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Former Energy Minister Kenneth Konga collapses during interrogation by joint investigative wings

Headlines Former Energy Minister Kenneth Konga collapses during interrogation by joint investigative wings

Former Energy Minister Kenneth Konga
Former Energy Minister Kenneth Konga

Former Energy Minister Kenneth Konga  this  morning collapsed as he was being interrogated by the joint investigative wings in Lusaka.

MMD President Nevers Mumba has confirmed this to ZNBC News. Dr. Mumba said that  Mr. Konga was rushed to Saint Johns hospital but has since been moved to the University Teaching Hospital.

Last year, Mr Konga was summoned by the Zambia police at the former Task Force offices and the police seized his vehicle following a nine hours search conducted at  his Kabulonga residence.

A combined team of investigators from the Zambia Police, Anti Corruption Commission and Drug Enforcement Commission also seized two motorcycles from the former minister’s residence.  Later on in parliament,  Mr Konga, said that the Hummer police seized from his Kabulonga residence was acquired using the money Members of Parliament get from Parliament for car loans.

Mr Konga revealed this when he asked vice president Guy Scott to tell the house whether the money the National Assembly gives MPs for car loans is stolen money for Police to seize his vehicle.

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela later announced that Mr Konga had been cautioned in relation to abuse of authority contrary to Section 99 Sub-Section 1 of the laws of Zambia.

Early this month, Mr Konga opened a Hotel in Lusaka built  at a cost of K4.5 billion. The 40-room Diamondacres Hotel  on Dedan Kemathi Road overlooking the Kafue Road Fly-over Bridge, has created 25 direct jobs, according to Mr Konga.

Mr Konga, who is Chavuma Member of Parliament,  said that the hotel was going to help the country provide hospitality services to tourists and accommodate business persons from other countries.  He said the aim of building the hotel was to contribute to the creation of jobs for Zambians and to offer good services to the public.

“We spent about K4.5 billion to put up this hotel and so far it has created 25 direct jobs for Zambians and we are hoping we can create 10 more jobs to make it 35.

“People who will be coming to Zambia from different parts of the world are welcome and can lodge with us because this is a top-class hotel with quality services for all,” he said.

He said out of the 40 rooms, 36 were executive, two single and two double rooms while the hotel included other facilities like a conference room, a bar and a restaurant.  Mr Konga called for more investment in the hospitality industry if Zambia was to attract more tourists and business travellers.



  1. Lmao….. this is hillarious, i hope his kids didnt read this…..thats as good as admitting guilt mwe

    • what is hilarious about someone collapsing.and how should i ask did he admit being guilty.by collapsing? please, we need to be serious sometimes!

    • In a world so fraught with anguish and infinite discontentment, i find it confounding and frightfully disappointing that the possibility of an influential human life being lost is amusing to so many of you.The number of uninteligent coments iv read are shameful, heartless n embarrasing.While i encourage n suport freedom of speech,i hav to say that i find this article and numerous comments iv read beneath,unworthy of the time spent making them. It is a mockery to journalism as a profession and i recommend that the guy who wrote it take a trip back to his journalism class n re-learn some basic skills like ‘how to write an article that correlates with its heading’.Nearly 1 yr dwn the line,im happy to anounce to all of you that advocated his demise,MY Father is well n will neva go to jail!:)

  2. By “We”, are there other investors in the hotel? K4.5m is not a small amount of money to come from a cabinet minister’s income.

  3. I’m lost, guys where is this Hotel located? I cant figure out from the statement above. I wanna Visit it. I hope thy wont arrest me for using my K400,000 to book a room as Proceeds suspected from a Crime

    • Just near Intercity bus terminus behind Tazara House or near Shafric trading close to the rail line.

  4. I can otherwise advise this man to contact Fred Mmembe to get information on how to use ‘corporate veil’ to quash all the allegations.

  5. Well, that’s the government you voted in. They are protecting real criminals like Mmembe and Nchito and victimizing opposition leaders. If Sata had a choice, he would kill all his political opponents. I just hope you’re a one term president sir. You’re a curse to Zambia.

    • From his gratuity as an Mp, Kaloba from some loan shack in Bauleni and grew some of it on the farm . Nothing from oil kick backs in case you have some doubts!!!!

  6. is blood is on your hands PF you have caused more harm to people who legitimately obtained property is saw that hotel being beuilt from foundation level during Mwanawasa and not it becomes illegal God bless you devils.

  7. the Bible say,”do not steal….”. but these mmd chaps turned the country’s treasury into their own personal account. no hard feelings to mpande but he just has to face the music. next is rb.

  8. Loan to buy a hummer from the parliament. Is this country SICK. since when do u indulge in extreme luxary when kids are dieying in hospitals without food. SICK, *****s, Hang him by the balls, now, straight away, dont even waste valuable govt. money, bastard.Satan yoko.

    • They are entitled to that as MPs. Please don’t blame the man but the laws of the land.
      Besides a loan is different from stolen money.

    • I feel sorry for the ppl that raised u to display such ignorance.u alow yoself to see things thru a disilusiond and impetuous narrow mind,n then dare to air yo malnourished opinions that serve no purpose but to destroy the spirits of ppl u had no hand in creatin.It wud b a disgrace to walk a step in yo shoes n i thank God im entirely un-like u.i watched MY FATHER dream about n work hard for many years to afford that HUMMER!(yes his kids do read).it was a gift to himself for finaly being elected mp,especially afta having lost the 1st time he attempted.i applaud and admire his diligence n perseverance,n i wud change nothing about him!The words ‘Think befor u speak’ exist bcoz of ppl like u.the diference hes made in ppls lives,yors included, far supercedes anything ul ever do! God forgive…

  9. Jealousy thugs who don’t want anyone else to have money apart from themselves. Only thugs in government, their minions and foreigners should have money. This chi Sata is even firing low placed employees who associated with the opposition. What kind of democracy is this? The president is the “chief personnel officer” in Zambia, or at least that’s what he thinks. And you want to tell people overseas with good jobs to “come home.” To do what? To suck up to a gangster president? No way. You’re the reason why most of us left Zambia, sir.

    • Speak for yourself mate. I left Zambia on my own accord and Sata was not the president there. There’s nothing wrong with someone owning a hotel but they have to prove that they either earned or borrowed the money.

    • Wow! So most of you left Zambia in “chifukushi”. No wonder blogs from the diaspora are so negative! As for me and mine we left in mtendere and will be returning to continue seeing the cup half-full!!!

    • Hypocrites! I wrote “You’re the reason why most of us left Zambia”, that does not mean everyone. Most of us left seek opportunities we can’t find in Zambia. If that is not the case you should go back then. 

  10. Mr Konga please, it’s not about creating 25 or 35 direct jobs for Zambians but how you acquired billions of kwacha to build the hotel. I think there was too much financial indiscipline and free-for-all culture in the former MMD government.

    • strong words there friend…how many years of labour did you put in yourself, i cant remember?

  11. Someone just told me this Kenneth chap is from a very wealth family, what nonsense, haven’t you heard of rich people who shoplift like that Celebrity TV English pompous Chef Thompson.
    The reason you sleepy heads in Zed are experiencing load shedding today is because of shoddy deals cut by these corrupt chaps, just look at all those ZESCO energy contracts this Kenneth chap signed without following due tender procedure with large construction companies.

    • Why do you think they haven’t arrested him up to now? Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Kenneth has not been tried by a competent court yet, all what PF have done is to harass him for political expediency, nothing more. If he was really corrupt, why isn’t he court 8months after PF victory?

    • this ‘KENNETH CHAP’ comes from a wealthy family because he created a great deal of that wealth before you clowns ever even heard about him. Im generally a respectful person but i have to insist that some of you people grow up. i respect opinion and encourage it even cos i am an opinionated person myself. i just think that far too many ppl dont bother doing their homework and in my intelligently informed ‘opinion’,(notice that i sed opinion and not fact, for those of you that already fixing to burn parafin n throw it in my face), that just makes your negative comments profoundly LAZY. do something about it guys, otherwise i beg that you keep your personal sentiments private. if ur not guna care to do some research first, im just saying, either pay someone to do it for u, or shut up.

    • You are really a monkey! Why insult someone for his opinion? You cannot think of your own? You are worse than my dog at home. He thinks better than you do!

    • you’re not smart that is why you want to use that kind of language. Don’t judge me by your standards, buddy. I just have no respect for the thug in the state house, whatever else you call him.

  12. We need not worry by 2017 it will be the case with Nchito, Mmembe, Kabimba, nephews and family tree. For now Kabimba should enjoy to the fullest considering that he does not win cases even when in power.

  13. Kaufella (No.15), don’t parade your ignorance here. If you must know, MPs are entitled to loans to buy vehicles of THEIR CHOICE.

  14. This headline of this story is misleading because I got more interested in Kongas health rather than being told what we already knew about hummers, motor cycles, the newly opened K4.5 billion hotel with 40 rooms, or that he is Chavuma member of Parliament. The story was written by a ZNBC staffer. Ba Chibamba please pull up your socks, this is not news worthy, being a PF cadre, you wish Konga dead I know, hence a big scaring headline.

  15. the man was tochured lets have a tribunal your interogation tatics are not conducive they should have checked the mans health before puting him on the kampelwa(swing) now you shall go to the hague like your cousin Taylor.Arrest mutembo and charge himwith crimes against humanity for causing the death of Konga

  16. MMD chaps if they were given another term, the country could have been suffocated…all the cash could have finished in the BOZ. Where did this chap, amass all that K 4.5 billion for him to erect such a luxurious hotel? Money yapwalala pa ZED.

  17. No messy for this guy…he did not collapse..he is just faking it…Be tough ba task force squeeze him by the throat. Let this be a lesson to other thieves to be in the current regime.

  18. I am beginning to believe that RB was very corrupt!! It is like everyone in MMD was just busy stealing money…K 2.1 BILLION and now K 4.5Bn. These chaps were untouchables who thought they would get away with it. Sata please have no messy…we need to cleanse this country out of the chaps with selfish agendas in Govt. No wonder there is too much poverty in the country….

  19. Suspended judge @ # 26 & 27, are you suffering from some mental illness? You are ranting incoherently! Konga is just shocked that the investigators have information that is extremely damaging. The ex-minister gave ZESCO contracts corruptly while obtaining percuniary advantage for himself and money has been traced, hence the collapsing! Believe it or not he will not die but live to face the consequences of his misdeeds! Another former MMD minister in cohorts with Fratelli Locci will end up in jail for shoddy deals on road contracts. Namugala should not be crying for loss of seats obtained fraudulently, time to cry will come, it is not yet time!

  20. His faking of the collapse, is pure testimony that he has got a case to answer and he is a thief and plunderer. His collapse will not do him any good for sure…let him just wake up and continue where he ended explaining.

  21. I think Konga has been poisoned by the system. Arresting somebody over two motorcycles and has been aminister for 10 years is trully silly and stupid.What about the K14billion form Fred Membe and Mutembo.

  22. zambia is the only country where a black man is not allowed to have money.if you have money you become a potential target for these shushus.. 

  23. One person to earn more than K4.5 billion in a short period of time??? Hey come on this is not fair on the masses that are suffering. Only if resources were equally shared amongest all citizens, there would have been no thieves now because of people like this Guy and the MMD we are all made to suffer. They have a lot more that is still hiden and we need it all paid back to better our living. This is no fair on the majority Zambians.!!!! Colapsing was all because of being under preasure of not having straight answers of where he got all this money from. Guyz lets reason, its not the PF but its having a good leader who has a heart for us all. !!!!! shame.

    • Roughly K0.5Billion per year in 10 years! Wow what kind of business was he doing other than illegimate deals!

  24. Funny…all critics likes of Bootlicker, Senior Citizen, Australia Eng etc….. are nowhere…but let the President make a mistake in their eyes….. blogging eats up the whole day analysis character assassinating Sata lol….. MMD become very corrupt in the end its reality and fact hence Dr Mumba won and we all know he is not the right man for the job and MMD has but no choice…..they all know it….viva PF….next get theirs houses they bought or built through corrupt means…..I miss Levy and his Task Force…wena azalila…..lol yaba

    • Never mind those gongs, they would rather have MMD vile crooks continued bleeding the country dry…

  25. The Hague is calling those PF thugs what is K4.5 bill earned over a period of 15yrs compared to K 14. bill stolen from national treasury.time will come and we are patiently waiting this time we shall not arrest them but instant mob justice shall apply.PF is threatening judges so that they do no become independent only time will tell you are worse than Idi Amini Dada you chaps first MMD left money now you are borrowing instead of creating money you shall see in 90 days you have borrowed more than USD 20 mill to give to holiday judges from malawi to come and practice homosexual in zambia rubbish

  26. The interrogation must have been a tough. Cops are appear weak but when in there backyard the guys know how to grill. i suspect he was well griiled and baked. He reached breaking point fast. Pliz recover and it take like a man.

  27. Dont worry Allexanda Chikwanda shall also collaps when interogated over States house renovations 

  28. This is the reaction of a thief who regrets being caught, not the crime and the damage that the crime does.
    FTJ set the precedent for MMD – it is okey to steal; the crime is getting caught.
    We need a change of culture, a purging of the system. The judiciary is the main culprit and they must not hide behind so called independence. They will get as much independence as they like after we sweep the house clean.
    Oh, and Nevers Mumba, fire ALL corrupt MMD members if you want to even be considered a contender in 2016.

  29. Chaona m’zako chapita, m’mawa chili paiwe. The man now needs our comfort and not these rhitorics.


  31. The man earned this money and they are still servicing a huge loan that they got from BOZ so all jealous zedians who think all are thieves like PF and MMD should sleep again. The couple looked to developing Zambia not stealing please let them develop the hotel so that they can pay back the loans they owe. All those still investigating him are just jealous period, this hotel was blocked from official opening until it was cleared so why are we still talking about it and questioning the man until you break him down to collapse, the same will happen to you when you step down in 2016

    • Sir/Madam, BOZ is not a commercial bank, and as such does not lend money to every Jim and Jack. Get your facts right before you show your IQ (in this case 49 – to match how keen you were at being able to claim your 49 minutes of fame for business acumen).

  32. A16. atate ndimwe a loss.I can assure u zed has no place for no brains like u.If he did not commit any wrong why try to draw sympathy?Let him go and prove his innocence in court.after all u pipo are saying zed courts are ok(in mmembe’s case)

  33. INDEPENDENT OBSERVER, where are you? Rumors goes that you organised this chap £350,000 ( Stirling ) money to start the hotel business from a UK Venture Capitalist Fund. If that is the case then, he has done no wrong. its the usual PF Jealousy.

  34. “Iyakulya mubulo, mafimwena kumalushi” The Bilbe is very clear on stolen wealth. Too many people in and around MMD stole from the people of Zambia and soon or very soon they will pay for it. This will be by acts of God or natural justice or both. How can you send a monkey to go audit maize harvest. MMD just did that by electing Pastor Nevers.

  35. Wait until the info on James Banda starts coming out. It will make these chaps’ allegations pale in comparison. He still thinks he’s got swagger around flying in private jets with the stolen loot. Little does he know the noose is tightening. Watch this space!

  36. Why collapsing ??? Is he admitimg that he stole??? Ba guy just be strong as you were when laundering the money. If you are innocent why should you collapse at being interogated???

  37. Out of the 40 rooms 36 are executive? Tourists don’t sleep in executive hotel rooms… Thats like business class… This guy was aiming higher than average back-packing tourists… Or was lying…

  38. This is why I will never build anything in Zambia, my investment there is cows & Goats, ranching at my traditional land from my grandfather. My people (villagers) enjoy meat every month-end and all my relatives children pay school fees from OUR meat sales. By-the-way, am from Luapula not useless Tonga. K5million monthly is not bad at all.
    WHY build a hotel for tourists and prostitutes, while your own people are starving & straggling in school fees? Look now you ***** Konga. You can’t show off in Zambia.

  39. The Sata’s government is very vindictive toward people who seem to have resources. It creates phoney cases that put pressure on such people. Konga has genuinely acquired the wealth he invested in businesses. The man had worked in managerial positions for ZESCO for a number of years. Investing is not showing off at all. People, you need to get over that primitive type of thinking.

    • its un graded hotel you fools ….. AIDS distribution centre – for Kabimba & co to fack other pipos wifes and girl friends. Other wise go to Pamodzi, Holiday Inn or Inters if you are looking for a decent 4/5 star hotel . . . . .

  40. Remember, all dogs eat Matuvi, but the only bad dog, is the one that is found eating Matuvi. The level of corruption in Zambia is beyond anyone’s imagination. Have we ever thought about the roads that are constructed and only last fot six months before developng pot-holes? And yet noone talks about ever bringing back the contractor – and it is nowhere in the big document; This is because people up there know that pot holes for the poor is bread for the rich!

  41. Democrasy is very good. One of its drawbacks, though, is that even the corrupt and thieves have a right to speak. And I hear a lot of voices from such on this blog.
    Why condemn the government for trying to do what is for the interest of the nation?
    Thieves and the corrupt must be curbed!

  42. Life is like a wheel, it turns. Today it is Konga collapsing tomorrow it will be someone from this government of chimbuya doing the same.

  43. Ifyakulya ubushiku……….! The quilt are always afraid! People were at liberty to become extremely rich over night in the previous years because things were loose! We were crying over high fuel prices and other services, but individuals who were entrusted to minister in those services just turned a deaf ear because with them as long as they were getting a commission out of whatever was happening it was non of their business! The cries of many suffering souls can be tormenting. When you are in leadership learn to listen from the suffering masses.

  44. He was just pretending because he could not answer the question, he should have stayed mute like his fat friend Liato!

  45. #65 All dogs eat matuvi, the only bad dog is the one found eating matuvi. It is a good one ha ha ha ha. I did not know that all dogs eat poopoo. Anyway, a clever way to explain the corruption ya pa Zed.

  46. Koanga, where did you get this kind of money to build such a big hotel, tell us, yes you should be investigated, collapsing wont help you.

  47. Uyo chatile mutobeni amapuli bushe alibikapo umukanda palya uyo kandanji teshibe ati nomba kuli MC ya chisungu aba fi MARLBORO ifya fimba chi COLOUR chakwe WAAAAAAZAAAAA WEEEEEiiiiiiii umulweze nowo mukwenu KACHIMBUNDU mwizi LIATO ngwabo naye LOOOMOOO lyenyi lyaku batula bamusundanga mu mumatako MUCHIMBWAKAILA bakweni bezi

  48. I love post idea lists like this (Sean Platt also did a great one recently). Your second topic is a great one ?C I think another idea you can add to it is blogging about a failure you had and what you learned from it.Great work!

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