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Lusaka Province Minister gives police a 7 day ultimatum to clear out prostitutes in Lusaka

Headlines Lusaka Province Minister gives police a 7 day ultimatum to clear out...

A woman on the dance at night club in Lusaka

Lusaka Province Minister Colonel Gerry Chanda has has been attributed the high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Zambia to prostitution.

Colonel Chanda has said that government is spending colossal sums of money on Anti-Retroviral Drugs- ARVs-, which can be avoided if an exercise to arrest prostitutes is embarked upon in the country.

Colonel Chanda has issued a seven day ultimatum to the Zambia police high command to ensure that prostitution is reduced in the streets especially in Lusaka province.

In May 2008 Government had announced that the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the country had decreased by 1.3 per cent between 2001 and 2007.

The then Minister of Health, Brain Chituwo said HIV/AIDS prevalence rate had reduced from 15.6 per cent to 14.3 per cent over a period of six years.



  1. That will be difficult to fight, there are those gals who go to clubs just to have fun not really for money making(prostitution). Those easily identifiable in the streets can easily be removed hope they wont say we are waiting for a cab

  2. “Take the prostitutes off the streets.” Excellent idea. Question: To where? Minister, have you thought this through, or you are just playing to the gallery by flexing your ministerial muscle while stepping on the neck of a helpless junior official who has no idea as to where these prostitutes will go? Typical of politics yapa Zed. 


  4. You must arrest the people that pay for their services and hence keeping them in business (in the black so to speak) , with no ready cash flow these professionals (like any other business concern ) will be forced out of business and hopefully file for sexual bankruptcy- simples!!!!!

  5. Is there any correlation between the woman dancing in the photo and the story? I think thats the intention…responsible journalism should be practiced…that woman is just like any other man i have seen week in and out in Zed dancing with two or more beer bottles bla bla bla…poor choice of photo…anyway, the world’s oldest professional is a hard one to beat…Good luck! As we do this i think it is important to look to other channels of labour empowerment not only for our women but our young men as well. There is also a need to target men, the main drivers of this trade to educate them on moral behaviour and the threat of HIV…the truth is that we can never phase out prostitution…even in muslim countries it is alive and kicking…nice initiative though…

  6. Behavioural change is what will stop spread of HIV! Prostitutes stand in the street and men in cars and suits pick them up! Prostitutes are not the problem but society at large….deal with the problem from the root!

  7. WTF! how can the oldest proffession on earth be eradicated in a week? cant wait to see this happen. r u going to put all the prostitutes in prison? coz if let ’em walk they will still go back to do what they do best. what a mamoth task Mr. Minister, is this part of your action plan or u just said this on top of your head?

  8. PF govt fight things which makes sense, the issue is the level of poverty in some of the compounds are too high. Creat jobs, allow small businesses to grow with positive moves of empowering the locals, like the law you have passed for ZPPA, hoping when you say Zambians to be given preference you do not mean your tribesmen only. On the issue of your govt spending huge sums of money on ARVs that is not true because the budget to buy these drugs is mainly covered by donar community with you govt failing to even commit $4m (5%) per annum towards this.

  9. Ha ha ha ha the only way to stop prostitution is for men to stop screwing them. Some ministers even have business which thrieve on abundance of prostitutes and they even bonk them often. The cleaning must start at parliament motel.

  10. it has to start with men. Even if you remove prostitutes from the streets but as long men who buy sex have not stopped going this move will not work. lets tame the man. he must start with his workers at his office. they wire tu college girls like what.

  11. Don’t blame it on prostitutes, most Zambians have developed an attitude where they believe AIDS./HIV is a ‘ just another disease’. Taking out prostitutes is’nt the answer: people need to change their attitudes.

  12. congrats pf government,i further request the public to get involved in this fight.please all men we are the best pipo to know these prostitutes.lets continue getting them,after we get them pliz let us at once contact police.police should create a toll free number specifically on reporting prostitutes.they are so many and we know them we see them.let all the wholes watch out we are coming for them be it on ladies night or over the weekend when they are on peak.shame on the wholes anyway

  13. How can you tackle such an issue with an ultimatums, so what do you want the police to do arrest every prostitute on the streets and put them in our already over-crowded jails. Outdated UNIP style of thinking…daft minister!!

  14. Mr minister do you realise that that’s the oldest profession? What makes you think you will eradicate it today in a week. The trouble with prostitution is that like any other trade there is the demand and the supply side. Usually it’s the supply side that’s targeted and victimised by the same people who are on the demand side. It’s the same cops who raped and impregnated scores of kids in Western Province. Dont be hypocritical mr minister, you need to think better than that.

    • I fear for Policemen. They will be infected in numbers. They will be getting free sex as payment for summary release from custody.

      Mr. Minister do not worsen the problem among our good police-men and women. The problem is already dire!

  15. I was watching THE FORCE on Zone Reality last night. Interesting how getting prostitutes from the streets should be a string operation. You can not arrest anyone without evidence. You need undercover officers – both male and female officers to arrest the Prostitutes and their clients, just wonder how Gigolos would be arrested. As long as there will be someone to pay for it, prostitution will thrive.

  16. This is a mve in the rght direction,only hope it is implemented,remember no more or reduced hiv fund from usa,so zambian gvt to shoulder,en it can be avoided or minimised if such measures ar taken..

  17. kekekekeek ba chanda naimwe prostitution is older than your ancestral home-congo.clean parliament motel first, then the zambian mission in brazil.Mind you the bitches make up another block of 2011 PF voters other than the jilijili guzzlers.

  18. Colonel Chanda is probably fresh out of a getting a blow job from one of the prostitutes. He is not one to talk. Men are almost 99.9% responsible for transmitting HIV. It is very hard for a woman to pass on HIV to a man and it is scientifically proven. Do your research first minister and then open your mouth! Tell Zambian men to be faithful to their partners, refrain from having “dry sex” and use a condom if they have to cheat on their wives.

    • Iwe Boyi… 99.9% transmission by MEN. That would be true in a world of homosexuals. but in the real world. Man give woman who transmits to another man (also woman transmits to man who transmits to another woman). I would agree if you said 66.6%!!! :)

  19. Prostitution can only be reduced and not completed eliminated. The spread of HIV/AIDS rate can equally be reduced if this prostitutes are sensitized on the use of condoms which consequently reduces the spreading rate. Mr. Minister do research before issuing such open statements. Zambia has a lot of NGO’s who are involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Educate the nation and give out career opportunities to this street girls other than just getting rid of them…….Take them where???? give them something to do than removing them from the street.

  20. Again misplaced energies. What is the real problem lack of employment. I totally see nothing wrong with prostitution. its a human right.
    my advice to prostitute is to be more prudent with the use of the money they make. Zambian prostitutes drink too much beer and easily get fat. they should take some lessons from Kenyan and Nigerian prostitutes who even raise money to pay for their university education. they also keep their bodies in good shape. they mostly interested in the money not the beer

  21. I cannot believe that my taxes are going towards his salary. How can a high profile minister make a shallow statement without looking at the bigger picture. He should be fired for making an uninformed decision. Let my taxes go to someone better mwe.

  22. If the minister had merely referred to the need to uphold the law that forbids soliciting for clients for purposes of prostitution activities, I would understand. But to equate prostitution to the prevalence of HIV is being simplistic. You would be surprised to learn that research in some African countries has found that in certain areas prostitutes engage in safe sex more than other people not labelled as prostitutes. There are a lot of people who sleep around, but are not prostitutes – if you understand the meaning of prostitution.
    This should also not be an excuse for not spending on ARV’s. There people who did not get HIV through sex – or ‘illicit’ sex for that matter.

  23. its not the prostitutes causing increase in HIV/AIDS. i think it is alcohol more than anything. secondly it is hving multiple partners and do not use a condom.

    most, if not all, prostitutes move with condoms and insist that you use a condom.

    if a man refuses to use a condom on a prostitute, then that man is already infected, and so is the prostitute.

    i think removing them from streets is right, but the reason given is not the best. there is more HIV outside the prtitution rings than in well calculated adultery

  24. The question is not clearing out the sex workers. The question is to find out what is making them to parade in these streets. When you ask most of them, you wil surprised to hear that most of them is as a result of poverty. And why has prostitution increased all of the sudden? it is because of the trickle down effect. It means somewhere somehow things are not ok. These are the effects or indicators of a government which is not performing correctly.

  25. Ugly Truth
    I agree with you. Evidence has shown that societies that have legalized prostitution have lower HIV incidence rate. The most important thing is to regulate it should not be done in all places. E.g. red cities in Holland. Lets allow them to be in certain streets but not residential areas


  26. If PF policies continue going in this direction on even banning of Tujilijil then i shall vote for them even next elections.

  27. Guys be realistic this will not help in any way as Prostitution will still continue in the bars and stuff…infact you are making it worse because these women, ladies & girls will be vulnerable such that they will opt for any amount and as such become cheap were everyone can afford. The best way was to educate them fully on the use of condoms and other preventable measure that can be taken…! Prostittution has been around even on the times of Jesus if it was eradicated then whats gonna make a mere Zambian policeman stop the act? What guarantee do we have that those same police officers mandated to carry out the arrest will not rape the same accused? If a policeman can impregnant a school girl, what would stop him from sleeping and raping a prostitute?

  28. .. As long as there is demand, there will always be a need for a service or product imwe… talk to men not prostitutes.. Sha!!!!!

  29. You can take them off the streets but the problem is demand will be met with supply. It’s a cultural change that we need, not to simply blame the women who are trying to make a living somehow

  30. Who is a prostitute? These are single mothers. Give them jobs. I did a research on Commercial Sex workers and they have a lot of problems. Close bars, nite clubs, UNZA,Hone, Colleges and Inter City Bus Station.

  31. @The trickle Down effect. Even the most developed nation on this planet has prostitutes on their streets. This old profession can only be reduced and not eliminated. HIV/AIDS prevalence is attributed to non or little sensitizing of people who are fully active in this activity. Most prostitutes demand safe sex because they look at the aim of getting the money and applying it to their needs. Zambians prostitutes are lazy and not focused….

  32. This could be a good move but what measures has the PF government put in place to assist the army of Zambian prostitutes? This minister should think this through before issuing such a senseless ultimatum to the police. The military mentality of issuing orders will not work. Incidentally why are Zambians obssessed with titles? General, Major , Colonel, etc even long after they have left the military. The other day I saw Collin Powel being addressed as Mr. and he did not raise any objections, Yet this is a a four-star or so general who ffought in Vietnam and was Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff during the “Desert Storm”. He is not like these political generals.

  33. Mr. Minister stop issuing orders as in the army. Issue options of how this profession can be reduced, provide solutions not orders. My tax is not been utilised effectively with such outburst ultimatum. Mr. President enquiry on how this Colonel performed in the army…..you can’t retire at Colonel stage. Retire at General level…….no wonder such statements

  34. Good timing Hon.Minister.Matero around club ZONE go around 20:30hrs.Prostitutes can skin alive.Zimbabwean women are on the loose on the streets.

  35. Another STUPID announcement. PF seems to be coasting from one stupid statement to another…and they don’t run short of stupid ideas. However, this tops the leagure table of stupid policy pronouncements so far since PF took over government. Wherever he took these people from Sata needs to take them back! They are killing this country slowly but surely. Did GERRY CHANDA just think about something to announce while on the toilet seat and then went on to open his mouth as soon as he got out of the toilet even before the toilet had finished flashing? Please Gerry Chanda save us your 1.5 IQ – go home and eat some more finkubala maybe your IQ level will rise to 10 atleast. HOW DID GERRY CHANDA GET PROMOTED TO COLONEL???? The mother of all crap!!!

  36. New HIV infections are most common in marriages in Zambia, not in transactional sex. Why bring morality into HIV, it’s a disease like any other. You put structures in place that make transmission less likely through behavior change, harm reduction, and ART, which has a great effect on reducing transmission. Has this man not read on how providing ARVs earlier in the course of infection reduces viral load and can decrease transmission up to 96%? Prostitutes are not the problem; some will always keep that job, but many do it for economic reasons and some because it’s safer to have sex with clients, where you can demand a condom, than with boyfriends or husbands. More job opportunities are what are needed. This is just an excuse for the police and government to grab money.

  37. And, has anyone considered the fact that the police might just use this law to target women in general? Many relationships are based around money as well as love, so if you are targeting women getting money for sex, more than prostitutes can fall under that net.

  38. Bravo! Like it or nt prostitution is evil! I suport the minister. I dont believe in some of the bloggers who claim they are christians and yet support prostitution!

  39. This will inflate the price of ‘short time’ and even ‘overnight’ as the prostitutes will be few in the streets. Patrons should protest this move

    PF has already forgotten, these are the people that voted them into power….

  40. Okay, why is it that all prostitutes have pot bellies? Also, why are men attracted to such women? Embrace Republican values!

  41. leave them prostitutes alone imwe!! what on earth will we be nyengaling if you remove them kanshi? nyele izatipaya!!

  42. In Zed we don’t see that prostitution is a tourist attraction. Ask Germany, Amsterdam, South Africa, Jamaica, Thailand, etc. Like the tujilijili, what we need is regulation, not banning. GRZ cannot “get rid” of prostitution or jilis.
    The correct response is to have a standard for jilis, as well as standards for prostitution. Let the prostitutes go for regular checkups, and be given a license to operate.
    Or we can all act like children and pretend that we can just ban everything.

  43. Why female only???? You have to stop those going after prostitutes if you want to win or balance the fight against the causer of the disease (HIV/AIDS)

  44. Create Jobs Mr Stupid Lusaka Minister,maybe they will stop,otherwise forget because we know where the prostiutes leave and will follow them to hammer.

  45. if you cant abustain better marry wat takes you to prostitutes is it sex so why cant you marry and have it everyday you are leaving your wives at home and you go for prostitutes.there are many singles mothers out there left behind by husbands who dont even support the children muma yard namo dalama ni ma change so what do you expect?its not only muma streets even muma compound they are married men have two galfriend besides the wife even those who are married behave like they are single vigololo bwee.give them jobs to feed their kids or tell every man who has kids with divorced wife to support them like they do here in europeam supporting prostitution but lets look at the cause of it why are these girls in the streets?


  47. I agree with citizens reminding us that this is a Christian nation. Keep in mind that not everyone is Christian and not all Christians are blameless. 
    We can’t be like children and pretend that we can make this go away.

    PF should keep in mind that it is people like these who voted for them.

  48. Giving the police force the green light to have a field day with the whores. Having the police tested for HIV within 3 mths or so after implementation of this “operation Sodom & Gomorrah” clean up will show the repercussions of the the experiment on the officers. 

  49. During the 1980`s when KK was fond of declaring  curfews, when some paramilitary officers, while on patrol, came across a couple on the streets , they would beat up the guy and either lock him up or let him go while they grabbed the girl  and took her to the nearest enclosure and ………

  50. Yes most bloggers here have hit a nail on its head. They need to target the source of the problem, i.e. poverty, lack of education; the willing paying customers (including his friends at Parley Motel), etc. Prostitution itself is merely an effect borne out so many things already highlighted by bloggers.

    I would also propose that they should just tax the business and make it legal by creating brothel where condoms and ‘clean’ sex can be encouraged. This ultimatum type of policies won’t work… you kick them out today, tomorrow they will come right back.

    I also concur with someone above who questioned the use of the picture in the story – is she a known prostitute and was she asked to have her picture used here? Talk of defamation easy pay, I would sue.

  51. This idea has been tried time and again in many other countries albeit to no avail! A prostitute remains a prostitute wherever she goes!

  52. The only way to stop prostitutes spreading eggesy is to legalize brothels. Then have the girls under go regular health checks. The brothels would then protect the girls and get them to use condoms all the time. Say this cause prostitution is as old as time. Even strict Moslem states cannot control it. So the solution is to regulate not ban

  53. The police are destined for a field day. Most of those prostitutes are civil servants making additional income and also trying to catch a Mr Right. Prostitution is a worldwide livelihood coping strategy in the face of unequal opportunities, unequal distribution of resources etc

  54. Dull Dull chap putting his mouth into gear before engaging his brain. Has he done the reserach before he spewed this verbal diahrohea? The research shows that prostitutes account for a very small percentage of new infections it is actually multiple concurrent relationships that are common in the middle class that account for many new infections and married women are at more risk oc contracting HIV than anyone else. These men abd Im sure Gerry is no exception have ATMs at colleges and University’s. these Small girls have big men for sugar daddies and age mates for boyfriends. They Can be rotating up to 4 different men to cater to their needs, how is his declaration going to stop that behaviour? Big men like him need to control their nyele and stop leaving their wives for small girls.

  55. Just regulate the industry and get tax from this lucrative business. Most of the ARVs are donated and not bought by the government. When this industry is regulated we can use the tax to buy more ARVs if that’s what this dull minister is talking about. Otherwise its a non starter because women do not screw themselves but men are the biggest problem. It’s all about nyele and that’s the bottom line. I end here!

  56. Let the GRZ consider putting up skills rehabilitation centers for these people called prostitutes. A willing person wanting to change from this profession can be rehabilitated and start a new life by using the skills acquired from the training centers; its just that to some of them old habits die hard. But generally they need help by the Govt as well as the communities. The NGOs alone can not manage these challenges. we should remember that all of as citizens if not infected are affected by the scourge because these people are actually our family members.

  57. corps will starting scweing the chaps now in the name of arresting like in Mongu where they impregnanted so many girls.

  58. Chanda,think before u utter sensiless words.Men like you go out on the streets giving the same women business,clean Parliament motel first then sensitise fellow men on the dangers of HIV/AIDS.Who knows,maybe u will join the Police during night patrols.

  59. Oversimplification of issues! Prostitution contribute little to the spread of HIV/AIDS! Mainly spreads by consensual sex among ordinary people! HIV/AIDS can only be mitigated by behavior change by all and sundry, period! Ridding our streets of prostitutes will not!

  60. I wish there was a way of getting them out of the street apart from using force i.e Master Chimbala’s READY FOR MARRIAGE program. Atleast it would give them some sense of belonging to the society.
    Yesterdaty it was the ban of Tujilijili today its Prostitution.All these might accelerate the levels of crime and theft.So as the government is doing all these let them ensure there is tighter security and patrolling by the police in the streets because crime and theft is an alternative for all those who are out of business due to ban in Tujilijili and prostitution.

  61. Thats what makes tourism tick in this country, just stop political rhetoric and concentrate on fight poverty not beating abt the bush…………

  62. Chanda you,can you host a world cup minus prostitutes…and you think Blatter will okey it.Far from it .Think twice yama.

  63. Prostitution which one? Political street politics. From MMD to UPND now PF. This is a crazy thinking. The career maintains many marriages. Married women no longer satisfy their husbands. Prostitutes know how to do it. If you dont take risks you cannot win.
    Being a victim of them, I have learnt good skills. Pay them less, no beer buying, dont pick from streets, pick from shanties. educate them each time you meet them, most engage in business to make ends meet. these can be very good wives once they reform.Consult Master Chimbala of MUVI TV he has a full package and you will be shocked how good these people are.

  64. If that news go ahead and fulfils thank 2 the pf government 4 impossin such a law coz these hulez ve distroyed our lives through hiv also they ve mek many house on separations.continue wt de same law.

  65. :(( Has this stupid minister been leaving under a rock for the last 6000 years? Prostitution avoidance is a matter of choice. It’s not something you could just get rid of after having a brain fart. In fact does he know that it’s only overt prostitution that he’s going to sweep off the streets, How about this female anopheles mosquitoes masquarading as christians in our churches? Those are the most lethal bwana minister if you didn’t know. And how can you waste time on a losing battle when you know that Parliament motel is infested with the same prostitutes.

  66. what of those who dont have game,what are they going to be bonning.u shud have mercy for niggaz.its there only way out.
    just use condoms.

  67. Have u ever been to las vegas, paris or Amsterdam ( weed and prostitution is legal) .?Even in this cosmopolitan cities prostitution is rife.Even can’t get to the red light, make a booty call. There are magazines offering all sorts service escorts.In my stay in the US, I got to discover that even parents pimp out their children just to get money for drugs.The Zambian situation is different,outside the main driver is drugs and alcohol.To maintain this lifestyle people resort to prostitution. HIV is spread through unsafe sexual contacts.it is common in the most trust worthy relationships.Because of too must trust, condoms are not used. HIV is much more a moral issue than what drives it.

  68. The best way is to encourage the sex-buyers to stick to their wives and faithful partners. Prostitutes will not exist if they did not have clients. As long as the clients continue paying, they will not leave the streets. They may even find another plan. The best is to use condoms.

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