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President Sata upgrades Gender Division to full Cabinet Ministry, appoints Inonge Wina as Minister of Gender

Headlines President Sata upgrades Gender Division to full Cabinet Ministry, appoints Inonge...

President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

Republican President Michael Sata has upgraded the gender division into a full cabinet ministry and appoints Inonge Wina as Gender Minister.

Speaking today in Lusaka at the commemoration of the International Women’s days which falls on 8th March every year, President Sata said that Emerine Kabanshi, who was Gender Division deputy Minister, has now been promoted as Cabinet Minister to take over from Ms Wina as Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister.

President Sata said he is encouraged by the unity exhibited by women during the celebrations regardless of their political affiliation. The President Sata has also pledged his government’s commitment to address gender based violence by domesticating international conventions on gender.

Speaking earlier, NGOCC chairperson Beatrice Grillo appealed to government to operationalize the Anti gender law to ensure that the escalating cases of violence against women are alleviated.

Ms. Grillo further called on government to declare gender based violence a national disaster while urging President Michael Sata to set up a commission of inquiry to look into matters of gender based violence.

Ms. Grillo also demanded that article 23 of the Republican constitution be removed from the new constitution as it hinders women progress.

She has also called on the ministry of justice to set up fast track courts to expeditiously deal with cases of gender based violence.

And UNDP Director Kanni Wignaraja called on Zambians to ensure that traditional and cultural practices that affect the progress for women to be discarded.

She urged government to introduce a minimum threshold in political offices that will attract more women participation in leadership positions.

Hundreds of women and men thronged the show grounds this morning to commemorate the international Women’s day characterized by dances, poems and a match past from Munali round about along the great East Road to the show grounds, the venue of the celebrations among other activities.

This year’s international Women’s day theme is “Connecting girls, inspiring futures, mentorship for success.”

The gathering observed a minute of silence in respect of women who have died as a result of Gender Based Violence.



  1. This defies his election promise of a smaller cabinet.How many ministries do we have right now?Is it not 30? Kaya!!

  2. No consistency and foresight/planning with this guy (King Cobra). Can’t he see that he’s damaging the image of our beloved country with his abrupt decisions?! I have no problems with Gender becoming a full ministry/cabinet portfolio, but we need to plan these things. Ministries come with a Minister, Deputy Minister(s), Permanent Secretaries, Directors and staff, as well as infrastructure. These things need to be planned and budgeted for. God save us from this mad man!!

  3. Balipena bamudala aba. He has forgotten that he told us he will reduce cabinet to save but he is now doing totally the opposite.
    MMD please get organised you still have a very big chance as Satan is giving you ammunition every day
    What a liar in the name of Satan?

  4. That clause of a president having a degree applies for now…he needs more study before he continue to embarrass himself…!

  5. This is a good move in itself but when you reflect on your campaign promises (if at all you ever have time to reflect Mr. MCS), you will realize that you have now ended up with a larger Cabinet. Well, I maybe wasting my time and energy on this cause in the end, you have broken all the campaign promises you made to the Zambians.   


  7. The republican president has suggested the following upcoming cabinet posts:
    Ministry of Ignoring Fitch Reports
    Incumbent:Engineer from Australia,only one who understands above grade 2 material
    Ministry of Re-Alignment of Govt Madness
    Incumbent:none,interviews at Chainama
    Ministry of Reshuffles
    Incumbent:”prophet”Joshua has to predict my weekly reshuffle

  8. Sata at it again. This guy has duped us as Zambians. That why I refer to him as China-china Pres.

  9. yayayayayaya..this man and his appointments..everyday he’s giving jobs to cadres!how many ministries do you have now sir Cycle mata..?hahahaha..a repeat of MMD..why didn’t u appoint someone who is married in that new ministry..?

  10. From Re-alignment to Up-grading.Does the Bwato still has a compass,if at all it ever had one?

  11. There is also one Ministry that most of you lot don’t know about! THE MINISTRY OF KOLWESTANS…..It is there to serve a certain species.

  12. wel done Mr President, i know how important Gender issues are; it is a big concern in this part of the world we are so ignorant, this government size is still very manageable. Zambia just neede a face lift in this area.:)>-

  13. The sad thing is Kaponyas still don’t realize that Zambia has been duped by this lunatic. Meanwhile the Kwacha still continues to fair badly against major currencies, street vendors still line the streets of our major towns, unemployment – no change there, foreign investments pointing downwards, Sata’s ego and thirst for more power – EVER ON THE RISE. Nanaka, this man makes you tired trying to follow Zambia politics. Every time I try to ignore Zed politics, they pull me back in. OBAMA 2012!

  14. I know the number of ministries has increased BUT it is still a damn good idea to elevate GIDD to full Cabinet Ministry level…and you couldn’t have a better person than Inonge to run it.

  15. No wonder Parliamentarians yesterday told PF in parliament that they were giving PF a blanket approval of realignment of ministries as they were happening too often. At this rate, I wonder how many we expect in the next 4 weeks. Surely, does anyone beleive there is any planning or rationale by PF in what they are doing?

  16. Awe kwena elo lwanya!! I can easily tell we are headed for doom. How many you turns have we witnessed? From a red hot frying pan into fire, ati the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know. Atase!!!! Ifyabupuba!!!

  17. sata is running in circles. the other time he scolded at mulasikwanda and he said he wold not make the ministry of gender because he wanted a small cabinet. today he goes back to his vomit.PF is confused and appear lost on how to govern, more still his speech today was not presidential like. Full of jokes with no sense of humor.

  18. This is phase I that is grinding towards demoting Inonge Wina into a nonentity. Having been PF Chairperson, many Lozis believed Inonge wouldd get the position of Republican Vice-Presidency. Alas! Inonge was merely used as a tool to cheat the Lozis that Barotseland would be granted its much-soughed indepedence from Zambia through the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964. Being now considered irrelevant, Inonge is a process of being damped into a toilet bin. Yet Madam Inonge should have read her late husband’s mind-set and approach to issues of Barotseland. SATA’s DECEPTION IS IN FULL GEAR! The late Arthur Wina must be turning in his Grave. MHSRIP. Chibamba Kanyama must also listern from wisemen of the East – KEEP A DISTANCE FROM SATA’S ZNBC TRICKERY AS SHAMENDA IS A SALE-OUT

  19. Lean cabinet indeed. Well done Ba President because you are making it more difficult to believe in the PF govt. Exist door is showing sooner than later. Get organised.

  20. remember HH said sata is a flip flopper and people criticized HH that he was not being patriotic.sata is a serious flip flopper of flip floppers.

  21. The tinkering President. It is clear that although President Sata spent 10 years in opposition he was not ready to govern. In the last 5 months, all he has done is tinkering. His friends at The Post newspaper may come to his defence, but one day they will run out of excuses for the man. He just doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on. I can see the office of Vice President being split up into two offices of Vice and President…. LOL

  22. .
    Besides being a president, Sata would make a good Soap Opera’s, TV Series Script Writer. The audience would be guaranteed with surprises in every weekly episode.

    Presently his Political & Economical advisors are getting paid for doing zilch. Not that they do not want to whisper wisdom to him but, they are too scared to erupt a Volcanic Ash.

    He appears bent in rushing to make appointments without checking the anecdote of certain individuals that he is appointing. Worse more, creating and demerging ministries which are just another unnecessary cost to the tax payer.


  23. Everyday I am shuffling! Everyday, everyday, I am shuffling..tanana-nananana…where is the money in my pocket coming..tanana-nananana..but everyday I am shuffling, shuffling! where is the job and improved education I was promised?…tanana-nananana..but everyday I am shuffling…where is the development program I was promised?…but everyday, everyday I am shuffling eeh ehh e-shuffling…tanana-nananana….

  24. .
    Sata does not realise that it’s costing the nation billions to reprint Stationary, realign Software Accounting Packages in the civil service Computer Systems, whenever he makes these announcements.

    For Sata! It’s always about – Shoot To Kill and then call the Doctor – to resuscitate someone’s life or reduce the damage control, which is a very dangerous way of running affairs of the nation.

    Why name the ministry as “Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education” which is all just Education per say.

    The bottom is that this is a fallacy; he has no idea what he is doing.

    He reminds me of people that always tell lies on their Curriculum Vitae ( CV) when applying for jobs that they can do the job and when things heat up, they start giving excuses.

  25. The president should have combined the ministry of Traditional affairs and Gender as one becuase there is an association between gender and traditional matters.

  26. Hehehehehe! Satas’ latest idea and toy is to create a ministry based on the holiday, I see. Be prepared for the Minystry of Youth next week, followed by the Ministry of Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Ministry of Indipendence, Christmas etc. This guy is slowly ceasing to surprise me. We are in sh!t!

  27. I want to believe RB was better in his three years look at the roads,schools, hospitals which were constructed, only that he was surrounded by some individuals who had selfish ambitions.

  28. When Sata came to power they merged vitally economically important ministries like Tourism to the Information Ministry under the gaze of cost savings measures NOW he is doing completely the opposite creating pointless useless ministries and deputy ministerial positions to appease his wife and his pals in opposition.
     I say this and I said it before you don’t save anything by merging departments, you just transferring work loads which our lazy demotivated inefficient civil servants cannot take on …if you do a SWOT analysis you will find that we are losing out in say merging Tourism ministry in opportunities like Forex and job opportunities which the economy is hungry for. 
    Why don’t YOU stop messing things and just implement prudent policies, you promised.

  29. Mad President…atase minister of whahhhht?am i seeing ryt? dats da problem of appointing grade 6 as president nowad a Degree clause shud b introduct in constitution..bakaponya imweee mwagwesa zaiko pansi

  30. Iliko bad bushe does this man has pipo to advise him abena Kabimba and Given were are you or u have also changed?

  31. Abantu tabafwaya ukubepwa do waht you promised bamudala. If not you will regret. Zambians are pipo u can never take for granted with. We are watching u very closely.

  32. Biggie nimwebo ba sata! we are behind u. @28 NOTORIOUS B.I.G,ulekwata umuchishi kuli boma. Itole!

    • Zambia yobe..what nonsense are u saying,u min u are blind dull boy,giving me five cemented reasons or purposes of that damn ministry?

  33. Zambia YAndi: stop being a blind supporter. what rationale is there to create such a stand-alone ministry? Is it increasing violence against women? Can’t see any reason. please, maybe you can educate me on this move by H.E. Sata?

  34. that is all i expect from this president. big spending gov, re-aligning, re-basing , renaming reshuffles and re-possessions. what i don’t expect of him is job plans, job creation, expansion of private sector or real investment in infrastructure.

  35. that is all i expect from this president. big spending gov, increased spending on consumption, re-aligning, re-basing , renaming reshuffles and re-possessions. what i don’t expect of him is job plans, job creation, expansion of private sector or real investment in infrastructure.

  36. Poor Inonge Wina! Cant she see that her days are numbered now and that the President has finished using her? Poor lady. She is just a flower vase.

  37. I really hate to say this, but HH was right, this man is a flip flopper BIG-TIME. One wonders if we should ever believe what he says. Is this what the Zambian people voted for? Zambian politicians, awe mwandi. Its a sheer waste of time. Let me concentrate on developing myself, coz no one will. ABASHI POLITICS, ABASHI READING ABOUT ZED, BYE BYE LT!!!!!

  38. Very positive move – nothing wrong with looking at how to support women (for one) and lest we forget we were all birthed by one and need one to birth the next generation :)

  39. While not bad to promote women affairs, by please ba Sata people want to see physical development taking place such as roads, hospitals,schools etc not these appointments we are seeing everyday without targible results, please Ba sata creat jobs for the young people of zambia

  40. So now Inonge Wina has to master the PF manifesto on Gender while Emerine Kabanshi has to master section on Chiefs and Traditional Affairs.It seems the criticism on frequent re-alignment of ministers and senior civil servants is falling on deaf ears.This man must be arrogant

  41. what i see is cadres being moved to job to job when are others going to work when all what we hear is new ministries but same recycled people.more money in our pockets pls.

  42. We shall listen wen we talk they say we talk much,after lo its yo web ninaha kiyamina shaa!

  43. Recently nearly half of the Zambians on the bus en-route to Johannesburg from Zambia were returned to Zambia for not having yellow fever certificates. That incident went as though people were not only inconvenienced but also lost on valuable income they earn by buying and selling merchandize. The Govt of Zambia that claims to be pro people was mute. The Nigerian group of 120 was deported on the same premise, the Nigerian Govt reacted by deporting 84 South Africans and threatened to close MTN, Shoprite and Standard Bank from Nigeria. Today there has been unconditional apology from south Africa to Nigeria. The kaponya Govt. seems only to bent on creating ministries for their colleagues and nothing for ordinarily Zambians.

  44. Since when was Zambia declared a yellow fever risk country. My Zambian colleagues who are in the medical profession don’t understand where this is conning from. WHO has not declared Zambia as such so where is this coming from?, Can someone explain this to the Zambian people why they should be subjected to such vaccinations.

  45. @Nkalanda. I had a lousy day. You made me laugh so hard. Thanks for the song.

    Sata is ……. what can we say? What next?

  46. How will the Cabinet portrait look like now? A week after further re-alignment. Can I suggest maybe govt waits to re-do the current one till June; maybe by then the Prez would have made up his mind as to whom shall head which Ministry. We can save a bit of cash!!!

  47. This man is busy firing and reshuffling people for non performance and my question is: does it look to anyone of you that this man is on top of his job? if he is not, then the same standard should be applied to him. if the PF central committee does not have the power to recall him, then I am  a citizen signature petition can be tried!

  48. These completely useless and endless appointments and re-alignments are now a clear case of lunacy. What is it about Zambian presidents and expensive vile fettishes? With Chiluba it wasa stealing, with Banda it was endless trips and in comes Sata with endless re-alignments and stinking tribalistic appointments!

  49. Do not be cheated that women have been recognised . It was a stupid way of appointing another bemba from his village. Big noses are a nuisance. Where is the reduction of cabinet imwe bakolwe, ne nda shenu??????/

  50. The women’s movement has never supported the idea of a full ministry, GIDD should remain the way its is as a ministry its work will be sidelined and poorerly funded. we need GIDD to be a commission so it has influence over all the other minitries and institutions in the country to ensure gneder equality. ba Sata read the histroy you will find the the women rejected that idea when Levy introduced ministry of women affairs.

  51. Few clever Zambians, are ruling a few million of us big talker. In the meanwhile, if you notice, the ruling class has not changed. They are just the other side of the bread. We, common Zambians keep talking to prove ‘I know more than you know’. And taking advantage of our fondness for gossip, beer and men/women, the ruling class keep grinding us and amass wealth without limit. Find/show me a very ordinary poor Minister in this Cabinet.

    Lets not talk about unimportant things. Lets not talk about this government any more. Lets prepare for the next pole and promise ourselves to bring in better thinking men and women.

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