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Remains of Zambezi plane crash victims found

General News Remains of Zambezi plane crash victims found

Local residents crossing the Suspension Bridge over the Zambezi River in Zambezi district-Courtesy of GraceThe bodies of two missionaries who died after their light plane plunged into the Zambezi river have been retrieved.

The missionaries from Chitokoloki Mission Hospital, have been indentified as Errickson Katrina who was the Pilot, and his wife Jay Katrina.

Government had sent eight commandos from the Zambia Army who were searching for the bodies.

The Aircraft was also located in the Zambezi River.

Works , Supply Transport and Communications Permanent Secretary Major Francis Mamanga , North-western Province Minister Josphine Limata , and Zambezi District Commissioner Lawrence Kayumba were at the accident scene.

Meanwhile, hundred’s of Zambezi District Residents were along the banks of the Zambezi river waiting anxiously.

On Saturday, the pilot and his wife were flying from Chavuma where they had ferried some passengers to Chitokoloki Mission hospital when the accident happened around 16:00 hours.

The accident happened about five kilometers from Mize palace in Zambezi District.


  1. Life cn be short!utilize evry oportunity to serve God each day coz u neva know wen ur day is coming!

  2. Lives of two people who were committed to serving the poor and those in need died whilst on duty. This is a very sad ending or the couple.

  3. we leave everything in the hands of God. wat can we say. MTSRIP this is until death do as part. sad indeed

  4. Just went on their site and his last blog was about death and how the only thing sad about the death of a christian is the loss of companionship because we know that they are now with God. He said that he knows that when he dies, he will get a new body in heaven. Humbled and sobered I feel right now.:-<

  5. MTSRIP as they are now with their Lord. Very sad that they had to die in such a way. GRZ should also construct a bridge for the people to use their cars.

  6. MTSRIEP. Why does death pick on angels who dedicate their lives to serving poor people?There are so many “missionaries” and “fathers” out there to pick from who have abandoned the poor for political gains, the father Bwalyas of this world are surely many and available?

  7. I believe the names are Jay Erickson and Katrina Erickson. I received an e-mail through a prayer chain about this. Such a heart-breaking story. http://www.chitokoloki.com/?p=1018 is the website for the mission hospital. May God somehow use this tragedy to bring many more to a saving faith in Jesus. We should be praying for their family and friends, as this must be such a shock and a very difficult thing to deal with. God Bless.

  8. Both are with the Lord, with the family we mourn and rejoice, for they both went together andare with Jesus. Let’s all as Zambians remember like nineveh the whole of our nation can be saved.

  9. This story has really touched my soul. Obviously I do not know these people. I feel sympathy for them as they were doing God’s work in Zambia. Let us find a way to honor them. God bless Zambia and the families of these missionaries.

  10. I have known Jay Erickson and his wife, Katrina for many years. He had a burning passion to help the people of Zambia, and I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing.

  11. Nzambi ayihembi mwiwulu nichi chakenzayi Mwanta. You will not be forgotten by the people of Zambezi. You will join your other heroes who have gone before you at the heroes acre in the Mission grounds.

  12. This is beyond human understanding, God is sovereign! 
     Then I heard a voice from heaven say, ” write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.”  “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.”

  13. Nzambi ayihembi chiwahi Its very rare these days for such a young couple from the western world to be saving God in such a remote area.May God reward them richly.

  14. It is such a tragedy… such a loving couple to die at a tender age… may their souls rest in internal peace .. Its only God who can answer questions left behind coz hes the only one who knows when it is your time to depart from this earth. We thank God for the time they spent with us in Zambia.

  15. Did the plane hit the bridge in the above picture? Another report says “The two died on Saturday June 2nd, when their light aircraft hit into high voltage Zesco pylons and crashed into the Zambezi river.” Good reporting Lusaka Times!

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