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Zambia faces severe shortage of midwives

Health Zambia faces severe shortage of midwives

Nurse Edward Banda examines pregnant women
Nurse Edward Banda examines a pregnant woman

Zambia needs about 5, 600 midwives to adequately cater for maternal related cases in the country.

This came to light during the commemoration of this year’s International Midwives Day in Kasama yesterday under the theme ‘The World Needs Midwives Now than Ever Before’.

United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) Country Representative Duah Owusu-Sarfo says Zambia is facing a critical shortage of midwives.

Mr Sarfo said currently the country has 3, 226 midwives serving in various health institutions.

He explained that the shortfall in the number of midwives has resulted in expectant mothers and their newly born babies being at high risk of dying from maternal complications.

Mr Sarfo revealed that only 47 per cent of deliveries are assisted by skilled personnel with midwifery skills.

He however praised Government for introducing a training programme for midwives in the country.

Mr Sarfo observed that the move will help enhance maternal health situation in the country.

And officiating at the same function, Northern Province Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary Georgina Kasapatu said government is committed to recruit more midwives to meet the demands in public health institutions in the country.

Ms Kasapatu also thanked UNFPA and other cooperating partners for assisting the Ministry of Health in delivering quality healthcare to its citizens.

She said Government is determined to meet the Millennium Development Goals on health by 2015.

Ms Kasapatu implored the midwives to continue working hard in providing good care to patients despite the challenges they face in their daily operations.

The celebration to mark this year’s International Midwives Day, which falls on 5th May, every year, is the second one to be held in the country after the first one that took place in Lusaka last year.

Among those in attendance were Provincial Medical Officer Dr. Juliet Chiyonga, Chief Nursing Officer in the Ministry of Health Sarah Siyunda and Midwives Association of Zambia Chairperson Genevieve Musokwa.



  1. Now that boy helping to deliver. Its bad he can start ‘tombaling’ a pregnant woman. Just train more women than this boys. ‘Sisters Edward Banda’ hehehehe or may be Matron Banda

  2. Why is the nurse in the picture not putting on a uniform ? No wonder we need more midwifes namona.

  3. This guy is dangerous. You can see it in his eyes. Just glad that it ain’t my wife he is fondling!

  4. No comment the guy above looks like a drankard not nurse.I will not leave that guy put his hands between mynwife’s legs.

  5. Interesting conclusions from #3 – 5. Guys please, ever heard of “job satisfaction?” The man could be a highly-motivated worker, who is fully committed to his duty and identifies himself with the needs of the patients.

    PS.: the sparkle in his eyes could simply be a sign that he has a lot of fun doing the work. Lol

  6. All the experienced midwives are abroad, I know a dozen working for the NHS, it appreciates their experience and rewards them handsomely…if you want to retain them reward them handsomely. 

  7. My wife can’t be examined by that drunken looking male-nurse. Yes train more mid-wives, but best is to intensify the traditional birth-attendants. Urban areas can use those male nurses.

  8. #2 Nubian, I feel bad to challenge your comment, but imagine your grandpas decided to halt reproduction, would you be here today wasting time at LT? The unborn deserves to experience this life on earth, we just need to help them to be born in a more comfortable way, such as well disciplined Mid-wives.

  9. Ba blogger mulenashako imiponto! The guy is just doing his work but some dirty minded people are just thinking about something else! Shame

  10. Actually zambia doesnt need any midwives. They just need to remain they way they are. Midwives are not for foolish non serious nations.

    • Funny, dont forget that you belong to the same nation that you are calling foolish. Please check yourself coz you could be the foolish one.

  11. My fellow bloggers, read the HEADLINE before you expose your foolishness. The guy in the picture is not the nurse but a community worker. Midwives have gone abroad for more money in their pockets not pa ZED full of verbal promises.

  12. well that is just a photo by LT.The positioning itself is wrong that s not how he was supposed to stand and face that direction.May I have the contacts(email and phone no,) of the midwives association of Zambia-its interesting to hear abt it.

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