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Ben Mwila’s wife enters a not guilty plea

General News Ben Mwila's wife enters a not guilty plea

Ben Mwila

Former Defence Minister, Ben Mwila’s wife Margrate has pleaded not guilty to two counts of issuing cheques on an insufficiently funded account, in the Lusaka Magistrates Court.

Mrs. Mwila, together with her co-accused Hartwell Sikalundi, both pleaded not guilty to the charges when the matter came up for PLEA this morning before Principal Resident Magistrate, David Simusamba.

It is alleged that Mrs. Mwila and Mr. Sikalundi, in their capacities as Director and Finance Manager of Wade Adams Piling and Foundations Zambia Limited, dishonestly issued a cheque in the sum of 30 Million Kwacha.

The cheque in question was allegedly issued to Tokyo Vehicles in an insufficiently funded Bank ABC account at pyramid plaza branch.

In the second count, the two are alleged to have dishonestly issued another cheque in the sum of 40 Million Kwacha.

But the cheque was honored when presented for payment.

Magistrate Simusamba has since set June 29 as the date for mention while trial in the matter is expected to commence on July 26 this year.

Mrs. Mwila was accompanied to the magistrate court complex by her husband Ben, popularly known as B-Y.



  1. This is a very Stu.pid piece of legislation which is only found in a backward country that is Zambia. Honestly this is between her and her bank. Nothing more nothing less. Bloody primitive Zambia.

    • Try issuing a cheque on your insufficiently funded account (if at all you even have a chequing account) in the country you live in and see how they will hang you by your balls.

  2. Personal Issued is news? What position does she hold in public office if thats the reason to publish this?

  3. Rod @ # 1, you are a nuisance to civilisation and the monetary system! It is irresponsible and dishonest to issue a cheque purporting to pay the supplier of goods & services while you are aware that you have no such funds in the bank! It is wishful thinking that the laws of Zambia should leave honest businessmen at the mercy of crooks issuing rubber cheques. The complainant in this case, Tokyo Vehicles supplied Wade Adams with a vehicle and instead of paying for it in an honest manner, the directors & Finance Manager (Mrs Mwila) issued the rubber cheques. Stop commenting on things you have little knowledge about as that is very dangerous!

  4. #1 Rod is right.

    You dont have such legislation in developed countries. Its between you and the bank. The penalty is covered by the terms and conditions of your bank acount. The company you are paying sometimes also cover bounced cheques in teh terms and conditions.

    Of course Zambia is not a developed country so this may be the best solution for her, however silly it looks to those in the diaspora.

    • I do agree that this piece of legislature is backward. We however have to look at issues in context to appreciated how this piece of legislature found its way in our law book. If you recall the last 5 years or so everyone had lost faith in cheque system as cheques where merely reduced to bouncing balls. Its good to now have an economy that has great monetary controls that a cheque in Zambia is now as good as cash in hand.

  5. 2,4, can you two mention one country other than Zambia where bouncing a check is a state crime punishable by imprisonment? It is a very Stu.pid and backward piece of legislation. The courts and prisons are unnecessarily been clogged by an issue that should be sorted out by the bank and its client. Zambia is my country and I am not going to hide behind some silly notion of patriotism when bullshit is going on! Threat to civilisation and monetary system? Really? Taking someone to court over a bounced cheque is not civilization. Neither is it a threat to the monetary system. That is just your pile of poo!

    • Rod, the only shit and pile of poop on this basic monetary issue is you. If you cant understand that honesty and integrity are key in running any business, I don’t expect you to have an idea on what it takes to run a business. The best you can do for now is shut up, listen and learn from other voices of reason.
      Stop being illogical by justifying illegality.

    • Iwe chi Nshi Sunda Chisunde Sunde Kano Fye Mu Muntu, Rod asked you to mention one country other than Zambia where bouncing a check is a state crime punishable by imprisonment? Iam still waiting mwe fipuba.

  6. Its sad how some bloggers want to encourage dishonesty and deceit in doing business. What is the motive of issuing a cheque to your creditor when you know there is insufficient funds in the account to cover that cheque? This is being deceitful and is unethical business practice.
    Those of you condemning the law, how would you feel if your pay cheque bounced because your employer didn’t have enough money to cover your salary/wages?

  7. Only a dull and stupiddy person can support dishonesty. Why should a person cheat he has money and yet he does not. The law against this dishonesty and stupidiity needs to be supported.

  8. This legislation was hived from Tanzania -if i remember correctly to deter “businessmen” especially briefcase businessmen who used to swindle corporations and govt departments.

  9. 8,9,12 I live in a civilised country in which I have a contractual agreement with my bank on virtue of having an account with them. And in the most unlikely event that I draw a cheque on an insufficiently funded account I will incur penalties from my bank. You can yap all you want it doesn’t change the fact this is a piece of legislation that is only found in Zambia. There are a number of reasons why cheques can bounce and dishonesty is not the only one. People have been known to want to immediately cash a post dated cheque. I will only respect this law when the govt sues itself for issuing cheques drawn on empty govt accounts. Any wonder there is a thriving business amongst those who trade in “we accept govt cheques here”?

  10. There are far bigger crimes taking place than a bounced cheque, and most of these are never challenged. Surely this is a civil matter and not a criminal matter. Every time I visit Zambia I see dishonesty amongst the Police and Civil Servants.  

  11. Why is it that in Zambia, the media cannot learn to treat individuals on their own merit but have to refer and associate them with someone else? Mrs Margaret Mwila is the accused person and happens to be Mr Ben Mwila’s wife, so why use Ben Mwila’s picture?

    • this is a matter between the bank and its client. unfortunately, there is a hidden agenda here. it will all come out in the end. PF should concentrate on building Zambia. Afterall, they have all eaten from the same pot that they are now condeming.

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