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20 Zambian fishermen abducted by Congolese soldiers

Rural News 20 Zambian fishermen abducted by Congolese soldiers

Twenty Zambian fishermen have been abducted by Congolese marine soldiers on lake Mweru in Luapula province.

The incident happened around 02 hours this morning when a total of 32 Zambian fishermen were caught by the soldiers.

Luapula province deputy police commissioner Aaron Mushanga said the Zambians were later tied to a marine boat enroute to the neighbouring Nkole Island in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Commissioner Mushanga told ZANIS in Lusaka today that the marine boat engine later broke down and 12 Zambian fishermen managed to overpower one Congolese solder and diverted with him to the Zambian side of Potole Island.

Mr. Mushanga said police have since launched a manhunt for the remaining 20 Zambian fishermen who are still being held on Nkole Island in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He said police will first rescue the Zambians at Potole Island on the Zambian side before retrieving the remaining 20.

Mr. Mushanga said it is believed that the Congolese marine solders were not in uniform but are armed with two unknown rifles which they used when abducting the Zambian fishermen.



  1. Zambian commando squad has to be sent in. This is their work. Not Sudan, Zambian lives are in danger, this feels like a movie.

    • I agree with you. This is a job by Super Ken’s “my boys.” Sending innocent soldiers in to a gorilla warfare situation, is not going to do. We need them boys that we break bricks with bare hands and be submerged for at least 5 minutes to deal with this issue. I thought as and the kasais are inter related going all the way back from the lunda luba kingdom. This mistake they have made, not us.

  2. Those Congolese thugs should be disciplined. That is what they always do when they need cash. Zambian commandos should be deployed immediately and save the lives of those fishermen.

  3. I was also about to say the same thing.

    Why can’t these indisciplined Congo Marines go and fight the rebels? Why are they attacking citizens of a country that is feeding them? Ukutumpa!

  4. These Congolese guys are very stupid. I think lets not waste time with police, we are talking about lives. Commando squad would do. Stupid people indeed!

  5. Imwe ba LT, can you make sure everyone’s post and comments right instead for your webpage seemingly gawking all the time? I wonder whether you are intentionally scrutinising and syphoning what you do not like!  It’s called freedom of expression.

  6. Iwe No. 1, this is really life, these are parents!! Not “feels like movies”. What commandos? Get real!

    • They Kidnapped our citizens with assault riffles, so what do you think we should do talk them into releasing our people? If that does not work, then action needs to be taken. I am really concerned very concerned infact. It feels like a movie not in terms of its simplicity but due to its bizzare nature.

  7. This is the real job of Military Intelligence as opposed to attending seminars or sucking protitutes’ breasts in RSA !

  8. Typical Africans: Same skin colour, same people, we cannot respect each other; you can even tell from the comments above. War, commando, blabla, is all you want. Our friends thrive on this; selling you arms, while taking minerals. Solution is that PF government need to engage Moise Chapwe Katumbi on this one; at a political level. Yes he was in good books with MMD; but he holds a huge economic key for us in the Region. Its amazing, and can only be attributable to our being so naive about opportunities and respect for our God given resources in Africa. Imagine if France always used the army when they have a difference with any European Neighours? PF: speak to Moise; this issue will be sorted. Not ifyaba Commando!!

    • Katumbi should not be our contact, are you related to him? We need to talk to the congolese government; if they don’t come through our commando squads need to take action now.

    • Yes Moise is my relative; am Lunda and for us there is no border between Congo and Zambia, except a River between. They are free to move from Mwata-Yanvwa to Mwansabombwe; and vice versa. No visa, no thing. Moise is the governor, and that you know, he represents the government. Love him or hate him; he needs to be spoken to.

    • Yes, diplomacy is always first, and no one goes to war over kidnapped citizens, things just dont work like that

  9. @ no# 7 kg:

    They Kidnapped our citizens with assault riffles, so what do you think we should do talk them into releasing our people? If that does not work, then action needs to be taken. I am really concerned very concerned infact. It feels like a movie not in terms of its simplicity but due to its bizzare nature.

  10. Chaps just talk without weighing the strategic implications of the actions. Who can police the long border Zambia has? And at what cost? When soldiers behave that way, you need to target the root cause of the problem diplomatically first; before you resort to full-out arms conflict. Examples are there: Sudan and South Sudan; does that make sense? Why are we people so not serious? Would you even hesitate dialog when you are dealing with bakaboke? They can do anything; hence you need a person who can manage them. If it fails, start policing the whole border; adn good luck!!!

  11. if chilufya can act in a more dedicated manner these congolose should be treated negatively to provent the more would be ofenders because if they receive smiles for harrasing zambians then they will carry it on……and its intorelable.

  12. Zambians soldiers don’t have the guts to fight the Rwandans who are pretending to be Congolese! Watch out people, it is not the Congolese people but the Rwandans are coming!

  13. I get offended when i hear that a Zambian is abducted, killed by, name it by foreign powers.We are a generous and peace loving people that have made significant contributions to the well being of our neighouring countries.At leat we expect our people to be treated kindly when they cross Zambian boarder lines.May be we should given this provocation respond accordingly.The safety of a Zambian in hands of soldiers of another country should be our security concern as a nation.THEY HAVE TO BE RELEASED BY THE GVT OF CONGO DR WITH AN APOLOGY.

  14. There will turn them into their group like young boys forced to join their army. Why manhunt when they know very well the location where the fishermen are located. Don’t think that they are soldiers.. why not in uniform?? Having only 2 rifles?? I think they are thugs taking the law into their own hands.

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