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Magistrate warns State Prosecutors against delaying Maxwell Mwale’s bicycles case

General News Magistrate warns State Prosecutors against delaying Maxwell Mwale’s bicycles case

Maxwell Mwale
Maxwell Mwale

Lusaka chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda has warned state prosecutors against applying for unnecessary adjournments in former Mines Minister Maxwell Mwale’s case.

Magistrate Banda told prosecutors when they applied for an adjournment claiming that the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP) was in custody of the case file.

Police senior legal officer, Simon Tembo made the application saying the DPP was studying the matter and that the state was waiting to be given direction on how to proceed.

In granting bail, Magistrate Banda warned the State prosecutors that he was granting them an adjournment for the last time.

Magistrate Banda described the continued adjournment of the matter as unfair.

This is in a matter in which Mr. Mwale is facing one count of failing to account for possession of properties involving over two hundred bicycles believed to have been stolen.

Mr Mwale has allegedly failed to account for 261 bicycles deemed to have been unlawfully obtained. It is alleged that on October, 18, 2011, Mr Mwale jointly with others had in their possession 261 bicycles which were reasonably suspected to have been acquired unlawfully



  1. Useless accusation ,are there no important things to look at than wasting the court’s time? How much does 261 bicycles cost? if i have i give you that money imwe fi pf what are u going to do with it? how much are we paying your COI ON DAILY BASIS?
    We need tangible development. 

  2. anyway that guy is a crook who lined his pockets…

    During the African Mines Ministers session 2010 in Cape Town, a contributor asked a question about FQM to that Zambian Mines Minister, Maxwell Mwale
    “FQM shows a huge undistributed profit in its accounts in respect of ZCCM’s share in Kansanshi but has only received $20 million in dividends from the project, what is the Zambian Govt going to do about it ? ”
    His reply was shocking – he said he knew of no undistributed profit in respect of ZCCM’s stake and was very supportive of FQM who he said were the largest corporate taxpayers in Zambia (an old story which he must have learnt parrot fashion from FQM!!). Clearly FQM are looking after Mwale very well

  3. Now FQM owes ZCCM $500 million !!

    Banda’adiminstration was bought and paid for by foreign mining companies and now PF leaders seem to be lenient with those looters…. it is incomprehensible that former mines minister Simuusa was removed… the lobby of foreign mining companies is too strong…

  4. The man has no case to answer, just release him.Who doesn’t know that the biscycles in question belong to RB.

  5. Breaking News:

    Im told MMD has been de-registered today for having failed to pay subscription fees for the last 20 yrs. Is this true……….

  6. K2bn,40 bags of mealie meal,20 bicycles,261 bicycles…But still adjourning.Are these guys really guilty???Doubtful.

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