Expedite Freedom of Information bill enactment – Mulongoti.


Works and Supply Minister, Mike Mulongoti
Former Works and Supply Minister, Mike Mulongoti
Former Information and Broadcasting Minister Mike Mulongoti says there is need to expedite the enactment of the Freedom of information Bill.

Mr. Mulongoti has since advised Members of Parliament to unanimously rally behind the Bill once the house resumes.

In an interview with Qfm news, Mr. Mulongoti underscored the importance of the Bill stating that once enacted, it will empower Zambians to follow up on government’s developmental agenda.

He said parliament has to exercise the same unity shown on the abuse of authority of office clause to support and subsequently put into effect the FOI Bill.

Government recently charged that it will do everything possible to ensure that Freedom of Information (FoI) bill is made into law by August this year.




  1. Suddenly Mike Mulongoti is wise, trying to force Michael Sata to pass the same regulation bill which he himself spent 10 years refusing to take it to parliarment. What is shocking is that he doesn’t even feel ashamed to be quoted like that in a public newspaper. He is failure and I hope he continues failing until he is nothing and lives in a hut without electricity in Kabanana. What Mulongoti should do is shut up and leave us to battle with Sata—- Mulongoti should know that he is ireelevant now. His time was here and he wasted it. He is just making us annoyed…he shouldn’t insult us twice like that. Mike Mulongoti was the most arrogant Minister in government throughout… He knows that he can’t go to RB to beg now, after how he stubbed RB in the back last year. Iza nyokola njala!



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