Government happy with NAPSA’s modern infrastructure construction initiative


Government has described the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA)’s move of embarking on a constructing project of modern building infrastructures as a good economic investment to the country.

Speaking to ZANIS in interview shortly after a familiarization tour of some of the modern building infrastructure constructed by NAPSA in Lusaka yesterday, Information, Broadcasting and Labour Permanent Secretary Amos Mr Malupenga noted that government was happy with the infrastructure development by the Authority.

He pointed out that it was a good thing that NAPSA was constructing modern building infrastructure development in some parts of the country, a move he said is being appreciated by government.

Meanwhile, NAPSA Director General Charles Mpundu said the familiarization tour was meant to let government through Mr Malupenga know what modern building infrastructures NAPSA had implemented so far.

He added that the building of modern infrastructure development was not only being done in Lusaka but even in other areas across the country.

Mr Mpundu pointed out that the programme that NAPSA had embarked on was progressing well and needed to be spearheaded.



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    Why is Malupenga the only PS who is on camera and on news everyday…. i think we are getting tired of him. He is becoming too much. 

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    Doesn’t make sense, this is the same govt that has launched COIs into the NAPSA Society House and Meanwood deals. Do they confer?

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    Mukuba pensions should also sale some of their old structures and invest in modern infrastructure.

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    it would have made sense if pictures of the said buildings were included in the report.

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    Good morning

    The construction of modern building infrastructure is indeed a welcome move and necessary for the economic development of our country.

    I only hope that the construction of these structures is well planned and implemented taking into consideration problems like electricity & running water supply, proper drainage, waste disposal, accessibility and so forth. In some African big cities like Lagos or Nairobi, the catastrophic results of putting economic growth and building before planning can be seen. They have ended up paying double to rectify the damage in the long term.

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    OK but Malupenga acita over. Not everyday. Reduce your appearances mdala. But continue to work.

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    I only wish these structures would include modern small business units and markets aimed at small Zambian owned businesses, instead of just tower blocks, which are only of interest to big businesses. May be then we would have fewer street vendors.

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     I agree with Mashimba, Malupenga is slowly dominating ZNBC news these days, even beating the president himself! I wonder whether that is mere coincidence or the govt spokeperson has gone to sleep!

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    Surprise, surprise, they’re commending the NAPSA’s projects which were initiated by Stanely Phiri’s team – which has since been fired.

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    It is the same Malupenga who used to condemn NAPSA and RB in his POST PAPER. Viva RB and Stanely Phiri for the project. Pa ZED you first condemn, then later you admire. What are the results of Commission of Inquiry in NAPSA project? Ni zeee. Commissioners chewed allowances for nothing. PLUNDERERS.

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    Vindication everyday for RBs economic and parastatal teams! So all that drama and COIs was just gloss over what now appears to be envy driven power quest, at all costs including fabrications and empty rhetoric! Pa Zambia 

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    RB is having the last laugh,you people cried loud about NAPSA corruption deals yet today you are happy with NAPSA,what hypocricy!

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    Mr. malupenga, be careful with your comments coz the cobra may not like it especially that he condemned the NAPSA deal. he may end up instituting a commission of inquiry on you. seriously speaking, Levy park is not just a good business deal but has also added beauty to the city.

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    If NAPSA has so much money to invest, why are the rightful owners of the money (pensioners) paid peanuts on retirement? And do the righful owners (the Zambian workers) have a stake in this investment in modern infrastructure? If so, at what stage does this stake end for individual pensioners? And lastly, why are pensioners not allowed to keep their investment in these buildings so that they become shareholders until such a time when they decide to sell their shares?

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