We recently had an article showcasing zambian rapper Ice Queen.(http://www.lusakatimes.com/2012/03/19/upcoming-female-rapper-icequeen/ )

We caught up with her and did an in depth interview.

KAPA187: How did you come up with the name Ice Queen

ICE QUEEN: I was writing a verse last year, ‘Im the S.ugar H.oney I.ce T.ea, all up in ur stereo its me im the Ice Queen’ eventually, everyone started to call me ICE QUEEN. It sat very well with me and it was perfect. Im a jewellery lover hence the term ‘ice’, Ice Queen official definition: a sweet and beautiful girl ‘rumoured’ to be cold blooded and heartless. In a male infested industry, its the perfect name,cause i murder rappers Male or female hahahaha

KAPA187: When did you first fall in love with hiphop and what made you decide to give it a go.

ICE QUEEN:  I fell in love with Hip Hop when i was six years old. I’ve been a lover of music ever since i cant remember, its in my blood. I have always known i wanted to be behind the microphone from the time i was 3years old. I was my own performer at all my birthday parties starting with my 4th birthday. I performed ‘heal the world’ by Michael Jackson

KAPA187: Being a female rapper do you feel like you have to prove youself twice as hard . What drives you.

ICE QUEEN: I dont feel i need to prove myself twice as hard. I just do me, and i’m confident with it. I got my own path and my own destiny, im my own competition. My vision of my success is what drives me. Where i see myself and my brand going, is what keeps me motivated. I live by faith, and i make things happen.

KAPA187: Is there a main topic you talk about in your songs or do you discuss everything.

ICE QUEEN: I have no main topic. I talk about women empowerment, boys, i talk about achieving your dreams, i have a few prayers too that fall into songs, i express myself the way i feel. I talk about anything and everything.

KAPA187: What does being creative mean to you?

ICE QUEEN: Being creative to me is being fearless, bold and expressing what is in your mind, in a manner that is out of this world.

KAPA187: What differentiates you from other artist?

ICE QUEEN:  I have, not only talent, but charisma. Not only a strong presense, but the confidence and swag to back it up. And ofcourse, i have great music and that star quality!!!

KAPA187: you did a remix to the popular song “the motto” , What was the motivation behind it ,and how has been the response.

ICE QUEEN: Well, i heard the beat before i heard the actual track and i just rode on it. I loved how i just flowed on it and i had to put it down. The response is massive!!! I had some one say to me, and i quote “Ice Queen…the one who killed Drake” lol!!! Big shoes to fill there…

KAPA187: What was the concept of the video for “the motto”. Are you working on any more video?

ICE QUEEN:  There wasn’t really a concept for the video. Its a viral video for youtube, to let the people SEE who Ice Queen is and get familiar with her face. Yes, im working on a couple more official video’s for my own original tracks from the mixtape. I will keep you posted 😉

KAPA187: You have had a number of performances .which one would you say has been the best and why

ICE QUEEN: The best performance i’ve had so far, i’d say was at Monash University in South Africa. It was in February 2012, at the fresher’s orientation week. The crowd was very hype and very responsive…it was

KAPA187: You have a mixtape coming out in June . What can you fans expect from it?

ICE QUEEN: Expect to be taken on a new musical journey. Its a variety of music, from a few party tracks, to a few inspirational tracks, a DIVA’s anthem and a prayer or two. I owe everything ultimately to God.

KAPA187: Is there anything your fans will be surprised to know about you.

ICE QUEEN:  There shouldn’t be anything thus far that should surprise you about me:) expect anything!!

KAPA187: Any last words…

ICE QUEEN: My last words….Thank you to everyone supporting and loving the Ice Queen. Remember…self acceptance and love of oneself, flaws and all, is the beginning of the rest of your beautiful life. Much love, spread love and God bless you all.

ICE QUEEN out #salute

You can hear more of her music on her reverbnation page and follow her on twitter @Cleo_icequeenand her managment teams @southwstrecords , @teamkamikazi


The motto remix

By Kapa187

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  1. Ice queen, I do not care about you rapping talent. You are cute and definitely good looking. Am interested!


  2. #2 we can also do other things like sports, enterprising, acting, modelling, designing, reading, writing, cooking, educating and informing others (like you) about ourselves through the internet and other social networks… and last but not least, we are very good at making History, for example by being presidents of the strongest nation on earth!


  3. Nine Chale – I agree but people always forget that Obama is half White and half black…….People never look at his white side. Why?


    • That’s because Black genes are dominant and White genes are recessive, so half white + half black still equals Black. That’s not my thesis, that’s just reality, my friend.


  4. Ice queen u are killing thm there are scared of u all they can do hate. Thts wen u know u are WINNING. Keep it up gal not even the sky is the limit


  5. Lt stop removing my message freedom of speech

    The girl in my eyes us rubbish and could do with being educated , that’s is what I feel she is below average

    Stop being segregative nothing wrong with my honest opinion


    • Evry body hev their own destiny n feilds 2 play n I think u waz a bit rude n judgemental,she’s gud at wat she’s doing so let her b n itz God’s plan not yoz!!!!


  6. Am lv’n yo style bbs they can hate ol they want but neva look bck u d future!!



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