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Tribunal ruling set for May 24th

Headlines Tribunal ruling set for May 24th

Lusaka High Court Judge Fulgency Chisanga has set 24th May as the date for ruling on the application by the State to have the injunction against the tribunal appointed to investigate three suspended Judges dismissed.

Judge Chisanga adjourned the matter this morning after lawyers for the two Judges who have challenged the setting up of the Tribunal made submissions.

The State made its submission yesterday through Solicitor General Musa Mwenye who urged the Court to dismiss the injunction stating that it was premature.

Judge Chisanga on Wednesday granted High Court judges Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga a stay to prevent the tribunal set up by President Michael Sata to investigate them and Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda for alleged misconduct.



  1. They have managed to divert the attention of Zambians from electoral promises….pass me a glass of shekaz …cold shekaz mixed with jiliz!

  2. Where is the Malawian Judge? Is he peacefully waiting for the legal battles to end before he starts or is he gone back? Nice to know that the Judge has set 24th May 6 days from now! That will have an effect at least on some people. I wish s/he could push it to July, 2016.

  3. These judges are desperate. I foreone have been benficiary of corruption in the judiciary, not through any of the accused but another senior judge. Gentlemen, it makes sad reading when some people think that judges should be untourchable because of seperation powers. Some of these people have literatally made it business and collude with defense lawyers. The brokers in most cases are lawyers and you are given necessary information exposing the other party’s weaknesses. The judgement will be correct because you argued well but after gaining some advantage against your opponent. This doesnt come cheap, you pay.

    • Please report yourself and your accomplices to the Anti corruption commission do not pontificate.

  4. In the meantime what is Judge Chikopa doing? Chewing government funds badly. This is the price you pay when procedure, especially legal procedure, is deliberately overlooked. HEMCS will come down under the weight of Fred and Nchito.

  5. This is the best of the ‘Checks and Balances’ Mr Sebastian Zulu. No need to threaten the Judge, especially you of all people.

  6. what happens to chikopa from malawi…will he be eating tax payers money untill then or he goes back to malawi untill the matter is resolved by the court of law…..maybe the air tickect will be more costly in this case….go this money would have been used to buy panado in a hospital…..

  7. There are no shortcuts in law. Sebastian Zulu’s utterances are worse than those of a layby kaponya. What a senior lawyer!!!!

  8. In the court of public opinion sata’s tribunal is already tainted . King cobra unfortunately is not clever in handling public perceptions. Being in opposition dear king cobra is different from being in govt. In govt you have responsibilities and you are logically held liable. Too late king cobra you are too old to change. Lastly me president, opposition parties win elections. It is ruling parties that lose elections due to mismanagement and misrule. And thru your actions you have unfortunately started on that long path to self destruction.

  9. What if this case keeps being adjouned while the 14bn (whose judgement has not been appealed but denied) stands..Some animals more equal kaa.I wish i could also be allowed to chose whoch judge/police officer to handle my complaints.

  10. Justice delayed………………………………………….

    The lady should be investigates as well.

  11. The man of action is too fast in doing things especially swearing in his appointed collegues. Now Is the malawian going back or he will be paid for doing nothing until the case is resoved. Waste of tax payers money.

  12. Judiciary v Executive…. the action and outcome of this battle opens the rot and weaknesses of our current constitution and the URGENT NEED for total independence of the 3arms of the STATE (not govt) (legislature,judiciary &Executive) ,including all constitution offices. The outcome will be interesting for Democracy ….. Wait and see mmean while malawi judge no wwork no pay…

  13. For as long as this legal circus continues the Zambian Government must in the meantime pay the Judge from Malawi his money. what a waste of state resources.

  14. Sebastian Zulu is a useless lawyer, no wonder he was jailed by Judge Musumali in 1990s when representing Kambarage Kaunda. Wasting tax payers money…

  15. Maybe Ukwa (if he is not incapacitated) can take judge Chikopo (at tax-payer’s expense of course as we seem to have so much of it to throw away and waste) to see vic falls and where the Kuomboka would have taken place had it not been cancelled.

  16. What is so special with malawi? First free fuel and we have no fuel, now a Malawian Judge getting free money. Are we so rich or just a wastefull.

  17. Times of P fimofimo
    Thursday 10:00Hrs 24th May 2012.

    I, the Lusaka High Court Judge Fulgency Chisanga, rules in favour of the state and whispers to the judge seated next to her “Kuti ba kutafya incito kaa, holo bakyipaya kaa”

  18. Meanwhile the kwacha continues to fall and no one is talking about the economy or what the effects of the current crisis in the Euro zone will have on ordinary Zambian households.

  19. ahahahahahaha now its for the educated to explain to us cause its like everyone is too royal to the president please help us .

  20. Can we have a tribunal or Commission of enquiry set up please set up for Fulgency Chisanga? State Counsel Sebastian Zulu to chair that commission. At the end of the day, Sebastian will produce a “very useless report”, “anyway, thank you”. “Secreatry to the cabinet, please simplify this report”.

  21. some former employee at The post newspapers who have not been paid their benefits want to protest ! They want their money.Hope they will be covered in their toilet paper. Meanwhile DBZ wants 14bn….ka fred homo kazafa na depression. The reason why people attack membe this much is just to revenge in the same way he attacked others with hatrate.i sympasis with fred and micheal..hope he repents thereafter…kekekekkeke—yawamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  22. Funny how the two judges did a donchi kubeba on Sata, Membe and co because they seem to have been caught completely unaware of what was going on. Very embarrassing indeed to swear in people and they have nothing to do. A chimwene a judge Chikopo should get on a bus to Lilongwe until further notice.

  23. Judge Chikopa is reportedly excited by the adjournment so that he tours Livingstone properly with a bottle of Glenffidich 15 naka Zambian secretary pambali.Free fuel now “free” judge.

  24. Anso maker sure musa vale ma bamba muka ngena mu court anso.

    Tizami yembekeza choncho bena Membe and Nchito

  25. Anso maker sure musa vale ma bamba muka ngena mu court anso.

    Tizami yembekeza choncho bena Membe and Nchito:-w

  26. No 6 – Please report yourself and your accomplices to the Anti corruption commission do not pontificate.

  27. Surprising Indeed!!!!

    The person who was deported is the one paying Malawi for their actions.
    It should have been opposite; Malawi should have paid Zambia for mistreating our now president. But instead we are the ones paying malawi; first it was thousands of tones of littres of fuel, and now it is millions of Kwacha to the Malawian lawyer.

  28. I can assure you the two judges at one time will bear the cost of judge Chikopa expenses for these days, he is not doing anything.Just wait. Remember what MMD used to say, boma ni boma. Remember the Kenya scenario.

  29. Judge Chikopo is busy enjoying a tour around Lusaka coz he knows how long our legal cases take.

    • How is she brave that’s her job isn’t it? it isn’t under your vindictive Ala Bee and his corrupt thugs MMD. It just shows that the Judiciary is independent but still needs deep cleaning to smoke out the rotten apples.

  30. The judic..ry is corrupt to the bone. Starting with magistr..tes who are bribed to dismiss cases such as defilement cases and even the small claims cou,ts are corrupt. I have been there and I know how it goes. It is rotten. Do you remember a story carried by the past about two years ago where Mohan said a senior judge had been paid a large some of money somewhere in a LSK hotel? This is coming to the open and someone is biting the dust soon

    • You must be one of the few people who still believe the Post. What I am trying to say is you can’t use the Post as a credible source of information.

  31. Chisanga is also guilty am sure. She is fearing something. But it won’t work. The Tribunal will go ahead and everything she has been doing, they have been doing will laid bare. Icifisama ca munda ya nama

  32. Iwe chi Sata, is this what you meant when you promised “more money in your pocket.” I think this is more money in Sata’s pocket and the pockets of his buddies–Nchito, Mmembe, Kabimba, etc…We chikote iwe, we will evict you from the State House soon. Ukutumpa makaka iwe. You think you own that country? You’re an employee of the people and you can lose your job any time. Now listen to me, go to your office and dismiss all those incompetent sycophants who surround you. Get the smartest Zambians and draw a program of action that will help improve the country. And let smart people speak for you. Stay away from thugs like Mmembe and Nchito. Those are mercenaries with no conviction. They will do anything for cash.

  33. Imwe Bantu get back to work… This issue will take long…. because even if she reverses her ruling next week, the judges will take it to the Supreme Court, where the Chief Justice is and other targeted judges are. If the supreme court say the President acted within his power, the tribunal will go ahead …. and probably report their findings after 3 months. Whatever the findings, the judges have the right to contest the tribunal findings in high court all the way to the Supreme court ( The way Dora did). So it will be the Supreme court (Sata’s enemies) to make the final ruling about the validity of findings of the tribunal. That will not be decided this year… and they will make sure they make adjournments… and put UKWA on hold… UKWA wawa…

    • On the other hand, if Judge Chisanga rules against the state next week, the state may have to go to the supreme court and if the supreme court maintains her ruling…. then the state will have to go back to the drawing board of following the right procedure…. and that will take years… The judicially have all the opportunities to turn everything around… ili tricky… Meanwhile the President will be legible for impeachment…

  34. Waiting for the final outcome. Judge Chisanga is a woman not for turning indeed. I hope the constitution will cater for the separation of powers between the the executive and the judiciary.

  35. Ba Judge Chisanga, going by your first name, Awe sure. Hope all is well with your scruples. Wonder what ‘Flugency’ stands for.

  36. Sad state of affairs too too much talking and killing time talking pa Zed, when our President (yes yours) said he was going to fight corruption what did you think he meant? The Judiciary is stinking rotten, not even jik can remove the scum there. A vile corrupt party fails to pay its subscription fees and its de-registered you protest, you have vile crooks hiding behind wigs and gowns courting criminals in the judiciary and our president tries to smoke them out you protest.
    The day those street vendors we will wise up on the law that we will be day when Zambia will come to a stand still.      

  37. Go to social media forums you will find chaps with too much time on their hands writing about this all day long killing time; like they did on the Zamtel issue, where is you LAP Green now? Sometimes its better to force feed a patient medicine he/she will thank you when has recovered from his illness. 

  38. Some bloggers are overemotional and behaving as if the learned judges are infallible beings who can do no wrong. I was once involved in a shocking case that involved a magistrate who later became a judge. I was trying to solve a case of a relative who had actually been wrongly framed by his colleagues at the work place. I approached a lawyer who proved to be very expensive. Some of my well – connected friends told me they would solve the problem. My friends invited me to some restaurant where I met a gentleman who I was told was the prosecutor in the case and, I was informed, representing the magistrate. I paid less than a quarter of what I would have paid the lawyer. The docket disappeared and my relative was home and dry! End of story.

  39. Judge Chisanga is a great lawyer.I can only compare her to lord denning of England who made outstanding judgements in his life time.She is not brave but she is a learned judge,She knows what is at stake for zambia as a judge.Any act of parliament including the constitution can be challenged if it infringes the rights of individuals.There rights of individuals which are protected by the law such as the rights of the judges.There is no where in the world where you can just suspends judges for ensuring that those who borrowed DBZ money pay back.God guide her lordship to bring sanity to these chaps who are controlling the state machinery.

  40. Sata just leave the judiciary as stinkin dirty n corrupt as it is. It seems dull zambians love it that way. Don’t clean anythin for them. They love sufferein n bein unfairly convicted.

  41. You dull Zambians. Judiciary must be checked by Executive the same way we the Voters check Executive. We fired RBAnd friends and it felt good. We don’t vote for the damn judges. They are simply appointd by HE. Sincve there’s no general election for judges, the executive must by all means check them and oust the corrupt ones. We will oust Exec if they play around as we did to). Bottom line. My vote must be able to chuck out at stupi judge if he made stupi¥ decisions. That’s why we voted for HEMCS

  42. No one is above the law,Takwaba nangu umo uwaba pa mulu we FUNDE lya calo bane…Those chaps ni bamukukulu we are on you we promised and we used to sing about a country having a rotten judiciary.If people say rotten judiciary we used just to mean that Mwata,the chaps are corrupt and are still,so sweeping has just started.Don’ hide in the name of being judges nicani camene babisa?tusa vela zonse baba no dillidalling the tribunal is at work baba…

  43. Koma ma judges ni ba chabe bachifyantha chi Sata zoona, chenzo ganiza nichochenjela ai………..

  44. Its funny how all these chaps are moaning, ranting and squealing about everything but the Draft Constitution.
    Ka HH is mute about the Draft Constitution, but he is busy blindly defending crooks and criminals, if ka HH likes talking a lot why doesn’t he stand as an MP for his Useless Party Of Narrow-minded Dunderheads in Parliament so he can talk till those stuffed lions next to speaker have had enough and chew him preferably alive in house.   

  45. Problem we have pa Zed is every chap wants to be a Political Analyst with a Mosi in one hand; get serious you chaps too much talking and chatting put your money where your mouth is and start seriously contributing. 

  46. Judges are not Gods. They’re just as human as everyone. These guys have been urinated upon by KK, FTJ, LPM and RB. Why’re they rejecting MC’s pee?

    • perhaps its corrosive in nature having gone through radiation and green ray lasers – naine ninga yope. lol!

  47. two big pictures here HE is trying to defend his allies but also the judiciary is so corrupt…so we in limbo now!!! http://www.lusakatimes.com/2010/10/19/simeza-initiated-plans-bribe-judge-magistrate-mohan/

  48. Judge Chisanga is the best judge ever to be on the Zambian judicial bench. She is incorruptible and very fearless. She has helped to raise the standard of justice in the judiciary. Unlike the supreme court Musonda who since he was suspended has gone into a freenzy of punic. What is afraid of? Chisanga the upholder of the rule of law, may God almighty protect you mamma with the blood of Jesus Christ. Kajimanga and Mutuna are equally brave and spot on for refusing to succumb to unfairness of the executive who opted to protect Membe, Nchitos and hush up the K14 billion money they stole from DBZ. Mwenye Musenge, Zulu, TIZ and UNZASU are a let down of the worst kind. Students at UNZA must rise up against UNZASU leadership who have succumbed to the love of money like Judas. Useless UNZASU.

  49. It is clear that some bloggers are on someone’s payroll as Zambian Watchdog suggested. How do you explain any right thinking citizen willingly agreeing to have his rights and freedom curtailed by the Executive? The Judiciary is our only saviour from being abused by politicians. Yes the Judiciary needs to be checked by others, but certainly not by politicians where it is crystal clear that their only interest is to protect their friends and NOT to cleanse the Judiciary as they claim. This particular group of politicians donchi kubebad us in 2011 but now we know them better, once bitten twice shy.

  50. The gist of the matter here is the K14billion debt plus other equally huge debts on tax payers’ funds. We should not lose focus of this fact by allowing people to muddle the whole thing with constitutional provisions for tribunals blah blah. And in the first place, why didn’t some Wooden judge declare interest if he was an upright man?

  51. In 1998 late Dean Mungomba was abducted by plain cloths Zambia state security agents and incarcerated at a secret location only known to politicians such as Sata who was serving in that government. Dean’s lawyers petitioned the court and a COURAGOUS Judge ordered the government to avail Dean Mungomba. When the government finally produced Mungomba, he had been bruised, injured, and badly beaten during interrogation.  But it was a courageous Judge that served Dean’s life.

  52. #54 Digga .. Walanda bwino! Some Zambians are dull. Judges are not above the law! Come rain come sunshine, come summer come winter kabimba. The tribunal shall proceed!

  53. 69 Mwanamusha, the tribunal shall indeed proceed, but only when it is appointed by a neutral (non-Michaelised) president. Seems all options are now on the table, if we can hire a “neutral” Malawian judge :-).

  54. #71 Maxwell, no sir it is coming from someone who reads the Post too much! But no harm reading the Watchpig to see the other side of the story which the Post does not want us to see or hear. kekekekekekeke!!!!!

  55. Winter Bemba,my friend i do browse through that website but their editor is just too bitter its hilarious, the chap should have ulcers by now!! kekeke 

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