemic TSUNAMIC Diarrhea of the mouth and brain caused by a pathogenic bacteria called Barotse of type BA64. Very dull and CRUDE-minded creatures. These endangered minority ethnic species have a right to non-fibrous wishful thinking, daydreaming and nightmaring. Ignore these self-centred endangered minority ethnic species which could extinct anytime soon if not protected. These creatures have porous reasoning and should be ignored no matter what they yap. Foolish endangered minority ethnic species.

  30. We all have seen the Barotse 64 Act, it Says we are all Zambians. Where is the problem I may ask? Better who is the problem?

  31. The lozis did not fullfill the campaign promise. 80% voted for HH and MMD why do they what BA64 to to be looked at when woodwinked MCS. The lozi love UPND and MMD MPs so don’t talk about campaign promise which you failed to fullfill yourselves. The same lozis are a problem in Namibia and most of the leaders are in exile who wanted to secede from that country in Katimamulilo. Grow up guys and stop the *****ic way of looking at developing the region.

  32. Lozi people ask yourselves this question, if it where the bemba people or tonga people and not yourselves that had signed an agreement to restore their land would u be in support of them claiming half or any land at all for themselves.

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