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The Gender debate:A mans quest for equality

Headlines The Gender debate:A mans quest for equality

Flashback:Former Kasama central MP Saviour Chishimba (l) and his counterpart from Roan Chishimba Kambwili following proceedings during the international women's day commemoration in 2009

By M.Chingala

I should start by saying I am not of the view that man’s supremacy is at stake because of the gender thing. But what if it is? Neither am I saying that men should grab from the women what the latter have taken from them. My argument is basically a thought provoking delve into social streams meant to ignite debate.

Gender activists consistently appear in interviews advocating for this or that woman right. But what happened to demanding equal duties? Why can’t they also advocate for equal jobs (such as underground mining). Why should a man behave like a gentleman in a time when women view such men as sissies?

Which man would like to be seen as a ‘half man? Consequently, every man displays a rough nature. After all the roughest men get the prettiest ladies or am I wrong? Why is it the man who frequents night spots in search of prostitutes so despised by ladies? Why is it a turn off for other women with whom he may not even have intentions of proposing? Personal friends often frown. Is the issue about the concern for the man’s health or what? Isn’t a prostitute better than an unfaithful girlfriend or adulterous wife? I like my friend’s definition of a prostitute. He defines them as people who, for money, do in one night what a wife does in the lifetime of the marriage.

Just like the women’s rights activists or the career-oriented 21st century woman, I like to have fun-except without the worries of a relationship. I care about other people’s feelings so I do not engage in relationships in which I cannot give my all. Well, with the exception of a prostitute. This is because with her, there is mutual understanding to maximize pleasure in one instant and not play offended when either of us is in the company of someone else.

I should say I am quite disappointed with the 21st century woman. She goes out clubbing at night in the company of other men and still demand to be trusted by their partners. Oh, what the hell! Which man would like his lady to do that if he truly loves her?

Women are now enlightened. That is a 21st century woman. Why not be a 21st century man by being the man that you are supposed to be. Don’t think of yourself as a dog. That is just girl talk though it may be true in some areas (such as style of peeing-against something and not in the open!) Think of yourself as a lion, a predator, an animal that enjoys the search. Be outgoing. Meet people. Isn’t that how male genitals are? Outside the body. Seeking to explore, to devour. Besides, our orgasm is also characterized by fluid being ejected.

So what’s my conclusion? Simple. Ladies should not expect me to practice chivalry. They should forget about me ever opening the door for them or helping out with the heavy luggage. Right? Wrong? I will continue to do that but not with the free willingness that they call ‘sissie.’ Some will call me frustrated. That maybe I have had a rough time with ladies. Wrong. I just believe in treating someone the same way they treat me. Just like gender activists, I believe in equal rights, but with equal duties and equal responsibilities. Regards fellas, I’ve got matebeto to attend- My chivalrous friend found a mate.


  1. I love the Pic! Saviour Chishimba would have made a better Minister than kambwili nomba ubupuba kwati HH Tonga bull.

  2. Chingala, you are obviously immature and have not the slightest idea of what you are talking about. Are you talking about prostitutes or equal rights? You don’t have a girl friend because you have no idea how to treat women.

    Equal rights mean the same treatment of women as men in society and in employment. Equal rights doesn’t mean equal physical strength. Yes, Chivalry is alive but not in unschooled men like yourself.

  3. Interesting POINT, indeed some gender activists are discriminatory!
    Equal rights should be just tht, equal!

  4. M. Chingala, you need help. You are sick and mostly likely promiscuous. In every village there’s a fool. You could be one. Just look at how people have dismissed you altogether!! Go where you belong.

  5. Hmmmmm???? – Bemba brothers, guys, sometimes you give us goodlooking Zambians, especially your women ….BUT then sometimes, I don’t know may be you lose concentration, you give us some of the ugliest faces around!!!! I mean just look at how ugly Chishimba Kambwili is…so ugly the chap is even making Saviour Chishimba look handsome… This is serious!!!! Poseni ko amano guys. You eat too much monkey meat!

  6. @ number 5 Gokigo Milazhe, which beautiful Bemba women are you talking about? hahahahahahaha. Beautiful women in Zambia come from the East, South and west. As stiff and foul loud mouthed Bemba women can be are you crazy? I am from the east and not Tonga so don’t insult the Tongas for no reason.

  7. This Changala thing sounds deleteriously dull. What is it trying to say anyway?
    @ 2 Nubian, yes you better give some lesson to that Changala Author, his thinking is representing Zambian men then its really depressing. He might be Kabwili’s nephew.

  8. This guy just said what EveryMan thinks his only mistake was saying it in public. and not in private with his mates.

  9. This is a great piece of work! What’s wrong with people accepting the truth? But i would suggest the author doesnt go this route because he will be unpopular, people like to read what suits them..

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