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CBU students protest over meal allowances

General News CBU students protest over meal allowances

File:Copperbelt University students listening to speeches by union leaders

Over 353 Copperbelt University students staged a protest for non-payment of meal allowances since the academic year opened five weeks ago.

The students have given the bursaries committee 24 hours ultimatum to pay the remaining amount failure to which they would boycott classes.

The students matched from the campus on Jambo Drive to Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation where they blocked the entrance and some students openly wept that they were starving.

The students condemned the bursaries committee for ineffectiveness in dealing with the student’s allowances.

Copperbelt University Students Union president Thompson Luzendi said the government should deal with the bursaries committee alleged inertial when dealing with students issues.

“The committee is so effective, how does it expect the students to survive with the allowances,” Mr Luzendi said.

But when contacted education minister John Phiri said he was not aware that some students were not paid their allowances.

Dr Phiri however said he would follow the matter the permanent secretary and chart the way forward.




  3. #2 Hachinkamba,
    ‘Allowence, Supporse, Epril, Basaries’
    Grammar and four incorrectly spelled words in a single sentence is unbelievable. Hopefully these ‘forever’ protesting students will not end up this way.

  4. I’m still shocked with the BC’s behavior. All along graduating students in Russia have been getting baggage allowances in full. For the past two or three years the men and women who are responsible for preparing the funds have been shifting their goal posts. Last year they cut the baggage allowances by more than half in the name of “accountability” – only after the then graduating students went to Zambia and made some noise, did they get paid their $400 s. This year the same thing has happened. If the government is failing to motivate graduates with small allowances- like baggage allowances- one wonders whether they are capable of providing an environment conducive enough for us to work in.  Guyz shaleni na accountability yenu. I’ll go and use my Small masters somewhere else.

    • All the best in your decision to become a second class citizen elsewhere, because you didn’t get baggage allowance from your country. How unpatriotic. Have u married an old Russian woman as well? I am sure CBU and UNZA will produce more capable and patriotic graduates willing to build their country. Enjoy being a manual worker with a “small masters degree” in eastern europe 

  5. I graduated from CBU more than 5 years and this was the order of the day. 6 years later with a new government and we still have the same issues. One wonders whether Zambia as a country is moving forward or stuck. 

  6. Let these fools boycott classes, its their education. Eat kalembula, katapa and delele as long as you are getting your education. Why are they given allowances anyway, arent they supposed to pay out of pocket?

    Anyway I dont understand how 3rd world universities work.

  7. # 11 Ba Nubian princess it is not our fault that you got 20 points and failed to get admission into Zambian universities. Zambian universities just like most universities in developing including China and India are heavily subsidized by the government because a good number of students cannot afford the high fees. In contrast most of the top universities in US are privately owned including MIT, CALTECH, STANFORD, HARVARD ETC ETC. As such these prestigious  privately owned universities  will expect you to have money on top of good grades. No wonder these universities hardly give scholarships as opposed to government universities especially in Asia which give out thousands of scholarships both to the local students as well as foreign students from other developing countries.

  8. that is why sout African universities don’t respect our qalifications. if there are riots and protests everyday, how can PF built new universities in Muchinga or chisanli?

  9. Nubian Princess sounds like Mushota. Is it the same person? With due respect to those that got their 1st degrees in outside universities, it is common knowledge that most of them did not have the grade to get into CBU or UNZA but had the money or scholarships to go abroad. Mark my words, I said most of them which means not all.

  10. # 14 Kanyengambeta spot on my brother. I agree with you 100%.That was my point in my previous post!

  11. “The committee is so effective, how does it expect the students to survive with the allowances,” Mr Luzendi said. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???

  12. If the minister is not aware of unpaid allowances and if the money was release, then someone is holding that money in their account to gain on the interests

  13. Too bad monks, i passed thru the same but fight on coz with u BC is possible within a day.. kanofye ZIT ngamwalipwa!!!! The minister of Education looks lyk Mr Munkombwe, are they children from different marriages but same….? lol. Iwe ur supporting universities from other states, shame on u, go there and become a citizen there!!!! *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. GRZ should stop paying these chaps and for what?taba kwata uko bafuma?Lets move on from these unip policies.And this money ends up in the pockets of ama hule nama tavern.

  15. Cockpit in garden/lusaka has been built from BC yaba monko ba ku ruin.abash BC viva free market economic policies.

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