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Sponsor Clubs Kambwili Tells Mining Companies

Sports Sponsor Clubs Kambwili Tells Mining Companies

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has started engaging mining companies to persuade them to sponsor sports clubs.
Speaking in Kitwe after meeting officials from Mopani Copper Mines on Wednesday, Kambwili disclosed that so far he has talked to China Luanshya Mines on the need to revamp sports in Luanshya.
“Our mission on the Copperbelt is to engage mining companies and ask them to put in money in football plus other sports activities,” he said.

Kambwili noted that inadequate financial investment in sports has negatively affected the performance football clubs.
“You maybe aware that Nkana Red Devils,Mighty Mufulira Wanderers, Kalulushi Modern Stars and Chambishi are not doing well because they lack adequate financial investment,” Kambwili observed.

“In Kalulushi, there are four mining companies, two should support Chambishi Football Club while the other two should support Modern Stars,” he said.

Kambwili also urged mining firms to revive sports festivals on the Copperbelt.


  1. Kambwili is such an overbearing bully! There’s a diplomatic way of doing things, not breathing fire on people all the time from your toad face!

  2. Getting a ngwee out of a Chinese man is like getting blood out of a rock. It’s clear these investors you brought don’t care about anything but themselves. Sata had promised to kick them out but u turned on that promise.

  3. Not this BUFFOQN Kambwili again, he still thinks these mining companies are government institutions…these are private businesses here for one thing only; mining, this is 2012 not 1964…if you want these companies to give back to the community introduce windfall tax as for the football clubs let them be creative and operate like businesses ie.let them think outside the box be an be innovative.
    Ask FAZ and your Kalu to cut much more lucrative deals from TV rights which can be shared amongst the clubs for starters. 

  4. Man what does chi kambwili have to do to get fired? have these ministers been guaranteed tenure or what. Thats bullying at its best, instead he should give the companies incentives for sponsoring football rather that compelling them to do so.

  5. There goes the chief ape again. Private companies have no obligation to ‘sponsor’ these insolvent football clubs and no amount of coercion will force them to do so. Gone are the days when ZCCM paid for everything from sports to mealie meal! Kalu needs to be more innovative and strategize on how to run a professional league with income streams from marketing, tv rights and ticket/merchandise sales. We’re too lazy as a people and we’ve come to accept mediocrity as a norm.

  6. You nicopomps bloggers ,nubian, am you grew up in the villages where such facilities never existed. What the minister is doing very very right, these mining companies must honor such social responsilities which unites this nation. Please don’t expose your foolishness all the time SWINes

  7. Most of the bloggers criticizing Kambwili must have been born and brought up in the rural areas or are too young to understand what he is talking about. What Kambwili is saying is actually what used to happen. When I was a kid, the private mining companies like Roan Selection Trust and Anglo-American Corporation running the mines then used to actively support clubs like Nkana, Roan, Mufulira and many others. We used to have annual sports festivals at stadia like Scrivenor Stadium in Wusakile where youths would showcase their football, boxing, and athletic skills – all paid for by the mining companies.

  8. Kambwili “engaging” and “persuading”?


    No threats of deportation, chasing of workers from site, or orders to comply?

    OK, then – sounds good. Keep it up.  

  9. Copala (@7) and MaxMbizo (@8), you two guys really know the history of Zambian football. Big up to you 2 guys. Kambwili is very RIGHT. I need not say more; You have said everything Copala and MaxMbizo.

  10. Wow…that is a good one Minister. Only fools who do not understand what you are doing are the ones condemning you. Let us revive the copperbelt sports!!!\:d/

  11. The mining firms dont owe zed football anything.Kambwili and the intoxiicated bloggers supporting you here are simply living in the past.We are in a free market capitalist economy where none owes anyone anything.This is not ZCCM era socialist wastefullness.So be innovative and raise your own money.

  12. Brovo Hon. Kambwili, you are the only one in your PF gov who has lived up to your 90 days theory both as an MP and as a minister. Keep up the good work you are indeed a man of the people.

  13. ba fikaala imwe don’t just criticise the hon is right these chinese should pay back to the community by sponsoring these teams.bear in mind that these chaps are getting our resources building their cheng young nguzyu cities leaving genuine zambians with nothing

  14. How the hell do you sponsor professional football clubs? They must play good football to attract sponsorship and not beg for it. If you played good football without politising it, then you will be able fo fill stadia up to full capacity and attract sponsorship. Imagine Man United being helped by a Tory Minister to solicit sponshorship from British coal!! What have mines got to gain by sponsoring foot ball clubs? They sell their products at London Metal Exchange. Let companies that are fighting for local market pump money into sport, but like I said this only will happen when clubs start filling stadia. Ofcourse the mines have social responsibilities, but please let them put me in agriculture projects and scholarships for the people where mining takes place.

  15. Gentlemen ,it is he just a Good leadr,it is the Social Responsibility of the Mines,Pipo don’t benefit anything from their tax and the residents are the Ones to suffer in case of an accident.
    what’s wrong with us zambians.

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