Nothing fishy about State House rehab rehabilitation -Guy Scott


VICE-President Guy Scott yesterday told Parliament that the Government followed correct tender procedures to award contracts to companies to undertake rehabilitation works at State House..

Dr Scott said there was a direct bidding in compliance with the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) Act.

He said the improvement of water supply, servicing of air conditioners and rehabilitation of the swimming pool were limited to bidding in compliance with the ZPPA Act.

The vice-president said the rehabilitation of Nkwazi Presidential House was awarded to Apollo Enterprises Limited at a cost of more than K642 million, while the improvement of water supply at the same house was awarded to Afe Limited at a cost of K56 million.

REACO Enterprises was servicing air conditioners at Nkwazi House and administration building for K127 million. The replacement of two air conditioners in the dining room at Nkwazi House was done by Morthy Electrical at a cost of K70 million.

Dr Scott told the House that the repair of the swimming pool at the administration building and at Nkwazi House was awarded to Omali Swimming Pools at about K126 million.

He said this in response to a point of order raised by Monze Central Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Mwiimbu (UPND) on March 13, 2012 regarding rehabilitation at State House.

“At Government House, no new works were procured after the September 20, 2011 general elections.

However, the works which were going on at that time were awarded to the contractor Messrs Mercury Lines Limited in November 2009.The works are still in progress. The contract sum was K1, 453 383, 550.00,” he said.

Information, Broadcasting and Labour Minister, Fackson Shamenda told the House that the montage currently used for news from Inside Parliament was produced early this year and that the clip showed pictures of the current MPs, including the Speaker.

He said this in a ministerial statement in response to a point of order raised by Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima on the montage and news from Parliament.

Mr Shamenda, who laid the DVD on the table, said the old footage for the national anthem was still in use but that Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation had embarked on a process of recording a new one.

“To this effect, the corporation has engaged the Press officer at State House and the Zambia Army brass band for a recording,” he said.

Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Minister, John Phiri told the House that transformation of Nkrumah Teachers’ Training College into a university was progressing well and could be completed by September this year.

Dr Phiri said the ministry had produced a road map transforming Nkrumah and that eligible staff would be re-engaged. He said no gratuity would be paid to lecturers who had been handling degree programmes.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. We have been made to believe it is only Appollo Enterprises doing works at Sate House, havent you heard there are several companies which were awarded the contracts. The Watchdog has not even revelaed all these information, when are we closing down the Watchdog, ai????

  2. Nothing fishy? There’s a clear conflict of interest because our Min of Finance (also a relative of Sata) has links to Apollo. It’s a simple case of double standards here; the PF was recently after Musokotwane’s neck for supplying building blocks to the Pepsi factory so what’s the difference here? Corruption is not just about hounding former leaders for allegedly ‘stolen bicycles’, it includes nepotism, conflict of interest, tribalism etc. It’ll be amusing to see Mmembe go out of his way to justify this nonsense.

  3. Why is GUY SCOTT allowing himself to stick out his neck on behalf of the rest of rotten PF? GUY SCOTT PLEASE don’t worry yourself to death. Our expectations of PFand its government are so low that we did not expect anything good about this State House renovation story. Just don’t bother explaining a lie with so much detail that it becomes offensive to us listening because we are now thinking you are taking a piss. We are not fools.

  4. I am having difficulty working out the size of the 2009 figure :) Not sure I care much about who is fixing what as long as it is done and accounted for. It is ironic though that the colossal amount pre-dates Mick… So the single sourcing outcry and condemnation was on the wrong President. Too funny!

  5. Apollo was single-sourced through ‘direct bidding. One of the reasons Zamtel was repossessed is cause RP Capital was single-sourced. There’s something fishy here cause we are not told how the other contractors, who were not competing with Apollo by the way, were procured. Did Chikwanda register his interests as an Apollo shareholder? No! It has taken them such a long time to answer this question because they’ve been trying to answer it in such a way that they don’t expose themselves. Allergic to corruption?! Only if they are not taking part.

  6. Am really curious to know the shareholders in the other companies contracted, including Mercury. And it is quite amusing that the Mercury figure has been written to the ngwee whereas the others nope! Anyways, it is another group of people to chew. Good day

  7. Something fishy with the costings in this story, no wonder GRZ is always broke.
    Since when did Chikwanda own Apollo Enterprises? thought Steyn of Chingola was the owner or is he just a front man for the poke marked face?

  8. @Street Kid, my kantemba recently supplied (from Europe) and installed 4 air cons in the dinning area of a prominent hotel right there in Lusaka. The total cost came to K38 million. The air cons costing K 70 million must be a very unique pair! i’m equally interested…

  9. The following is what transpired in Gaborone on 20 March 2012 when president Michael Sata met Zambians living in Botswana

    18 :30. Arrival of the president Michael Sata and his entourage

    18 :35. National anthem chaired by ZACOBO (Zambian Community in Botswana)

    18: 40. Speech by Ambassador to Botswana, within seconds Sata interrupts and says how do you deliver a speech before praying when you a son of a Bishop? Bishop prays

  10. 18: 50. Speech by chairman of ZACOBO amongst other things mentions of PF and UPND having walked out of parliament in order to ensure that the constitution was not passed during RBs days and also complains of Kaponyas at Kazungula Border and all bus stations, also said all buildings need painting in Lusaka and then invites the President ( This speech might have have made polititicians upset.19 :00. Given Lubinda (Minister of Information) steps in before Sata and could be vividly seen that he was very upset with the ZACOBO Chairmans speech about the walking out of PF from parliament and said they did so because of the difference they had in principles hence people should get facts correct before making statements because ‘some of you are MMD Cadres’ and also asked the Zambians.

  11. what investments they have made in Zambia, how much do they send every month to their relatives back home? He then invited the President – King Cobra 19:05. Sata- In 1970, I was the first Zambian expatriate in United Kingdom and not Botswana so don’t think it’s a great achievement to work in Botswana, can I have questions now.1910 Questions- whats the status of the Dual citizenship?Sata: Which town are you from? Monze? Do you want to belong to Monze and Namwala? Because RB was from Gwanda in Zimbabwe that’s why he wanted Dual citizenshipQuestion: it is difficult for us living in Diaspora to get land back home, what is the Govt doing about it?

  12. Am just wondering if this country will ever develop to meet the standards of global developments we have seen in developed countries. Thats why Mushota apontela

  13. Sata: What are you doing in Botswana?Answer: I am a teacher!Sata: Go back to Zambia and teach your relatives then you will get Land.Question: Mr President, you never consulted on the Ithezhi tezhi and Chirundu districts Sata: Whom did you consult to come to Botswana? 19 25 Concluding remarks- President Sata:All of you who are here with fake questions am very disappointed with you and embarrassed, are you not even ashamed of yourselves? You ran away from Zambia and thought we couldn’t find you and now today we have caught you. You are refugees in Botswana being exploited by the Botswana Govt. You left Zambia to come and work here for an extra K1?

    Teachers:You are busy educating Tswanas leaving your own relatives in Zambia uneducated and you are proud?

  14. Accountants:Botswana has only 5 shops and you call your self an accountant when Diamond mines want a consultant they will call a South African and not a Zambian, what are you still doing here?
    There are no potholes in Botswana and President Khama has told me that Zambian Engineers designed the roads, when you go to Petauke and Katete there are so many potholes where the same engineers come from are you not ashamed of yourselves? Some of your relatives in the villages have never seen a tarred road and you are busy designing Botswana roads? No patriotism at all. When I choose Grade 2 ministers, you complain some of you qualify to be MPs and others Counsilors why don’t you go back to Zambia?

  15. I struggled for 10 yrs, you will also struggle to settle but once you have determination you will make it.We have about 2000 Zambians in Botswana but tonight only 100 have attended the meeting, imagine how Zambia was going to be developed if all of you built mansions in your villages but you are all crying for Land in Lusaka, you will never get it unless you go to Zambia, you even boast about diaspora what is that? Remain there in Diaspora, you went to Diaspora with nothing and you will go back to Zambia with nothing.

  16. You complain that it takes you 3 hrs at Kazungula border I wish you take 4 years there why should I be worried about you people who ran away from Zambia when my people in Sesheke are not complaining about Kazungula border I will tell the headmen to build more boats for ferrying you and not a bridge so that you spend longer hours and days! Act now because tomorrow will be too late or never comes. If you delay I will employ Chinese and Pakistanis and when you decide to go back to Zambia at your own time, the people who were in Grade 1 when you were at UNZA will be your bosses!
    I came to Botswana to officiate a school which is inferior to our own St Marys!
    Anyway I came here just to Greet you, Bishop can you pray we go.
    19: 29 Meeting closed.

  17. Problem is the diaspora has no good thing to say about their country, everyday ninsele sheka sheka kuli ba nkusa pa cyber, even when their mothers are back here suffering and others are even failing to feed their families out there in the diaspora nd their families have become disfunctional, wives are being bonked everyday even by fellow runaways to make ends meet, how can anyone respect you like that? Have some belief in your vountry not imiponto lyonse

  18. “Exit ba KAWALALA enters ba KABOLALA” is a must see Block Buster Movie now showing at Ster- Kinekor at the Arcades shopping mall. It is action pact and is based on a true story of How VAMPIRES masquerading as leaders wantonly and unashamedly took turns in sucking the life out of Zambia, by pillaging it`s coffers, through cronyism, nepotism, corruption, cadreship,  chimbuyaship, regionalism, clanship ,ethnicity, and tribalism. Aside from a few who appeared to sympathize with the movie characters for one reason or the other, most of the patrons had no kind words for them as they drew outrage. They thought the movie was right on the money as it, in many ways related to their current scenario. Due to popular demand, the movie will be produced as a sequel. All are welcome !!

  19. A poor white man, learning Kaponya lies – defending what can not be defended. A child can see through the lies Scotty told parliament. Only he and his dum colleagues can believe his lies. This government keeps entangling itself in a web of lies it keeps spinning. A day of reckoning will come for the PF government as they get used to tell lie after lie. They are only dribbling themselves in a yawning goal.


  21. bushe, can someone tell me what wrong the PF government has done here compared to the collosal amount in 2009 by MMD of rehabilitation that is still going on??

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